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ive been in my ldr for 5 years now. we have never met eachother in person but we dont lose faith that we will someday. to that last ask you received about feeling hopeless, I know how that feels. I go through it too but you just have to try to stay positive. my family and his family dont approve of us being together and refuse to help but were in this for the long run, no matter how long we wait. just know the ldr community can help to support and lend a shoulder when needed :] stay positive!

panickat123  asked:

to the anon asking about telling others you met online, Ive had trouble getting people to understand and I made up a story to tell them about how we met. its gotten so big that its starting to fall apart. Im still trying to fix what i started. its not worth making up a story just try to get them to understand

I think everyone who has met their s/o online has had to deal with some level of conflict about it because you know…you just don’t want people to judge you. And that’s perfectly understandable. It’s perfectly understandable to not want your entire relationship criticized, maybe even bashed, because people just don’t understand.

But it’s better to be honest and to turn the other cheek from all that negativity other wise, yes, you could get caught up in something entirely worse like a story that you just can’t seem to keep together.