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[Enjoy The Silence]

Embracetheapocalpysewithme Writing Challenge - One Shot  

Negan x Reader 

[Prompt: Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode]

A/N: Hey guys! So this is my piece for the lovely @embracetheapocalypsewithme writing challenge! The prompt just so happens to be one of my favorite songs haha I usually turn to music for inspiration so this was so much fun to write! I hope you guys like it! **It is mainly angsty, lol the premise is that one of Negan’s wives accidentally tells him she loves him xx 

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Those words registered clearly in his mind, sinking deep into his chest causing the low thump of his heartbeat to stop completely. He knitted his brows together, looking up at you to see the anxiety written all over your face. 

Negan always questioned how he felt about you, and he thought hearing you say those words would mean the world to him but instead everything came crashing down the moment they escaped your lips. No matter how many times he tried to push you away, nothing ever seemed to work. A magnetic pull drew him in, and he simply couldn’t break free from this spell that you seemed to have cast. The feelings you both shared were intense, and had a way of making him think that you were all he wanted, all he needed…

“I-I’m sorry…” 

“It’s fine” he abruptly cut you off. 

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October 10th

Jacksepticeye Community: Happy Birthday Anti!!! :D Ah, look at how much fun Jack is having in Copenhagen! Glad to see the tour doing GREAT!

Markiplier Community: Screaming. Running in panicked circles. Analyzing frame-by-frame and every quote that could be a clue. Characters that are hinted at being other characters. Widespread hype. Mark is ded. Only the beginning. Sobs in fear of the unknown. Whose the killer(s)?

Every now and then there are collective shouts of MURDER! 

Immediate thunder and lightning.

La Dispute // Andria

You still cross my mind from time to time. And I mostly smile.
Still so set on finding out where we went wrong and why
So I retrace our every step with an unsure pen,
trying to figure out what my head thinks,
but my head just ain’t what it used to be.
And then again, what’s the point anyway?
I remember you ascending all the stairs up to the balcony
to see if you could see me - hidden quietly away
And I remember the skin of your fingers,
The spot three quarters up I’d always touch when I was out of things to say.
You held my hand, but you were too afraid to speak and I could never understand.
I remember when you leaned in quick to kiss me, and I swear,
that not a single force on earth could stop the trembling of my hand,
And I remember how you smiled through the smoke
in a crowded little coffeehouse and laughed at all my jokes.
And I remember the way that you dressed and,
how we wasted all the best of us in alcohol and sweat
And I remember when I knew that you’d be leaving, how I barely kept up breathing
and I bet if I had to do it all again, I’d feel the same pain,
And I remember panicked circles in the terminal in tears.
How I wept to god in fits. I’ve hated airports ever since.
It must be true what people say, that only time can heal the pain.
And every single day I feel it fade away, but -
I still remember how the distance tricked us,
and lead us helpless by the wrist into a pit to be devoured.
I still remember how we held so strong to this,
though we had never really settled on a way out.
I still remember the silence, and how we’d always find a way
to turn and run to our mistakes.
I still remember how it all came back together just to fall apart again.
My dear, I hear your voice in mine.
I’ve been alone here, I’ve been afraid, my dear.
I’ve been at home here. You’ve been away for years. I’ve been alone.
I breathed your name into the air; I etched your name into me.
I felt my anger swelling; I swam into its sea.
I held your name inside my heart, but it got buried in my fear.
It tore the wiring of my brain; I did my best to keep it clear.
So, dear, no matter how we part, I hold you sweetly in my head.
And if I do not miss a part of you, a part of me is dead.
If I can’t love you as a lover, I will love you as a friend.
And I will lay a bed before you; keep you safe until the end.

eddie panic attack au

really quickly, as someone who suffers from panic attacks somewhat regularly, i just wanted to say that if at any time YOU feel anxious or are in need of someone to talk to, my messages are always open. i’ll be there as quickly as i can if you need to chat ❤️❤️

if you find reading about panic attacks triggering, please refrain from reading this one. i’ll post another reddie fic soon for you to read x

Richie’s shoes scuffed noisily against the cracked pavement beneath him, the glasses sitting on his nose occasionally slipping down as sweat built up below his forehead. It was a sunny day, with absolutely no wind to race across your skin and cool you down. There wasn’t a child in sight, their bikes and soccer balls left on the front porch as they instead lay in the shade. It was far too hot for any games today. Richie felt his eyes squinting against the sun, similar to what they’d done before he got his first pair of glasses.

Eddie strolled beside him, his hair pushed far back from his face and his pale cheeks bright red from the heat. Or sunburn, Richie couldn’t tell. His shirt hung loose around his stomach, and Richie was suddenly envious that he hadn’t thought to wear a looser shirt. It would have been a hell of a lot cooler than this Hawaiian shirt, he thought to himself. But he felt too embarrassed to take the over shirt off, so on his shoulders it stayed.

As the two bounced down Main Street many thoughts raced through Richie’s head. The loudest would be curling his fingers through Eddie’s own, and walking hand and hand down the concrete sidewalk. He’d almost done it too, but he had the sudden realization that Eddie might not want to. Sure, they’d shared a few moments together, and Richie was almost certain that Eddie liked him back. But the thought of Eddie drawing his hand away at Richie’s touch scared him too much to actually attempt the action. Plus, my palms are probably too sweaty, Richie added into his thought train.

