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Just Ask - Part 8

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You think, after being alive for this long and leading an team of superheroes, Steve Rogers would’ve perfected his communication skills, but apparently, when it comes to women, he just likes to assume, and that is never a good thing.

A/N: TWO PARTS LEFT! Aaaah, will Steeb get his head out of his ass? LET’S FIND OUT. 

Part 7

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Mirrored, Part 3

Heyo! I worked really hard to crank out this chapter, and I’m really proud of it! A slight warning though: there are descriptions of a panic attack, so if that’s something that kinda puts you on edge, please be wary! It’s pretty brief though, and I put lots of fluffy goodness to cover it up! Now, enough of my rambling, enjoy!

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Summary: They all officially meet. ‘Nuff said.

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(From The Ray Connolly Beatles Archive. This was in October 1971, so about a month after “How Do You Sleep?” was released. Maybe that was the “song writing matter” John wanted to discuss? Or maybe this was some kind of weirdly timed attempt at an actual creative reconciliation. In my dreams … )

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How worried should we be about the VA election?

The stakes are high but everything seems to point to Northam’s favor. He’s fairly substantially ahead in the polls and Democrats have been vastly outperforming expectations in every race of 2017. The PSA guys sounded panicky but didn’t point to any of the Democrats’ advantages. They said they saw so much more energy for Ossoff than Northam, but Ossoff came within 5 points of a district that Tom Price won by 25 points just six months earlier. Virginia is a blue-leaning state, Northam doesn’t need that kind of energy to win.

hey uhhhh thank you for all the good things??!!! (i can’t believe @turing-tested said i was valid my life is complete) i’m gonna look at them and pump out answers during the day anytime i’m feeling a lil panicky or down

you guys are the best B://VV

Captain America: A Summary
  • [In the present times]
  • SHIELD Guy 1: Dafaq we out here in the cold?
  • SHIELD Guy 2: Lol we're gonna find a corpse
  • SHIELD Guy 1: Lol
  • [Camera dramatically pans to Cap's shield in case the audience already forgot what movie they were viewing]
  • [In the past times]
  • Norwegian Guy: *acts panicky*
  • Red Skull: *arrives to talk about Tesseract and connect this movie with Thor*
  • Norwegian Guy: You're the villain
  • Red Skull: Sure am *kills Norwegian Guy to affirm villainy*
  • --
  • Steve: Imma be a soldier
  • Army Doctor Guy: Lol nope
  • --
  • Steve: *picks fight with jerk in a movie threater*
  • Jerk: *hands Steve's ass to him*
  • Steve: Lol is that all you got?
  • Bucky: *appears out of thin air* Leave my boyfriend alone
  • Steve: How'd you find me
  • Bucky: Tracking device. Now come on nerd we're going on a date to the science expo before I ship out
  • Steve: But I wanna ship out too
  • Bucky: Shut up
  • --
  • Howard Stark: *acts like Tony because actual Tony has not yet been born and cannot be in this film*
  • Steve: It sure sucks that my only friend is going off to war tomorrow and may not come back. I should ditch him and try to enlist again
  • Bucky: I swear to god Steve
  • Steve: Jerk
  • Bucky: Punk
  • [Celine Dion plays in the distance]
  • --
  • Erskine: You wanna be a soldier?
  • Steve: Hells yeah
  • Erskine: *approves Steve for army*
  • --
  • Douchey Soldier: *sasses Peggy*
  • Peggy: *knocks him out like the strong, proud warrior queen she is*
  • Steve: I have the weirdest boner right now
  • --
  • Erskine: Imma inject you with a magic serum that will make you strong and hunky
  • Steve: Sounds legit
  • --
  • [Science happens]
  • Everyone: *stands in awe of Steve's man titties*
  • Senator Brant: Let's put this boy in tights and booty shorts
  • Erskine: E.T. phone home
  • HYDRA Guy: Hail Hydra
  • Steve: what
  • --
  • Steve: I didn't want to wear tights. I don't care how good they make my legs look. I want to be a hero
  • Peggy: Your friend's been captured
  • Steve: Time to be a hero
  • --
  • Bucky: I thought you were smaller
  • Steve: Magic army science happened
  • Bucky: I left you alone for 5 minutes
  • --
  • Peggy: *is fabulous*
  • Steve: *can't flirt*
  • Bucky: *is sad at having his boyfriend stolen*
  • Steve: You ready to follow Captain American into the jaws of death?
  • Audience: *nervously tugs on their collars*
  • --
  • [Nazi fighting montage ensues]
  • Bucky: *reminds Steve of the good times they've had to make imminent death even more sad*
  • Bucky: *falls off train*
  • Steve: Fuck. He is dead. Most definitely dead. My best friend. Gone forever. I shall never, ever see him again. Not in this life. Nope. Never seeing him again. Do not worry, Bucky the Deceased, I shall avenge you.
  • --
  • Red Skull: Imma bomb America
  • Steve: *bursts through plane window* Did someone say AMERICA?
  • [Fighting ensues]
  • Red Skull: *picks up infinity stone with his bare hands like a dumbass*
  • Steve: Ayo Peggy. You're my best gal and all but it's time for me to die heroically now
  • Peggy: Fuck
  • --
  • [Present times]
  • Fury: You're in the future
  • Steve: At least I won't have to put on that stupid suit again
  • Joss Whedon: lol

