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In September 2005, Tim Andrews, then a successful country solicitor aged 54, was driving back to his home in Milford, Surrey on the M1 when his left thumb began to shake. His life was about to change forever. A month later, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and within nine months, he was forced to take early retirement. He had no shortage of things to do; he loved cricket and the cinema as well and he set about writing his memoirs.

However, another drastic change in his life occurred in May 2007 when he answered an advertisement for nude models in ‘’Time Out’’ for a book of ‘real’ nudes as opposed to professional models. Since then, he has been photographed by over 250 photographers, some student and some amateur but mostly professionals.

Laura Pannack

Maakt hele interessante portretten. Vooral de serie ‘the untitled’ is erg interessant. Ze heeft daarbij tieners gefotografeerd over hun geworstel naar het volwassen worden. Ze laat in de portretten op verschillende manieren zien dat het moeilijk is voor de tieners om als volwassenen mee te doen in de wereld. Ze worstelen allemaal met iets.

Miniclick Soapbox - 26th May

If you are in London and you fancy coming to along to a free, fun event organised by Miniclick tomorrow night, I’ll be there, giving a short talk about my Via Vauxhall book and how it came about. Other photographers speaking will be Jack Latham​, Laura Pannack​, Owen Harvey​ and Kalpesh Lathigra. More info HERE  I’ll hopefully have a few books along if you fancy one, although sadly now down to the last 15 copies available HERE. Maybe see some of you tomorrow night. 

Niall McDiarmid