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Headcanon where Sirius has a mental disorder and it’s a family thing, but in his case he has anxiety and really bad panic attacks, he hates it because everyone says the Blacks are crazy and no one understands what really goes on with him but the Marauders. He’s afraid people may be right and he’ll go crazy someday, but it’s Remus that gets him help from Pomfrey and potions to deal with his attacks, while James always finds a way to excuse his odd behaviour and pass to others as a joke if he panics in public (once he fainted and James started reciting Shakespeare to cover it up as a prank), and Peter doesn’t know what to do but gives him candy and tries to keep talking to him even if he doesn’t answer.

When someone says you'll feel better soon

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Anyone with a physical/mental illness have anxiety/panic attacks every time they have a doctor appointment?

I thought I would get over it after a while, but I realized the anxiety didn’t start until a particular bad experience with a doctor.

Adam Levine handled his biggest fan having a panic attack in the sweetest fashion.

Christopher Warner, a 10-year-old from Maryland with Down syndrome, is pretty serious about Maroon 5.

So serious he made this fan video (below), in which he rather adorably prints out all his favourite photos of the band.

It was picked up by Hot 99.5’s Kane Show, which arranged for Christopher to go backstage at the band’s show in Washington DC and meet them.
The boy was so overwhelmed by meeting his heroes however that he suffered a panic attack and had to lay down on the floor.

But Levine then simply laid beside him and suggested everyone else do the same, before taking photos on the floor and generally hanging out down there.

“[Christopher] has just been fascinated with Maroon 5 and especially Adam Levine,” Avery Stanert, a special education teacher at the school, told The Today Show.  "He loves to listen to their music during work breaks. He draws pictures of them. He just absolutely loves them.“

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I just wanted to say thank you for advice about phd programs! Not a phd candidate, but I'm about to start a post-grad professional degree and I felt like a lot of it was incredibly relevant. As an introverted person, it helps to be reminded that professors are real people and some of them might be interested in getting to know me.

Oh, you’re so very welcome! :D :D

Honestly, that was and still is one of the weirdest parts to get my mind around - like, professors and other scholars actually think I have interesting things to say and want me to succeed and to contribute to the field as a colleague.

That’s just. Weird, man. Ack. *panic mode + imposter syndrome activated*

But it’s also true: you get accepted into a program because they think, hey, this person sounds like they could be a pretty cool fellow scholar/professional person down the line. Which means they already have a certain amount of investment and interest in you. Which is awesome, really.

(The other half of that is: of course you’re not their equal yet. They know that too - the point is that you’re someone who could be, in a couple years, with some training, and because of that, most of them are happy to help with that training. :D ) (I say most. Some people in any profession are dicks. But for the most part you will know which ones those are, too, and figure out who you want your professional role models to be.)

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Yeah it's a panic attack syndrome. I get it sometimes when its too crowded and it's awful. I also get a spinning head and gets extremely nauseous and it feels like I'm going to faint immediately. When I'm somewhere I always check the doors so I can run out fast!

Good that you’re aware to get out of there fast!

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