We Stand Alone por Dave Morrow
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| www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com | Photography Portfolio | Google+ | 500PX | Facebook | I have included all of the software/hardware and different cameras, lenses, and tools that I use for photography in the About Me section. It also includes some awesome websites that will help you find great places to shoot. Currently I am putting together a set of 50 great photography destinations in the Pacific Northwest. All locations are geo-tagged, so you can check them out yourself—–> PACNW Top 50 The Shot I took this shot at Cannon Beach last night. It is comprised of 5 photos taken with my 50mm and stitched together in photoshop. Has anyone messed around with the Photomerge function? I have been a lot lately, and it does an amazing job. Make sure to zoom in on this one, lots of detail. Enjoy…. All photos are free to download in high resolution from my website for your desktop wallpaper or other fun & personal stuff like that. They are Creative Commons noncommercial so just give credit and link back to www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com. Please contact me for any commercial usage or licensing info

Condensation trail with some scenery - blue sky and the green grass of home

Airplanes love to paint the sky with contrails. They are quite good at this, and to be honest, just flying from A to B with lots of smelly people on board is a very dreadful and boring job. The scenery below has seen those contrails thousands of times and pretends not to take notice of them anymore.

Date : June 03, 2015
Location : Ederweg, Eidenberg, Upper Austria, Austria, Europe
Hiking trail : E1 Eidenberger Höhenweg

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Russian Photographers (AirPano ) Show How Birds See Our World And It’ll Leave You Breathless  

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If you dream of travelling the world and seeing it all from a bird’s-eye view, these sweeping, epic panoramic photos by AirPano might be one of the best ways to do it. This team of Russian photographers and specialists travels the world to take stunning aerial photos of the world’s most beautiful locations.