OKAY SO at the end of Say Amen, Brendon’s on the floor “dead” and there’s a subtle fading heartbeat. It links to This Is Gospel!!!! It’s the same heartbeat and then Brendon’s wearing the EXACT same outfit.

He has the Devils Key and looses it in Say Amen and then dies in This Is Gospel then goes to hell and becomes the Devil in Emperors New Clothes!

things i live for:

- the transition between “but it’s better if you do” and “i write sins not tragedies”

- the transition between “i have friends in holy spaces” and “northern downpour” 

that shit smOoth as fuCK 


[Casual Affair (Live in Seattle) - Panic! At The Disco]

rip this is probably the most pAINFUL live video (besides the northern downpour ones)

A little backstory to why it’s painful and why ppl think it’s about ryden:

1. this was performed in Seattle. so seattle to start with already screAMS ryden. ryan always talked about how he wanted to settle down in seattle, same w brendon. ex when he changed the lyrics in that green gentlemen to “i never said i’d leave seattle, i never said i’d leave this town. seattle is also what people believe inspired northern downpour. for ryan’s 21st birthday, he spent it in ny w/ his girlfriend while brendon was in seattle. however ryan actually flew to seattle to see brendon that night (wearing the same clothes) and were spotted by a fan @ a restaurant and stuff idk ?? so seattle meant a lot i guess. also this song is about an affair, maybe and affaIR IN SEATTLE since ryan had a girlfriend back then

there i just summarized all the fan theories. honestly u can just see brendon break down during this whole performance like he’s crying and he looks fucking pissed and that last “whoa” was so broken???? its fucking heartbreaking yall sorry it’s 1am just thought i would share bye now