got7 working at a grocery store;

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@jingogi was telling me abt this supermarket in her country called jason’s that she always calls jaebum’s and then this happened


  • the manager
  • the youngest manager at the grocery store ever
  • honestly doesn’t know how he went from bagging to manager so fast but he’s pretty sure the owner of the store has a crush on him
  • everyone who works there thinks he’s so cool bc he’s like,, pretty much the best at leading and will always fix a sticky situation with what seems like zero effort
  • but jaebum can assure you every time someone comes into his office with a question his mind is just screaming AHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK!! FUCK FUCK 
  • “hey!! how can i help you? :))”

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Okay so how about child virgil feeling super cuddly but not wanting to "bother" the others goes to cuddle with thomas who happily does so. Meanwhile in the mind space: frantic, panicy searching until they face it and go to tell thomas.


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Virgil woke up feeling particularly clingy, and decided that his new cat plushy, Cat Skellington, wasn’t enough to satisfy his cravings for cuddles.

So, he climbed out of bed, and headed downstairs. Patton was busy making breakfast, and the other two weren’t even there.

Virgil sunk down to Logan’s room, and saw he was busy with work so he tried sinking down to Roman’s room. Roman was still sleeping. He could probably just climb into Roman’s bed, and curl up on his chest. Or just toughen up, and ask one of the others for attention, but he really didn’t want to risk annoying any of them. So, doing the only logical thing he could think to do, Virgil sank down to Thomas’ living room in his usual spot on the stairs. Thomas was sat on his couch on his laptop, probably editing a video or scrolling through tumblr, so Virgil waited for him to notice him.

Virgil started to grow impatient as minutes passed, and Thomas still hadn’t noticed him. So, he mustered up all the courage he had to speak up.


Thomas jumped upon hearing the voice, but calmed once he saw that it was just Virgil.

“Oh, Verge. Geez. I know part of your job is to scare me, but do you really have to sneak up on me like that?”

Virgil pouted, and looked down starting to feel guilty, and stupid for even coming here in the first place.

“S-Sowwy I’m just.. gonna go back now.”

Virgil started to sink back down, but was stopped by Thomas’ voice.

“Wait, no it’s okay! C'mere, Verge.”

Virgil perked back up, and waddled over to Thomas. Thomas smiled, and placed his laptop on the table so he could give Virgil his full attention.

“What’s up, buddy?”

Virgil said nothing, and instead made grabby hands before he could stop himself. Thomas grinned, and lifted Virgil into his lap.

“Just need attention huh?”

Virgil nodded, and curled up to Thomas’ chest. Thomas chuckled, and started brushing his fingers through Virgil’s hair.

“Well, that’s totally okay. Uhh.. wait. Do the others know you’re here?”

Virgil shook his head no, and put his thumb in his mouth.

Thomas sighed, and pulled the thumb out of his mouth as he said, “Okay, well you shouldn’t stay here long. Wouldn’t want the others worrying would we? That’s your job.”

Virgil giggled, and nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile in the mindscape the others were doing just that. Patton was crying while holding onto Cat Skellington which was abandoned on Virgil’s room floor. Logan was pacing trying to figure out where Virgil could have possibly gone. Roman was continuing his frantic search.

“I don’t understand. We’ve looked everywhere! We’re just.. We’re going to have to tell Thomas.”

Patton, and Roman immediately looked at the logical side horrified.

“Are you insane?! We lost his anxiety! His anxiety who is now a small, vulnerable child! He’d probably just yell at us until we find him! I, a noble prince, am not dealing with all of that!”

Patton sighed defeatedly, and placed a gentle hand on Roman’s shoulder.

“Roman.. Logan is right. We have to face the consequences. Besides Thomas might be able to help.”

Roman pursed his lips attempting to think of a way out of this, but there seemed to be none. He too sighed defeatedly.

“Fine.. But this isn’t my fault!”

Logan groaned, and pulled the others down with him to Thomas’ living room.

“Thomas, listen to me very carefully okay. We lost Anxiety, and we are extremely worried. We’re also very sorry. Please just skip the scolding, and help us find him. He couldn’t have gone far. Really, he’s probably just hiding in some absurd place-”


Logan stopped his babbling to look at Roman then followed his gesture to see Virgil sitting in Thomas’ lap.


Before Logan could continue speaking Patton scooped Virgil up as he yelled, “I’m so glad you’re okay, kiddo! Don’t do that to me ever again! I was so worried!”

“Sowwy, dad..”

Thomas chuckled as he watched Patton practically crush Virgil in a hug then stood up to look at Logan.

“He came to me ‘cause he wanted some attention. Why wasn’t anyone with him?”

Logan sighed, and exchanged a guilty look with Roman.

“Patton was making breakfast, I was working, and Roman was still sleeping. We thought he was still asleep in his room. Patton went to get him up, and that’s when we saw that he was missing. Apologies, Thomas. We will keep a better eye on the little rascal.”

Virgil stuck his tongue out at Logan who just ignored him. Thomas nodded, and shrugged.

“Well, you guys know I’m okay with him coming to see me, but yes please watch him. I’d rather not lose my anxiety again. I mean especially not when he’s a child. ‘Cause yeah losing him in general would be bad for me, but he could easily get hurt, and I don’t want that.”

With that Virgil smiled, and made grabby hands for Thomas again. Patton grinned, and handed him over. Thomas smiled, and ruffled his hair.

“Like I said, you’re always welcome here with me, Verge. Just maybe tell the others next time? Unless you’re an adult again by that point. In that case just pop up.”

Virgil nodded, and nuzzled his face into Thomas’ neck. Roman, and Patton squealed at the cuteness. Logan smiled, and rolled his eyes fondly.

“And Virgil?”

Virgil looked up at Thomas, and tilted his head curiously.

“Don’t be afraid to ask the others for attention, okay? Child or adult I know for a fact they wouldn’t mind making time for you.”