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Your #1 Priority (M)

Mingyu gets very jealous when I talk to my best male friend from another group so he decides to restructure my priorities….with his body

Genre Smutty smut + Super Fluff?

Note: This is a repost. I deleted it but regretted it. So it’s back! Enjoy

“Bye! Drive safely!” I called out into the night, waving at the large throng of boys leaving my home, getting into their cars and driving away.

My housewarming party had been a lot of fun. I hung out with my friends from Seventeen and the members of my own girl group, FairyLite. We all played games and ate food, and I got some pretty nice presents, too.

My group members kept teasing me all night, saying they were jealous since I was the first one of us to move out of the dorms, but I just really needed to have my own space.

It took ages for me to get our manager to agree to let me live on my own but I had finally worn him down. Now I had my own spacious upscale pad in a swanky neighborhood where I could do whatever I wanted. 

Of course, if I misbehaved it would all be taken away and I’d be shipped back to the cramped dorms so all my members could continue to wear my clothes and slather on my lipsticks without asking, but I was choosing to look at the situation optimistically.

With a happy little sigh I shut the door and turned around to see Mingyu still sitting on my sofa and he didn’t look like he was going to be going anywhere anytime soon.

“You’re not going home?” I asked.

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A Strange Request

Pairings: Doctor Strange x Reader

Warnings: Minimal swearing, Injured animal (not graphic)

A/N: Guess who’s back guys! Sorry I haven’t been super active on the blog lately. School got pretty intense and I had a lot of trouble getting this fic started (But I finally did it!) There probably will be a second part to this fic (no more than three) because I feel like I should work on the whole fluff aspect a little more. ~A

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You walked along a dimly lit corridor, nodding as you crossed paths with one of the other initiates in your portals and dimensional manipulation class. You looked through one of the stone arches, the sky was darker than pitch. You’d managed to get caught up in you’re reading again. This time, it was the pages of the Tao Te Ching that had captured your attention. You knew that Wong would want his book back as soon as possible, and you’d already been on his bad side for the past month after he caught you with a cup of tea in the library. You stopped in front of the library doors, waiting for them to open and close with their usual muted thud. You walked over to Wong’s desk, but the librarian was nowhere to be found.

“Wong, I really need to see that book,” You could hear Stephen Strange’s annoyed voice coming from somewhere in the back of the library. His and Wong’s footsteps echoed throughout the library, and you ran to hide behind one of the many bookcases. Wong raced right past your hiding spot with a stack of books in his arms, Dr. Strange following in hot pursuit.

“If you want the original copy of the Tao Te Ching, you must wait until it’s returned,” Wong grumbled, plunking his books in the table for emphasis. “Or, you could use one of our transcribed copies to-”

“You don’t understand! I need to see the original copy.”

“And you don’t seem to understand how a library works,” Wong retorted. “Go ask the girl if it’s so important to you.”

“I can’t just go up to y/n and demand that she gives me her book.”

My book,” Wong corrected. “If you don’t want to ask her, then I guess you’ll just have to wait until she’s done with it.”

“You’re not helping at all,” Strange huffed.

“Being your personal assistant isn’t part of my job description,” Wong said primly. He sat down in his desk chair and picked up a heavy, leather-bound book, signaling the end of their conversation. Strange stormed from the room, a scowl etched deep into his face. You waited for a moment and tried to escape the room without Wong noticing, your heart pounding in your chest. You were halfway out the door before Wong said anything.

“Make sure to keep those neon monstrosities away from my book, y/n,” Wong called.

“It was just Starbucks!”

“It doesn’t matter,” Wong called. “You ruin that book and Strange will be the least of your worries.”

“Dr. Strange? Why would he-”

“Don’t play dumb. Bookcases don’t make good hiding places, and you clearly haven’t mastered the art of invisibility yet,” Wong said flatly.

“Oh,” you said sheepishly. You stood there for a moment, waiting to see what punishment awaited you.

Wong turned a page in his book, “You can go, just don’t let me catch you sneaking around here again.”

You turned and fled the room, making it halfway down the hall before you realized you’d forgotten to turn in your book. Well, at least you could expect a visit from Strange.


“Y/n, could I talk to you?” Strange said, putting his hand on your arm to get your attention.

“Sure,” you said, waving goodbye to your friend, Jasmine. She raised an eyebrow, you’d been raving to her about your crush on him for weeks.

“Catch you later?” She called.

“You know it, Jaz.”

You turned back to Strange who gave you a strained smile before turning on his heels and leading you to the nearby courtyard.

“So…that book you have,” he nodded to the book you had tucked under your arm, “I was wondering when you’d be done with it, because I really need it for one of my classes.”

You stood there for a moment, unable to speak, your cheeks slowly turning bright red.

“Are you okay?” Strange asked, noting your odd behavior.

“Y-yeah,” you managed to squeak. “H-here, don’t forget to bring it back in a week or Wong’ll kill you,” you giggled nervously, nearly shoving the book into his hands.

“Okay. Thanks I guess,” Strange looked down at the book in confusion. “Listen, I’ve got to get going so…”

“Okay. Bye,” you squeaked. He turned and walked across the courtyard, waving at you lazily behind his back. You waited until he disappeared into the building before collapsing against the trunk of an old cherry blossom tree, covering your face with your hands. That was a disaster.


“So, how’d it go?” Jaz called from her spot she’d claimed next to your door.

