Taliban vows revenge against ‘sick-minded American savages’ after U.S. massacre of 16 Afghan civilians
Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgents on Monday vowed revenge against “sick-minded American savages” for the weekend rampage by a U.S. soldier who killed 16 villagers in their homes.

The Taliban would “take revenge from the invaders and the savage murderers for every single martyr,” the Islamists said in a statement on their website.

The U.S. soldier walked off his base and broke into the homes of villagers in Kandahar province’s Panjwayi district before dawn Sunday, killing 16 people including women and children.

A soldier has been detained and the United States has offered condolences to the families and pledged that action will be taken against anyone found guilty of the massacre. (Photo: Ahmad Nadeem/Reuters)

Very saddened to learn of the death of Abdul Jail, an Afghan Local Police commander who died fighting the Taliban. I filmed and interviewed him a few weeks ago in Panjwayi, Kandahar.

Abdul Jalil, an Afghan Local Police commander, is seen at a meeting with US troops in Panjwayi district, Kandahar, 25 April 2013. Jalil was killed fighting the Taliban days after this photo was taken. (John D McHugh)

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When he [the US soldier] hits her [the sister-in-law] with a slap and she pleads him in god’s name, half of his [victim’s] body is lying inside, martyred, half of his body outside, martyred. She gets up and she is forced back to her place and she carries out the Islamic ritual for the dead and she lights the lamp and the place is full of Americans, who raised their voices that it was one American - and that, too, he was insane? What shame is this? Why doesn’t an insane [man] kill himself… Why doesn’t an insane kill his own friends? What kind of insane is he that he can kill this poor guy’s 11 children and my brother and then directly find his way back to his base? That he can make it to four homes within an area of four kilometres, I am amazed at that.

Then my sister-in-law got up and performed the rituals for my martyred brother Mohamed Dawood until the morning. For god’s sake, you think about it for a second: until the morning, the woman is sitting with the martyr lying in front of her. Then I get a call in the morning, and in what condition I make my way there?

I want no compensation, from no one. I don’t want Hajj [pilgrimage to Mecca], I don’t want money, I don’t want a villa in Aino Mina [a posh neighborhood in Kandahar city], I just want the punishment of the Americans. I want it, I want it, I want it. And I have laid down my own head in god’s will. And if that is not possible, god be with you, I am leaving right now.

The Kandahar Massacre was NOT committed by just one person.

Think about it: 

Can just one person, and that too an “insane” one at that, just nonchalantly sneak out of an US military base, walk over to a local village, murder 17 individuals, in 4 different houses which are in a 4 km (~2.5 miles) radius, cut off their limbs and hair, drag all those bodies into one house, pile them up and set them on fire without being stopped? 

All witnesses have said that there have been several soldiers who committed this crime and although the public narrative likes to blame it on just one person, common sense begs to differ. 

If he was deranged, why not kill himself, why not kill his fellow soldiers, why actively go out and commit such a thing, why call the victims (some of them as young as 6 months old) Taliban? A deranged person is not capable of performing such a sophisticated and thought-through act.
Mr President, I want an answer

Brother of victim Mohamed Dawood: “My brother, who the Americans martyred, we had left him behind to take care of our plot of land, irrigate it. For god’s sake, think about it: he has six children. Hundreds of thousands of incidents like this have happened in Afghanistan.

Karzai nods in approval.

Karzai, nodding in approval: "Has happened.”

Victim’s brother: "I have heard it on radio. I don’t have a television, but I have listened to radio… He was lying down with his children, it was two or three in the morning. Deduce for yourself, whether you are president, minister, or a soldier…

Victim’s brother: “If somebody enters somebody’s home - a foreigner who speaks English and he speaks Pashto. He brings him to the door, where another holds a gun to him and says "Taliban!” Where were Taliban there? This area was near the American base.

He points to minister Khaled sitting across from him.

“The minister saw the area, he is in front of us. If I am exaggerating, we have witnesses here. The minister, Haji Agha Lalai.. all of those who are here… When my brother’s wife recounts the story… she says the Americans came and took him by the left hand and said ‘Taliban Taliban’. Another comes and hits him in the head with a gun. I filled a pot with his brains. Another American goes and holds a gun to his six-month-old son, Hazratullah. And she pleads him in god’s name… but he is an infidel American, I wish it had been Afghan national army soldier or a police, at least he would have known god’s name. She asks him in god’s name, and he slaps her away. How much honour do we Pashtons have - we might spend 100 years together, and yet we do not cross each other’s roofs without permission. 

Today, an American comes and slaps my woman, and dishonours her. Who has brought this on us? All of you answer me, that’s it. Give me the answer.

Karzai, tilted to his left, slowly nods his head.

Victim’s brother:"I am asking you, you give me the answer.

"You give me the answer," he asks the army chief of staff across from him, who has his head bowed.

"Mr Minister, You give me the answer. Because of whom, that’s all.

"I want an answer," he repeats, scanning all the officials across from him. There is a six second silence. Karzai’s gaze is fixed on him, then he lowers his eyes.

"I want its answer and you are silent. Wait - my words are not done," he tells someone who is trying to speak.

Karzai: "Say what you have to say.”

Victim’s brother: "Give me the answers to what I said,“ he says, looking at the officials. "I want an answer.”

Karzai: “We don’t have its answer." He looks at his officials, then turns his focus back to the victim’s brother.

"I want its answer.”


“So there is no answer?”

Karzai: "No there isn’t.“

Victim’s brother: "So we have come to guilt?”

Karzai: "Without doubt.“

Victim’s brother: "We all agree on that?”

Karzai: "Without doubt.“

Note that the witnesses all account that it was more than one soldier who massacred their family. 

The entire video in Pashto is linked in the article. 

I wonder if it’s normal or understandable to say that there is a kind of pain associated with being Afghan.

I went to a screening of American Sniper on campus because I had to be present in the discussion after and honestly, there were veterans in the audience justifying the murder of children, explaining that they’d kill whomever they need to kill to make sure their buddies are okay. It was one of the most triggering experiences I’ve had in a while.

Later in the office, I just broke down. I wept. I’ve been through so much shit on this campus but that was just too much. Carrying the baggage of being from Kandahar, the province home to the Panjwayi massacre, was too heavy that day. It’s not fair the kind of baggage and pain we have to carry inside of us and have to explain rationally, calmly, kindly, with a smile on our faces over and over and over again. What could you achieve if you didn’t have to spend so much of your time proving your right to be?


Witnesses of the Kandahar massacre report to President Karzai what happened during the massacre. 

(video in Pashto)