Movie Date (M)

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REQUESTED: you and your boyfriend going to the movie theatre and things get a little heated.

Reader (you) x Mark Tuan

Word Count: 1076

Warnings: SMUUTTYYYY (overstimulation and public sex)

note: here you go, anon! as requested! i really hope you like this one because i died a little while writing this haha! i do need holy water after writing this tho… happy reading and take care! -admin

It was a warm evening with people packed at the movie theater. You had convinced Mark to go out and see a newly released movie that you’ve been waiting for months to release. Together you two walked into the movie theater, hand in hand, as Mark paid for the seats and food. You were grateful that Mark had agreed to go out with you since he never took you out anymore. And what more could you ask than a perfect movie date in the evening.

“Why are there so many people here?” Mark whined as we entered the theatre. You didn’t bother answering him because you were two busy looking for two seats.

“Over there.” You pointed out as you started to make your way towards the two seats. But Mark pulled your arm back and led you in a different direction.

“Let’s sit in the corner.” Mark stated as he dragged you to the opposite side of the room and sat down. Sitting down beside him, you looked at your boyfriend and questioned his actions. Usually he wouldn’t pick the seat nearest to the wall because he liked to sit in the middle where he could see the screen properly. But today was different. Today, you sat beside the wall of the theatre instead of a stranger while Mark sat on the other side of you.

“We should go get some ramen after this.” You suggested to your boyfriend.

“If you’re still hungry after all of the food I bought you, I’ll take you.” Mark stated as he put his arm around your shoulders and leaned back on the chair.

You leaned in to kiss Mark on the cheek as the lights turned off in the theatre, “Thanks, babe.”

You two didn’t talk anymore after the screen turned on and started to play the movie. You were focused on the movie to notice that Mark wasn’t even enjoying the movie at all. He started to fiddle around with his fingers and tap his foot while you focus yourself on the screen. You didn’t notice until an hour in the movie that Mark’s hand rested on your thigh and played with the hem of your skirt. As you felt his fingers push up the fabric of the skirt, you derived your attention off the screen and looked down at Mark’s hand.  

“Mark, not now.” You hissed quietly at him as you pushed his hand away. Turning your head to look at him, the light from the screen showed a smirk plastered on his face. You rolled your eyes, turning your head to the screen and tried to focus on the movie. But Mark’s hand make their way back on your thighs and distracted you from tuning in on the movie.

“Make a noise and you’ll be punished tonight.” Mark growled in your ear as his hand began massaging your thighs. You wanted to protest against his actions, but as his hand made their way underneath your skirt and up to your core, you couldn’t help but melt under his touch. His hand finally reached your panites, tracing your slit with his index and middle finger. You bit your lips, trying not to let out a moan as Mark started to circle your clit slowly.

“Fuck, Mark.” You breathed out quietly as Mark continued to tease you. Mark knew how to press your buttons, making you mewl under his touch. But in a public place like a movie theatre, you tried to contain your moans as you started to rock your hips, wanting more from Mark.

“You feel so wet, baby girl.” Mark whispered against your neck as he inserted two fingers inside of your sopping sex, moving in and out very slowly. You bit your lips and closed your eyes, enjoying the pleasure your boyfriend was giving you. But he was going to slow. You started to bucked your hips against his fingers, trying to create friction but, Mark stopped all his movements.

“You like this baby girl?” Mark growled in your ear, his dirty talking turning you on immensely. “Let’s see how well you can take this.”

And with that, he took his finger out for a moment before he inserted two fingers again but this time curling them to hit your spot. You gripped your seat as Mark started to move his fingers at a brisk pace, sending you over the edge. He moved his fingers faster while his thumb applied pressure onto your clit. He began circling your clit slowly as he continued his fast pace while you struggled to keep your voice down. You felt your peak nearing as Mark hit your sweet spot over and over again. And soon, your peak came crashing down on you that sent your quivering under Mark’s touch as you let out a soft moan.

“Shh.” Mark hushed as he inserted another finger into your taunt walls. “You can take one more.”