“Not now,” you sighed, throwing the door open and collapsing onto your bed.

Jaz scrambled to her feet and followed you into your room, “That bad, huh?”

“I could barely speak to him,” you sighed, burying your face into your pillow.

“What did he want to talk about?” Jaz said. You could almost feel her impatience from across the room.

“Books. He wanted to talk about books,” you sighed, flopping over onto your back. “I had the only copy of the book he wanted. That’s the only reason he wanted to talk to me.”

“Y/n, I’m so sorry!” Jaz sighed. She knelt in front of the bed and dragged you into a hug.

You shrugged her off and curled up into a ball, “If I hadn’t frozen up, maybe I could’ve turned things around…he probably thinks I’m crazy.”

“C’mon, don’t say that!” Jaz begged. You turned to face the wall, trying to ignore her. “You know what,” Jaz said, “I did overhear him talking the Ancient One about learning to scry. I mean, if you’re really desperate, you could check out all the beginner level books from the library.”

You turned back to her, “Jaz, I know you’re trying to help, but that’s insane!”

“Hey, it was just an idea,” she shrugged.

“Well I’m not doing it,” you replied, “I still have standards.”


“Wong, I’m going to need all of your beginner-level books on scrying,” you said impatiently after waiting for the librarian to take his head out of his book.

“All of them?” Wong raised an eyebrow. “You need 23 books on scrying?”


Wong shrugged and got up, putting a slip of scrap paper in his book, “Okay.”

“Wait, you’re not going to ask me why I need all those books?” You were more than a little disappointed that you wouldn’t get to use your carefully concocted lie.

“As long as you get those books back to me in good condition, I really don’t care why you need them,” Wong said. He rushed off to the back of the library, stopping occasionally to pick up a book or two. Clutching a large stack of books, Wong returned to his desk in under five minutes.

“Thank you so much-” you began before he stopped you.

“This is only about half of them,” Wong interrupted. He walked off again, this time returning with an even larger stack of books.

That’s all of them,” Wong said, setting the books down on the counter.

“Thanks, Wong,” you said weakly, grabbing some of the books and trudging off to your room. A few trips later, every surface in your room was dominated by leather bound books. You picked up a random book and settled down in your bed, might as read some of these books if they’re gonna be taking up space in my room. The familiar smell of old leather and paper filled the room, and you smiled. Hell, I might even learn something.


You holed yourself up in your room for the next week, working your way through three or four of the books. On the rare occasions that you did leave your room for food or classes, Strange barely even looked at you. Still, you held onto the hope that he would eventually approach you about the books. Between sessions of obsessing about your crush, you found the time to practice scrying. You tried using mirrors, fire, oil, and water, but nothing seemed to work. The most you ever managed to see was the occasional patch of sky or piece of tree bark. After your latest failure, you decided to take a short walk in the courtyard to clear your head. While there, you stumbled upon a small crow with a broken wing.

“Hey there bud,” you cooed to the bird, cupping him gently in your hands. He snapped his beak at you weakly, “C’mon bud I’m trying to help you.” He let out a strangled squawk and closed his eyes tightly, his chest heaving with every breath. You brought him down to Jaz’s room, tapping the door quietly with your foot. The bird’s eyes popped open at the sudden noise.

Jaz opened the door and gave you a confused look, “Y/n, aren’t you supposed to be in class right now?”

You looked at the antique clock she had in the corner of her room. You’d managed to forget about your martial arts class. “I know,” you said, “but I found this little guy out in the courtyard.” You held up the bird who made a small whimpering sound. “I think his wing’s broken. Do you think you can fix him?”

“Come put him on the table,” Jaz said, opening the door and moving from the doorway. “You know, you should probably be doing this type of thing on your own.”

“Yeah, but you’re way better at healing magic than I am,” you said as you put the crow on the table. The bird shuffled around a bit, his claws making small clicking noises as they tapped against the wooden table. Jaz knelt in front of the table and corralled the bird between her hands, murmuring a few words under her breath. You could feel a small thrum of energy resonate in the room, and the bird squawked indignantly and took flight. He flew in a few panicked circles before landing on your shoulder, digging his claws into your skin.

“Hey, watch the claws,” you hissed in pain. The bird loosened his iron grip just a tiny bit, chirping in apology.

“I think he likes you,” Jaz laughed. “You can take him back outside. He should be good to fly now.”

“Alright. See you later Jaz.”

“Bye, y/n.”

“Say goodbye birdy.”

The bird squawked in response, flapping his wings to keep his balance as you left the room.


After your lesson with your martial arts teacher, you took a quick shower and headed back to your room, the bird still in tow. You’d tried to release him in the courtyard but he had refused to leave your shoulder. Back at the dojo, he had waited for you in a nearby tree until the end of your lesson. Now he sat at one end of your desk, pecking at a few crackers you’d managed to find for him.

“What am I supposed to do with you?” You sighed. The bird seemed to sense your gaze and looked up, letting out a small, pitiful chirp. “Well, if you’re not going to leave me alone, I should at least give you a name. How about Raven?” You grinned. The bird squawked and narrowed his eyes at you, Really? He seemed to say. “Okay, fine! How about Korra?” The bird shook his head and made a sneezing noise. “Oh! Are you a boy?” The bird bobbed his head up and down. “How about…Huginn?” The crow cocked his head to the side for a moment, as if he were thinking. Finally, he chirped in assent. “Okay, Huginn it is! Do you want to help me out with my scrying buddy?” The bird chirped and latched onto your shoulder. You grabbed a shiny bronze bowl and filled it halfway with cold water. You let it sit for a moment, waiting for the ripples to settle. Gazing into the bowl, you thought about the courtyard, trying to get an image to appear in the water. For half a second, you thought you could see the outline of the old cherry blossom tree, but your concentration was broken when Huginn decided to perch on the edge of the bowl and dip his beak in the water.

