Who would have known that Yesterday was her Birthday, and I was just starting to maker this a Few Days ago, until I was caught up with some Stress(new Cable Boxes from Comcast & a New TV for me), and I continued to work on this yesterday until I got it done and posted it on Instagram.
So, Here is a Lovely Tribute/Late Birthday Gift to Ms. Grey Delisle Griffin, the Feminine Voice behind Lily, Lola, & Lana Loud of ‘the Loud House’, Darlene, Sandy, & Scabs of 'Sanjay & Craig’, Ice Queen of 'Fionna & Cake’, Grown-up Panini of 'Chowder’, Kitty Katswell of 'TUFF Puppy’, and any Other Characters that I hadn’t insert here, because either A.) I didn’t think I have enough Space for them, B.) I didn’t feel like Drawing any specific Character(s), or C.) I DON’T CARE!!!(…Nah, that’s not it, maybe something).