got7 working at a grocery store

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@jingogi was telling me abt this supermarket in her country called jason’s that she always calls jaebum’s and then this happened


  • the manager
  • the youngest manager at the grocery store ever
  • honestly doesn’t know how he went from bagging to manager so fast but he’s pretty sure the owner of the store has a crush on him
  • everyone who works there thinks he’s so cool bc he’s like,, pretty much the best at leading and will always fix a sticky situation with what seems like zero effort
  • but jaebum can assure you every time someone comes into his office with a question his mind is just screaming AHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK!! FUCK FUCK 
  • “hey!! how can i help you? :))”

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Why Not Me

James Potter x Reader

A/n: Probably gonna do a part 2 if you guys want one because I feel like I could keep going with this. Warnings: some swearing, a little angst. Words: 2155

 You had known James Potter since you were three years old. You lived in the house next to his and you two had grown up together. After being best friends with someone for 13 years obviously you get attached, and it’s natural to be protective of them. That’s how you were justifying you’re feelings at this point, but it wasn’t working out too well. It wasn’t painfully obvious that you felt more then friendship towards James, everyone knew you two were close so no one suspected a thing. Especially not James, he was too head over heels for Lily Evans. Lately he hasn’t played you a lick of attention, he was too busy trying to catch hers. It’s not that you didn’t like Lily in fact you two were very close friends, you just envied her. You envied how easily she captured his attention and had him wrapped around her finger with a few simple words. It was just so frus-”Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!” Your other best friend Victoria was frantically waving her hands in front of your face standing in front of where you were previously spaced out sitting at a library table.  “Yes” you replied in a monotone voice, still in a daze from your little disconnection from reality and a little thrown off  by your thought path. “What are you doing I’ve been looking for you forever!” she shrieked. “Why what’s wrong?” I asked. “No. You’ve just been missing for hours and everyone was getting worried. It’s almost curfew and no one had seen you since last class. Did you skip dinner? Have you been here the whole time? I swear I checked here at least five times.” She bombarded you with a tsunami of words. “Wait is it really that late I didn’t even realize” I said as I rushed to pack up all my books and parchment. Had I really been zoned out for that long? “Well hurry up I don’t wanna be caught out past curfew I already have detention for what feels like the rest of my life” she overdramatized. “Okay, okay I’m going as fast as I can” I said as we made our way through the halls back to the commun room.

When we entered I felt nauseas at the sight of Lily and James basically snogging each others faces off on one of the sofas. Victoria saw you quickly look away and whispered in your ear “Just ignore them.” Linking your arms together and ushering you to your dorm. Your other roommates were all sitting around in the room doing their own little things. “Finally you found her!” exclaimed Abbey. “Wait honey what’s wrong?” asked Cara as she looked up form her book seeing your solem expression. “Ah it’s not because of that Potter boy again is it? You just need to get over him,” stated Abbey matter offactly. You didn’t even respond, instead just flopping down on your bed. “Look Y/n it’s gonna get better you’ll get over him,” said Victoria sitting down next to you. “How am I supposed to get over my best friend, I’ve known him for so long?” I asked “Well first you’ll realize that he’s a bloody bloke if he decided to choose her over you. Then you’ll find a new boy and you won’t even give Potter a single thought.” Abbey said as if she just solved a difficult math question. “It’s not that easy Abbey” victoria chastised her. “No she might be somewhat right. What if you found another boy to get over James, like a rebound?” Cara offered. “Is it really a rebound if we were never together?” I asked still replaying the scene from the common room over in my head. How happy they looked together. “It’s the principal that counts” Cara said. “Yeah that’s a great idea! It doesn’t have to mean anything. You can find a boy Saturday at the party after the quidditch game’” Abbey was way too fond of this plan. “I don’t know guys, I don’t even think i’ll go to the quidditch game” I said sitting up. “Now that’s just ridiculous of course you’re going to the qudiditch game and for once I actually agree with Abbey.” Victoria said “Well thanks for letting me know how you really feel about me,” Abbey mocked hurt.

