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Imagine Newt comforting you after a panic attack...

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Soft sobs and hiccups could be heard, echoing through the house. Newt called your name, racing from room to room. 

“Good Lord, (Y/N)! Ar-Are you hurt? What’s the matter?”

He dropped to your side, holding you close to his chest, rubbing his thumb along the blade of your shoulder. Nuzzling your face into his brown vest, your tears continued.

“Shh- Shh… It’s okay… Everything will be okay- I’m here,” he rested his chin on the top of your head, “Just let it out.”

It took you a good ten minutes before you were able to talk, or control your breathing. “I’m a mess,” you laugh-sobbed into his chest, “Sorry for having you worry, Newt.”

“Apologies aren’t necessary, dear,” he said, pulling you into him tighter, “I’m just happy you’re safe.”

***I’m not attempting to romanticize anxiety, or panic attacks. I only wrote this to cope with my own anxiety***

Pidge is Jewish.

If fandom can somehow unite in agreeing that Keith is lactose intolerant and gay, that Hunk has two moms, then we can make it so popular for Pidge to be Jewish that it’s just assumed as common knowledge.

Bex is Jewish, I’m Jewish, I really need at least one of the Paladins to be Jewish.

The news is terrifying me and I can’t even read any article fully and I just really need support for this headcanon. It’s important to me. No more Pidge in ugly christmas sweaters, she’s Jewish.

But tbh I think the “younger” reylo fans, the ones that just hopped in the last six months don’t really understand how different the fandom was last year. There was way too many posts like “my friend found out i shipped reylo and she stopped talking to me!” and  but everyone was terrified of reblogging reylo posts so everyone just discreetly liked it. There were reylo dedicated gore blogs and there was absolutely no cross tagging manners, there was straight up triggering content right in the reylo tags. It was popular to talk about reylo and shit on it. Everyone on your main was talking about it and they sided with the antis. Like, the fandom we have right now with like 2 or 3 occassional cross tagging assholes saying this like “i hate reylo lmfao” is gold compared to what we had. 

I mean I get annoyed with antis anymore too, but I’m really grateful for how things are now

When I Get Into a New Fandom
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> *gets into new fandom*<p/><b>Brain:</b> Oh no, not this shit again<p/><b>Me:</b> *sees two guy friends* I wonder if they're shipped together<p/><b>Brain:</b> Oh please dont look it up<p/><b>Me:</b> I'm going to look it up!<p/><b>Brain:</b> .....<p/><b>Me:</b> *gets so engrossed into the ship that it physically hurts* *groans in pain*<p/><b>Me:</b> *starts crying* W-Why aren't they together...<p/><b>Brain:</b> Goddamnit *facepalms*<p/></p>
I’m Here Sammy

Summary/Request- You are only 4 or 5 years old and you mange to calm Sam down from a panic attack- @loveyalotslikejellytots

Word count- 685

Warning- Mentions of having a panic attack

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Tag- @evyiione   @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish

You sat there grumpily in your chair, folding your arms and pouting your lips. “Come on bug you have to eat.” Dean says holding the spoon inches away from your mouth, again you just shook your head. His head dropped. Sighing he put the spoon in the food bowl and went to get Sam.

“(Y/n) Dean tells me you won’t eat.” He says walking into the kitchen with Dean behind him. A small smile appeared on your chubby face but still refused to speak. “Do I have to do the aeroplane?” He asked grabbing the bowl and raising an eyebrow.

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The Violence Hidden In Silence, a casualty fanfic | FanFiction
It had always been in Ethan's knowledge that Jacob has always had a short fuse. But lately, it had been getting worse. Jacob's anger spirals out of control, and in Jacob's fogged-up haze of fury, the brunt of the anger is aimed at Ethan. Both the two are at their breaking point...

New, relatively short fanfiction which I’m putting up whilst working on my much longer one. This’ll be under 10 chapters long, and I’ve put trigger warnings on the first one.

Kind of OOC of Jacob, but there’s a reason for his anger. 

Feel free to leave a review if you have the time :-)


Imagine going on a mission with Coulson and his team but you get separated from them with Ward which causes you to panic because you’re afraid of him but he tries to comfort you

Requested by Anon | Gif not mine

It all happens very fast. Apparently the enemy knew that your team was going to attack the base. Bullets, yells, adrenaline - and suddenly someone shoves you into another room.