You bit your lip hard, trying to contain your moans as Mark continued to plunge his fingers in and out of you, not giving you time to recover from your previous orgasm. He jerked his hand, curling his fingers to hit your g-spot as you were squirming under his touch. You gripped the seat tighter, closing your eyes and biting your lips. It didn’t take long to hit your second orgasm as Mark moved his fingers harder, faster, and deeper within you. You felt your essence drench Mark’s fingers and your skirt as Mark pulled out his fingers, taking the napkin beside him to wipe them clean. You let out a breathy sigh as you opened your eyes and turned to look at Mark’s smirking face.

“How about we get out of here?” Mark whispered as he took of his jacket and laid it on top of your skirt.

“Yeah,” You managed breathed out, looking back at the movie that you were no longer interested in because of how turned on you were, “Let’s go home.”

Mark took your hand and helped you get up from your seat as you wrapped Mark’s jacket around your waist. Dragging you out of the theatre, you two ran out of the place and went home. You planned to go see the movie again another time since Mark distracted you from watching it. But you weren’t complaining because your boyfriend was ten times better than the movie itself. And it was a date that you would never forget.

  • “The Desperate Man (Self-Portrait)”  “الرجل اليائس (بورتريه شخصى)”
  • Date: 1843-1845
  • Artist: Gustave Courbet (France 1819 - Switzerland 1877) غوستاف كوربيه
  • Location : Private Collection

 رسم غوستاف كوربيه العديد من البورتريهات الشخصية له .. و بورتريه “الرجل البائس” هو من اقدم اعمال الفنان الذي أكمله في عام 1845.

عندما ينظر المرء إلى هذا البورتريه الذاتي لا يري فقط اليأس كما يوحي عنوان اللوحة، ولكنه يمكنه أيضا الحصول على فكرة عن أي نوع من الشخصيات كانت شخصية غوستاف كوربيه، جرئ .. ماكر .. متطرف و طموح.

ch. 4

Bad Habits || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum ft got7 members

Word Count: 2509

Warnings: SMUT !

note: rip this is super late. the chapter was originally 6000 words long but i cut it down to 2500 and i’m pretty proud of myself for that lmao. editing was a pain but here you go! happy reading everyone and take care! -admin

Everything stopped for a second. It was like pressing pause on a movie and everything just went silent. There was no reaction after seeing Jaebum get shot down. For some odd reason, I felt like crying after hearing the gunshot. My heart dropped and as soon as I saw Jaebum fall to his knees. However, my instinct knew Jaebum wouldn’t be defeated that easily by just an injury. Just like he read my mind, Jaebum opened the door of the car and climbed in while grabbing the side of his waist. Without a word, Jinyoung stepped on the gas petal and began to drive away. 

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Wounds (M)

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REQUESTED: a scenario where you’re the owner of the cat that he’s been feeding and getting scratched by. One day you walk outside and see him feeding it and witness your cat scratching him so you invited Jaebum inside to take care of his wounds and one thing leads to another.

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 2008

Genre: SMUT & fluff

note: here you go, my dear! I hope you like this one haha! I got a bit too carried away with fluffy jaebum that i totally forgot about smutty jaebum haha. anyways, i’ve been so busy with school and stuff that i’m super stressed rip… but writing does take my mind off of things haha. anyways happy reading and take care!! -admin

Ever since you moved out from your parent’s house, you bought yourself a small kitten since your parents wouldn’t let you get one when you were little. You’ve always wanted a pet, especially a kitten, and decided to get one once your finance issues were okay. You were beyond excited to have your kitten come home and cuddle with you. Although, like every other pet, your kitten would occasionally scratch you when she was feeling playful. So a box of bandages were a must in your apartment.

Another thing your kitten loved was going outside. Occasionally, you would take her down to the laundry room and place her in a basket just outside the room. So when you did your laundry, your kitten would play in the basket with a few toys you’ve brought for her. Lately, you’ve noticed that your kitten was gaining weight rather quickly and you didn’t know if she was sick or not. You didn’t feed your cat that much so you would assume it was part of growing up for your kitten.

