“Cupcake!” Pandora whined, kicking fruitlessly with her new stupidly tiny pony hooves. “Let me go! The whole point of shape-shifting was to stir up some undercover chaos! Let me go-Cupcake, that is an order!”

“Hmm.” Cupcake considered. “No. You’re my little pony now, boss.”

fun fact, Cupcake has a strange fixation with Pandora’s pony form (dubbed Hijinx). Panny is so smol now…and cute and tiny and squishy and soft, Cupcake finds it all so adorable, to Pan’s immense annoyance (and secret delight)


so howdy do it’s good ole’ wirtnerd’s birthday!! happy birthday you gift to the solar system, i made a small doodle of your cute oc, tazz! <33