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1) I have quite the bone to pick, and oh boy, is it gonna be long one! :D Sorry in advance! So, I see what feels like too often that people like to separate Bucky’s identity into two or three different personas (sometimes even more) in headcanons, in meta or in fan fiction, generally. Bucky is either Bucky of the 40’s, the Winter Soldier or neither but a person in-between, and what this person is like is, of course, up to the writers to decide. We don’t know what Bucky has become, after all.

2) But what makes it a hard thing to speculate, is that we don’t know what way Bucky is going to go in CW, everything after TWS is left for interpretation. And because there is so much room to make those interpretations, things get tricky in a sense. […] I feel that Bucky’s persona is something that kept surfacing during those 70 years of captivity, and something that always had to be kept suppressed. Hence the continuous brainwashing. I don’t think Bucky’s identity, who he was in the 30s and 40s, is something that has been buried under 70 years’ worth of dirt. I think it lies in a shallow grave that needed to have earth heaped upon it constantly, to keep whatever lies in there, in there – so to speak. He is ripped from identity, humanity, dignity and human rights and fulfilment of basic needs over and over again. […]

But I think fundamentally, even though he, in the end, is Bucky. He’s Bucky who has led a life very different to Steve. This life has changed him, shaped him and sharpened him into this new persona. But just because his life has changed him, as it inevitably does for everyone in some point, he is still the same Bucky Steve knows at heart. Underneath all that murder and blood. And I can’t emphasize it enough. I don’t like the way people chop his mind into pieces and forget that, though he may not be a wholesome man, he still is the same. Not the same same, but same, y’know? :’D The same as a person, but changed by how the life has treated him. I somehow can’t put the feeling and thought in words! But that really is something people feel differently about, anyway. 

WHAT seriously ticks me off, is how some portray his PTSD or his recovery. I’m not discussing the realism or romanticism of the symptoms here, but rather how some write and picture his behaviour in fan fiction. I never got the image of him not knowing or remembering how to be and act like human. With this comes confusion why some actually do. Why would Bucky (recovering and not) exactly act like some trapped animal? Why would he have these animalistic tendencies like he has grown up with wolves or something? All that growling and crouching in feral positions. Why would so calm, collected and resolute person – a master assassin for god’s sake – who has shown no indication of being afraid of people, suddenly be afraid of people in shy and panicky way? That guy with the murder strut in TWS? Nuh huh. 9) I feel like people miss that one big point in Bucky’s character that continues to live in the Winter Soldier: Even during the war he was a cold-blooded killer. Rough around the edges and all that, especially after Azzano. Other kind of characterization, and I mean all those skittish and angsty things, being jumpy about every little thing, feels like they fail to do the character justice. I may sound like a complete jerk, but this is something I feel very strongly about :’D Have a nice daaay!

Hi Anon!

I think recovery is a very tricky, very personal thing to write. There’s no one way to recover, and people are going to have their own interpretations of the stages that Bucky will go through to become a functioning member of society once again. Like you said, his persona is completely up in the air right now – which makes any headcanon is correct. We don’t even know the extent of the brainwashing, and how much he actually remembered at the end of the film. We know something was retained, since he recognized Steve… but we don’t really know Bucky at all.