It was Saturday night and the Hufflepuff team were down by so many points that they couldn’t even win if they caught the Golden Snitch. Of course it was James who was scoring all the points as he was ‘the best chaser in Hogwarts history’ as he liked to refer to himself. There he goes scoring yet again as the seekers continued to chase the golden snitch around the pitch. It wasn’t long before Gryffindor caught the golden snitch and the crowd went absolutely ballistic. James being the cocky bastard he was did a victory lap around the stands winking at me as he flew by. Everyone started making their way off the stands and towards the players to congratulate them. It seemed like Lily was the first one down, throwing herself into his arms like you used to when he still paid his “best friend” a care in the world. Using that term loosely now considering he hasn’t given me more then a handful of acknowledgments since him and Lily stated their little love affair.

Meanwhile I was still sitting on the bleachers next to Remus, the rest of our friend had been lost in the crowd. “So I assume you’re going to the party?” he inquired. “I don’t really know yet I’m not in a party mood tonight,” I replied in a slight daze, James and Lilys display having thrown me off. “That’s exactly how I feel but Sirius would have my head if I don’t attend the ‘most legendary party ever’ as he’s been calling it” he said. We both laughed lightly because only Sirius could make such a big deal of one of the hundreds of partys thrown every year. “Well I suppose if you’re going it wouldn’t hurt to give you some company” I said with a slight smile somewhat distracted from my previously gloomy thoughts.

We walked together, in no rush, back to the Gryffindor common room. By the time we got there the party was already in full swing and it seemed that Sirius was already wasted as he stumbled up to the two of you “What a surprise my two favorite people,” we said while balancing his entire body weight on Remus, leaning against him with an arm swung over his shoulder. “Where’ve you two been? James was asking ‘bout ya” he slurred his word together at the end making his words barley eligible. “Why was he looking for me?” remus asked confused. “Not you Moony the pretty one” Sirius said grabbing a lock of your hair twirling it around his finger and winking at you before he went prancing off sloppily to some other people. “We should probably try to slow his drinking,” you said. “There’s no point trying, you take a cup of fire whiskey out of his hands and the second you turn around he’s got two more.” He joked even though we both knew it was true. Shouldn’t you go talk to James anyway, find out what he wanted?” He more so pointed out then actually asking. Just then as you looked across the room you spotted him a cup of alcohol in is hand and Lily perched on his lap. Averting your gaze “I think I’ll enjoy your company much more.” you said and he gave you a goofy grin.

As the night went on you and Remus had found a couch that wasn’t occupied by drunk couples trying to get it on. You were slightly intoxicated, that’s putting it lightly. Your friends kept popping up to have a quick chat and handing you different concoctions every couple minutes. Remus on the other hand was sober as could be, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t enjoying the beautiful giggling girl hanging off his arm and practically sitting in his lap going off about how her little brother once brought a niffler home and tried to keep it as a pet. His cheeks blazing at the extremely close proximity. You hadn’t even noticed how close you were to him, not really being aware of anything all your senses were slowed and your brain was fuzzy just saying anything that came to mind. “We should go for a walk” you said giggling again even though you hadn’t said anything funny “It’s getting really stuffy in here I need some air” Grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the exit before receiving a reply. You two were in the hallway in no time, you prancing around and Remus trying to keep up. “It’s still so hot out here,” you exclaimed cursing your clothes. You ripped your sweater off and threw it away, Remus scrambling to pick it up while you keep gallivanting away. “Woah Y/n maybe you should slow down” You stopped abruptly and turned on your heels grinning wildly as he skidded to a stop right in front of you. Your breath fanning across his chest before you looked up to his eyes “Thank you Rem, you’re a real great guy” looping your arms around his neck, your fingers playing with the little wisps of hair at his nape. “Why are you thanking me I haven’t done anything” he stuttered out, trying desperately to not stare at your chest that was pressed against his “Oh but you’ve done so much for me” you said barley above a whisper but it was loud and clear to him. His heart racing a mile a minute as you leant closerand closer until your lips met.

You tasted of fire whiskey and sweetness. He placed his hands on your hips as you kept tugging on his hair. Neither of you hearing the loud steps comig your way. Your reaction was slow when Remus was so quiqly pulled away from you and pushed against the wall by a fuming James Potter. “What do you think you’re doing mate.” He yelled at Remus. “Woah Prongs calm down” Remus tried to defuse the situation but if anything he just made James more livid. You still drunk off your ass decided it would be a good idea to jump on his back to try and stop him “Rem run i’ll hold him off,” you said in a panicy tone “and see ya tomorrow save me a muffin at breakfast” you giggiled totally forgetting how paniced you were a moment ago. Remus jogged off down the hallway you still on James’ back.

