One Line Prompts

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Robbie Kay:

You Should Feel Special - Peter Pan

Accept Who You Are - Peter Pan

One Line Prompt: #2, “And You Are…?”

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Nick Robinson:

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Dylan O’Brien:

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He ignores you during a pannick attack - Luke


So, it’s been a long time. This is not a request, just something that popped on my mind.

Sorry if there are way too many mistakes, english is not my first language.

Warnning: Triggering


You were feeling tired, like every cell on you body was screaming in pain. All your anxiety and sadness were together to drown you. You couldn’t breathe, you were feeling the energy leave your body. You haven’t been able to eat all day, you felt sick the entire day. Your body was now showing the darkness of your soul. You were having a physical reaction to your mental pain. You knew the only medicine that could make the pain go away.

Your boyfriend…. Luke

You knew it was wrong to be so codependent, but what option did you have? You’d probably be dead if it wasn’t for that boy jump in your life. He was your sunshine, your light at the end of the tunnel, but also your biggest fear. What if he leaves you? What if he  stops loving you? What if he has never loved you before?

The two of you had this conversation once before, he swore that it was a true feeling, that he’d never leave you. But you couldn’t avoid thinking, you had anxiety, and during years that was your daily and secret struggle. Until you when to college, and got into a state of “crises” . Then Luke came and for two years your life was okay again, nearly perfect, but he wasn’t here anymore.

You were used with his travels with the band, but when he was in Sidney he made his best to be with you, but now he was in Sidney and it was like he was putting a huge effort on ignoring you. He’d come home really late, or don’t come at all, then he would sleep on the guest’s room, in the other day he’d just leave the room when you were out of the house.

So, now that you’ve lost your only support, you were drowning again, losing everything you’ve been building up in the last two years.

You were hiding on your room, your knees on your chest, focusing on how to breathe.

Then you heard the door open.

And you heard Luke’s steps, going to the guest’s room, as always. You were scared and you knew, you shouldn’t be alone during a panic attack, you knew Luke was ignoring you, but you were too scared to let your proud speak, so you dragged yourself to the room. You opened the door, and found a pretty drunk Luke laying on the bed, fully dress.

“Luke?” you whispered, afraid of waking him up. “What do you want? I’m tired” He said, roughly. “ I’m just having a bad moment again and I’m sorry to bothering you, but could you spend some time with me?”

“Again? Are you fucked up again? Really I’m tired, and just want to be alone” He was speaking, in such and angry and full of rage voice that you could recognize him. Then he sat up. Back against the headboard “Why don’t you grow up and solve your own problems? I’m tires of being you father! Because last time I’ve checked I was your boyfriend!”

You were being nice, but that was just enough. Something that you forgot you had woken up on that moment. And the strength came from some unknown, full of life and amazing place. “You have the guts to call yourself my boyfriend? I you were something related to me, you would be here for me, you would talk with me or at least look at my face, not acting like you’ve been acting since you came back from tour. What happened? Have you lost all your interest in me? Ohh wait you might as well just have found a better fuck!” You saw chock on his face. Even drunk Luke could say this was not what you were like. “(Y/N)… WTF? Are you kidding with me? I’ve been baby sitting you since we met, and now that you’ve finally grown some balls to talk you should be thanking me. I’ve been through a lot for you. And trust I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be that hard to find a way better fuck!” He was already yelling at you. And you were begging with all you heart that it was the alcohol speaking, not his true thoughts, not the ones he would never build enough courage to tell afraid of hurting your feeling.

That moment, you made the biggest life changing decision you’ve ever made.

“You know what? Since that’s what you think I’ll make you a favor. I’m leaving. And when you realize the shit that you’ve become you can talk with me. Have a nice life Luke.”

And you knew it was the right thing to do, you couldn’t handle the mood in that house, it’s been like this for weeks, now you were acting. Maybe your only medicine have become your rug, and maybe the healthiest decision was leaving.

When you left you own room with some of your clothes packed you looked at the hall mirror and sow something you had forgot you had been when you were younger.

A determinate, strong, prepared to face the world, a young woman who never let a man ruined her life. You had forgot this girl have once lived in your body, but she couldn’t have chosen a better moment to come back.

