So my boyfriend, Scott, isn’t that great at mini golf… and on the turtle course you just have to hit the ball hard enough to bounce around the corner and under the turtle… and he didn’t… and it was mocking him… later as we were leaving, a worker was taking down the flag in the parking lot and Scott said “My golfing must have been THAT bad!”

It is officially Friday May 8th in the midwest! For #asianinvasion I’ll be letting myself be proud of my accomplishments! Kicking it off with this lovely picture of my mother and me at my university graduation this past Sunday, when I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, Magna Cum Laude!

This is NOT a screen shot of an iPhone.

I spent a good majority of my morning-noonish time making this on Microsoft Powerpoint based off of an iPhone lock screen. I random got the idea to make Scott’s grad present card look like an iPhone and I feel very proud of how well this turned out. I also have a bunch of app icons I made and/or got from Google Images and I’m working on that lock page when it tells you that you have a text. Inside the card it will show the “apps” and there will also be “text” conversations. One conversation will be my card message. The other will be a poem that I wrote for him for our 2 month anniversary (we don’t really care much to celebrate month anniversaries, but since his grad party is the same day I figured why not?) I’m actually really excited because this is probably one of the most extensive tech-needed card I’ve ever designed ^_^ plus the shot in the picture above totally has me excited for the rest! What scares me is that I have very little time because the party is Saturday, Pat’s movie party is Friday, and I’m probably stopping by Summer Celebration on Thursday. I also have to get ready to make something with cookies for Pat’s party. I pretty much want the card done tomorrow if I can. Here’s hoping!

This was basically a long explanation for why I’m not catching up on the dash, and I’m not filling up my queue so OH DARN you don’t have me spamming you with randomness XD


Sorry for the really blank face I was trying so hard for the screen to be visible XD 

BUT OMG PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE REMEMBERS THESE?!?! I recently ordered a battery for it and it just came in and now IT’S ALIVE AGAIN!!! Not even ashamed, I’ve been sitting here shaking it while I tumble XD Kinda wish I got clicks for tumbling lol 

BUT OMG CHILDHOOD I REMEMBER HAVING THIS THING WITH ME EVERYWHERE! And the card game on it to win “watts” which is the currency…. oh childhood, teaching me to gamble before I knew what gambling was XD still love it ^_^