A few days ago, while you were exiting the laundry room with your kitten in the basket, you bumped into a rather handsome man. He was tall, wore a hat that covered his face, and seemed like a cold guy. But you were wrong to judge when he spotted you and your kitten when he walked in from outside.

“How old is your kitten?” He asked after spotting your kitten.

“Six months” You replied back, looking down to admire the attention your kitten was getting from an attractive guy.

“Cute.” He smiled at your kitten as he approached you. “May I?”

You looked up at him and smiled. The fact that he was asking you permission to pet your kitten was cute. You nodded your head and suddenly got really shy. You watched as the guy caressed your kitten with his large hands, clearly amused by your playful kitten. You, on the other hand, tried not to freak out because a hot guy was petting your kitten. You admired his handsome features and smiled to yourself. But soon, the guy looked up at you, making your cheeks flush red as you broke away from the sudden eye contact.

“She’s very playful with strangers.” You noted, trying to make a conversation. “She scratches when she gets really playful, so you have to be careful.”

“I have a cat who does the same thing.” He laughed as he continued to play with your kitten. “Her name is Nora.”

“Nora,” You hummed to yourself, “That’s a cute name. I just named my kitten Mittens because she has white paws that look like mittens.”

“At least you have a meaning behind your name. I just named my cat because I liked the name Nora.” The guy smiled at you. You could feel your cheeks rising in color again, feeling incredibly shy. This wasn’t your usual self but you couldn’t help but feel giddy over the fact that a hot guy was actually talking to you.

“Well, it was nice meeting you and your kitten. Oh-” He said as he stuck out his hand to properly greet you. But noticing you were holding your laundry basket, he awkwardly put away his hand and just smiled. “I’m Jaebum, by the way.”

“(Y/N).” You slightly giggled, finding his actions cute.

“I’ll see you around, hopefully.” Jaebum beamed as he walked away, leaving you and your kitten just outside the laundry room.

And for the whole day, you couldn’t take your mind off of Jaebum. Just the thought of a guy like him living in the same apartment building as you made your heart beat a little faster. For a few weeks, you wondered when you were going to meet him again. And whenever you did laundry, you anticipated for the moment Jaebum would meet you like he did last time. That was why you always took your kitten with you to do the laundry, hoping that Jaebum would come.

It was a few weeks later when you saw him again. But this time was different. Once you finished your laundry, you picked up your stuff and walked over to where your kitten was playing. And you found Jaebum holding his hand out, his face full of agony. That was when you noticed two things. One was that your kitten had scratched Jaebum - quite badly as well. The second thing you noticed was Jaebum having a bit of food in his hand. That was when you figured out why your kitten had been gaining weight so quickly. It was because Jaebum had been feeding your kitten. Obviously, that wasn’t the main problem right now.

“Oh my god,” You cried as you ran over to Jaebum and your kitten, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s nothing,” He hissed as he touched his bleeding hand, “Just a minor scratch.”

You dropped your laundry basket and grabbed Jaebum’s hand, “Doesn’t seem very minor to me. I’ll clean this wound up for you.”

“No, it’s fine.” Jaebum insisted. “I was just feeding her until she scratched me.”

“It’s the least I can do since it’s kind of my responsibly.” You smiled at Jaebum before grabbing your stuff and kitten, leading him up to your apartment. Jaebum didn’t say a word back as you followed you diligently up the stairs. You welcome Jaebum into your small, kind of messy, living space and instructed him to sit on the couch. Dropping your stuff and carrying your kitten to a different area, you grabbed your first aid kit, wet a small piece of towel, and rushed over to Jaebum.

“Give me your hand.” You instructed as you kneeled in between in legs. Jaebum did what he was told and you started to clean his wound. Pressing the wet towel against the the wound, you heard Jaebum let out a low moan, a sound that could only be heard in the bedroom. And you had to admit, it did slightly turn you on but you had to keep your focus on that wound.

“Ah, fuck.” Jaebum cursed as you applied more pressure onto the wound with the towel. You could feel your inside getting excited on how Jaebum cursed so sexually. Or that’s how you thought of it as. You were in between in legs, knelt down, and tending his hand. How could you not have those thoughts?