“What the bloody hell do you think you were doing with Remus of all people” James pried you off his back so he could face you “What’s that supposed to mean?” you questioned giggling because of James furrowed eyebrows. “You two were just snogging in the hallway, you can’t just going around doing that Y/n” he elaborated still so very angry. “Why not you and Lily do it all the time? Why am I nto allowed to do it” you started getting upset, all the suppressed emotions rising up in a fury. James soffened as soon as he saw you getting upset “look Y/n I’m-” he tried apologising but you interrupted him “No James tell me why can’t I be happy? You think you can just leave me and i’ll stop everything I’m doing until you come back? No James I’m done. I am so over always being second to that Lily Evans.” You were now yelling hysterically, tears streaming down your face, completely inconsolable. James was shocked into silence not knowing how to respond to your outburst. “Why not me? Why wasn’t I good enough? I loved you so damn much and you picked her. You chased after her all these years while I was here the whole time. Then as soon as she acknowledges your existence I’m completely throw aside, I get replaced by some stuck up red head who ignored you for years!” It was all coming out now, your body racked with sobs. James pulled you into to his chest ignoring your attemps to push him away just holding you close whispering “I’m so sorry” and “I didn’t know” over and over like a broken record. “Do you know how much it hurts? I loved you. I love you, and you don’t even care about me, all you care about is her.”

That’s how the remaider of your night went. Not really coming to a resolution, just letting it all out as James held you, and when you finally fell asleep he carried you back to your dorm placing you in bed. This was a conversation for tomorrow, when you were sober, right now you just needed to sleep. To live in your dreams and shut out reality.

Timing - Eleventh Doctor X Reader

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Minor language

Summary: The Doctor (Eleven) is tries to get the confidence to tell the reader how he feels, but she takes the opportunity to get lost in the Tardis.


Giving oneself a pep-talk was much more difficult than it seemed, and unfortunately, the Doctor was learning it first hand.

For the thousandth time that evening, he banged his head against the library wall. “You can do this,” he muttered to himself. “Its just Y/N.”

Actually, that was the exact problem. Every time he even thought about her lately, he couldn’t help but feel… Funny. It was only recently he faced the facts and figured out what exactly that funny feeling was.


Head over heels in love. He tried not to let it happen, but here he was now, banging his head against a wall while she was in her room, probably texting some human boy that was much more handsome than himself with cooler bowties.

And damn, he really was in trouble now, wasn’t he?

“You’re a Time Lord, you shouldn’t have to deal with this.” He kept on muttering to himself, hoping to calm himself down. It wasn’t working.

“You’re going to do this,” he said, trying to raise his hopes. “You are the last Time Lord of Galifrey, and you are going to tell that girl how you feel.”

He stood back from the wall and took a deep breath, leaving the library. He could feel his confidence wavering as he got to her door and knocked. And when she didn’t answer, it came close to crumbling. He shook off the doubt and cleared his throat.

“Y/N? Are you in there? I need to… Talk to you.”

I sound like an idiot, don’t I?He thought.

When he got no reply, he said louder: “Y/N?”

He furrowed his brow before heading off to the console room She must be there instead.

But she wasn’t. She wasn’t in there, and the confidence he was had fell into a panicy mess. Quickly, he began a scan of the ship, looking for life forms. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw what was surely her appear on the map.

Why in the world was she so deep in the Tardis? he thought. She was so far back, how did she even get there?

Whatever the reason, the Doctor knew he had to go after her.

So, he weaved in and out of the Tardis halls, making left turns then right turns and lefts again and rights again… When he felt he was drawing close to where she was, he began to call out her name.

“Y/N!” he shouted, over and over. It wasn’t long until his cries became more panicky when he was answered with silence.

He gave another desperate yell, louder than any pervious. This time, he received a small reply:


He breathed a sigh of relief, straining to hear her. He ran in the direction he thought it was from.

He rounded the corner, and grinned. Y/N was standing there with wide eyes, and he ran forward to pull her in his arms. He held her tightly and felt her smile.

Pulling back, he placed his hands on her shoulders and looked at her face. “What happened?”

She looked at him sheepishly. “I got lost.”

“Well, you had me worried sick,” he said. “A on top of that, you have absolutely the worst timing ever.”

She furrowed her brow in what the Doctor would consider a very cute way. “What do you mean?”

He took a deep breath. “I mean it took me all day to build up the courage to do this.”