Virgil looked at the other sides who were all smiling, and nodding in agreement.

“Thomas is correct. You are family, and we will always have time for family.”

Virgil grinned, and made grabby hands for Logan. Logan chuckled, and took him from Thomas. Roman smirked as a theory started to form in his head.

“Yes, we love our strange angsty boy quite a lot, and don’t mind sparing some time for you.”

Virgil blushed, and made grabby hands for Roman. Roman took him, and smirked at the others.

“Anyone else notice that Virgil immediately wants to go to whoever says something nice about him?”

Virgil’s blush deepened as he immediately made grabby hands for Patton. Everyone, but Roman, laughed as Patton took him back.

“Yes, and he also seems to immediately want Patton whenever you annoy, or embarrass him.”

Roman glared at Logan who was now the one smirking.

“Oh, shut up!”

With that Roman sunk down. Logan chuckled, and turned back to Thomas.

“Well, if you do not need us for anything we will be going.”

“No, you’re good. See you later, guys.”

Thomas ruffled Virgil’s hair before Patton sunk down with him. Logan smiled, and shook his head as he followed them.

Once they were all back in the mindscape they put Virgil’s favorite movies on, and let him lay across their laps as they sat on the couch.

Virgil relished the attention his family was giving him, and fell asleep for once not really worrying about much.


i still don’t know what a good ending is but whatever. Thomas & adorable lil Virgil interaction is my will to live so i definitely need to write more of it. also if someone were to draw Thomas and/or Logan holding child!Virgil based off of this i would literally love you forever, and write you a short fic of pretty much whatever you wanted (some exceptions) bc yes pls?????

Why Not Me

James Potter x Reader

A/n: Probably gonna do a part 2 if you guys want one because I feel like I could keep going with this. Warnings: some swearing, a little angst. Words: 2155

 You had known James Potter since you were three years old. You lived in the house next to his and you two had grown up together. After being best friends with someone for 13 years obviously you get attached, and it’s natural to be protective of them. That’s how you were justifying you’re feelings at this point, but it wasn’t working out too well. It wasn’t painfully obvious that you felt more then friendship towards James, everyone knew you two were close so no one suspected a thing. Especially not James, he was too head over heels for Lily Evans. Lately he hasn’t played you a lick of attention, he was too busy trying to catch hers. It’s not that you didn’t like Lily in fact you two were very close friends, you just envied her. You envied how easily she captured his attention and had him wrapped around her finger with a few simple words. It was just so frus-”Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!” Your other best friend Victoria was frantically waving her hands in front of your face standing in front of where you were previously spaced out sitting at a library table.  “Yes” you replied in a monotone voice, still in a daze from your little disconnection from reality and a little thrown off  by your thought path. “What are you doing I’ve been looking for you forever!” she shrieked. “Why what’s wrong?” I asked. “No. You’ve just been missing for hours and everyone was getting worried. It’s almost curfew and no one had seen you since last class. Did you skip dinner? Have you been here the whole time? I swear I checked here at least five times.” She bombarded you with a tsunami of words. “Wait is it really that late I didn’t even realize” I said as I rushed to pack up all my books and parchment. Had I really been zoned out for that long? “Well hurry up I don’t wanna be caught out past curfew I already have detention for what feels like the rest of my life” she overdramatized. “Okay, okay I’m going as fast as I can” I said as we made our way through the halls back to the commun room.

When we entered I felt nauseas at the sight of Lily and James basically snogging each others faces off on one of the sofas. Victoria saw you quickly look away and whispered in your ear “Just ignore them.” Linking your arms together and ushering you to your dorm. Your other roommates were all sitting around in the room doing their own little things. “Finally you found her!” exclaimed Abbey. “Wait honey what’s wrong?” asked Cara as she looked up form her book seeing your solem expression. “Ah it’s not because of that Potter boy again is it? You just need to get over him,” stated Abbey matter offactly. You didn’t even respond, instead just flopping down on your bed. “Look Y/n it’s gonna get better you’ll get over him,” said Victoria sitting down next to you. “How am I supposed to get over my best friend, I’ve known him for so long?” I asked “Well first you’ll realize that he’s a bloody bloke if he decided to choose her over you. Then you’ll find a new boy and you won’t even give Potter a single thought.” Abbey said as if she just solved a difficult math question. “It’s not that easy Abbey” victoria chastised her. “No she might be somewhat right. What if you found another boy to get over James, like a rebound?” Cara offered. “Is it really a rebound if we were never together?” I asked still replaying the scene from the common room over in my head. How happy they looked together. “It’s the principal that counts” Cara said. “Yeah that’s a great idea! It doesn’t have to mean anything. You can find a boy Saturday at the party after the quidditch game’” Abbey was way too fond of this plan. “I don’t know guys, I don’t even think i’ll go to the quidditch game” I said sitting up. “Now that’s just ridiculous of course you’re going to the qudiditch game and for once I actually agree with Abbey.” Victoria said “Well thanks for letting me know how you really feel about me,” Abbey mocked hurt.

It was Saturday night and the Hufflepuff team were down by so many points that they couldn’t even win if they caught the Golden Snitch. Of course it was James who was scoring all the points as he was ‘the best chaser in Hogwarts history’ as he liked to refer to himself. There he goes scoring yet again as the seekers continued to chase the golden snitch around the pitch. It wasn’t long before Gryffindor caught the golden snitch and the crowd went absolutely ballistic. James being the cocky bastard he was did a victory lap around the stands winking at me as he flew by. Everyone started making their way off the stands and towards the players to congratulate them. It seemed like Lily was the first one down, throwing herself into his arms like you used to when he still paid his “best friend” a care in the world. Using that term loosely now considering he hasn’t given me more then a handful of acknowledgments since him and Lily stated their little love affair.

