the only three panels I finished penciling from the page I’m scrapping this week.  I cut this page, put it back, and then cut it again.  I think it fucks up the flow of the first scene, but don’t worry, the dialog and interaction is just being relocated within the chapter, to somewhere more appropriate.

i’m not telling you bokuto has it bad for his setter but i’m telling you that if someone asked the fukurodani boys which person they would choose to date if they had to pick someone of their team, probably everyone would reply with one of the manager girl’s names. except bokuto. bokuto would call out akaashi’s name immediately without even thinking

buho-midnight  asked:

Your comics give me life. I love them! 😍❤💯👌👌👌 Btw i'm starting to draw smut comics as well do you have any advice? I tend to get really carried away with 'action' scenes! How do you do them?

I honestly dont know what to advise because my story just came to me really natural, and also for the angle and the panle ;__; Perhaps if you read smut a lot you will kinda know what to draw. Also when you practice drawing often (I drew almost nonstop since September last year) you will eventually know what to do.

All the best!

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Tegan and Sara Tribute - California Aggie Marching Band - The Con, Closer, Boyfriend

I do not own this video but it’s SO amazing that more people should watch it.
Good job California Aggie Marching Band!

Original link:…

November 5, 2016 - Football vs. Portland State University

Under the direction of Interim Director Tom Slabaugh II and Student Director Steven Ilagan
Managed by General Manager Jonathan Pan
Led onto the field by Drum Major Jessica Bloom

Set List
“The Con” by Tegan and Sara, arranged by Steven Ilagan
“Closer” by Tegan and Sara, arranged by Steven Ilagan
“Boyfriend” by Tegan and Sara, arranged by Steven Ilagan

A few French Homonyms that Remind Me Why Remembering Gender is Important

le faux - something fake, forgery     la faux - sythe

le foudre - cask (those old barrels full of wine or beer)    la foudre - lightning 

le livre - book     la livre - pound

le manche - handle     la Manche - sleeve    la Manche - the English Channel (the body of water that separates England and France)

le mémoire - thesis    la mémoire - memory

le moule - mold     la moule - mussel

le poêle - stove    la poêle - frying pan

le tour - oven     la tour - tower

le vase - vase    la vase - slime, mud

le voile - veil    la voile - sail

Don’t even get me started on the ones that sound the same but have slightly different spellings that aren’t as obvious as the ones we’re used to like cent, sans, and sang