panoramic lens

Taking Shelter from the Rain | Fujimiao, Nanjing, China


Left: PBF gas mask as worn by a loner in STALKER

Right: Actual Soviet PBF

Russian: Противогаз Без коробочный Фильтрующий Protivogaz Bez korobochnȳĭ Fil’tryushiĭ “Gas mask without box filter” 1970′s-1980′s.

One of the more striking Soviet masks, the PBF was the Russian response to the American M17 (Vietnam war era), and was produced in White and Black rubber. Apparently it was limited issue to vehicle crew members and some border patrol agencies. It is still in use by some Eastern European armed forces and police to this day.

Interestingly, the model used in STALKER is actually better designed than the actual PBF in many collector’s opinions, as the filters are accessible without removing the mask from the user’s face. In fact, if one looks at the current issue GSR and M50 masks, one could almost say that GSC Gameworld predicted the future, even down to the panoramic goggle lens featured on some variants of the PBF shown in game.