Shaking you head, you wanted to get this done with so you could take care of the problem you had down below in the shower. After cleaning and bandaging Jaebum up, you let out a heavy sigh and started to clean up.

“Thanks, (Y/N).” Jaebum huffed out as he sat there on your couch, watching you clean up the mess on the ground.

“N-no problem.” You stuttered, as your cheeks flushed red. You had the blame the way you were feeling at the moment for the shyness. You were immensely turned on because of Jaebum and his sexual curses and moans. But you weren’t complain either.

You stood up from the ground as you walked over to the counter to drop off the first aid kit. As you bent over the counter to lay your head on the cold surface, you heard Jaebum shuffle from behind as he got up from the couch and walked over to you.

“Are you okay?” Jaebum asked, as you lifted your head up to look at his handsome face.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You sighed. Why wasn’t he leaving? You had finished with his wound and you wanted him to leave quickly so you could take care of your own business. But Jaebum just stood there and chuckled under his breath. He noticed your flushed face and knew that you were attracted to him from the day you met him. And he would admit to himself that he was attracted to you as well.

“(Y/N)” He said as he grabbed your waist, forcing you to stand up straight and look at him. And once you did stand up straight, Jaebum pressed your body against the counter and connected his lips against yours.

It was shocking at first since you weren’t ready for it. But after a few moments, you started to move your lip sin sync with his. His lips were sweet so it didn’t take long for you to get addicted to it. You ran your tongue over his lips, wanting more of him - since your were already turned on, as he granted access and darts his tongue inside your mouth. You moaned against his mouth, feeling incredibly hot, as Jaebum’s hands started to roam down to your waist.

“Fuck.” You softly cursed as Jaebum disconnected his lips from you to press his lips against your neck. You moaned as Jaebum started to suck on the sweet spot on your neck as his hands found your inner thighs. You would be lying if you hadn’t imagined Jaebum coming to your apartment to fuck you. And you knew it was wrong to think that way but at the moment, it didn’t matter anymore. He was attracted to you and you were attracted to him.

“Oh god, Jae.” You moaned as Jaebum began massaging you inner thighs, making you want more of him. You were turned on before this whole thing happened and now, he was torturing you with his teasing.

Jaebum sensed your need for him and smiled against your neck. He let go of you and stepped back before grabbing the loops of your jeans and pulling you closer to him. He played with the buttons of your jeans before pulling them down, very slowly, as you stepped out of them. His fingers trailing up your legs before palming your panites, feeling how wet you were from the beginning.

“You’re so wet for me, baby girl.” Jaebum growled as he slid his fingers against your clothed slit, relieving the need of his touch.

“This is why you don’t curse so sexually while I’m cleaning your wounds.” You breathed out as you felt Jaebum move your panties to the side to circle your clit with the pad of his fingers.

“Well,” He hummed as he pulled your panties down, “Let me help you with this since you helped me with my business.”

And with that, he guided you to bend over your counter with one swift move. He pushed your hips lower and spread your legs to get a good view of your lower half. He licked his lips before dropping to his knees and grip onto your legs. Jaebum didn’t waste time as he darted his tongue against your wet slit, not leaving any part of your pussy untouched by his tongue. You pressed your forehead against the counter and let out a loud moan when Jaebum glided his tongue round and round your engorged pearl, the sensations making your knees wobble.

“You taste so fucking good, baby girl.” Jaebum groaned as slurping sounds of Jaebum’s mouth and tongue over your pussy as well as your breathless moans filled up the apartment. You didn’t care if the people next door heard you. The amount of pleasure Jaebum was giving you was more than what your fingers could ever do.

“Jae.” You moaned when Jaebum’s mouth sucked on your sensitive nub. His arms held your hips steadily, allowing you to buck your hips against his tongue. He ran his tongue and over your slit, leading you to your first orgasm. Jaebum didn’t stop sucking your clit until your whole body shook and collapsed on the counter with a loud cry.  

