“And you’re sure it was Y/N?” Dean asked, his voice coming out in no more than a whisper.

“Sure as we could be. We recovered what we could from the site. Found that old protective amulet you’d given her. That was from you, right? Thought I remembered that, back when you two were still a thing,” Dean’s contact replied.

“Yeah. Yeah, that was from me.”

“I could send it to you in the mail if you want,” he continued, waiting but receiving no reply. “Dean? You still there?”

Dean opened his mouth, but no words came out. The question seemed strange. With this new knowledge, the year that had passed since he’d last drunk in your face was nothing. Time was nothing. And with you no longer there, Dean found that he wasn’t sure if he really was either.


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  • “can we just take a moment to celebrate me?”
  • “i’m always the one who loves more, that’s my thing.”
  • “i take dumps standing up! i’m a man!”
  • “it really bums me out that i will never know the infinite joy of what it feels like to carry a child inside me.”
  • “open your cellar doors, and let us taste your jams.”
  • “i am a rugged, semetic prince!”
  • “do you just walk around all day thinking about other people’s feelings? how do you get anything done?”
  • “will you not stop until the whole world is aroused?!”
  • “i’m not putting on the kimono.”
  • “i just wanna be slapped around!”
  • “eat glass and die, you tramp!”
  • “you are so weird. can you ever just leave the room like a normal person?”
  • “i don’t want a refund on you.”
  • “a plant wearing underwear would be better than you!”
  • “i’m high on anxiety meds right now.”
  • “i am a child of divorce! i am delicate!”
  • “oh good, you can hear me. now i know i’m not a ghost.”
  • “nobody’s getting pregnant tonight!”
  • “boob season’s over for you!”
  • “there is something serious i have to tell you about the future. the name of my first-born child needs to be reginald veljohnson.”
  • “when you put it like that, it sounds amazing…and like prison.”
  • “i got an obligation…at a…sandwich meeting…to go to.”
  • “sorry to interrupt, i know the morning is the most sensual time of the day.”
  • “you’ve never been turned on by gas mileage?”
  • “so i have good news from the doctor—you don’t have rabies.”
  • “oh, look at the time! it’s butt-o-clock!”
  • “i’m a mess, i can’t sleep, i urinate constantly. i cried the other day listening to a techno song.”
  • “i’m not convinced i know how to read, i’ve just memorized a lot of words.”
  • “i’m staying positive, but i’m pretty sure this is where we die.”
  • “life’s messy. it kicks you in the ass. that’s right, i said ass.”
  • “you question my pajamas? you make me question our entire friendship!”
  • “i’m pretty sure i’m having a heart attack, and i haven’t arranged for anyone to clear my browser history.”
  • “you set fire to soda water. who does that? how do you even possibly do that? it’s not a flammable thing!”
  • “i’m gonna take you…respectfully.”
  • “i’m gonna have to turn off the tap! the sex tap!”
  • “have i ever made any decisions in my whole life? are we just living in the mind of a giant?”
  • “please take that off, you look like a homeless pencil.”
  • “why are you wearing a suit? did you just apply for a loan or something?”
  • “i used to just think if i was proposed to i would notice it was happening.”
  • “does it say ‘share stuff’ in the constitution of america? no, i think not.”
  • “where are your nipples, man?”
  • “i just wanted to listen to taylor swift alone!”
  • “i saw him this morning and he just panic-moonwalked away from me.”
  • “let’s just suck it up and french a little.”
  • “been trying to get something going with myself for a full hour. it’s like a taffy pole on a hot summer’s day.”
  • “they make shoes for your penis! they’re called pants!”
  • “i can’t believe i’m the sober one. that’s actually never happened before in my life.”
  • “please do not angry-fix the sink.”
  • “you my boo and i been missing you.”
  • “i feel like i wanna murder someone and also i want soft pretzels.”
  • “can you believe the zoo wouldn’t let me borrow their white tiger?”
  • “first of all, you’re never gonna be old, humans are going to be immortal by 2016.”
  • “sandwiches and sex?! i want that!”
  • “are you sure you’re okay? you’re walking like a disney witch.”
  • “i’m like a sexual snowflake. each night with me is a unique experience.”
  • “this is a horrible neighborhood. there are youths everywhere!”
  • “guess whose personalized condoms just arrived?”
  • “damn it! i can’t find my driving moccasins anywhere!”
  • “i hope you appreciate the fact that i have kept eye contact with you the whole time and have made no reference to the fact that you are practically naked.”
  • “are you like a bond villain? you just told me your whole plan.”
  • “why does your hair look so baby soft?!”
  • “i sometimes touch the frayed part of the power cord just to feel something.”
  • “did you just make up a theme song for yourself?”