“Sweetie, you’re not supposed to drink the water!” You sighed, “Look, I have to start all over again.” Huggin squawked and looked from you to the bowl. “What, are you happy now?” He pecked at your hand and gestured to the water with his head, “Hey-” you began, your voice dying in your throat when you looked into the water. Your face and the wall behind you seemed to be projected into the water, everything was covered in a strange iridescent sheen. “Wha-” Huginn squawked impatiently and flew back to his crackers. The image in the water lurched suddenly, and all you could see was the pile of crackers. “Oh! So I can only see what you see?” The bird bobbed his head impatiently, Finally! He seemed to say. “I’m a little new to this whole magic thing bud, cut me some slack.” The bird shook out his feathers and hopped toward the window, staring at you expectantly. “Do you want to go out?” The bird turned and pecked at the shutters. “Okay, I’m getting there! Keep it in your pants!” You reached around the bird and gently pushed out the shutters, and before you could even move your arm out of the way, the bird burst into the open skies. You looked back into the bronze bowl and a literal bird’s eye view of the compound appeared in the mirrored surface. Huginn banked on a sudden gust of wind and you could see Strange and Wong arguing in the library through one of the barred windows. You willed Huginn to get a little closer, and he did, wriggling through a gap in one of the filigree covered windows. He hopped onto on of the book shelves and scurried a little closer to the two men. You could hear their voices now, but the sound was muffled, like you had a layer of cotton stuffed in your ears.

“How do you not have a single book on scrying?” Strange shouted, banging his fist on the table in front of him.

“Y/n came in, she wanted the books, I gave them to her,” Wong said calmly, reshelving a book that looked like it was bound in snakeskin. “We’ve been through this before haven’t we? If you want the books you wait your turn.”

“She needed all of them?” Strange asked incredulously.

“I’ve seen stranger things,” Wong shrugged.

“What am I supposed to do know?” Strange sighed.

“Why don’t you just ask her to bring a few of them back? Or are you afraid of her?” Wong smirked.

“No! She’s a really sweet girl,” Strange began, blushing when he noticed the teasing look Wong had on his face. “I don’t have a crush on her okay!”

“I didn’t say that,” Wong said, raising an eyebrow. Strange turned an even darker shade of red. 

“I can’t believe you have a crush on that one,” Wong snorted, turning back to his re-shelving. Huginn squawked in indignation, responding to your sudden flash of indignation. Wong looked up, spotting Huginn almost immediately. It felt as though he was staring at you through the water. As Huginn tried to make his escape, Wong grabbed him from the air, trapping him in his hands. The bird squawked and struggled tremendously, but Wong stroked his head gently, calming him. He brought Huginn over to the window and released him, “Fly back to your master little one,” he said quietly.


Surprisingly, Wong didn’t kill you in your sleep over your latest misadventure, but he did ban you from the library for the next week and put new warding spells up around the library. You were a little disappointed that you’d been caught so easily, but you had learned something from this whole fiasco. Strange had a crush on you.


A/N: Thanks for reading, and thanks to G for proofreading. Also, thanks to the Anon who sent in that awesome request! Again, there probably will be another part to this fic (with a lot more fluff). Hopefully that will be out in about a week or so. I hope you guys enjoyed the fic. ~A

Part 2

Part 3

How to Fake a Marriage (Chapter 3)

Adrien Agreste is excited to go to London to get a degree in Physics- but he’s less excited about the ridiculous list of rules his father keeps giving him, especially since it’s clear that his father doesn’t trust his judgement at all. So what better way to rebel than to fake a wedding with one of his friends as soon as he gets to London? 

(Chapter 1) (Chapter 2)

(AO3) (

Nino let out a groan as he stumbled to the kitchen table. He hated Mondays, mostly because he hadn’t yet broken his habit of staying up far too late on the weekends and so his sleeping schedule got thrown off. He was basically sleepwalking as he slumped into his chair and opened his laptop to peruse his Facebook feed while Alya toasted bread for their breakfast.

“What’s new?” Alya called over her shoulder as she poured herself a cup of coffee. “Anything interesting?”

Nino scanned the page with sleepy eyes, brain not quite comprehending the words in front of him yet. He needed his coffee first. “Uh. Ivan and Mylène posted new photos, Alex challenged Kim to a race, Nathaniel shared a drawing, Adrien changed his status to ‘Married to Marinette Dupain-Cheng’, Rose joined a scrapbooking club, Marinette-”

Alya choked and spat out her coffee all over the counter. “WHAT?

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anonymous asked:

if your still doing the same a kink and a ship could you do reaper76 Alpha !gabe and Omega! jack please and thank you.

Mmmm, yes, I can definitely do that.  :)  Sorry this took so long.  I’ve really got to work on making these smaller…  Below is Reaper76 ABO with Alpha!Gabe and Omega!Jack, set pre-Fall.  A cut-line this time because this ended up being about 3.5k. Edit: Fixed the italics in this (goddamn it).