Jaebum pulled away from you and stood up from the floor. You craned your neck to the side to see Jaebum slowly stripping himself. He walked over to the windows, with just his boxers, closing the blinds, making the room dark. You turned around to face him and his smirking face and let out a breathy sigh.

Jaebum sent you a wink before walking towards you, “Let’s have some fun, shall we?”


Only Look At Me (m)

After a longtime Jimin realizes he likes you but it may be too late


Word Count: 6k

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Staring blankly at the ceiling of your room you sighed and reached up to try and touch the glow in the dark stars your best friend stuck to it for you. Your eyes traced the letters that they formed and felt the small smile spread on your face until it grew and you felt your eyes crinkle up in an eye smile. Park Jimin, your best friend for a year now, always told you to smile whenever you would start stressing out or over thinking which was all the time. Today was no different.

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More Then One Dirty Girl (Negan X Reader Smut)

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A/N: Hey so this is my first time writing on tumblr, I hope you guys liked. I appreciate feedback and I know this may not be the best written smut out there.



Warnings: SMUT! Oral sex (Female receiving), Fingering, Unprotected sex (remember to wrap it up, before you tap it kids)

Summary: Basically you are Ricks daughter (Seems to be a common theme in all the imagines I read) He shows up at your house then you two do the freaky deeky.

I stand cooking dinner for my little brother and my father humming softly. I had my hair pulled up off my face in a messy bun. I hear the door open and wipe off my hands,

“Back so soon papa” I walk out to see my dad looking at me warily, Lucille in his hand. “Why do you-” I stop when I see the reason walk up brushing past my father.

“And who might this lovely little fucking flower be Ricky?” Negan coos in his southern accent making my face contort slightly into a sneer.

“This is my daughter (Y/N)” Dad says distantly keeping his eyes on me then on my brother Carl as he comes down stairs holding Judith.

“You have two goddamn daughters” Negan says focusing his attention back in my father after eyeing me up and down. “Why the Fuck did it take you so long to introduce me to the hot one”

“Watch it” My father growls gripping the bat tighter and Negan looks back down at him raising a brow.

“What was that?” Negan says looking at my father with a glare, “Wanna fucking speak up?” Before he can says anything I stop him.

“I suppose you’ll be staying for dinner then” I say giving my father a warning glance, the leather clad man turns his attention to me seemingly to forget about my dad for a moment.

“Yes, in fact I will be” He smiles brilliantly at me and I walk to carl taking Judith and send him to clean up.

“Ill set you a plate then” I say and Look at my dad. “You go clean up too Papa, Michonne went out to get a few things” My father looks from me to Negan.

“You heard her Rick, Go wash the fuck up” He chastises

“And I would appreciate less swearing in front of the baby” I say looking at Negan and he raises his hands in mock defence

“I’m sorry, I’ll try my best” He winks and takes his baseball bat, back from my father.

“Good” I say simply and walk back to the kitchen only to be followed by the man himself.

I ignore him the best I can, setting Judith down on her high chair and move back to cooking trying to ignore the man looking through the cupboards and drawers.

“You know, you’re too pretty to be left here alone, with no man to satisfy your….needs” Negan says suggestively making me roll my eyes.

I had to admit he was quite the charmer, he wasn’t that bad to look at ether. Strong, bold, protective not to mention he radiated power and dominance. But he was the enemy and also was a huge dick.

“I think i’m doing just fine by myself” I reply calmly, I hadn’t notices he moved closer and was now basically hovering over me, his chest almost pressed to my back.

“Are you sure about that darlin’” he coos in my ear his leather clad hand wandering across my bare thigh since I was only in a short red sun dress.

“Positive” I say half heartedly, and hear footsteps from the stairs and clear my throat my face flushing and I bend down grabbing some plates and hear him groan.

“You’re fucking killing me Doll” He growls and I smirk and move away and set out the plates on the table getting Judith again.

“I’m sure my papa would be pleased to hear that” I flip my hair and set Judith down making sure she was in properly.