Meanwhile I was still sitting on the bleachers next to Remus, the rest of our friend had been lost in the crowd. “So I assume you’re going to the party?” he inquired. “I don’t really know yet I’m not in a party mood tonight,” I replied in a slight daze, James and Lilys display having thrown me off. “That’s exactly how I feel but Sirius would have my head if I don’t attend the ‘most legendary party ever’ as he’s been calling it” he said. We both laughed lightly because only Sirius could make such a big deal of one of the hundreds of partys thrown every year. “Well I suppose if you’re going it wouldn’t hurt to give you some company” I said with a slight smile somewhat distracted from my previously gloomy thoughts.

We walked together, in no rush, back to the Gryffindor common room. By the time we got there the party was already in full swing and it seemed that Sirius was already wasted as he stumbled up to the two of you “What a surprise my two favorite people,” we said while balancing his entire body weight on Remus, leaning against him with an arm swung over his shoulder. “Where’ve you two been? James was asking ‘bout ya” he slurred his word together at the end making his words barley eligible. “Why was he looking for me?” remus asked confused. “Not you Moony the pretty one” Sirius said grabbing a lock of your hair twirling it around his finger and winking at you before he went prancing off sloppily to some other people. “We should probably try to slow his drinking,” you said. “There’s no point trying, you take a cup of fire whiskey out of his hands and the second you turn around he’s got two more.” He joked even though we both knew it was true. Shouldn’t you go talk to James anyway, find out what he wanted?” He more so pointed out then actually asking. Just then as you looked across the room you spotted him a cup of alcohol in is hand and Lily perched on his lap. Averting your gaze “I think I’ll enjoy your company much more.” you said and he gave you a goofy grin.

As the night went on you and Remus had found a couch that wasn’t occupied by drunk couples trying to get it on. You were slightly intoxicated, that’s putting it lightly. Your friends kept popping up to have a quick chat and handing you different concoctions every couple minutes. Remus on the other hand was sober as could be, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t enjoying the beautiful giggling girl hanging off his arm and practically sitting in his lap going off about how her little brother once brought a niffler home and tried to keep it as a pet. His cheeks blazing at the extremely close proximity. You hadn’t even noticed how close you were to him, not really being aware of anything all your senses were slowed and your brain was fuzzy just saying anything that came to mind. “We should go for a walk” you said giggling again even though you hadn’t said anything funny “It’s getting really stuffy in here I need some air” Grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the exit before receiving a reply. You two were in the hallway in no time, you prancing around and Remus trying to keep up. “It’s still so hot out here,” you exclaimed cursing your clothes. You ripped your sweater off and threw it away, Remus scrambling to pick it up while you keep gallivanting away. “Woah Y/n maybe you should slow down” You stopped abruptly and turned on your heels grinning wildly as he skidded to a stop right in front of you. Your breath fanning across his chest before you looked up to his eyes “Thank you Rem, you’re a real great guy” looping your arms around his neck, your fingers playing with the little wisps of hair at his nape. “Why are you thanking me I haven’t done anything” he stuttered out, trying desperately to not stare at your chest that was pressed against his “Oh but you’ve done so much for me” you said barley above a whisper but it was loud and clear to him. His heart racing a mile a minute as you leant closerand closer until your lips met.

You tasted of fire whiskey and sweetness. He placed his hands on your hips as you kept tugging on his hair. Neither of you hearing the loud steps comig your way. Your reaction was slow when Remus was so quiqly pulled away from you and pushed against the wall by a fuming James Potter. “What do you think you’re doing mate.” He yelled at Remus. “Woah Prongs calm down” Remus tried to defuse the situation but if anything he just made James more livid. You still drunk off your ass decided it would be a good idea to jump on his back to try and stop him “Rem run i’ll hold him off,” you said in a panicy tone “and see ya tomorrow save me a muffin at breakfast” you giggiled totally forgetting how paniced you were a moment ago. Remus jogged off down the hallway you still on James’ back.

“What the bloody hell do you think you were doing with Remus of all people” James pried you off his back so he could face you “What’s that supposed to mean?” you questioned giggling because of James furrowed eyebrows. “You two were just snogging in the hallway, you can’t just going around doing that Y/n” he elaborated still so very angry. “Why not you and Lily do it all the time? Why am I nto allowed to do it” you started getting upset, all the suppressed emotions rising up in a fury. James soffened as soon as he saw you getting upset “look Y/n I’m-” he tried apologising but you interrupted him “No James tell me why can’t I be happy? You think you can just leave me and i’ll stop everything I’m doing until you come back? No James I’m done. I am so over always being second to that Lily Evans.” You were now yelling hysterically, tears streaming down your face, completely inconsolable. James was shocked into silence not knowing how to respond to your outburst. “Why not me? Why wasn’t I good enough? I loved you so damn much and you picked her. You chased after her all these years while I was here the whole time. Then as soon as she acknowledges your existence I’m completely throw aside, I get replaced by some stuck up red head who ignored you for years!” It was all coming out now, your body racked with sobs. James pulled you into to his chest ignoring your attemps to push him away just holding you close whispering “I’m so sorry” and “I didn’t know” over and over like a broken record. “Do you know how much it hurts? I loved you. I love you, and you don’t even care about me, all you care about is her.”

That’s how the remaider of your night went. Not really coming to a resolution, just letting it all out as James held you, and when you finally fell asleep he carried you back to your dorm placing you in bed. This was a conversation for tomorrow, when you were sober, right now you just needed to sleep. To live in your dreams and shut out reality.

Timing - Eleventh Doctor X Reader

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Minor language

Summary: The Doctor (Eleven) is tries to get the confidence to tell the reader how he feels, but she takes the opportunity to get lost in the Tardis.


Giving oneself a pep-talk was much more difficult than it seemed, and unfortunately, the Doctor was learning it first hand.

For the thousandth time that evening, he banged his head against the library wall. “You can do this,” he muttered to himself. “Its just Y/N.”