He pressed his lips to hers, and after the initial surprise, she melted into it before breaking away to breathe. The pair grinned at each other, faces red as the Doctor fidgeted a bit.

“Well,” Y/N said, smiling ear from ear. “If you still have the courage, I wouldn’t mind doing that again.”

agentcalliope  asked:

If you're still doing headcanons can you do fitzsimmons+wearing each other's clothes ?

Hey Casey, remember how you told me you were sending me an ask, but you wanted me to wait eight months to answer it? You didn’t? DARN IT!!

  • Okay, they get ACCUSED of sharing clothes all the time while in SciOps, but it isn’t true in the slightest
  • I mean, they have some cardigans that look SIMILAR, but that’s basically it
  • And then there’s the jumper Fitz accidentally left at Jemma’s apartment when he was able to talk her into going swimming
  • And maybe she wears that on occasion
  • But that’s not sharing. That’s finder’s keepers
  • (And really, she’s not sure why he was wearing one in the summer, anyway)
  • But when she gets back from Maveth?
  • She looks into her closet and starts to cry
  • It’s an irrational response, really, but her clothes wrinkle too easily and remind her too much of the person she used to be
  • So when Fitz offers to lend her his hoodie, she’s more than grateful
  • He also gives her a few shirts that are just the right kind of too big
  • She spent so long dreaming of Fitz that being in his clothes is the more comforting than she can say
  • She never gives them back
  • (He never asks)
  • And Fitz wearing Jemma’s clothes? That doesn’t really happen 
  • But when they’ve been married for a little under a year, and Fitz has been going through a bit of a hard time
  • He’s got some projects so big and important that he’s been stress eating
  • So when he can barely squeeze his trousers on, he starts to panic
  • Is he getting fat? Is he letting himself go? Will Jemma stop being attracted to him?  
  • And he’s about to really freak out when Jemm walks into the room, still brushing her teeth
  • “Fitz, why are you wearing my trousers?”
  • Fitz breathes a sigh of relief
Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove. . .

Anonymous said: hiii kai! i love your posts, i was wondering if you could do a bts, exo and got7 reaction to you setting the oven on fire, like you just started cooking, but somehow you set fire?? (if you can’t do all three then you can choose one to do, i cant choose lol) thank you so much! love you! xoxo <3

Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove…

[Here is the BTS Reaction >click, Here is the Got7 Reaction >click]

A/N finally the last one. this was so much fun to write, mainly because i can sympathize. i once had to wake my mom up because i set my eggs on fire. i dont know, all i know was i went to get my backpack for school, and i come back and my breakfast was then up in flames. lets just say my mom was not too happy with me that day.

love you too babe!



Suho would be having a heart attack due to the worry of your well being. He would be like a stressed mom. However, he would man up and step in to help you because you would be clueless as to how to put out a fire on a pan. After the fire was quickly extinguished, Suho would look to you and make sure that you didn’t gain any injuries from the scare. Afterwards he would ask you to never do that again, he already has nine (9) other children to look after, and he’s not sure if he’s gonna make it to sixty (60) due to the stress and worry he’s under everyday. He’s also worried if you’ll make it to sixty (60) because of how accident prone you are. But he still loves you to death, which might be more legit than you think. 

Suho: “Stop worrying me okay? I’m not sure how much more my heart can take. I’m serious Y/N, and I don’t know how much more luck you have left before you get seriously injured.”

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He would give you the ultimate judging look. And yes, it would be because he’s disappointed in you. How could you have only started cooking about two minutes ago, and you already set something on fire? He would leave it to you to deal with, thinking that this would be a good time for you to learn how to care for yourself while under the watchful eyes of your boyfriend making sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process. He would guide you in how to put out the fire. Afterwards he would cook for you while he has you sit in the living room so nothing else catches on fire and you don’t blow up the house.

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Lezz be honest, he would forget who he was with and the first things he would do is let out a string of swears. Then, Chanyeol would be a panicky mess. He would be so concerned for you that he would momentarily forget about the burning fire in your kitchen and would ask if you are hurt? Did you get burned? Should he take you to the hospital? You would need to remind him that there is a fire in your kitchen and you should probably handle the first before worrying about you. He would act quickly, mainly because he wants to tend to you as soon as possible. He would know what to do, and it would seem like it was him just using logic to put out the fire, not actual knowledge. Not that you would be complaining, after all he did just save your kitchen from burning down.