Jack rests his chin on his hand as he scrolls through the long document of fine print.  It’s a rather un-Commander-ly thing to do but as long as there’s no one around to call him on it, Jack doesn’t care.  He *hates* this part of his job.  It is by far the most boring part of his position.

The door cracks open and Jack immediately sits up straight, putting an inscrutable look on his face and attempting to appear more dignified.  He catches the familiar scent, however, and eases back into a slouch as Gabe slinks into the office.  Jack is okay with Gabe seeing him slack off.  After you’ve clawed a guy’s back in the depths of a heat and begged him to fuck you harder, there’s really not much left to be seen.  Especially if you count the time that Jack ended up accidentally peeing on Gabe, too.  Cripes. He doesn’t know who had been more startled by that one, but he does know who had been the more embarrassed.  

Gabe had found the whole thing rather hot.  Jack definitely had not.

For whatever reason, Gabe’s scent has been stronger than normal these past few days, curling around Jack and begging him to come closer, cajoling him into staying in bed just a while longer, making him a little more clingy.  Jack, though, figures that it’s part of Gabe being Gabe.  Jack’s always been a bit extra when it’s come to Gabriel Reyes.  No other alpha has lead Jack around quite so effectively.  No other alpha’s made Jack want to chase so badly, either.

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anonymous asked:

If you have time could you write an ace Tony fic? It would mean a lot as I am asexual and almost never get any representation anywhere and it tends to make me feel more lonely. :( Anyways, thank you in advance.

To be honest you had me at ‘ace Tony’, anon :) You really can’t expect me to resist that. Seriously, I adore writing ace characters (like half the main characters in my non-fanfic works are ace, just because I can).

Since you didn’t specify on anything regarding the plot I just went with a short scene from one of my many not-ready-to-be-posted headcanon ‘verses. I hope it works for you and that this ficlet will make you feel a little better! Also I turned it into a Valentine’s story because I keep seeing these cute Valentine’s cards on my dash.

[Set in a College AU following the tale of Player!Bucky and Asexual!Tony trying to make it work. Today’s edition: Valentine’s Day. Including slight misunderstandings, declarations of love affection, fluff, and Bucky’s potty mouth.]

‘You know I’m ace, right?’ isn’t the reaction Bucky’s been hoping for, but it’s also not a door slammed shut in his face, so he counts it as a win.

Tony squints suspiciously at the roses in Bucky’s arms—yellow and red ones because those are his favourite colours, and Bucky is nothing if not a huge sap, apparently—and Bucky has no doubt the flowers will end up cut open on a lab table, to be thoroughly tested for any unsavourily additions, before the day is over.

He probably shouldn’t smile fondly at the cruel fate lying in these poor flowers’ future. He definitely shouldn’t.

Damn it. Nat’s right, he’s got it bad.

“Unless ace stands for ‘allergic to roses’ I fail to see your point.” Bucky smiles and hopefully holds the bouquet out for Tony to take. Because continuing to cling to them like a toddler to a plushy might look a little silly.

Tony refuses to take them though, crosses his arms in front of his chest instead and scowls up at Bucky. Which is not adorable, that would just be ridiculous.

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Svt. on Halloween! Vocal Unit Reaction : “You disappearing on Halloween Night!”

Anon: Hello, i Loved your blog, can i ask for the number 13 with vocal unit!? Thanks.!! 

Aww you guys are so cute thank you! <3 Here you go - hope you like it! <3 If you guys want to see anymore of these I’ll link the LIST HERE! <3 

WARNING: Some strong language, and if your sensitive to disappearances don’t read on!

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious! gifs are mine!!*


*gif by me*

Woozi had been forced by you to take Halloween off. A carnival had made its way into town, there was a fair, rides, and a ghost train. It was your favourite time of year. You just wanted to share it with him, and Woozi knew that. 

“What do you want jagi?” Woozi asked staring at the menu. The smell of hotdogs filling the air, mixed with the sweet scent of candy and his stomach growled. 

“Y/N?” he called again this time turning to look for you. Only issue was, you were nowhere to be seen. He didn’t panic. You had a habit of wandering off whenever something caught you eye, and this place was crawling with such things.

He called. You didn’t answer. He still didn’t worry, instead he was annoyed. You had asked him to come with you and yet, where were you? “Excuse me?” Jihoon asked a family nearby, a smile on his face as he described you. They nodded, pointing in the direction of the walk through haunted house. 

“Thanks,” Jihoon said with a bow before hurrying in that direction. The haunting music filtered from the entrance, mixed with a green fog that drifted around his ankles. “Y/N better be in here…” he whispered to himself, paying the fee and stepping inside.

The jump scares caught him off guard. He yelled, he shouted, even screamed but the smile didn’t leave his face. Just as he was about to reach the exit a figure ran at him, a scream left his lips as he sprinted outside.

That’s where he found you, sitting on a wall grinning expectantly at him. Woozi shook his head slowly heading straight for you. “You look like you had fun,” you teased taking his hands.

“Why’d you run off?” he asked quickly, avoiding your question.

“Because, you were stuck in your head. I needed you to let go, and I knew I couldn’t do it…Are you ready to have some fun?”  


*gif by me*

20:54 p.m. Halloween Night. 

