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ok so, I was with my bf one time we were chillin at home and we were slowly getting into it y'know? Netflix and chill kinda thing. And I literally never told him before how into bucky or marvel I was, like he didn't even know I had a tumblr back then but he just thought I watched the films bc of him (lmao so naive) but anyway. We were alone at my house because my roommate wasn't for the weekend and we can't barely get touchy when she's here especially since she walked in us right when we were(1)

…about doing it. So she forbid sex in the room lol. Anyway. My bf decided it would be the only chance we would have bc his roommates are kinda assholes too, so he spent the weekend over. And one of those days we were watching catws and I just literally finished reading one of your focsI can’t remember if it was faking it or the painting (my favourites btw) and so when we were getting into it, we were like REALLY close. I couldn’t help myself and I moaned bucky’s name. (2)

and bf grunted and stood still for a second and I was just there like I fucked everything up bc I thought he would feel bad or smthing. But he looked at me and I seriously haven’t been so turned on in my life when he looked at me and pinned me down and yeaah. He quite liked it. Now I know bucky’s his favourite character and we share the interest in him. And that’s it. Hope everyone enjoys. 😝

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And kudos to your boyfriend because that means he likes it so much, he feels honoured to be called Bucky and it’s even a turn on. Amazing. That’s goals, don’t let him go. I’m having naughty ideas of role play.

Also, thanks a lot for reading my fics! That means a lot, and I guess they also put you in the mood..? Hahaha. 

Thank you so much for sharing!!!  And I really, really wish you can find more time to be alone together. ;)

Thank youuuu <3 This is amazing. 

Dear Lost One,

I didn’t even think much of you at first. You would always try to strike up a conversation with me and I would just give you one word responses and move along. Eventually, I opened up and somehow found myself free falling for you. I was six feet deep into you.

People would see us together and think we were together. And, that blew my head up. And, that made me think we actually had something. You used to do things that made me think we had something mutual.

But it wasn’t.

After confessing my feelings for you, you said you only saw me as a friend.

This happened a couple years ago.

Fast forward to 3 nights ago, you. Kissed. Me. Over and over and over. You struck. You set everything on fire. I remember being in the car on the way to your place and you said, “Tell me to kiss you…” as had my head on your shoulder looking up at you.

There was a moment before we stepped inside your place where you leaned against a parked car and pulled me by close by tugging my shirt. We kissed over and over and over.

When we got inside your place, I finally got to have you in ways I’ve always wanted to. I finally had everything I’ve always wanted.

But everything left me confused and wondrous.

Why did you wait years to finally do something?



I was sitting alone eating for like the 5th time during orientation, and this black guy came up to me like “yo what’s ur name? come sit wit us u need friends” and damn I love black people

Bias Tag

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1. Who was your first female bias?

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2. Who was your first bias?

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4. Who who are your current biases? other than the ones above?

          Sandeul from B1A4

          Leo and Ravi from Vixx

          Rocky from Astro

          Suga and J-hope from Bts

          Daehyun from Bap

          Xiumin from Exo

          Yerin from Gfriend

          Eunhyuk from Suju

and the list continues…

4. In the entire Kpop industry who is the closest to your ideal type?

hmm I guess it would be Suga? But I really like the personality of Jhope and Sandeul. I guess most of my biases have bits and pieces of my ideal type lol.

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5. How did you get into Kpop?

Well, my cousin showed me a video of Super junior’s new song. It just happened to be Sorry Sorry. Thats how i got into Kpop yay~!

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6. Who are your OTPs?


7. When did you start to ship them?

For Wontaek it was when they came out as a duo, Badeul was since the beautiful target stages and jihope is just recently 

8. What is your favorite fanfic genre?

I don’t read much nowadays but ones that consist of revenge LOL. like the ones where the oc is fat and works out to change herself to get revenge, i just love those stories.

9. Who is your bias boy group?

I must say judging from my name its BjuanAfur (b1a4)

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10. Who is your bias girl group?

Gfriend probably~ they are so cute omfg

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(Sorry i took so long ;-;)

I HEREBY ANNOUNCE @jinyoung-trash @shinwoo @oneshadyqueen @1991shinwoo @sandeuls-thighs @baekook @flowersnbeer @chandeultrash @tellthemblockb @moon-hyuks TO BE CHOSEN FOR THIS TAG (Don’t have to do it though :) )

Things with Regina had taken so many turns lately that Damon’s trek up to her hotel room felt much more ominous than it may otherwise have been. First she’d dropped that bomb in the bar, letting him know she’d had feelings for him for who-know how long, and after not speaking for several days she’d begun hinting over text that there was something else she needed to share with him. The amount of drama on the class trip to Mexico was reaching epic heights, and Damon’s only saving grace had been his reconciliation with Pearl, like a nightlight in a dark room. As he stopped in front of Regina’s door and brought his knuckles down against the wood three times, he wondered whether whatever she planned on sharing with him would be enough to finally tip him over the edge of sanity. “Regina!” he called out, leaning his shoulder against the wall beside the door and pushing a hand stressfully through his hair. “It’s me! My phone’s almost dead, lemme in!” @reginaeilish

Dearest R,

I mean this sincerely. I love you. I love the way your eyes light up when you laugh, and the way your skin looks like kind of like really strong tea because, whilst some people will say horrible, racist bullshit about you, I love you. I love the way you say “turret” and “penguin” and the way you sometimes mess up English words because it’s not your first language and some of the things you say are so beautiful because of that. I love the way you sometimes forget that I don’t speak Dutch and don’t understand it very well, when you say things to me in Dutch when you’re half asleep.

I know you worry about things about you that you cannot control. You worry about saying things wrong. You’re insecure about the fact that you have psoriasis in some pretty obvious places - but why would that make a difference to me, it doesn’t, I’m not shallow enough for it to have an effect on the way that I feel about you. I met you online, I started falling for you even before I saw your face and the first time I saw you I swear I thought I was dying because my heart stopped and my breath caught. The first time I saw you in person, coming through security in Eindhoven airport, I swear, I knew right there and then that I’d met the person who was my future.

Sometimes you wake up violently in the middle of the night, scared, shouting, and I want you to know you’ve never hurt me in these moments of terror. I’m glad you can’t remember your nightmares most of the time, though I wish you knew that they were happening so that I can help you through them. I know you’ve been hurt, ground down, so much so that you’re seeking help because your self esteem is almost non-existent and I’m proud of you for doing that, because getting help is sometimes one of the hardest things in the world. I know. I’m proud and refuse to ask for help sometimes.

I’m leaving you again in a week, but these past three weeks have been some of the best three weeks of my life, and I just know that I’m lucky to have you and I’m lucky to have a future with you. You took my heart and put the parts of it that were broken back together. I know you’ve had it tough. I know that your ex mistreated you, but I want you to know that NOTHING will hurt you ever again as long as I’m around. I will not let that happen. Not even the 500 miles that usually separate us.

I don’t know much Dutch, but I do know this: Ik hou van jou. Very very much.



I hope when I finally get a chance to tell you how I feel, you’ll feel the same way and give me a chance. I think we’d make a really good pair. Until then I’ll be here waiting for you to get some free time in your schedule so we can hang out more.