The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Eight- Dean x Reader

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Eight

Summary: Dean finds out you’re a virgin and begins to try to charm his way into your pants. Little does he know he’s about to fall in love.
Word Count: 1,935 (A Little Short sorry about that.) 
Warnings: Sexual Content.  Language.

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I’m so addicted to all the things you do
When you’re rollin’ round with me in between the sheets
Oh the sounds you make, with every breath you take
It’s unlike anything, when you’re lovin’ me…
From Addicted by Saving Abel

You sat twirling a piece of hair around your finger.  Your mind a million miles from your lunch date with Dean. The menu of the restaurant held in front of your face as your bashful nature took hold.  You frowned as you replayed the scene from this morning and blushed again.  

The more you thought about it: the more you wanted Dean. The more you needed him.  The years of hidden feelings coming at you like a tsunami. Your lungs felt like they were filling with water. Breathing was becoming impossible.

Dean was watching as you fidgeted in your seat. The look on your face was pained and he began to worry that he was pushing you too hard.  He reached out and gently touched your arm.  You jumped at the touch and jerked away from him.

“Heh.  Sorry, you scared me.” You mumbled as you grabbed his hand and smiled.   Dean was beaming right back as you laced your fingers with his.

“What’s my girl thinking about?” He mused before putting your menu down.  You shook your head as you chewed your lip.

“Just nervous…”

“About what?” He asked cautiously.

Pressing your lips together before speaking.   You let out a shaky breath before you muttered ever so quietly.


Dean looked completely shocked as naughty thoughts flashed through his mind.  Pushing those aside, he licked his lips before asking for clarification..

“What’s later?”

“Iwantyoutotakemyvirginity…” You rushed out as were suddenly shaking.  Your face was that beautiful tomato red you had been sporting the last few days.

Dean’s brows furrowed together as he tried to figure out what you had just said.

“What was that beautiful?”. He asked as he leaned towards you.  

When he did so, you let out a squeak.  Your nerves were trying to eat you alive.  Swallowing them back, you found yourself shooting up from your chair.  Your hands slammed on the table before leaning in towards Dean.

“I said….  I WANT YOU TO HAVE SEX WITH ME!” You screamed.

Your eyes flew wide open as it hit you about what had just come out of your mouth. Clamping your hands over your mouth, you let out another scream.  Everyone in the restaurant turning to look at you.

What in hell was going on in your brain?!

Dean was sitting across from you with a surprised look.  He then looked at you in complete puzzlement before the words worked their way down to his crotch.  You were pretty sure the smile he gave you he learned from Lucifer himself.  

This time he dragged that goddamn tongue of his extra slowly across his lips.  You blushed a hundred and thirty shades of red as you sank into your chair.  Burying your face in hands, you, for the third time that day, prayed that God would allow the earth to swallow you whole.  Of course, you had no such luck.  According to the Winchesters, Chuck or God, wasn’t into the whole answering of prayers option.

Dean couldn’t help himself and leaned over you.  Whispering hotly against your ear all the dirty things he was going to do to you that night.

“Fuck, Y/N.  You don’t know many times I’ve dreamed of this.  How many times I’ve wondered what it would be like to pounded myself into your tight little pussy.”  He grunted as his warm breath tickled your ear.  You gasped into your hands when the words made you instantly wet.  Your stomach clenching into knots as you pushed your knees togethers.  It was taking everything in you not to just jerk him out that seat and go back to the motel.  

Jerking your head up, you looked him square in the eye.  Biting your lip and ignoring the chaotic thoughts of fear in the back of your mind, you made the decision to be bold.  You needed this.

“Let’s go, Dean.  I’m not really hungry anymore.”  You muttered.  

Dean didn’t need anymore encouragement as he hopped up out of his seat.  He looked like a kid on Christmas morning.  He was actually giddy as he threw down a few dollars for his coffee.  The rounds of laughter from a nearby table was the first time that you had noticed.  

Everyone in there had been watching the soap opera that was occurring between the two of you.  When Dean grabbed your hand and lead you away, there were even a few rounds of applause.   One woman even cheered for you.  You could only hang your head in mortification.

Once he felt he gotten you far enough into the parking lot, Dean was attacking you.  His lips on yours in a very lewd way.  His arms locking your hips in place as he crushed you to him.  Your tongue reached out to tease his in the kiss as your confidence grew.  Dean Fucking Winchester wanted you.  He wanted you so bad that he was willing to wait and that was what made you want him.  He was a man worth giving up a part of yourself.

Dean groaned when your tongue slipped into his mouth and his instantly meet it.  They moved together as you brought your hands up around Dean’s neck.  His grip on your hips tighten as he pulled you to your tip-toes.  This third kiss was full of fire and want.   

A need for something that was growing between the two of you to blossom fully.  You moaned when he pulled back from the kiss and gently nipped at the juncture of your neck.  Placing sloppy kisses along the path, he came back up to place a fourth and sweet kiss on your lips.

“Let’s get the hell out of here.”  He groaned as he lead you to the car.  Your stomach was doing somersaults at the thought of what was to come.   The warmth that spread through you was too much and you were giggling like a schoolgirl with a crush.   Dean didn’t turn around to look at you but his own smile was purely radiant.

The trip back to the motel was just a short five minute drive.  You were shaking again by the time you had arrived, but this time because of the excitement building inside of you.   These new but old emotions that you held for Dean were the best feelings you had in years.  As Dean pulled into the motel parking lot, you allowed yourself to take in a deep breath.   