Y/N call me, you said you would be here an hour ago…Jeonghan messaged you for the fifth time. Panic was starting to take over, purely because he didn’t know what had happened. You were always on time, and if not, you always called him.

Jeonghan paced back and forth throughout the dorm. Waiting. “Y/N, answer the phone!” Jeonghan shouted at his phone before throwing it onto the sofa. 

The lights flickered. Blackness threatening the room until suddenly he was plunged into darkness. “What the?” he hurried to the nearest light switch, flicking it on and off repeatedly. 


He felt something hit the wall beside him. Something he would have noticed in the light, but right now, in the dark he was suddenly terrified. “Y/N?” No answer. “Guys?”

Jeonghan heard the scream deep in the dorm. It echoed through the corridors, getting louder and louder as it headed straight for him. “Y/N!?” he shouted, but his feet were moving straight for the door. 

He fumbled with the handle and as soon as the door opened the lights flicked back on, and you were standing on the other side of the door. Drenched from the rain outside, but wearing a ghost onesie and grinning at him. “I brought pizza! Hey, what’s wrong with you?” you laughed at his suddenly pale skin, his wide eyes, his shaking hands.

“How long have you been here?” Jeonghan asked, suspicious of you immediately. 

“I was about to knock on the door…what’s wrong Jeonghan? You’re acting weird…I text you to say I’d be late cause I was getting food…” He quickly shook his head, grabbing your arm and pulling you from the dorm.

He dragged you down the corridor not looking back. “Lets go to your place…” 


*gif by me*

Joshua had helped you organise the Halloween party you were throwing, from the invitations, to the decorations, and now, to the food. “Y/N do I put the chocolate in the mix before or…” 

You appeared from nowhere, taking the spoon from his hand with a grin. “You’re a menace Jisoo, I swear!” you teased stirring the mixture once more. “Right, just put these in cake tins for me, please.” And, just as soon as you appeared you had disappeared. 

You didn’t tell Joshua where you were going, or even why. You simply left. At first Joshua didn’t notice. He was too busy dancing to some tunes that came through on the radio, and following your orders for the cupcakes. 

It wasn’t until the cakes were in the oven that he realised you were missing. “Y/N?” Joshua called, walking through the house. He was surprised he could see anything amongst all the decorations you’d put up. “Look, if you’re going to jump out this isn’t funny!” 

He wasn’t scared. At least that was what he was telling himself anyway. “Y/N?” he called again, before chickening out and heading back to the kitchen. By the time he had decorated the cakes, and started on the toffee apples, the guys had already turned up. 

“Have you tried calling?” Jeonghan suggested, about to grab one of the cakes Joshua had made but was quickly slapped away. 

“Of course I tried,” Joshua grumbled adjusting the collar of his shirt. You two were both supposed to be vampires. Except you weren’t even here. “Why would Y/N just leave?”

That was when Joshua heard the scream from outside, even amongst the music. He hurried to the source. Only to be caught off guard by you standing there holding sparklers out to him. “I know I left you to finish off the party, but I have a surprise for you.”

Just as you said those words the fireworks lit the sky. “I know you’re not supposed to have fireworks on Halloween, but…” Joshua took your hands in his smiling widely.

“It’s perfect Y/N,” he whispered, not caring that you disappeared on him.


*gif by me*

“Have you seen Y/N?” Seokmin asked Minghao stumbling over the coffee table. He had been looking for you for the past half hour and still had no luck. Halloween night with Seventeen and DK had led to one thing, a party. And, a party led you into your natural state of avoiding people when you could.

“How can you lose someone dressed as a pumpkin DK?” Minghao laughed, plopping himself down into the nearest chair. “Y/N is the only one here wearing that stupid costume!”

Seokmin sniggered at the memory of you walking around in that orange suit, a frown on your face as you tried to decipher what made you choose a pumpkin. “Ugh, why does Y/N always disappear…And on tonight of all nights!”

“Oh shit, what if Y/N was attacked by zombies? Or turned into a bat?” Minghao teased, nudging Jun beside him as Seokmin’s face went pale.

“No, no, what if a witch turned Y/N into a toad and now they’re living in a puddle waiting for someone to step on them?” Jun interjected, which received a weirded look from Minghao who seemed to be questioning why they were still friends. 

“Seokmin!?” he heard you shout but you were nowhere to be seen. “Yes!?” he cried in response turning to look for you, but becoming confused when you weren’t there. “Seokmin! Ugh, look at me!”

He spun on his heels staring around the room still not catching sight of you. Then, the claws were in his back. A cat perched on his shoulder, glaring at him with strangely familiar eyes. “Y/N?” he asked quietly.

“No, Seokmin!” You appeared behind him, wearing a completely different costume. You had changed, sporting a witches outfit that meant you could blend in with the crowd - not stand out. “How much have you had to drink? Did you seriously think I had turned into a cat?” you laughed nudging him with your elbow and smirking.

“No! No…why did you change? I couldn’t find you! I thought you’d disappeared…Minghao said you might have been attacked by zombies”

You pecked his lips lightly, shaking your head at him. “Are you drunk?”


*gif by me*

“Y/N!” Seungkwan bellowed, startling the trick or treaters around him as he searched up and down the street for you. “Y/N!!!” 

Seungkwan had lost sight of you amongst a crowd of parents. He was too busy looking at all the decorations, the pumpkins, the cobwebs, skeletons, zombies…all of it was so cool. But, still pretty freaky. 