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He would be in your shared bedroom working when you call him into the kitchen in fear of the fire in the pan. When he heard you scream his name he would bolt out of the desk chair and run into the kitchen to see you standing in the kitchen and the pan on fire. He would deal with the problem maturely, but ask you to leave the kitchen, not wanting you anywhere near the danger. He would know what to do because he knows weird random things like how to put out a kitchen fire in a matter of seconds. Afterwards he would chuckle lightly and kiss your nose while holding you closely saying that only you would know how to do something like that. But that’s something he loves about you. You always know how to keep him on his toes.

Xiumin: “Only you Jagi, but that’s what I love about you. You know how to keep me on my toes, don’t you?”

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Lay would be the perfect person for a situation for this. He would be worried, but would be able to control himself until the flame is put out. He would then demand to look your arms and hands over to make sure you weren’t burned. If you were hurt he would also know immediately what to do, he would get the ointment and band aids or gauze if needed and would tend to them. If you aren’t hurt he would ask what happened, but wouldn’t be mad or upset, just simply wondering what happened. He would probably find this incident funny and would make a joke about thinking back to this moment when you two are old and bored, laughing at the thought. Then he would get embarrassed about admitting that he thinks of getting old with you.

Lay: “This will be a good moment to look back at when we’re old and sitting in our rocking chairs huh?”

Y/N: “So you think about us getting old together?”

Lay: “Well… … … Yes.”

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I love Chen, lemme just start with that. He would find this freakin’ hilarious. He would burst out laughing while you scurry around the kitchen trying to put out the fire. He would ask how you managed to set air on fire. He would then say something like, ‘Only I would be able to find a girlfriend that could set air on fire.’ You would probably end up getting pissed at his reaction to the fairly serious situation of having a fire blazing in your kitchen. Chen would then try to sober up and help out, though just proving to be a useless person in this situation. He would suggest throwing water on the flame, throwing a towel over the fire, or just turning off the stove, but you would know that water would simply spread the flame, the towel would catch on fire, and turning off the oven would simply not help at all. But you wouldn’t want to make him feel useless so you wouldn’t say anything and just grab salt and throw it on the flame. Chen would actually find this interesting and would ask why you threw salt on the flame, and the end of the day would turn into a learning session of how to put out certain flames for Chen. To which he would be greatful for.

Chen: “Oh, so I guess that suggestion to throw water on it was a bad idea huh?”

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Kai would also find this funny, he would tell you to relax and pull you to the side while he handles the flame. He would make sure you know what to do in this situation so in case this happens and he’s not around for you, you would know what to do. He would then offer to order take-out and watch a movie. He would pull you down on the couch with him while turning on the T.V. and calling the restaurant and ordering for you and him. He would then ask how your day was while stroking your hair to calm you after the fright of the fir, his arms tight around you and your head resting on his shoulder.

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Baekhyun seems like the type to react like Chen as well. He would approach the situation with a joking manner, but unlike Chen, Baek would know what to do and how to approach a oil fire. He would also make sure that you are okay and unharmed. However, he would be like Lay in the sense that this would be an event that he would look back upon with fond memories, maybe even going as far to joke about it being a story to tell the kids so they learn how to handle their first oil fire, but also not to be a bad cook like thier mother. However, when you point out that he just admitted that he thinks about your future together, Baek would simply shrug it off, not being embarrassed about that fact. In fact, it would fill him with happiness knowing that he actually met someone that he could actually picture his future with.

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Hah! Luhan kind of reminds me of my grandmother, with that sensitive and fretful personality. So I can see him getting very flustered over this. He would handle it, but wouldn’t utter a word to you. He would be upset with you for putting yourself in harms way.After the fire is out and he knows you’re unharmed, he would snap at you. He would scold you for being so clumsy, clumsy enough to set a fire on the stove. He would be pretty harsh about it. It would seem like he’s blaming you for being clumsy, but you both know that that’s just part of who you are. It would be hard to tell if he’s upset because he’s worried about you, or if he’s simply upset because he’s sick of dealing with your mistakes. It would come off as the latter reason, however that would not be the case at all. Luhan would never be upset over something so shallow. He would just be so worried about your well being that he would get upset at multiple things. First for him not being able to prevent things from happening to you, he would take it so far as being mad at the fire for starting in the first place, no matter how childish that may seem. If something messes with you, they mess with Luhan.