This was something you had never really thought about in your twenty eight years on earth.  Hunting kept you busy and up to your neck in monsters.  Some people dealt with it by drowning their sorrows in booze and sexual activity.  Some people took up knitting.  You happen to be one of the latter.

You bit your cheek to keep from laughing at yourself as you reached for the door handle. Your hand never came to rest on the handle so you looked up.  Dean was standing there with the door held open for you.  You let a snort pass through your nose.

“Well someone’s a gentlemen when he’s about to get some.  Ain’t he?”  You said with a chuckle.  

Dean smirked at you and held out his hand.  You grabbed it making sure to interlock fingers with him.  Hopping up and out of the seat, you quickly buried your face into his chest.  Giving a girlish squeal, you practically raced to the room door once you pulled away.

Dean was hot on your heels as he fumed with the lock on the door.  You rocked and jumped in place as you waited.  Once the door was flung open, he scooped you up bridal style.  You cried out happily and kicked your feet.  It was a replay from the other night with the spider, but this time you were ready.

Wasting no time, Dean set you down and locked the door behind you.  The sudden darkness of the cool room made your breath hitch in your throat.  This was really happening.   There was no turning back now.

You took the lead this time and moved to the buttons on your shirt.  Slowly you began to unbutton them before sliding your shirt open to reveal your lace scalloped bra.  The quiet ‘fuck’ that slipped out of Dean’s lips made you shiver with anticipation.  You slipped the material off your shoulders and pulled it so that it was in a pool at your feet.  You made quick work of your boots and socks before you stood back up.  The thought struck you that you weren’t wearing any panites under your leggings.  Your eyes widen and you stopped mid-strip tease to blush.

What kind of girl was Dean going to think you were? You slow blinked at your own thoughts.  Yeah, cause Dean Winchester was a saint with a chastity belt.   With that thought you were giggling and ruining the sexy mood you were trying to set.  Your hand came over your mouth as you doubled over in a fit of giggles.  

You might have been still slightly nervous.  You had no idea what you were doing.  You didn’t know where to put your hands.  You didn’t know if it was true about how much it could hurt.  You didn’t know….  You just didn’t know.

Dean shook his head with a low laugh.  You were the cutest thing to have ever graced this earth.  He shed his top layers and jeans before you noticed him.  Shaking your head at your own inner monologue of doom, you felt grateful when Dean pulled you close.

“Don’t worry sweetheart.  I’m going to take it slow.  You’re going to have the best first time.  That much I can promise to my girl.”  

You could only nod in response.  His hand grabbing your own as he pressed his lips against your temple.  Dean  got you to the bed without any fuss.  You shook from nerves but he held you steady against him.   His hands roaming your curves as he made quick work of your pants.  He groaned when he found that you weren’t wearing any underwear.

“So goddamn beautiful.”  He groaned as he bent down and gently kiss the skin above your sex before brining you to the bed.  He pushed your legs wide and settled between- while giving wet kisses to the inside of your thigh.   You let out a shaky breath as your hands moved to the back of his neck.

“Dean… I’m scared.”  You mumbled as his lips pressed closer to your now weeping sex.  Dean pulled away momentarily to cooed reassuring things to you.

“It’s okay, baby girl.  I’m gonna make you feel good.  No need to feel scared.”  

You nodded slowly and parted your legs further apart.  This exposed you to him completely and you couldn’t help but feel high.  This was almost like a dream.    Dean’s nearly pornographic moan made a surge of pleasure tingle through you.  The sensations causing your slickness to pool at your entrance.   He slowly kissed up your thighs before placing a kiss above your sex.  

This was going to be the best day, night, and forever you could ask for.

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You owe me [Kylo Ren 18+]

WARNINGS: SLIGHT INCEST, STEP SIBLINGS? YOU WERE WARNED nd like.. some under the table stuff at dinner, no biggie!

“Oh very, wait till mummy and daddy hear about this, their sweet little angel with a boy in her room” You paused and looked at him, breathing in slowly; “You wouldn’t..” “Oh I would”

“This isn’t right, we can’t…” You muttered, digging your fingers harder into his back, biting down on your lip as he sucks and nibbles on you neck. “C’mon [Y/N] your parents aren’t home and neither is your step brother” Hux was right, you decided to give in, letting out a whine as he dug his fingers into the covered flesh of your ass. His hands slowly working around and he slowly skimmed his fingers along your waistband, when there was a cough at the door. You squeaked, pushing Hux away glancing over at the door to see your step brother Kylo, standing there with his arms crossed.

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  • “The Desperate Man (Self-Portrait)”  “الرجل اليائس (بورتريه شخصى)”
  • Date: 1843-1845
  • Artist: Gustave Courbet (France 1819 - Switzerland 1877) غوستاف كوربيه
  • Location : Private Collection

 رسم غوستاف كوربيه العديد من البورتريهات الشخصية له .. و بورتريه “الرجل البائس” هو من اقدم اعمال الفنان الذي أكمله في عام 1845.

عندما ينظر المرء إلى هذا البورتريه الذاتي لا يري فقط اليأس كما يوحي عنوان اللوحة، ولكنه يمكنه أيضا الحصول على فكرة عن أي نوع من الشخصيات كانت شخصية غوستاف كوربيه، جرئ .. ماكر .. متطرف و طموح.