panoramic ride

title: Recognition (2/8)

rating: T, (M in later chapters)

summary: Soulmate trope AU. Set in a world where humans and elves coexist.

a/n: so grateful for the comments and interest in this fic. thank you guys so much, you truly have no idea how much your kind words bolstered my confidence when posting fic to such an amazingly talented (sometimes intimidating) fandom. you can expect CH. 3 on Wednesday

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The food was light, all sorts of mousse and delicate earthen tastes typical of Elven food. The drinks were bubbly and sweet, the music even more so. It’s like a party in the clouds, Emma mused to herself.

Henry and Gracie were having a magnificent time, drawing fond looks from the elders. Emma purposely ignored the disapproving looks of one or two of them, who no doubt found the close quarters of an elven child and a human one uncouth.

Even Jefferson seemed to be enjoying himself in his odd way, leading her in a dance. He was surprisingly bad at it (or perhaps she was simply a terrible partner), so they’d had just that one. For most part, Emma was content to watch.

Halfway through the night, the same clink that had resounded in the town hall vibrated across the room, and all eyes instinctively turned to the dais of Noble Elves.

“It is with great pride, that the our family welcomes back our youngest son, Prince Killian Aearinön, to fair society.”

A dark haired man stepped forward, dressed in a brilliant dark blue tunic. Emma was surprised to see that unlike the rest of the smooth skinned elves, this one had dark hair covering his jaw, much like that of a human man. She hadn’t even known elves could grow facial hair.

He was easily more handsome than his father or brother, something otherworldly about his tipped ears, sharp jaw and tall frame. He was nodding, meeting the gazes of people around the room in acknowledgement, a tight smile across his lips.

It was his eyes, however, that stopped time.

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"Maybe in another Universe..." Naruto Venice AU - NaruSaku 2014

Ok so one of the spring themes for this month is AU or what if” situations….

I’m not a fan of AUs in general but I’ve always been attached to this story I made up last year when my computer broke. 

It all started with Naruto’s gondolier costume in Ninja Storm 3.

I’ve always wondered why they choose this costume but I have to admit that it suits him ahah.

That’s when I started working out this Story.

I tried to clean some of my sketches but unfortunately i can’t post them all, since I’m leaving today.

Just take it as a prompt ahah

Naruto is a young gondolier that lives in Venice since the age of 5. When his parents died, Jiraiya decided to take him with him to live in Venice.

His dream is to become the best gondolier out there but everyone knows that his skills are still pretty bad. Nonetheless he’s working hard to achieve his dream and he’ll show everyone what he’s capable of.

One day, his long-time friend Rock Lee asked begged him to do an extraordinary panoramic ride to impress his guest who came to work there for a couple of weeks.

Thanks to a really generous amount of Euro, he managed to persuade, convince him.

That’s right. Haruno Sakura is the person Lee’s is trying to impress.

She came with her superior, Tsunade, to assists to one of the most important Medicine convention, but there is also another reason: broken heart. 

Yep she was rejected by her long time crush, Sasuke Uchiha.

To distract her, Tsunade decided to bring her along, hoping she would get over it soon.

Anyway just when she was about to embark on the gondola, her shoe slipped and….

It’s love at first sight!!! (…well, definitly on Naruto’s part).

Ahah I can imagine that during the ride, Nauto and Lee would not stop staring at her. 

There is one point when Lee asks why she came here and Sakura immediately starts thinking about Sasuke, getting depressed.

Seeing the result of that question, Naruto tries to cheer her up by just clumsily riding his gondola into anything. (though he doesn’t need to fake it…)

Sakura: “you sure you are the best gondolier out there?" 

Naruto: "Believe it!”

The story continues with them spending more time together, knowing better each other….and maybe fall in love…? Who knows!

I just know that I’m late and I shouldn’t be here typing….suuahdsihuedika!