You left your house and a sleeping Luke behind, getting ready to put your life together, before fight for love again.


A/N - This was based on a really personal experience. Never underestimate anxiety. It can truly destroy you.

Considering a part 2

I hate you, I love you

After the bell rang, everyone got to class, so Maya and Riley closed their lockers, put their books in their bags and were heading to class when Riley stopped.

Riley: Shoot.
Maya: What’s wrong?
Riley: I forgot something
Maya: what?
Riley: I was supposed to drop an article for the school paper to Farkle right after last class.
Maya: Ok then. I’m sure Farkle is still in the editing room so you can still catch him. I’ll tell your dad you’ll be some minutes late, is not like he’s gonna get mad.
Riley: Thanks Peaches.

Riley ran to the editing room and Maya kept walking to class but when she turned the corner she was pulled so fast from her back by very strong arms to an empty closet. She would have pannicked if it wasn’t for the familiar cologne that she loved, the familiar warmt on her back and his soft voice on her ear.

Maya: what the–
Lucas: Missed me?
Maya: No…
Lucas: I think you do miss me

Lucas started kissing Maya’s ear, then her neck and she lost it, she turned around and the moment they made eye contact she bit her bottom lip and he lost his cool, he lounched himself against her and kissed her. It was very heated, she opened her mouth and his toungue was inside in less than a second. He pulled her hair a little to tilt her head back just a little bit. She stumbled backwards and he pressed her against the wall, kissed her neck and when he reached her favorite spot, a soft moan escaped her lips. There were hands everywhere. He loved when he made her feel like this, it was so strange how in public she was so agressive and had him wrapped in her little finger but in private he was the bold one, he could melt her like pudding and she would let him. He was in cloud nine when suddenly the bell rang, and they froze.
They looked at eachother and laughed. Their hair was all messy, their clothes looked sort off ruffled, and their lips were swolen.

Maya: We are in so much trouble.
Lucas: C'mon lets go to class.
Maya: You can’t keep doing this…
Lucas: oh come on, you love it
Maya: Now we are gonna be late for class.
Lucas: Is not like is our first time
Maya: exactly, this is embarassing.
Lucas: if only you had more self control
Maya: you are the one who started it!
Lucas: You know I have no control when it comes to you.

Just then they reached the door of their classroom. Riley was already there gazing at Maya with a questioning look.

Mr Matthews: Nice of you to join us.
Maya: I’m sorry Mr Matthews.
Lucas: Yes, I’m sorry. It was really my fault. You see she needed some materials from the art room and the high shelves are difficult for her so she had to wait for me and I was caught up by the coach and-
Mr Matthews: I’m sure your excuse is much more entretaining Mr Friar. But I have a class to teach. And… Please keep the hallway kissing for your free period.
Maya: we weren’t-
Lucas: We’ll do. Sorry Sir.

Both Maya and Lucas sat on their desks. Riley turned to look at Maya and asked what was all that about. Maya just sank on her chair and felt her cheeks turn red, she turned to look at Lucas as Zay just high fived Him. Maya mouthed “I hate you” with a glare to Lucas. He replied “I love you too” with a big smile and a tilt of his imaginary hat.

He Ignores You During a Pannick Attack Part 2 - Luke

Heyy, so here is part to. I was so surprise and truly happy that so many people liked the imagine.


Part I

A day passed, and you hadn’t heard of Luke. There were thousands of moments in that all that you wanted was go crawling back to him, but you believed that this was your chance, a chance that life was giving you again. An opportunity to fight for yourself, and to learn how to love yourself. Now you were at a “rehab”, struggling to stay away from your drug. It’s been just twenty-four hours and you were missing him so much, it was truly and scarily painful, but each time you felt like going back to that house you’d remember your look in the mirror that night, the power that you saw on your eyes, that was the first time when you felt desirable. You didn’t needed a sexy Victoria Secrets lingerie, you just need confidence.

And you knew that wasn’t something easy to get. Maybe that was the reason why you were going through all this pain. To see that you were worth it. Not because your boyfriend told you, but because you could feel it.

After spending a night at a hotel, you sent you mother a message, telling that you’d travel, then you took your car and drove to a small town, a few hours from Sidney. You were able to rent a cabin near the beach. That’s what you need it. Some time with yourself.