“Y/N drags me out, makes me dress up and now they go missing!?” he panicked spinning in a circle as he looked up and down the street. “If I were Y/N which way would I go?” 

He took a gamble, looking up at the full moon creeping through the clouds and setting an eerie feeling to the evening, and went left. “Y/N!” Seungkwan cried every couple of steps as the street evened out and the fields rolled into view.

A country lane. Dark, provoking, cold. “Why does Y/N have to disappear?” Seungkwan mumbled crossing his arms over his chest as he continued to walk. He jumped at every step, cursing your name. He glanced at his phone, 22:51 p.m. Seungkwan had been looking for you for almost two hours. 

“Why does Y/N have to live in the middle of nowhere!?” he cried, before screaming. Loudly. His voice echoing like thunder throughout the sky. A cat. A black cat stalking in the shadows dashed across his path, and he ran. 

“WHY???!!!” he screamed into the distance, running straight for home. He burst through the front door, still screaming.

You were standing there, in the cat outfit he’d seen you in hours earlier, sweet box in hand, a confused yet concerned look on your face. “Where have you been Seungkwan? My sister wants to go, its going to be too late now,” you scolded just as your younger sibling ran for the door.

“Me?! Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you for ages!! It’s like…seven…What?” He stared confusedly at the clock on the wall. “But, my phone said it was…”

You pecked his cheek quickly drawing him back. “Just go trick or treating Seungkwan, and please stop screaming.”

anonymous asked:

I were on my way back to my team after I died, when I met an enemy Bastion with full health in a tiny room. He were facing me and he started shooting. I panicked while running in circles shooting like maniac. I killed him, leaving me with 117 in health. Afterwards I found out that he had 52 more levels than me. I swear, I have never felt so good after killing someone as Mercy.

durphymcbob  asked:

Companions react to Msole geting knocked down by a raider and repeatedly stabbed in the dick

Cait: She was shocked at the sight but She managed to repay the favor.

Curie: She ran to Sole but didn’t know how to help. She certainly didn’t want to touch the wound…..

Danse: He took the raider out quickly but didn’t know how to help Sole. He just stared in horror.

Deacon: He made sure Sole was still concious and expressed his shock by screaming.

Hancock: He could almost feel every stab himself. He carefully picked up Sole and tried finding the nearest doc to help safe his….manhood.

Maccready: He couldn’t stop cringing. Every man’s nightmare come true. He began panicking and walking in circles.

Nick: He could only imagine the pain Sole was going through. He awkwardly told Sole he would run to get help.

Preston: He couldn’t stop saying “Oh my god! Oh my god!” Sole eventually yelled at him to do something.

Piper: She ran to his side and tried inspecting how bad it was. She eventually asked how she could help but neither of them knew.

X6-88: “That was very unfortunate.”

Maxson: He watched in shock until Sole’s screams startled him. He lifted them slightly and ordered someone to get him back to the prydwen immediately.

Fluffy Concoction

Word count: 2122 

Pairings: Chocobros/reader 

Rating: General Audience

Read the rest on Ao3

Prompt: The chocobros turn into chocobo chicks one night and you’re stuck taking care of them.

I’m not the type to constantly update on tumblr on my latest fanfics, but since this one is a headcanon-type fic, I wanted to share this onto the FFXV headcanon community even though I should’ve done this sooner

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[yamatsukki] late night convenience store trips

(a/n: a random yamatsukki one w/ a lil bit of magic! switched up their personalities here bc i was experimenting)

Yamaguchi Tadashi has no idea what’s happening. It all started that Friday night, when he was forced to step out of his apartment to spend some of his meager savings on cheap ramen and instant food from his university’s local convenience store. He had to buy something to keep him alive for the past few days, even though the smell of the instant noodles he used to love was now sickening.

It was a normal Friday night.

Yamaguchi spends less than five minutes on his little grocery shopping. He hated everything about the place, from the dusty floors to the atrociously bright and ugly shade of mint green peeling walls. The repulsive smell of cigarettes and old smelly gym socks (most likely from the half-dead looking dwarf manning the cashier, he looked like he hasn’t showered in weeks) filled his lungs, making him more uncomfortable than ever.

The lights flicker annoyingly, and Yamaguchi would never step back in this place ever again if it wasn’t for the fact that the next convenience store was blocks away.

It was a normal Friday night.

The walk back home was a silent one. The streetlights were dimmed from being used for years and not getting replaced, making the night seem even more eerie. There was something unsettling with walking alone in the late hours of the night, hearing nothing but the wind rustling spring’s trees and the crickets chirp by the bushes.

Yamaguchi hurries home, wanting to be under the comforts of his warm and cozy bed.

Or at least, that was the plan.

There’s a person suddenly hurled at him, coming from a random portal by the bushes of the sidewalk he was walking on. It’s a tall male with blond hair, but he didn’t get more details than that because he soon toppled under the ground with the guy on top of him.

Yamaguchi yelps loudly in pain, back slamming onto the concrete floor. The fall scratches his elbows and his head bumps into the stranger’s just after bumping on the floor as well. He sees black dots circling a panicked face, consciousness suddenly slipping away.

