Wire Wrapped Henna Handpieces or Panjas from RachaelsWireGarden’s Etsy site. I first saw her intricate jewelry on DeviantArt. I cannot imagine the hours of work that went into these pieces. But if you’ve followed my DIY wire jewelry posts, you know with practice and patience you can make an inspired version. For a huge archive of DIY Panjas go here: and for hundreds of wire DIYs go here:

So, while Clover and Petal are my minds take on what I’d want to do for a strictly cute and clean story, Crystal and Panja here are more of a nod to the campy comics of my youth! Comics that brought you adventure, action, parodies, drama and a lil’ T & A here and there!

I think it’s pretty obvious what they both started as parodies of… or well, at least I hope so, otherwise it’ll only confirm my suspicions that I’m all old and junk. < X D Crystal is the taller of the two, Panja the smaller more kitty-y one.

Again, much like Peaches & Cream started out as adult comic characters, so did these two. But I feel more compelled to send them on funny adventures than make more porn, so here ya go! My new take on these two. Maybe I could make some short funny and booby comics with em~!

Now back to work for me, much more coming up soon. ^_^

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DIY Basic Handpiece or Panja Tutorial from Plan B Anna Evers here. This is the link for the English version. For a roundup of DIY panjas go here and for over 4 pages of DIY panjas go here: and for 8 pages of body armor/body chains go here:

DIY Multi Chain Handpiece (Panja) Tutorial from She’s Got the Notion.

Whether you call it a hanpiece, panja, or hand bracelet - this piece of jewelry is still on trend. This is an excellent tutorial with diagrams and lots of photos.

For pages of DIY panjas go here: and for the largest archive of body armor/body chains go here:  

For the roundup below of panjas go here.

etsyfindoftheday | CURATION REQUEST | 2.24.14

requested by: ramentic
looking for: panja or harness bracelets

ramentic’s fox find question turned out to be a pretty popular post here on EFOTD, and now i get to find another curation for them! fun fun. so this style of hand jewelry has many names – panja, harness, ‘slave’ bracelets – and, similarly, MANY styles available on etsy. you can do your own search using any of those keywords, or check out this small selection of shops i’ve found:

DIY Chain and Beads Handpiece (Panja) Tutorial from Facades and Nuances. I like this tutorial so much because there is an excellent and easy to understand infographic of how to put this handpiece together.

For pages of DIY panjas go here: and for the biggest archive of body armor/body chains go here: and for a roundup of panjas go here.