Since I saw another over-long annoying “DONT VOTE THIRD PARTY!!!” post on my dash again, I would like to remind every panicy democrat I know that the current lead in third party votes is Gary Johnson, who is the choise of Never Trump republicans

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tw: period. I'm so confused about my feelings. I dread getting my period, every time i get pms or even is reminded that periods are a thing that happens to me i feel this almost panicy feeling of "i really don't want that to happen". But then when i get my preiod i don't feel it at all. Shouldn't i feel even worse when it's happening? Or am i shutting of my emotions? I don't understand it. And the lack of obvious dysphoria is making me question if i'm trans at all, which makes me even sadder...

Sometimes dysphoria is a really weird thing tbh. So I’m a transguy with endometriosis who had to undergo a lot of invasive medical procedures earlier this summer. The thing is, they didn’t cause me a ton of dysphoria. What caused me so much dysphoria would be when doctors would misgender me. I also had a ton of anxiety leading up to all those procedures as well. Like you, I also experience more dyphoria when people are talking about periods than when I’m actually on mine.

I wouldn’t interpret your lack of dysphoria during your period as you not being trans. There’s lots of different ways people experience dysphoria and it’s fine to not have it during situations when other people might. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to dysphoria and being transgender.


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How do you recognise your own triggers??

I’m not sure what this mean? Like, when you find yourself acting too emotional or scared or panicy about something that to someone else is not causing that same reaction, then it’s probably because you find it triggering. Like, someone can be extremely panicy over clowns? They just go insane and most likely never go to a circus to avoid them – something like that. Basically think of it as an extreme emotion that to someone else won’t be.

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I saw you said something scary happened to you so whatever happened, I just wanted to say I'm sorry and I hope you're feeling better now ❤️

Awwww, thank you so much!! <3 Long story short, someone started stalking me and followed me home from the grocery store yesterday. I think I managed to lose them but it was really scary because I live in the middle of nowhere and there’s nowhere to really, you know, lose them that well, and I go to that grocery store literally 3-4 times a week for cat food because it’s the only one in my town so now I’m just super panicy about going back there.