Actually, that was the exact problem. Every time he even thought about her lately, he couldn’t help but feel… Funny. It was only recently he faced the facts and figured out what exactly that funny feeling was.


Head over heels in love. He tried not to let it happen, but here he was now, banging his head against a wall while she was in her room, probably texting some human boy that was much more handsome than himself with cooler bowties.

And damn, he really was in trouble now, wasn’t he?

“You’re a Time Lord, you shouldn’t have to deal with this.” He kept on muttering to himself, hoping to calm himself down. It wasn’t working.

“You’re going to do this,” he said, trying to raise his hopes. “You are the last Time Lord of Galifrey, and you are going to tell that girl how you feel.”

He stood back from the wall and took a deep breath, leaving the library. He could feel his confidence wavering as he got to her door and knocked. And when she didn’t answer, it came close to crumbling. He shook off the doubt and cleared his throat.

“Y/N? Are you in there? I need to… Talk to you.”

I sound like an idiot, don’t I?He thought.

When he got no reply, he said louder: “Y/N?”

He furrowed his brow before heading off to the console room She must be there instead.

But she wasn’t. She wasn’t in there, and the confidence he was had fell into a panicy mess. Quickly, he began a scan of the ship, looking for life forms. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw what was surely her appear on the map.

Why in the world was she so deep in the Tardis? he thought. She was so far back, how did she even get there?

Whatever the reason, the Doctor knew he had to go after her.

So, he weaved in and out of the Tardis halls, making left turns then right turns and lefts again and rights again… When he felt he was drawing close to where she was, he began to call out her name.

“Y/N!” he shouted, over and over. It wasn’t long until his cries became more panicky when he was answered with silence.

He gave another desperate yell, louder than any pervious. This time, he received a small reply:


He breathed a sigh of relief, straining to hear her. He ran in the direction he thought it was from.

He rounded the corner, and grinned. Y/N was standing there with wide eyes, and he ran forward to pull her in his arms. He held her tightly and felt her smile.

Pulling back, he placed his hands on her shoulders and looked at her face. “What happened?”

She looked at him sheepishly. “I got lost.”

“Well, you had me worried sick,” he said. “A on top of that, you have absolutely the worst timing ever.”

She furrowed her brow in what the Doctor would consider a very cute way. “What do you mean?”

He took a deep breath. “I mean it took me all day to build up the courage to do this.”

He pressed his lips to hers, and after the initial surprise, she melted into it before breaking away to breathe. The pair grinned at each other, faces red as the Doctor fidgeted a bit.

“Well,” Y/N said, smiling ear from ear. “If you still have the courage, I wouldn’t mind doing that again.”


Bio sam najtiši dječak u razredu, vječito zadubljen u nekakvu crnu teku koju sam krišom nosao u torbi i nikad je nikom nisam pokazivao. Sve do jednog popodneva kad me nastavnica bosanskog upratila kako šuškam stranicama ispod stola, pa mi naredila da istog trena ustanem i kažem joj šta čitam.

-   Poeziju nastavnice, izvinjavam se.

-   Ajde onda naglas, da svi čujemo.

Oborim glavu, zacrvenim se k'o mamine paprike koje je to jutro u cik zore zaljevala ali nastavnica ne odustaje. Moraš pa moraš. I bih ja, fakat bih pročitao da me nekakav suhi đavo nije stegao za grlo i ma koliko gledao onaj nevješto ispisani natpis „AZRA“, riječi su odbijale da krenu preko usana i odaju daidžinu tajnu.


Helem, poezija nije bila moja. U tim godinama nisam znao ni običnu lektiru svojski prepričati, kamoli napisati nešto poput čitave sveske pjesama. I da sam znao, za to nije bilo vremena pošto sam bio preokupiran pozicijom lijevog krilnog napadača u ekipi „Lokomotiva“, kako se naš novoformirani tim prozvao. Rivali „Trafo“, koji su živjeli u mahali sjeverno od glavne trafostanice, uspjeli su nagovoriti neke starije klince da se priključe njihovom timu uz obećanje da će uvijek igrati prvu postavu i nikad neće morati biti na golu, pa su zato naši treninzi bivali sve češći jer se trebalo ozbiljno pripremiti za jednog takvog protivnika.

Sred mojih priprema za mahalsku ligu, u goste smo otišli daidži Nailu, maminom najmlađem bratu. Nail bješe jedini načitan čovjek u našoj porodici i jedini koji je imao potencijala da postane nešto veliko. Taj potencijal nisu mogli da uguše ni rovovi na Treskavici, pa je u svaku od akcija sa sobom nosio crnu teku i pero kojeg mu je njegov nadređeni, general Bajrović, poklonio kada mu se ovaj požalio da nema čime da zapisuje stihove. General je bio veliki ljubitelj pisane riječi, pa je tako daidža dobio svoj mali izlaz iz pakla planinskih rovova.

Svaki put kada se tražio dobrovoljac za stražu, Nail bi dizao ruku toliko da je izgledao kao da će da dislocira rame i na radost svih njegovih saboraca, preuzimao je čuvanje rova dok oni spavaju. Zapalio bi cigaretu, na glavu natakario šljem i pisao poeziju o svojoj ljubavi koja ga, bio je siguran, čeka negdje u Sarajevu, živa i sigurna.

Bješe sam kraj rata, već nekoliko dana se nije čuo niti jedan ispaljeni metak a čete su se jedna po jedna polako povlačile. Vodili su se mirovni pregovori o kojima Nail ništa nije znao, pa se i dalje ponašao kao da se iza svakog drveta možda nalazi neprijatelj. Taj ga je pristup sačuvao tri godine rata, pa ga nije imao namjeru napuštati sve dok mu ne kažu da je vrijeme da preda oružje.

