panoramic monitor


“The first mobile suit to use this armor was the Rick Dias, whose exterior closely resembled that of Zeon’s Rick Dom, but whose interior was a crystallization of new technology that was worthy to be called a second generation mobile suit. 

Its drive system incorporated a movable frame, and it used an actuator drive system instead of the previous method in which the joints were driven by fluid pulse motors. Its cockpit was equipped with a linear seat which served as a shock absorber, protecting the pilot from acceleration (gees) in every direction.

The walls around the seat became a panoramic monitor, increasing the pilot’s visibility. The sensor performance was also improved and, when the data was input into the computer beforehand, computer graphics could be used to display clear images of enemy machines even when they were too far away for their details to be discerned. 

Machines for which there was no data, however, could only be displayed as traditional images. This is why Char infiltrated Gryps 2 after receiving intelligence that the Gundam Mark II was under development.“


“Thanks to their superior performance the MS-11 Act Zaku and MS-17B Galbaldy Beta were placed into mass production. Having obtained the technology of the Zeon forces, the Federation Forces began the process of converting to new models.

Although it was still incomplete, the linear seat developed by Zeon engineers, which used computer graphics to project external images onto the inner wall of the cockpit, could display a wider field of view than traditional monitors.

The seat itself also became a mechanism for absorbing impact and G-forces. The very first machine to incorporate this linear seat was the RMS-106 Hizack, and improvements were subsequently added to create the panoramic monitor. Once this had been completed, all mobile suits were refitted with linear seats.”

- from the ‘MS Encyclopedia’


“Even though it is simple to change the display to be realistic, if those highly intensive images are directly displayed on the monitors, it is not uncommon for pilot to entering a state of anxiety.

Thus, the images produced by the panoramic monitor has been changed to resemble that of video game devices.On the other hand, it is exceedingly popular for the video game devices commonly available to feature more realistic software.

In this situation, even though it needs the pilot to enter into a realistic battle, there is a greater need not to terrify the pilots.”

-from “Beltorchika’s Children”/ (”Char’s Counterattack” novel, by Yoshiyuki Tomino)