My father and brother come down the stairs and Michonne comes in, she glares silently at Negan and I look up at him worried he may become aggressive, I bite my lip to find he was more focused on me then on Michonne or the others in my family. I sigh and go get dinner placing it on the table and Negan sits looking at me as I move to sit beside Jude,

“Ah ah sweetheart, come sit beside me and Lucille” He says his southern accent lacing his words and I look at my dad who just looks down at his plate.

“Fine” I huff and switch seats with Carl sitting down and going to take a bite of salad then feel a hand on my thigh halfway through dinner.

I try to ignore it as Negan started to talk with my father about something I wasn’t paying attention to his words just his hand move up my skirt. I carefully place my hand on his as to not draw attention and try to move it away. Only to have him grip my thigh harder making me bite my lip at the feeling of his warm calloused hands.

He keeps talking to my father as he slides his hand just above my core, tugging away my panites and pushing one of his long slender fingers in making me let out a gasp. My very tense family looks at me and I smile weakly.

“You all fucking right doll” Negan says and I shoot him a glare.

I was unable to speak and just stare down at my fork gripping it tightly as he continues his work. I bite the inside of my cheek and look over at him pleading him silently to ether stop or go faster I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted at this point.

As dinner progressed Negan’s movements started to speed up, we had almost finished eating, well my family not me. When he decided it was time to stop before I was able to climax, he didn’t pull his fingers out just left them there causing my hips to buck which gave me an idea. I hold his wrist under the table and start to move my hips subtly. I look up at him as he stares back lustfully at me. I keep going and watch the man before me swallow thickly and turn back to my father.

“So that supplies better be fucking ready by the time I leave this goddamn house or there will be hell to pay. So I suggest you and your little girlfriend here head out to check on everything.” Negan says lowly and I watch Michonne tense her shoulders and My dad simply nod standing up and taking her with him. “You go to shorty” Negan says addressing Carl and he grits his teeth picking up Jude.

I feel myself get wetter at his dominant tone and I’m sure he felt it to because he presses his thumb against my clit making me whimper at the sudden burst of pleasure. I watch as my family leaves and Negan suddenly lifts me up onto the table. Ripping my panties down and pushing my knees apart and licking his lips.

“Fuck doll, you are going to be the best fucking meal i’ll have had all day” He says and buries his faces in between my thighs.

I moan and grip his hair pulling it and relishing in the feeling of his salt and pepper beard scratch against my thighs deliciously. My hips buck up he brings a rough hand to hold them back down as he flicks his tongue against my slit. I feel myself begin to come and let out a loud moan.

“FUCK” I shout “Negan i-im gonna” He cuts me off

“Cum for me baby, Cum for daddy” He says against my pussy and I tug his hair roughly and pull him up off my face before I could.

“I want your cock in me before I do” I say breathlessly and watch a wide grin bless his features and he quickly tugs his pants and boxers down and rams into me, causing my back to arch up from the table and claw my nails into his wrists. I moan and he keeps going ramming into me roughly and letting out low grunts and moan. I lean up and bite his lip roughly as he keeps going. I feel myself cum and close my eyes unable to make any noises since I was in pure euphoria. He kept going though and I feel myself start to cum again and look up at him as sweat beaded on his brow and trailed down his forehead and cheekbones. He kept going his hips slamming into mine and I let out little whimpers pulling his face down to mine kissing him roughly.

“Jesus, how long has it been since you’ve been, properly, fucked” He grunts through each thrust.

“A while, but your doing a good job of it” I moan and he thrusts a few more time before I cum again and he follows.

We both lay there panting for a minute and I bite my lip as he soon stands and pulls his pants up going to get a cloth and coming back, cleaning me up and pulling my panties up. I smile a little at his gentleness as he picks up lucille and sling her over his shoulder.

“Looks like I now have more than one, dirty girl” He winks and with that struts out of the house leaving me breathless, and wanting more.

Happy Birthday

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Andy thinks Reader was cheating on him so he decided to take it into his one hands to prove the the reader was his. And ONLY His. 

Andy Biersack X Reader

Warnings: Smut. 

“You are acting like I cheated on you or something!” I say throwing my bag on the couch.