U srijedu su mu javili da je Azra živa. Neki njen rođak, kojeg su prije par mjeseci ranjenog odnijeli za Sarajevo, raspitivao se za njega jer ga je Azra zaklela svime što ima da Nailu nekako prenese da je živa i zdrava došla do Hrasnice, da je izbjeglički kamion naletio na minu ali da su i njegova sestra i njeni sinovi (burazer i ja) uspjeli preživjeti. Svi smo zajedno u Hrasnici, sve je uredu. Ima tome sigurno godina dana ali vijest je bila provjerena.

Naču to Nail pa skoči u nebesa, zagrli oblake i poče se smijati k'o mahnit. Trči redom po kampu, grli svakog od saboraca kojeg u putu sretne i onako raširenih očiju, kao da je u toj svesci potpisan mirovni sporazum o okončanju rata, prstima upire u korice i ponavlja: ČEKALA ME DRUGOVI, ČEKALA ME!

Taj isti dan javiše da se jedinica može povući sa Treskavice i da je vrijeme krenuti nazad prema Sarajevu. Rat je, kako vele njihovi nadređeni, priveden kraju i samo je pitanje vremena kad će mirovne snage natjerati jednu i drugu stranu da stave potpis na hartiju. Nail naravno, na čelu kolone, sa osmijehom razvezanim od lijevog do desnog uha, maršira i zvižduće neku melodiju koju bi vjerovatno jedino Azra umjela prepoznati – kad se u daljini začu eksplozija a po njima se sruči kiša metaka.

Vojnici u panici, general Bajrović pokušava da ih organizuje da krenu bježati ka šumi i tamo nađu sklonište ali mnogi od njih u šoku s ramena skidaju puške i pucaju u smjeru iz kojeg puca i neprijatelj. Naslijepo, gađavši u zrak, neki nisu potrajali ni dovoljno da zamijene prvu turu municije.

Nail se prvi dao u bjeg kao jelen koji je čuo šuštaj lišća pod nogama. Dokopao se drvoreda i dalje nastavio trčati, vješto izbjegavajući drveće i granje pod nogama.

Za sobom čuje glas svojih saboraca, u mraku drveća ispred sebe ni sam ne zna šta ga čeka. Par minuta se probijao kroz šumu i već bješe iscrpljen kada pred sobom u daljini ugleda čistinu i vojnu zastavu poznate brigade. Lice mu se opet razvuče u osmijeh sličan onom kada mu spomenete Azru, ubrza korak da donese vijest o ranjenima koji su ostali u i sa druge strane šume… kad začu piskutav zvuk u ušima i osjeti kako gubi ravnotežu.

Strovali se na pod, po licu mu pade mješavina zemlje, lišća i prigorjele tkanine a pogled osta svezan za oblak koji je neodoljivo podsjećao na Azrino uho.

Oko njega se u trku okupi par saboraca koji ga bjehu pristigli, uhvatiše mu glavu rukama i ponavljaše kako nije ništa, kako je dobro, kako je to samo ogrebotina.

A nije, bješe to nagazna mina ušuškana pod gomilom lišća, a Nail osta zabilježen kao posljednji ranjenik u ratu od devedeset druge do devedeset pete. Do Sarajeva su ga prebacili vojnim kamionom, nogu mu podvezali kaišima i brže nego što bi se to moglo očekivati, Nail se nađe u krevetu Vojne bolnice.

Kad se probudio iz anestezije, prvo što je tražio bila je crna sveska s poezijom. Bila je sigurna u njegovom vojnom ruksaku, skupa sa par Azrinih slika, konzervama ribe, lećom i čuturicom vode.

Oporavljao se brzo, rane su zacjeljivale kroz njegove molitve prepoznatljive po ponavljanju Azrinog imena i mjesec i kusur kasnije, na štakama je izašao iz bolnice. Azru, međutim, nije mogao da nađe.

Nakon pola godine, preko humanitarne je uspio da dobavi protezu za nogu i iako nije bila njegov broj, nekako je razgazio i izobličio dovoljno da mu može poslužiti. Mina je odnijela tri četvrtine stopala ali bio je živ. Ništa drugo nije bilo važno.

Sa Dinom je patrolirao sarajevskim kafanama, svaku noć je sve više slutio da je Azra poginula ili još gore – udala se za drugog. Dino bi mu palio sefte kad god bi izgovorio takvu glupost jer „kako bolan bolje da je umrla, jebem te mahnita“, a Nail, cijedeći rakiju kroz zube tiho ponavljao „lakše bi mi bilo da je uzme smrt nego drugi, ne znaš ti kako je“.

Nailove slutnje, međutim, bjehu istinite. Godinu dana nakon njegovog ranjavanja na Treskavici, u istoj onoj ulici kroz koju su ga na vojnom kamionu pronijeli drugovi iz brigade, naleti na onog Azrinog rođaka koji je onaj dan donio vijest. Izgrliše se, jedan drugog dugo gledaše sa osmijesima a onda skrenuše u najbližu kafanu i popiše pokoju.

Ovaj mu ispriča kako je nakon rata ispalio za Zagreb, kako tamo radi u fabrici cigareta i kako bi najbolje bilo da i njemu sredi neku takvu varijantu ali Nailu nije padalo na pamet da ide iz Sarajeva. „Ja ti samo ovdje umijem živjet'“, ponavljao bi Nail ma koliko ovaj navaljivao. Par trenutaka tišine, prije nego je procurilo pitanje kojeg su obojica očekivali. Već po tišini, Nail je znao odgovor.

Azra bješe udata za nekog tipa iz Hrasnice i već su otišli živjeti u Njemačku. Ništa više od toga Nail nije pitao, ništa više od toga ni njegov ratni drug nije govorio. Samo su popili još po dvije, Nail zatim ustao i potapšavši ga po ramenu, izašao iz kafane.