Originally posted by stackkay


Tao would not have time for this. He would get pissed that you actually had the audacity to set the kitchen of fire. He would blow this situation out of proportion and you think with how he was acting that you had set his mother on fire. However, he would of course, in the back of his mind, be concerned for your safety, but he would have you deal with the fire. If you didn’t know how to put out the fire, he would of course help, but he would make a big scene of it, sighing, complaining, cursing at the flame and the pan for starting this mess, and probably come at your cooking skills while he’s at it. In short, you would not hear the end of it, and he would not allow you to live it down for as long as you’re with him. In his mind you were asking for too much out of this relationship when you decided to set the kitchen and his dinner on fire.

Tao: “You’re asking for too much after you decided to set the kitchen and my dinner on fire. Y/N, how are you going to make this up to me?” *gif hinting at what he wants*

Originally posted by ztaohs


Lol, Sehun is gunna be an ass about this. He would believe that this event would be news worthy and would announce it to all of EXO. He would find it hilarious and would always bring up the incident whenever you’re in the kitchen like, ‘Lol, remember that time you set fire to the empty pan?’ or when you’re out to dinner and he gets his food he’d be like ‘Hmm, this reminds me of that time I was deprived of my dinner ‘cause someone decided to start a fire in the kitchen.’ or when he’s annoyed with you and being a brat to you and you complain about it he’d be like, ‘Well, maybe if you fed me properly and didn’t decide to start a camp fire in our kitchen, then maybe I wouldn’t be so moody.’ But like, it’s been two months now and you’ve made him plenty of dinners since then. Or before bed he would be like, ‘I can’t believe you actually decided to set fire to the kitchen rather than feed your own boyfriend.’ Or when he see’s a bubble tea while you two are walking down the street he’d be like, ‘You’re gonna buy me bubble tea, you at least owe me that after killing my dinner that night.’ But his favorite time to bring it up would be in front of the other members to see you get all flustered, because he’d never admit it, but he’d find it so adorable.

Sehun: *queue gif* “Hey guys, but you remember that time Y/N…”

Y/N: “SEHUN!!”

Originally posted by whenxoxosmilesunshines


He would simply be dumbfounded at how you could have possibly set nothing on fire in a such a short amount of time. Like, it was only a minute ago that you announced you were going to make dinner, and now suddenly there’s a fire in the middle of the pan with nothing in it. He wouldn’t care much about the fire, he would put it out with out barely even thinking about it. What he would care more about would be an answer as to how you managed to start a fire.

Kris: “How’d you do this? I mean, any normal person would have to try really hard to do this Y/N…”

Y/N: “I honestly don’t know. It just… Happened.”

Kris *chuckle*: “You’re one of a kind Jagi.”

(i love his smile! GOSH he’s so freakin’ handsome!!)

Originally posted by ngoctran83

A/N this was a cute reaction and i absolutely loved making Sehun’s ‘cause he’s such a brat, but like it love it ‘cause he can be sweet and lovable underneath it all <3 anyway, keep the requests coming peeps!


22.989769 u ± 2 × 10^-8 u

my poetry says all
anyone needs to know
about me– everything else
is static

I resemble my poetry
in real life
like a persimmon
resembles a thermonuclear
albino hippopotamus

if thoughts could kill
this planet would be void
of human life
but not cyborgs
with psyonic shield implants

it puts the lotion
on its skin
or it gets the hose again

my tailor tells me
that I dress to the right
his right or my right
i don’t have a tailor

the question you should be asking
yourself is: are the aliens in arrival
altering a timeline or are they stuck in one

a life and fate unalterable
is a hell

I’m a softie at heart
like a flaccid penis
unprepared to spit in your eye

knowing me through my poetry
is a fool’s errand
you damn fool
quit being a damn fool

don’t panic

I am craving valence electrons

eleven for @maya-doolali & @weshouldabeencowboys

Giriboy - 공황 (Panic) lyrics (translation)