Andy forgetting my birthday decided to show up at the part just as me and Chris was seeing a duet of Angel eyes.

Andy of course jumping to the conclusion that I was cheating on him.

“And this whole silent treatment is really childish.” I say turning around to face Andy.

I didn’t get to finish my rant because I was cut off by Andy moving forward quickly. Taking my face in between his hands his slams his lips to mine trapping my words.

I kiss back roughly putting my anger into it, it mixing with his. Pushing me back he presses me roughly up against the wall, pinning me there.

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Show me (Part 2)

Summary: You just wanted to see Cas’ wings and it turned into a very interesting change in your life.

Warnings: smut, dirty talk, oral (female and male receiving), multiple orgasm

Words: 1467

A/N:   | Again, sorry for every mistake I made, English isn’t my first language. |

I made a part 2 yaaay! While writing this I thought that this could be a smutty cute mini-series. What do you think?

Part 1


@greenappleeyes @splendidcas @katymacsupernatural @casbabydontgoineedyou @lostsoldieronahill @coolvioletmoon  @pdy93 <- I thought that you may want to be tagged. :3

(not my gif)

Cas…” you whisperd, not wanting to ask for sex, but really in need for it.

“I know, (Y/N), I kn-know. I-I just need a little rest… I pro-promise you that I w-will return every-everything, but-but please, lie down with m-me for a mo-moment.” he moved his hand to you and forced you to lie down beside him.
Cas’ promise made you smile, but then, he snapped his fingers and you both were just in your underwear, under  duvet. His erection pressed to your ass, his hand found it’s place on your clothed core and that closeness made you tremble.
You couldn’t wait ‘till he wakes up.


You tried to focus on that thunder outside just to hear that when Cas’ breath slowed and became steady, the thunderclaps stopped. Strange.

But there pop up your problem again. You were soaking and crossing your legs wasn’t helping. You were completely done with waiting, but still, he was your best friend and the things you did, and are doing right now changed a lot – because hey! what pair of friends are laying down in just their panties and boxers - and you didn’t want to make it wrong.

The truth was, you loved Castiel. Well, you thought you loved him, but right now all you wanted was his hands-and tounge too- all over your body and feelings didn’t count.

You were wandering if he will just pleasure you on that same rule you did it to him, by giving you only his hands and tounge or if he’s going to give his vessel a little too. Guessing by that erection, still hard rock and pressed to your ass, if that guy – what was his name? Jimmy? Jimmy Novak? - could decide, he would fuck you to the mattress and won’t let you run out of the bed.

Not that you wanna run away, but, well, this was Castiel. You weren’t sure, if he ever had “human sex” and, concluding by his reaction to his own orgasm, he won’t be that type that can hold himself for all night.

You held your breath when his hand twitched - still on your core - a little and that was enough for you to lightly jerk your hips.

“You know I can hear your thoughts, right?” he whispered while climbing above you.”I can hold on all night” he started to left light kisses on your jawline. ”I can fuck you to the mattress.” his lips were now on your pulse point leaving there a mark. ”I will do,” you moand softly. ”all the things you know you want and all you don’t know yet.” he smiled and lie down beside you again, hugging you hard. ”(Y/N), all of this, becase I lo…” you covered his mouth with your hand quickly.

“Don’t say that.” you looked him in the eyes.”Not now. You know what that will mean? Too much.” you searched his face for some reaction, but didn’t saw any. ”We will talk about feelings later. Fuck me, Cas. I need you right now, right here.” you moved your hand from his lips just to see him licking them. He nodded slowly and climed up on you again.

You saw that he wasn’t happy about your words. You wanted to hear them, but not now. You had heard that sweet 'I love you’s’ while sex and it ended the same everytime. That’s why you hated to hear that; you just knew that it never meant what it should, it was just excitement, feel of the moment, not the real emotion.

Castiel returned to kissing your neck, but not for long. His lips traveled to your collarbones and then to your breasts. He left on both of them light kisses and after that, he sucked your already hard nipple.