“Keep your eyes open, I can only do magic with proper eye contact!” the stranger fumbles, flips himself over to face him, and brushes Yamaguchi’s dark green strands aside. A wizard, huh? Yamaguchi’s feeling all sorts of dizzy, unable to even try to comprehend the situation, but he struggles to keep his eyes open in hopes that the stranger would perform some kind of magical first-aid rather than an unlucky hex or jinx.

The tired university student lets the stranger do his work.

From his blurred vision, he notes that the blond guy had a pair of black rimmed glasses and warm honey-colored eyes. He looks concerned, features worried as he’s chanting some spell of some kind. Yamaguchi feels warmth seep through his bones slowly, vision starting to clear up bit by bit.

“Open your mouth.” the blond instructs, and Yamaguchi makes a confused sound when the other grabs his chin. “it’s ambrosia. Just a really tiny bit. It’ll help clear up the side effects for this last spell I’m about to do.”

Well, he hasn’t killed me yet, Yamaguchi thinks as he opens his mouth. Not that the guy looked particularly scary to begin with. The ambrosia fills him up, reminding him of his mother’s pork cutlet bowls that he hasn’t eaten in a while. After a second, it then tasted of his friend Yachi’s sweet rice cakes. It tastes of comfort food, of familiarity and goodness.

Yamaguchi’s back to normal, or as normal as it could be in the situation. He’s lying on the concrete sidewalk, a couple of houses away from his apartment block. His plastic bag of junky, instant food laid forgotten, spilled at his side. 

Now that he can see properly, Yamaguchi is suddenly aware of the boy peering at him, concerned. He was kind of cute, with the worried honey eyes and how his cold hands still kind of lingered by Yamaguchi’s shirt collar. It was a nice view.

“Are you okay?” And his voice was smooth as butter. Not that Yamaguchi particularly cared.

“Well, no, not really,” the dark haired boy admits, slightly finding it endearing as the other anxiously checked over him once again, “but. I’m fine now, thanks to you. Thank you.”

The blond’s cheeks flame. “I-It’s nothing,” he sputters. “it was my fault anyway. Some gangster witch at this bar I was in was actin’ pissy and I might’ve said a few words.. I’m sorry I ended up hitting on you.” There was a long pause until the stranger’s eyes widened in realization. “Wait, wait, wait, wait. No, I mean, hitting you. I didn’t mean.. I accidentally.. I mean, not that you’re not cute or anything– um. Actually. I should just shut up.”

The tips of Yamaguchi’s ears turn pink, flustered.

It was a strange Friday night.

scandi-fish  asked:

Were the birbs upset when you dyed your hair? Did it take a little for them to recognise you? (The blue hair really suits you btw!)

Thanks! Mia wouldn’t go near me for the first while, first time I stepped in the room she flew in panicked circles then sat as far and as high away from me as possible. Zeeb flew to me but sat on the far end of my shoulder and leaned away.
Eventually they both got used to it, Mia just took a little bit to accept it as normal again

You still cross my mind from time to time. And I mostly smile.
Still so set on finding out where we went wrong and why
So I retrace our every step with an unsure pen,
trying to figure out what my head thinks,
but my head just ain’t what it used to be.
And then again, what’s the point anyway?
I remember you ascending all the stairs up to the balcony
to see if you could see me - hidden quietly away
And I remember the skin of your fingers,
The spot three quarters up I’d always touch when I was out of things to say.
You held my hand, but you were too afraid to speak and I could never understand.
I remember when you leaned in quick to kiss me, and I swear,
that not a single force on earth could stop the trembling of my hand,
And I remember how you smiled through the smoke
in a crowded little coffeehouse and laughed at all my jokes.
And I remember the way that you dressed and,
how we wasted all the best of us in alcohol and sweat
And I remember when I knew that you’d be leaving, how I barely kept up breathing
and I bet if I had to do it all again, I’d feel the same pain,
And I remember panicked circles in the terminal in tears.
How I wept to god in fits. I’ve hated airports ever since.
It must be true what people say, that only time can heal the pain.
And every single day I feel it fade away, but -
I still remember how the distance tricked us,
and lead us helpless by the wrist into a pit to be devoured.
I still remember how we held so strong to this,
though we had never really settled on a way out.
I still remember the silence, and how we’d always find a way
to turn and run to our mistakes.
I still remember how it all came back together just to fall apart again.
My dear, I hear your voice in mine.
I’ve been alone here, I’ve been afraid, my dear.
I’ve been at home here. You’ve been away for years. I’ve been alone.
I breathed your name into the air; I etched your name into me.
I felt my anger swelling; I swam into its sea.
I held your name inside my heart, but it got buried in my fear.
It tore the wiring of my brain; I did my best to keep it clear.
So, dear, no matter how we part, I hold you sweetly in my head.
And if I do not miss a part of you, a part of me is dead.
If I can’t love you as a lover, I will love you as a friend.
And I will lay a bed before you; keep you safe until the end
—  La Dispute
The Devil and the Dead: Chapter Four

Based on @ectoimp‘s absorbing AU sketches (Most of which can be found here!).  

I’m giving credit and kudos to @arthur-tristan-kingsmen, @phantoms-lair, @answrs and of course, the illustrious @ectoimp for some of the discourse which guided the idea from vague AU to the story that does not want to stop running through my head. And for constantly adding new cute headcanons that are promising to make this longer.

Summary:  At first all he knew was darkness— rage, pain and the ultimate sting of betrayal.  And then Lewis opened his eyes…

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Chapter Four: A Way Out of Hell

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