at the end of the world, i never thought much about dying.

and maybe it’s foolish to refuse to contemplate oblivion when the world is crumbling down around you. maybe it’s foolish to contemplate only whether you’d get the chance to kiss some girl before it was all over and maybe it’s foolish that all i had been thinking was that your lips have always been so pretty.

but i’ve never been a fan of sad endings.

so when we flung ourselves from the edge of those cliffs and your hand was clutched tight in mine, i remembered only that the sky was blue and your lips were so pretty and that death doesn’t seem as scary when you forget to contemplate it at all.

—  if i had to jump, i’d jump face up every time // S.M.
new girl sentence meme:
  • I was going for like a hot farmer’s daughter kind of thing, like, oh, I’m gonna go milk my cows.
  • We just started dating so were still in that honeymoon phase. I barely sleep. So much doing it.
  • You tell anyone we held hands, I have 2 people in my phone who will kill you.
  • Are you like a Bond villain? You just told me your whole plan.
  • Hey tiger, you’re having sex tonight. Don’t give me that look, just do it!
  • My initial thought was to get him a gift certificate for piping hot sex. But I don’t want him to think I’m using him for his body.
  • Coincidentally, I’m wearing my lap dance pants!
  • Guess whose personalized condoms just arrived!
  • I’m about to go pay this fine, and my checks have baby farm animals on them, bitch!
  • I’m like a sexual snowflake. Each night with me is a unique experience.
  • I wish there was a word that meant complete satisfaction and complete self loathing.
  • Are you sure you’re okay? You’re walking like a Disney witch.
  • Sandwiches and sex!? I want that!
  • Old people freak me out. With their hands and their legs. They’re like the people version of pleated pants.
  • Can you believe the zoo wouldn’t let me borrow their white tiger? I mean, the nerve!
  • That wasn’t a cookie, damn it! That was a piece of his heart.
  • If you track my trajectory I’m gonna live to a 123 years old. Hello, Robot Sex.
  • Did you guys watch porn together again? Why do you keep doing that? It’s always awkward!
  • I feel like I wanna murder someone and also I want soft pretzels.
  • He lures you in with his charm, his mustache, and his perfect hair!
  • I can’t believe I’m the sober one. That’s actually never happened before in my life.
  • This coat has clean lines and pockets that just don’t quit.
  • I saw him this morning and he just panic moonwalked away from me.
  • I just wanted to listen to Taylor Swift alone!
  • Just remember, you caught him pleasuring himself to a mail-order steak catalog.
  • Or we could break into a zoo, steal a bear, then we shoot the bear full of Hep C, we release that bear in the restaurant right as they’re about to order dessert.
  • You question my pajamas? You make me question our entire friendship!
  • I’m staying positive, but I’m pretty sure this is where we die.
  • Oh, look at the time! It’s butt-o-clock!
  • I’m pretty sure I’m having a heart attack, and I haven’t arranged for anyone to clear my browser history. I wasn’t building a bomb, I was just curious.
  • Can’t spell sex without the ‘ex.’
  • Boob season’s over, for you!