나는 내가 될 수 없어 내가 될 수 없어
어린 뇌가 될 수 없어 어린 뇌가 될 수 없어
혹여 타임머신 발견 해도 돌아갈 순 없고
이 상황을 버티기엔 나는 너무 재밌어서
세상은 커다란 벌집 야 벌주다가 꿀 줘
꿈을 이룬 후에 난 더 길고 또 커다란 꿈 꿔
반대로 꿈을 이룬 건 꿈을 잃은 것
솔직히 별 거 아니더라 감사함을 죽여
어리단 걸 알았을 때 난 비로소 어른이 됐네
따뜻하게 포장된 세상에 얼음이 됐네
왜냐면 화려한 꽃들 밑에서 거름이 됐기에
그 시간들 사이에서 난 나름 거물이 됐네
mo money mo prob
넥타이 안 매지만 내 목을 졸라와
너무 많은 일을 감당했어 다시 돌아갈 순 없어
그래서 내가 될 순 없어 나는 내가 될 수 없어
많은 일을 감당했어 다시 돌아갈 순 없어
그래서 내가 될 수 없어 나는 내가 될 수 없어

I’m in the dark and I start to fuckin panic
I’m in the dark and I start to fuckin panic

나는 내가 될 수 없어 내가 될 수 없어
어린 뇌가 될 수 없어 어린 뇌가 될 수 없어
서빙일을 할 수 없어 내 머리가 너무 커져서
스무살 때보다 내 멘탈은 훨씬 어려서
화를 참는 법을 잊었지
언제부턴가 내 세상에 불청객이 계속 개입됐어
답은 하지만 다시 볼 일 없지
내 믿음은 너무 늙어버렸어
미안 오늘 내일 해서
니가 뭔짓을 하건 유행을 존나게 타도
그건 결국에는 한철 전부 다 얼려질 파도
니가 날 따라하고 나와 친한 척을 하건
말건 나는 이미 이 세상에 존재하질 않어
근데 씨발 니가 뭔데 나를 아는 척
술안주로 욕하다 앞에선 친한 척
그냥 지나쳐 진짜 돌아버릴 것 같단 말야
소설 좀 그만 쓰고 니 인생을 더 살란 말야

I’m in the dark and I start to fuckin panic

314k의 관심을 받는 개미
니들이 욕하는 나의 행위는 그냥 재미
내 공황상태 원인도 니들에겐 그냥 재미
난 싫증났어 이 롤 플레잉 게임이
아이러니 한 건 내가 상대한 건 애기들
니들과 대체 무슨 말을 섞어
장난전화 하지마 존나 재미없어
이유 모를 공포감이 점차 사라져
안정된 호흡에 내가 나란 것을 알았고
식은 땀의 식은 열기가 나를 꽉 안아서
난 활짝 열려있던 창문을 웃으며 닫았어

I’m in the dark and I start to fuckin panic
I’m in the dark and I start to fuckin panic
I’m in the dark and I start to fuckin panic


I can’t be myself, can’t be myself
I can’t be my young brain, I can’t be my young brain
although I discovered a time machine maybe I can’t go back and
you’re too interesting for me to endure this situation
the world is a huge hive, yah, it punishes me then gives me honey
after realizing my dream, I dream longest and biggest dreams
on the contrary, realizing dreams is forgetting dreams
honestly it’s not anything special, don’t thank me
when I understood being young i became an adult right away
in a warmly wrapped world I became ice
because the colorful flowers became manure underneath
during that time i became a big shot
mo money mo prob
I don’t wear a tie but I’ve been choking
there are too many things I couldn’t deal with, I can’t go back again
that’s why I can’t be myself, I can’t be myself
there are a lot of things I can’t deal with, I can’t go back again
that’s why I can’t be myself, I can’t be myself

I’m in the dark and I start to fuckin panic
I’m in the dark and I start to fuckin panic

I can’t be myself, can’t be myself
I can’t be my young brain, I can’t be my young brain
I can’t work as a waiter because my head got too big
because my mental age is way younger than my 20 years
I forgot how to control my anger
since when did intruders continuously intervene in my world
I answer but I don’t see them again
my beliefs grew too old
sorry, I’ll do today tomorrow
whatever you’re doing being really on style
In the end in a season one wave will freeze it all
wether you follow me and I pretend to be close to you or not
I already don’t exist in this world
but fuck, who are you to pretend you know me?
eating snacks (that are eaten while drinking) and cursing, and being friendly in front of me
it’s just excessive, I’m really going crazy
stop writing novels and live your own life

I’m in the dark and I start to fuckin panic

An ant getting attention from 314k
you guys insulting my act is just funny
the cause of my state of panic is just funny to you guys
I’m tired of this role playing game
irony is that what I have to deal with are babies
what words are you guys mixing
don’t make prank phone calls, it really isn’t fucking funny
I don’t know the reason for my fear but it gradually disappeared
with stable breathing I understood myself
the cold fever of a cold sweat hugged me
I smiled and closed the window that was wide open

I’m in the dark and I start to fuckin panic
I’m in the dark and I start to fuckin panic
I’m in the dark and I start to fuckin panic

anonymous asked:

how would the Nordics react to finding out someone has a crush on them? ("hey, did you know that ___ likes you?")

