panko... panko... panko!


Chicken Tetrazini. Rotini (1 lb.), Panko (2 cups), Sharp cheddar (8 ounces), Chicken Ala king (32 ounces).

Cook pasta directed. Grate cheese. Mix cheese and pasta together with chicken ala king and top with Panko. Bake in 425 degree oven.

Link to Chicken Ala King Recipe:

After a long day at work last week, my lovely other half cooked a katsu curry for me with panko tofu, coconut rice and sautéed greens with pickled ginger. She is truly great. Always thankful for help in the #whatheatetoday kitchen!


Inktobers #9, #10, #11 and #12. There were a lot of things keeping me busy the past days, and health problems too, so I didn’t have time to post anything before. For day #9 I did the main character from my oneshot comic I’m currently working on. On day #10 I doodled Shovel Knight’s level ending scene, it was so beautiful (goodbye black pen!). For day #11 we have Lion holding up Rosie when he dropped by for an unexpected visit. And day #12 with the Pine twins! Finally I made some decent art of them, and in time for the newest episode!