Sutradan smo mati i ja došli da ga obiđemo. Živio je u stanu na Olimpijskom sa svojim roditeljima, dedom i nanom. Tad sam, eto, dobio tu svesku s pjesmama i kako ja sad da učiteljici čitam o Azri, kad me dajo Nail fino zamolio da te riječi čuvam kao da mi od njih život zavisi?

Ne pročitah poeziju ali dobih keca, ukor direktora i smanjeno vladanje. Ono što učiteljica, međutim, nije znala je to da su direktor osnovne škole Pofalići i moj dajo Nail dobri drugovi. Sve kazne bjehu poništene, direktor me čak ohrabri da nastavim ono što je Nail počeo u rovovima Treskavice i ja zagrlim svesku, izađem iz škole i odlučim biti pisac.

A Nail? Nail se oženio nekad u četrdesetoj. Prije toga je prokockao posao na pijaci Otoka gdje je imao svoj stol na kojem je prodavao kozmetiku i ženske torbe. Dobro mu je išlo ali alkohol mu je išao bolje. Živi od invalidnine, sa strane skucka poneki posao kad mu se za to pruži prilika. Ima dvoje djece i nikad više ni riječ nije napisao.

Eh da, još nešto. Na posljednjoj stranici tog rokovnika je krvava mrlja preko imena Azra. Koji kliše, pomislim svaki put kad ga listam i sad baš kontam, da lično ne poznajem čovjeka, nikad ne bih povjerovao da se takve stvari dešavaju igdje drugo osim na filmovima. A dešavaju se, eto, u Sarajevu.

The Man in Apartment 43 - Part 3

Summary: Dean x Reader - Neighbours AU - Dean and the reader live next door to each other and can’t stand each other. Will things change once circumstances bring this bartender and business man duo closer together?

Triggers: Stalker, B&E, Fear, talk of restraining orders, frozen in fear, panic

Y/N = Your name ¦ Y/L/N = Your last name   ¦ Y/E/C = Your eye colour ¦ Y/H/C = Your hair colour  ¦ Y/N/N = Your nickname 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6


“(Y/N), hey… Can y’hear me?” Dean kept his voice low and careful as he gently reached out and touched her arm. She was in shock, hell she didn’t even see him. He didn’t want to frighten her any further, so he opted for just letting his fingertips touch against her wrist as he kept his eyes on her, worry seeping into every nerve and muscle in his body as fingers touched against cold skin. She was freezing and her pulse under his fingertips was erratic. Shit.

At his touch of her wrist everything exploded, the eerie silence around her and her silent scream burst as a bubble when his neighbour finally found her voice again and screamed out at the touch of soft fingertips against her shaking arm. The loud sound of her terrified scream making Dean jump a little as she half turned, lashing out towards him without really seeing him.

Damn, she was so afraid and Dean didn’t know how to help her, how to calm her down. As one of her still weak arms hit against his chest he did the only thing he could to keep her from hurting herself or him and held onto her shoulders. His hold still light as he tried to look into those blank (Y/E/C) eyes and make her see him. He just needed to get her to calm down, so that he could bring her out of the freak show of a living room and back into safety at his place.

“Whoa (Y/N)… You’re safe. It’s me… It’s Dean,” Dean’s words were drowned out by the scream turned broken sobs as he cast a worried look over his shoulder to Sam where his younger brother was standing, looking at the mess of the room in utter disgust. Dean had told him about the weirdo following (Y/N) home, but when he spoke to Sammy that morning that’d been all he’d known. So Sam was probably not expecting something as extreme as the nightmare the girl in apartment 42 was currently drowning in.

“No, don’t…” (Y/N)’s broken plea brought Dean’s full attention back to the girl shaking in his arms as her sobs broke his heart and lit a fire under his hatred for a man he had never even met personally. She was terrified, and too far gone. Should he just carry her out of there? Call an ambulance? Damn it, he was never good at helping people, not past offering a helping hand or a few sympathetic nods. When shit really hit the fan he just felt helpless and useless.

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The Man in Apartment 43 - Part 4

Summary: Dean x Reader - Neighbours AU - Dean and the reader live next door to each other and can’t stand each other. Will things change once circumstances bring this bartender and business man duo closer together?

Triggers: Stalker, B&E, Fear, panic

Y/N = Your name ¦ Y/L/N = Your last name   ¦ Y/E/C = Your eye colour ¦ Y/H/C = Your hair colour 

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 5 Part 6


It had lasted for less than a second, just between one breath and the next, but she had kissed him. Or was it him that kissed her? Dean didn’t know. Not for certain at least. The kiss had just happened so fast. One second they’d’ been talking and she’d been reaching for the whiskey bottle on the table, and then there she’d been. Close enough that he could see the galaxies hidden in those (Y/E/C) eyes and smell the sweet scent of her shampoo off of her hair. 

He’d been unable to stop himself from just reacting to her closeness, though he’d told himself again and again that she was just a neighbour. And fuck if the kiss wasn’t amazing. The moment his lips touched against her soft ones, nothing had ever felt as right as that single, fleeting second had felt. Yet… She’d left. He’d kissed his (Y/N) and though she’d kissed him back, at least he thought she’d kissed him back, she’d ran out of his apartment whilst he was still reeling from the aftershocks of her lips.

Fuck, he shouldn’t have done it… He was an idiot and she was his next door neighbour. More so he was an idiot with bad timing. She was vulnerable and scared, and now he’d sent her running back into that nightmare of an apartment. No… He needed to go apologise, to keep things amicable at least. He couldn’t just leave her alone with everything that had happened since Friday night.  

Getting off of the couch, still feeling lightheaded from the mix of whiskey and the unplanned, poorly timed kiss Dean walked to his door. His stomach sinking as he thought of her wide eyes and the state of shock apartment 42 had put her into earlier. Damn it, he couldn’t even help someone out right.