You didn’t know what was happening with Luke. You were without your cell phone, not getting online, and no one knew were you were, and even if he wanted he wouldn’t be able to get in touch with you. It was painful, but there was something in you that was making you sure that it was for the best.

You’ve spent three weeks there, reading, writing, even painting, even walking on the beach every morning (that was kind of a huge achievement on your life, you weren’t much of a sports person), you were fighting for a healthier life, and you were proud of that. The exercise help you fall sleep easily, and the activities where making you busy, and that was controlling a part of your anxiety. And you were proud, proud of being able to control yourself.

Then you realized it was time to go back. You gave a gigantic step by yourself, but you knew that no one could live alone (and you’ve tried). So you took your car and went back to Sidney. You didn’t know what to do, but you knew you had to fix things with Luke. You wanted to fight for the two of you, you were sick of giving up on everything, but you weren’t so sure if he wanted the same.

When you got back in Sidney, you called one of the few people you knew would react logically to you little travel-without-warning-them, one of your closest friends, Aston.

The first thing you heard was the aussie yelling at you “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? YOU’VE BEEN DYING TO FIND YOU? DO YOU WANT TO GET US ALL CRAZY? WE CALL EACH HOTEL, HOSPITAL AND MORGUE ON THIS CITY!” He was speaking so fast that you couldn’t believe the got that desperate. Considering the way Luke was acting, it was hard to believe you were still part of their lifes. “ Ash, I’m sorry that I worried you, but I really needed this, and I’m feeling better. Now how long did it take for you guys call my mom?” “Well, it took two, TWO days full of desperation until Calum had the idea.” He said sounding truly upset.

“I’m sorry, but I’m back to Sidney-“ He cut you off “You’re here? TELL ME RIGHT NOW WERE YOU ARE SO I CAN PERSONALY KILL YOU.” He said, and you could feel how relieved he was. And you felt like you were a huge selfish bitch for making them worry this much. “Ash, I’m really sorry, but I needed some time to myself, and I know I have to work things up with Luke now, and I’d love to find you and just talk my heart out, but I can’t stand this situation anymore. I thing he gave up on me, and I need an answer.” You said, and for the first time you two weeks, tears were dropping out of your eyes again.

“Are you kidding with me?” You could feel the change in his tone. “The boy has been dying for you. He remembers what he says, and he feels so shit about it. It was like hell to make him even leave the bed in the last few weeks.” You felt something on your lungs, that didn’t allowed you to breathe normally. Even the slightest idea of his pain was too much for you. God you loved that guy way too much for your own good.

“Well, that doesn’t change the fact that he was ignoring me. After months barely seeing each other, everything he could do was ignoring me!”

Well I thing that is up to him. But just go and let him see that you are okay. Give an end to the boy’s torture.”

And that’s what you did, you went to the house Luke and you were sharing, and when you opened the door, you were surprise by all the darkness. You made your way upstairs looking for Luke, and when you were about to step into the guest’s room, you heard a low voice from your room. “Michael, Calum, Ashton, I don’t care who is there, please, unless you’ve heard of (Y/N) just leave me alone.”

You got into the room. You saw the mess your boyfriend had become. “Luke… What happened?” He left the bed so fast, and just came walking to you. “(Y/N)… Y-You are okay. I-Im so-o glad. I wa-was so sca-scared” He was crying, you could feel the tears soaking you shirt. And how that incredibly tall boy was wrapping his arms around your whole body. How he was trying to protect you when the one who needed a hug and protection was him.

You knew you had a lot of talking to do, but in that moment that was all you wanted. The love of your life, with you. You let him drag you to the bed you haven’t been sharing for so long. You let him cup your body with his own, and hide his face on your neck. And even though his attitudes haven’t showed you were so sure about what you were feeling, you were so sure of how much he loved you and what a big part of his life you were.



(A/N)’s  so I’m sorry it took so long, but here it is! Hope you all have liked, and just fyi there’s gonna be a part 3 tomorrow :D because let’s face it, Luke has some explanation to do.

Ps. Sorry for my english

Thanks for everything

Untill tomorrow