I like your idea that the brainwashing doesn’t get rid his memories completely, but instead buries them for a time. That his memories and his personality are scattered and forgotten, rather than truly gone. It jives with my headcanon about Bucky in CATWS – he’s still 100% Bucky, but has gone through violent, terrible trauma. But our interpretation is no more right or wrong than someone who believes Bucky’s memories are gone, and he has to build a personality from scratch!

We just don’t have enough information to piece together a solid personality for Bucky, post-TWS. He’s a master assassin, but he did display some animalistic tendencies in the helicarrier scene as the conditioning wore off. He barely spoke - just made grunts, screams and howling noises as he attacked Steve. Even when Steve said “Bucky?” on the bridge, Bucky looked like a trapped animal:

So Bucky can be very composed – like the start of the bridge scene, where he was verbal and controlled with his team – but he can also be very raw, like an exposed nerve. He can be an adult and make tactical decisions in the field, but he can also be child-like: in the vault scene, he wasn’t just submissive, but sounded very plaintive and young. 

He’s been shown to be able to take care of himself, to some extent (Bucky seemed functional when he visited the Captain America exhibit), but he’s also been shown being tube-fed and IV-hydrated, presumably for seventy years. There’s also a great headcanon that stipulates that his hair has never been cut, and he’s never had to take care of himself, because HYDRA would prep him for all missions. A dependency of that level can be physically hard to break from, but it’s always possible that he retained independence, too.

Then, if a writer wants to incorporate into their recovery story who Bucky was before the Winter Soldier… do they go with the friendly, sociable guy at the beginning of CATFA? Or the brittle, more quiet guy after Azzano, who had a bite to his friendliness and a wariness to his movements? Do they go with his personality as a soldier, or his personality with Steve? Do they include the fact that Bucky, at times, seems to enjoy killing (his smile on the helicarrier)? Or the fact he was already cracking under the stress in CATFA (his hard, panicked breathing on the train) but stayed only because of Steve?

There’s so little information about Bucky, and it’s all very conflicting!  His character has been in flux since the very beginning, so any interpretation is up for grabs. But I think the big question is: If trauma changes your personality, how many years of trauma does it take to turn someone into a completely different person? And…is it permanent?

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Can you please give a scenario wherein GoM,Kagami,Kiyoshi,Himuro and Takao deals with their wife starting to feel labor pains at midnight or them being in the delivery room with their wife? Sorry for the many characters. I wanna see some panicky knob guys. XD thank you! :)

everyone wants to see the boys with babies~

KUROKO: He stays calm throughout her labor even as she begins to panic. He’s saying “it’s alright, you’ll be fine” as he waits with his wife for the ambulance.

KAGAMI: At the hospital, Kagami’s pacing back and forth outside the delivery room. He’s just waiting to jump inside when the doctors announce the birth.

KISE: He hasn’t stopped talking since her water broke. Kise’s frantic chatting actually manages to keep his wife calm as they travel to the hospital.

KIYOSHI: He’s treating her like fine china as he helps her into the car. The whole time, he’s trying not to crash while constantly looking at her worriedly.

AOMINE: “Dammit, it’s still not over?!” Aomine keeps standing near the door, pestering any nurses that pop by. He just wants to see her and the baby already.

MIDORIMA: He stands outside, listening in agonizing minutes and hours while she was crying out in the delivery room. He’s rubbing his glasses from his nerves.

TAKAO: “It’s happening-it’s happening!” He’s been repeating that line since she went into labor. Still, he doesn’t quite believe it, sitting there outside the delivery room.

MURASAKIBARA: He’s admittedly scared when his wife went into labor. He’s carrying her, pregnant and all, to the door. Mura holds onto her hand like a lifeline.

HIMURO: Ever since she went into labor, he’s been walking around the hospital, while imagining a million things. Himuro feels vulnerable without her beside him.

AKASHI: They’re at a private hospital, and he’s actually in the delivery room with her. He locks eyes with his wife, letting her know that she wasn’t alone in this.