Foregoing his shoes completely to save time, Dean stepped into the hallway, half expecting to find her outside his door, yet the hallway was empty of any neighbours, including the girl next door. Shaking away those last strands of hope that he hadn’t fucked absolutely everything up he took the few steps over towards her apartment, worry replacing dread as he reached forward, letting his eyes go to the handle as he thought back to the last time he’d been there, only hours earlier.

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Heyyyy I want to address these videos bc people keep bringing them to my attention through panic

I want to say right off the bat that using Hanzo for the title/thumbnail is such a bait for views. What the guys are covering in these videos is the overall hit detection errors that people have come across with ALL HEROES.

The initial reaction to these are probably something like, ‘Oh shit, Hanzo/Scatter Arrow is getting nerfed’, but that’s not the case. GOD, LET ME TELL YOU JUST HOW DISGUSTING THE COMMENTS ARE-

Anyways, the update they’re talking about is actually going to be…. beneficial? Like, I’ve noticed this issue on- I mean, mostly on Hanzo bc I play him the most, but it’s something that needs to be addressed; about shots hitting, but not doing damage even if you see the little hit effect. 

This is an update to look forward to. 

agentcalliope  asked:

If you're still doing headcanons can you do fitzsimmons+wearing each other's clothes ?

Hey Casey, remember how you told me you were sending me an ask, but you wanted me to wait eight months to answer it? You didn’t? DARN IT!!

  • Okay, they get ACCUSED of sharing clothes all the time while in SciOps, but it isn’t true in the slightest
  • I mean, they have some cardigans that look SIMILAR, but that’s basically it
  • And then there’s the jumper Fitz accidentally left at Jemma’s apartment when he was able to talk her into going swimming
  • And maybe she wears that on occasion
  • But that’s not sharing. That’s finder’s keepers
  • (And really, she’s not sure why he was wearing one in the summer, anyway)
  • But when she gets back from Maveth?
  • She looks into her closet and starts to cry
  • It’s an irrational response, really, but her clothes wrinkle too easily and remind her too much of the person she used to be
  • So when Fitz offers to lend her his hoodie, she’s more than grateful
  • He also gives her a few shirts that are just the right kind of too big
  • She spent so long dreaming of Fitz that being in his clothes is the more comforting than she can say
  • She never gives them back
  • (He never asks)
  • And Fitz wearing Jemma’s clothes? That doesn’t really happen 
  • But when they’ve been married for a little under a year, and Fitz has been going through a bit of a hard time
  • He’s got some projects so big and important that he’s been stress eating
  • So when he can barely squeeze his trousers on, he starts to panic
  • Is he getting fat? Is he letting himself go? Will Jemma stop being attracted to him?  
  • And he’s about to really freak out when Jemm walks into the room, still brushing her teeth
  • “Fitz, why are you wearing my trousers?”
  • Fitz breathes a sigh of relief

anonymous asked:

any anime recs?

Hello my bean! Have you already watched everything on my Top 5 anime of all time (honestly tho I should update it because BSD deserves to be there)? If the answer is yes, here are some of the shows I watched and enjoyed the most this year:

  • Bungou Stray Dogs (HONESTLY)
  • Udon No Kuni no Kiniro Kemari (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Black Butler
  • Barakamon
  • Owari No Seraph
  • Free!
  • Prince Of Stride
  • Shokugeki No Soma
  • Boku No Hero Academia

Currently on my watchlist:

  • Brave 10
  • Noragami
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Doukyuusei

My favorite vintage anime:

  • Inuyasha
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • GTO
  • Slam Dunk (the father of KNB)
  • Kare Kano
  • Nana
  • Full Metal Panic

I hope this is enough petal, let me know how things go :D

22.989769 u ± 2 × 10^-8 u

my poetry says all
anyone needs to know
about me– everything else
is static

I resemble my poetry
in real life
like a persimmon
resembles a thermonuclear
albino hippopotamus

if thoughts could kill
this planet would be void
of human life
but not cyborgs
with psyonic shield implants

it puts the lotion
on its skin
or it gets the hose again

my tailor tells me
that I dress to the right
his right or my right
i don’t have a tailor

the question you should be asking
yourself is: are the aliens in arrival
altering a timeline or are they stuck in one

a life and fate unalterable
is a hell

I’m a softie at heart
like a flaccid penis
unprepared to spit in your eye

knowing me through my poetry
is a fool’s errand
you damn fool
quit being a damn fool

don’t panic

I am craving valence electrons

eleven for @maya-doolali & @weshouldabeencowboys

The Man in Apartment 43 - Part 5

Summary: Dean x Reader - Neighbours AU - Dean and the reader live next door to each other and can’t stand each other. Will things change once circumstances bring this bartender and business man duo closer together?

Triggers: Stalker, B&E, Fear, Panic

Y/N = Your name ¦ Y/L/N = Your last name   ¦ Y/E/C = Your eye colour ¦ Y/H/C = Your hair colour

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4


As Dean’s eyes locked with (Y/N)’s fearful (Y/E/C) ones, his body reacted before his mind could fully come to terms with what he was doing. He couldn’t help it. Seeing that helpless and terrified look in her eyes again squeezed painfully at his heart as he stepped forward, one hand already slightly raised as he reached out to her in a hope of catching her before she fell. ‘Cause she looked just about ready to collapse as the news of her world crumbling around her was cruelly delivered by the man in blue.

He could barely even hear the words that left the officer that was still droning on, as if  reading from some pre-rehearsed script. Clearly the man was only reacting to a series of cue-cards in his own mind, unable to see how hard the news was hitting her as he just kept dealing verbal blow after blow. Damn it, why couldn’t he just shut up?

“Hey, (Y/N)…” Dean finally spoke up, talking over the officer and ignoring the bitchy glare from Sammy as his focus stayed fully on the terrified girl in front of him. He had just barely reached her as the words left him, just in time too, as her legs finally gave out under her. Reaching forward the last few inches Dean managed to just about catch her as she sank down towards the linoleum covered floor of the police station.

