i’m so fucking scared right now this is a horrible situation

but just to reiterate

DALLON WEEKES is trying to contact his wife BREEZY WEEKES who flew out to PARIS, FRANCE 12 HOURS ago and hasn’t arrived at their hotel. it is currently 1AM in paris and this is a very stressful situation for dallon, so please IF YOU LIVE IN PARIS AND ARE ABLE TO HELP CONTACT DALLON’S TWITTER

One thing i did today to calm me down and make myself a bit happy, since i got a bit scared and panicy this morning.                                                       But hey, just look at this adorable dork who just broke my heart in his route not even a week ago.                                                                                    

Things I love about Cole in Asunder..

-His absolutely horrible luck. Seriously, at some point it becomes almost a running gag that if Cole is there, bad stuff will happen to him.

- Cole loving exploring tombs. Gives him a hobby and an idea why he’d know parkour and lockpicking.

-Cole dragging himself miles and miles after Rhys, simply out of worry. And his trip being (mostly) pointless. Somehow it makes it all more interesting.

-Cole, after being out of the Fade for 8 years, enters it again..and doesn’t know what it is.

-Cole vs the Darkspawn becoming a Benny Hill sketch.

-Cole’s inner-voice being panicy when Cole does his epic dragon splitting thing.

-Actually, just the fact that Cole has an inner-voice.

-The awkward as heck scene with Evangeline.

-Cole’s first real battle kills being clumsy and almost making him vomit afterwards from the rush.

-The battle in the sewers, its painful to read, but damn does Cole take a lot of hits.