“Cas…” you moand his name, it was too slow. ”Don’t be such a tease! I’m already soaking, Cas, please…” you hadn’t ever been a sub and never begged, but you couldn’t wait any longer; the pressure made you felt like you could explode any second.

Before you process that he left your nipple alone, you felt his kiss on your lower belly and his fingers slide under your waistbond; he took off your panites quickly and kissed that place right above your clit. You wanted to look at him, but this beautiful view was covered with duvet.

Unexpectedly you felt his tounge coming from your entrance to your clit, completely flat. That feeling made you shiver and you fell back on your pillows. Your reaction made him groan, which caused you to squrim and fist your hands on sheets. He did it again a little bit harder, but this time you felt his finger at your entrance and when the tip of his tounge made contact with your aching clit, he slide two of his fingers, somewhat knowing that it won’t hurt you.

Well, you were really wet, like never before, he just knew it.

That was the first time he let his vessel teach him how to do things, and by your reacting he was sure that he was doing it right. That low voice in his head told him to fast his pace, so he did. He blocked that little soul a long time ago, letting him forget his family and throwing at him different stories, giving him some kind of life that most men wants; so he decided that he can use that skills that have his vessel and use it on a person that he really cared about.

Castiel heard (Y/N)’s moans and felt her trembling. She was near, so he just sped up his pace and added third finger, and she reached her climax with ejaculation.

He slowed, kissing her sex and rode her orgasm with all his focus. He never thought that this would gave him this much satisfaction, but it did and he felt his vessel called for attention by twitched cock.

Castiel lift up, breathing heavy. Smiled, wiped his face and before he could crash his lips on yours with force you started tostutter.

“I… I’m s-so so-sorry!” your checks turned red. “T-this never, like ever, happened to m-me before! I’m re-really…” he finally shut you up with an open mouth kiss.

“That was amezing.” he, accidentally, brushed his still clothed cock on your wet folds and both of you moaned softly. “Can I…?” he asked gridding his hips into yours; you pushed him and sat on his hips in respond.

“No. I need to taste you.” you said simply, not even trying that dirty talk. You lowerd, in the meantime you left on his sensitive skin wet kisses. You kicked out the duvet and took off his boxers, frozing at that view. Your mouth watered immediately. His dick was the biggest one you had ever seen, precum dribbled and you couldn’t let it, so you just licked it, which caused Castiel to groan.

You took his head into your lips and sucked it hard enough for him to bucked up his hips. You started bobbing your head fast with your tounge flat.

A dozen or so minutes later he started to tremble a little, but before he felt that feeling right before an orgasm, his hand found its place in your hair and he pulled you up with that 'pop’ sound, so you both giggled.

You kissed him hard and slowly sank onto his member losing your breath. Well, both of you lost it. He was really big and Castiel couldn’t hid that he hadn’t had sex for a long time, you just knew that. And he kinda confirmed it, because when you started to move back and forth, his hands found your hips and he stopped you.

“I need one more minute.” he groaned. His eyes were closed and lips parted, chest was moving heavy… It was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen, for real.

You had no idea why, but it was cute and heart warming for you. Of course you were worried about what happens next, but you really wanted to live in that moment.

So when you were sure he adjust, you started moving and kissing him desperatly. Castiel must had felt that, because he broke the kiss, changed your sides and just hugged you, imposig really hard and fast pace. That kind of contradictions got you everytime.

You heard him mumbeling something lowly, but you tried to ignore it.

Soon, you were screaming his name tightening around his cock. This orgasm took all your strenght, you felt it like every atom of your body exploded, making your view black and for a few seconds you couldn’t hear yourself. Cas’ pace sped up even more taking you on edge again from oversensitivity, this time he fell too, filling you with all he got. His head fell to your neck, but he raised it almost at once.

“I lo..” he started, but you again covered his lips, this time with your own. You deepend that kiss slowly, taking your time. This time it was different than every other before. You hoped it spoke better than words.

“Don’t say it. Words mean nothing when comparing with actions. Show me, Castiel.

“I can get used to showing you things.” he smiled widely. But… just for a moment, okay?

Both of you started to laugh at his words. This seemed to be changing into a really good thing for both of you.