Her nearly fainting seemed to finally be the cue the officer had needed as he went silent behind Dean as he moved his arms around her waist and shoulders. Lifting her up again in the middle of the rag tag group surrounding her. Keeping his arms around her Dean tried to look into her eyes, but they seemed blank again. Like a mirror image of the day before when the shock left her empty. Damn it, she wasn’t even safe in the police station.

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hotemotionalmess  asked:

Headcanons for how the Paladins would react to being stranded on an empty planet with the person they secretly have a crush on?

Oh god I’m such a sucker for these! Thank you so much for the request!


  • Oh boy this boy wants to be the one that’s calm and controlled but he is internally freaking out because he doesn’t get a lot of one on one time with you and now that it’s there he doesn’t know what to do
  • Kinda just a lot of awkward silence, most of it on his part
  • It isn’t until you ask a generic conversation starter question that things start rolling in the right direction
  • “So….what’s your favorite color?” “M-my favorite color?! Um……”
  • It’s all worth it because eventually you guys forget that you’re even stranded in the first place because you’re just having a lovely conversation with a lovely man
  • When the others finally come and rescue you, it’s almost kinda sad because he wants more time with you and after this he knows it’s straight back to business, but he will remember this as a little slice of heaven


  • Right then his mind is telling him to abort mission because this requires being alone with someone he finds an interest in and his little heart can’t take that
  • So instead of taking advantage of having you all to himself, he tells you that he’s gonna scope out the area to look for any kind of friendly civilizations or just a place to send out a distress signal. This kinda backfires because you offer to go with him, but he’s kinda glad that he does get to spend time you; even if you guys are stranded on an alien planet
  • On the planet the nights get really cold so Keith thinks of sleeping in the lion, which works out because you’ll both be safe, but it’s cramped
  • “I guess we gotta spoon for warmth bud.” “We have to….oh no.”
  • Watch this Paladin of Voltron, a hero destined to save the universe, become a blushing mess when you have to curl up on him to sleep comfortably for the night
  • It isn’t until the morning when the rest of the team finds you two, but they manage to snag a picture of you guys snuggling on the control chair, Keith’s arms wrapped around your torso as you sleep without a care


  • Knowing him, he probably got lost because he was trying to impress you, but ends up loosing all control and landing on a deserted island without any civilization
  • This calm and collected freak will try and use all of his knowledge he gained from watching National Geographic to make the situation better
  • “See how the skin of this berry isn’t shiny?! That means it not poisonous! We can scavenge and eat this for food!!!” “Lance, this is an alien planet. We know nothing about this planet. If we try and eat anything, we’ll die.”
  • He finally gets it together and sends out a distress signal Hunk showed him from his lion
  • The two of you end up exploring because the land is pretty flourished with plants, but you could still see the sky in case if anyone flies by
  • You end up being saved roughly an hour latter by an angry Allura, but Lance thinks it’s worth it because he got to spend time with the cutest member of the team 


  • While everyone else was trying to seem non-panicy about the situation, Hunk is the exact opposite this boy is in FULL PANIC MODE because not only did you crash on a desert planet, you crashed in a valley with no where to go
  • “What are we going to do?! How are we going to survive?! Do we have emergency water pouches? Food? Will we have to eat are arms for nutrients?” “Hunk I swear to gods-”
  • Hunk gets the distress signal up and running, but he eventually starts pacing and you have to be the one to help him get his mind straight
  • You end up having to give him a support hug and oh gosh are his hugs magical you should start getting stranded on an alien planet more often
  • Unfortuantly, it doesn’t take long for the two of you to start loosing hope, considering that the rations are getting the low and the signal is as weak as ever
  • Hunk starts to guilt his way into blaming the whole situation on himself, and he’s so grateful to have someone as supportive as you to help him through this tough time
  • Once the team finds you, Hunk’s so happy to be saved, but also to now have a great relationship with someone he’s been meaning to connect with for a very long time


  • When you and Pidge crash, it happens to be on a very green planet, so it’s hard to even see Pidge in her paladin armor
  • She starts to go crazy and convince herself that she can fix her lion single handedly and save the day
  • You have to be the one with the common sense and explain to her that fixing a magical alien lion space craft is not as simple as fixing a microwave
  • “But basically everything has the same simple mechanics, I can can fix her!” “Pidge, your lion can send out lasers to start growing vines! I know you’re amazingly smart, but you have to pick your battles.”
  • She tries it anyways
  • She ends up injuring herself and doesn’t want to admit that she secretly loves that you’re taking care of her booboo you love it too
  • You end up spend at least two earth weeks on the planet, but you manage to survive on the fruit and water on the planet. It’s almost turning into a vacation where the two of you start revealing your secret feelings for each other
  • But before anything can really happen, the team comes to save the day, so its back to business, but Pidge is going to let this become the starting point in something wonderful   

anonymous asked:

Thanks to you bsd and dive!! are on my list of animes to watch. I've seen looooads of anime (though not as much as some) and I wanted to know if you had any recommendations?

Hello my bean! Have you already watched everything on my Top 5 anime of all time (honestly tho I should update it because BSD deserves to be there)? If the answer is yes, here are some of the shows I watched and enjoyed the most this year:

  • Free!
  • Prince Of Stride (!!!)
  • Shokugeki No Soma
  • Barakamon (!!!!!!!!!!) <- SERIOUSLY THO WATCH IT IT’S AMAZING
  • Boku No Hero Academia
  • Owari No Seraph (!!!!!!!!!)

Currently watching: Kuroko No Basket, Dive!! 

Currently on my watchlist:

  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Brave 10
  • Noragami
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Doukyuusei

My favorite vintage anime:

  • Inuyasha
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • GTO
  • Slam Dunk (the father of KNB)
  • Kare Kano
  • Nana
  • Full Metal Panic

I hope this is enough petal, let me know how things go :D