panoramic screenshots

I really loved the panning scene at the beginning of Off Colors. 

It took forever but I edited it together in this one really, really, really long image. There camera was zooming as well as panning so it’s not perfect and that really bothers me but it’s all breathtaking nonetheless!

Panoramic Screenshots Video Tutorial!

It is a video on the pano above. (original post if you want to reblog it!)

The video was posted to my YouTube Channel, and I never talk about my YT channel on here because it is pretty unrelated, but if you enjoy anime you might like my channel haha. Anyways the video link:

As some of you know I have a panorama screenshot written (and semi-visual) tutorial here: tutorial link! But I’ve received quite a few messages of different things that people are confused about. So I decided to screen-record myself making a panorama and hopefully this will help! I’m always here for questions still :)

Special thanks to ugly-villager for letting me come over and take really nice pictures of your town!!! <3