Abel (Denmark)- If he likes the person back, he’d start grinning from ear to ear and go rush to ask them out as soon as possible. Chances are he was going to at some point anyway, but if he knew for sure he wouldn’t want to waste anymore time. If he didn’t like them back, once he heard he might be a bit weird around them for a while, but eventually he’d shake it off and act like nothing happened.

Tino (Finland)- He would be super flustered when finding out, and unless it was coming from a super credible source, he wouldn’t act on it unless he really, really liked the person. He’d be too scared that he if he would ask the person they’d have no idea what he was talking about. If he didn’t reciprocate the same feelings, then he’d wouldn’t worry about it too much and would still be try and be their friend. 

Emile (Iceland)- He would get pretty flustered about it too. After finding out he’d be blushing and thinking about it for the entire day, wondering what to do. Ultimately he’d gather enough courage to ask them out, but he’d do it in the spur of the moment . He’d be super embarrassed and a little panicy the whole time he’d be asking them. If he didn’t feel the same way he’d just ignore the fact that they liked him and hope they’d get over it with time. 

Lukas (Norway)- When he first heard, he’d act pretty indifferent but he would immediately start planning on how he’d ask them out. He’d get really nice flowers and go over what he would say to them about a million times. If he didn’t feel the same way about them however, he’d be a bit more quiet around them, and if it got too much to handle, he’d be as gentle as possible when telling them his true feelings. 

Berwald (Sweden)- When first hearing about it, he would look pretty nonplussed about it, but he’d be freaking out internally. He wouldn’t really know how to handle it, considering he’d be worried that he’d say something weird and scare them off if he asked them out. He’s pretty shy sometimes too, and he probably wouldn’t be able to ask them anyway, so he’d wait for them to make the first move. if he didn’t like them back, he’d stay quiet about it and pretend he hadn’t heard about their crush on him. 

I still haven’t gotten a response from my on campus professor that was worried about me not coming to classes and tomorrow is class and I’m being really panicy rn cause he’s the type of person that will give a lecture about how you’re wrong and will probably be like “if you’re not mentally well then why are you taking police training?” Like brov I have to take this if I want to get a degree in police science

Super Daddies (Reader x Stony)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Characters: Steve Rogers and Tony Stark

Pairing: Steve x Tony

Word Count: 549

Drabble Friday: where the reader is Steve and Tony’ s kid, about 5 years old, and and gad a night terror so they wonder the tower and get locked in the lab only to be saved later by two panicy daddies in uniforms thinking they were taken? 

For geekyelvenchick, sorry it’s late <3

You shot up. Your room was in darkness, you gripped you Captain America teddy close to you, shuffling over to the side of your bed, you grabbed your Iron Man nightlight. You shone it around your room, but the soft light wasn’t comforting enough, you needed your daddies.

Your small feet reached down and touched the carpet, you pulled your Avenger blanket off the bed and wrapped it around yourself. Still carrying your teddy and nightlight you started to wander the hallways by yourself.

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Things I love about Cole in Asunder..

-His absolutely horrible luck. Seriously, at some point it becomes almost a running gag that if Cole is there, bad stuff will happen to him.

- Cole loving exploring tombs. Gives him a hobby and an idea why he’d know parkour and lockpicking.

-Cole dragging himself miles and miles after Rhys, simply out of worry. And his trip being (mostly) pointless. Somehow it makes it all more interesting.

-Cole, after being out of the Fade for 8 years, enters it again..and doesn’t know what it is.

-Cole vs the Darkspawn becoming a Benny Hill sketch.

-Cole’s inner-voice being panicy when Cole does his epic dragon splitting thing.

-Actually, just the fact that Cole has an inner-voice.

-The awkward as heck scene with Evangeline.

-Cole’s first real battle kills being clumsy and almost making him vomit afterwards from the rush.

-The battle in the sewers, its painful to read, but damn does Cole take a lot of hits.