Today I went to Palouse Falls for the first time. I spent more time in the canyon above the falls than anything else. Mostly because the trail “leading down” to the foot of the falls was just too fear inducing for me. Getting to the outcrop just above the falls was bad enough that I was crawling along at some points (due to fear of falling 200 feet to my death. Did I mention my fear of heights?


Same panorama as the previous post, but the full image rather than cropped 4x1. It’s a little too thin, IMHO, but hey, some of you might like it.

The old city cohabits with the new beneath a television sky: low-rise Haebangchon (”Liberation Village”) and the skyscrapers of Yongsan and Yeouido, seen from Mt. Namsan.

The Blue Rigi, Sunrise
Joseph Mallord William Turner (British; 1775–1851)
Tate Britain, London
Photo: © Tate, London 2014