MedSchool Gadgets

Here’s a list of things you might find useful when you go to Med School. I don’t have all of them but I wish I did.  


1. Laptop

When you’re in a class and don’t have background on the subject, having a laptop (with internet connection) could be of big help. You can research things you do not understand (because most likely, they prof won’t explain everything to you). Also, if you can type fast enough (like me) you can take down notes as the prof is dictating them. This will also come in handy when you have a copy of the lecture/notes in class. When you’re bored and have nothing to do during the break, you can check facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. hehe


2. iPad/Galaxy Tab/ or just any tablet

This can replace your laptop. (I have a Galaxy tab.) Having a copy of the PPTs or digital hand outs during class can be quite helpful. It’s not as heavy as a laptop and can fit easily into your bag. Also, you can download e-books and bring your tablet instead of a heavy Physiology book (believe me, med books are veeery heavy). You save paper, you’re helping the environment, and well, you’re saving yourself from really bad back pain.


3. Voice recorder

Sometimes taking down notes and having a copy of the lecture isn’t enough. I tend to miss key points in the lecture dictated by the prof, so recording lectures is a good idea. You can also listen to them while you study.


4. Camera

This will be your best friend during histology. Promise. All those slides look alike so be sure to take pictures of them and study them closely so you can differentiate one from the other. Also, if you can take videos of the lectures, it would be better, this can replace your voice recorder too.


5. External Hard Drive 

There are so many things you need to save, notes, lectures, projects, pictures, videos, etc.


6. MP3 player 

I listen to music when I study and it keeps me awake. You can put your recordings of the lecture here too!


I guess all of this could be narrowed down to just one gadget, a really nice phone like an iPhone, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, or S2. You have a camera, video recorder, voice recorder, MP3 player and a PDF reader all in one.


Hope this helped! 

What I'd do if I was in Bacolod
  • Get into the car
  • Drive to Iris’ house and call her. Tell her I’m outside. 
  • Drive to Eroreco, kidnap Erno. He has no choice. He will come.
  • Drive to Villamonte and pick up these people in this order: Muni, Kruger, Nat2, Six
  • Text Keisha if she is in the area and kidnap her too. If she’s somewhere else, MAKE her come to where ever we are headed to 
  • Drive to Sander’s. Drink Coffee.
  • Text Doods. If he’s not “busy” with “work” apas siya. Eat pasta with herbs (our favorite) 
  • Text Lance and Jan Jan. 
  • Text other people you just remembered. 
  • Crave for ice cream, go to Cafe Bob’s and get some cheap but oh so yummy Gelato. 
  • Maybe have a beer (mountain dew for me) at Taste 2 or Taste Lacson and eat tapa that I will not finish and have the boys finish it off for me. 
  • Tambay till 3 am. 
  • Bring home everyone in reverse order as the kidnapping. 


So I've decided..

Okay, I guess for my tumblr I’ll be sticking with the fatzpoblador for a little while till I think of something unique and cool.

Eloise, thanks for the suggestion. yeah, i might change my twitter name to fatz96. it’s also shorter when I log in. haha

John Joe, how are you man? You weren’t at Dubplate last night!

Pat, okay for this site, I’m sticking with my name.  After all, my tumblr is very personal.  I saw you blogged about another tumblr for Negros? Go for it! WE LOVE NEGROS!  I miss Bacolod :(

I also realized you can’t comment on your own post? OR maybe i’m just ignorant.  Can someone tell me. haha That’s why I had to create another post since I couldn’t “reply” to your “replies” …

Thanks guys :)

Who's into Analogue Photography??

I’m inviting you to join a photo exhibit this February to be held at Sanders Coffee and Sausages (New Sanders), Bacolod City, Philippines.

You can submit as many photographs as you want. All procedes of the exhibit will go to the Bacolod Breast Care Center, a non-profit organization who help indigenous patients of Negros Occidental who have breast Cancer. 

If you want to know more about the exhibit or how to join, please feel free to message me. Thanks!! :D



My attempt to cover Jewel’s song (my personal favorite, next to Who Will Save Your Soul). :D

I'm Committed

I’m committed.

I’m committed to become a doctor. A surgeon. A Surgical Oncologist.

But it’s not as easy as one may think. 4 years of formal school, a year of post-grad internship, board exams, 5 years of surgical residency, and 2 years of subspecialty training.

It’s going to be tough. Yes. But I am not giving up on this dream. I’m committed to studying my ass off. I’m committed. Determined. Driven.

No, I cannot be lazy. Nor can I think this is going to be a walk in the park. This is reality. This is something I want so bad and whining won’t get me anywhere. I have to do everything in my power to finish this and be the best doctor I can be.

I’m committed to spending the weekends, intended for relaxation, studying biochemistry and memorizing every nook and cranny of the human body. I’m committed to spending the next four years internalizing every bit of information my committed professors feed me.

This is my promise. I will be a doctor. I don’t care how long it takes me.

I will one day be, Doctor Patricia Aimie Torre, M.D and NO ONE CAN STOP ME.