panis angelicus


me singing Panis Angelicus!

I have to sing it quietly because if I sing too loudly then the speakers pick it up as “BLARHGHGH”. I kind of did that with the last “Pauper” but oh well. TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN YO

this was for 700 followers, I do these every 100 followers now. It’s been a weird month for followers. I keep gaining and losing them. OH WELL.

wow I complain too much


0?. Will comes to visit at the hospital

Abigail watched Will Graham from the window of her room. He was a strange human, almost alien; her human friends and her mom had been completely normal and she had blended in seamlessly with them. Will stood out amongst his own kind.

Glancing over at Dr Lecter, who was watching her keenly, she asked, “He’s all human, isn’t he?”

“Yes.” His head tipped slightly to the side. “Why do you ask?”

She looked back out the window. “He’s not like them.”

He was trying to get cellphone reception, standing by the front steps of the hospital as he extended his arm slightly with the device in hand; she sense Dr Lecter coming to stand beside her, watching what was transpiring as well.

“He offered to call me when he arrived,” Lecter supplied and she knew she wasn’t imagining the amusement in his voice, though she didn’t turn to confirm it.

“You should probably go to him,” she finally replied as she watched Graham’s actions take on an edge of franticness. 

“I shall be back shortly,” Lecter agreed, taking a step back from her.