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panromantic asexual George and aromantic pansexual Fred oml yes ~huff

Fred being a huge flirt and George being a sappy romantic is how their acquaintances tell them apart when they’re playing their little “interchangeable twin” game.

George and Fred being loud and proud about who they are, always honest about their identity to others, and being the one little Gryffindors look up to and come out to before they’re ready to come out to anyone else.

Fred and George never feeling like they’re missing anything, even though other people treat them like they should feel that way sometimes. If they were really curious, they could just ask the other anyway.

George and Fred who always support each other, which makes it easier to just be themselves with the other by their side.

Fred and George who get Molly to sew their Christmas sweaters in the aro/ace pride colors.

George and Fred who start a safe space for queer wixen at Hogwarts, who start every meeting with a parody of the Hogwarts song:
Hogwarts Hogwarts Queery Warty Hogwarts
Please protect us all-
weather we be ace or pan
or bi, aro, or gay-
Our hearts could do with filling
with some cute and happy thoughts
for now they’re just waiting
with hopeful and wonderful wishes
So protect us while we grow
let us experiment
just do your best; we’ll do the rest
and love until our hearts all burst

~Hufflepuff Mod