You ram your elbow backwards, colliding with the body of the person behind you. With satisfaction you hear the gasp of a man. You get spun around and see Ward. Oh no. Oh no no no. You should have known that he would betray the team sooner or later, you think, trying to wiggle out of his grasp on your arm and back away from him rapidly. His hold on you does not cease. He keeps you close to him against you struggles.

“Shh, shh, shh”, he whispers, “Calm down, Y/N.”

You don’t want to hear him, you only want to get away. You scold yourself that you should have expected him trying to pull something off. You are afraid what he might do now that he got you separated from the team. Hurt you? Kill you? Do something worse?

“Calm down, Y/N, calm down”, he utters, “Calm down, it’s alright. Shhhh. You’re safe, I’ve got you. Don’t worry. The ambush is over, I’ve got you out. Calm down, then we can go look for the team. Calm down. Calm down”

if you don’t see me around, don’t panic. i know this week is going to be crazy spoiler wise, so i’ll be limiting my tumblr time because of that. you can still catch me on mesenger (it’s on my phone!) and i’ll be answering asks/writing fic, so i won’t be completely gone. i’ll see you folks post wedding!



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Imagine you have a really traumatic mission and you try to hold it together but eventually it ends up with Melinda holding you while you cry

Requested by Anon | Gif not mine

You don’t feel a thing after the mission, just the dull thumping of your heart and a ringing in your ears. Everything else of you is numb. Mind, hands, feet, emotions….nothing. Only numbness. You are just functioning, not even reacting to everything around you.

A part of you wants to break out, go rampage. Thrash and scream and weep and cry and tear everything apart or fall apart itself.

But you don’t. You do everything as if being set on auto-pilot until the debriefing is over and you are out of the shower. It becomes diffifult when you have time to calm down and have nothing to do to occupy your mind.

You don’t feel the adrenaline wearing off, but you notice how a tremor starts shaking your fingers, slowly but surely taking over your whole body. All you can do is ball your fists in an attempt to hold back the tears. It is the only thing you can concentrate on. You don’t see anything around you; you don’t even notice May standing in the doorframe and watching you struggle with your crumbling composure.

You do notice her when she sits down next to you and taking your hand with a squeeze. You look up at her, face as emotionless as ever but her eyes alight with compassion and understanding. You swallow the lump in throat and try to speak, to explain, but nothing comes out of your mouth except for a desperate croak. And suddenly, the barely upheld dam breaks and everything rushes out. It starts with one single tear, but you can’t stop them streaming down your cheeks like waterfalls. You’re sobbing. Crying. You’re ashamed that it happens in front of May out of all people who is always so good at keeping her emotions in check - until you feel her arms wrap around you and press her close to her chest. She keeps silent the whole time and you can’t bring out a single understandable word. But you don’t need them. You understand each other and you are grateful for May being there with you.

Agents of SHIELD Preference: How They Help You During/After a Panic/Anxiety Attack

Fandom: Agents of SHIELD.
Warning(s): Anxiety attacks, panic attacks.

Daisy (Skye):

Daisy would go to Fitz and Simmons for help when she learned that you suffered from attacks. She’d stock up on information and learn what was happening to you physically so that she could better help you. When she saw that you’d had an attack, she would immediately forget the majority of what she’d learnt, and she’d be left rubbing your back soothingly, or, if she learnt that you didn’t like contact, she would sit a few feet away and wait for you to be ready. She understands that sometimes just the company of a quiet and understanding person can help worlds, though she would always be sure to let you know that it was okay to be vulnerable in front of her. And of course, she’d always have some food ready to restock your energy when you came out of it.


Fitz would have absolutely no idea what he was doing. Sure, he’d had experience with panic attacks himself, but it wasn’t enough to warrant an anxiety disorder diagnosis. So, while he could understand what was happening to you, to an extent, he had a hard time understanding why. He tried his best, but in the end he was left to stand by and wait for the attack to subside. Then, he’d make sure you were okay to be alone for a moment, and would come back with a cup of tea – you were never quite sure how he got it to a drinkable temperature so quickly.


Jemma would be relatively calm in the situation. She would have a basic understanding of what the attacks were and why they happened, and so she knew the common remedies for post-attack exhaustion. She’d bring food, water, and a hot beverage of your choosing, and she’d sit with you on the comfiest surface nearby, letting you rest your head in her lap to recuperate as much as you could without proper sleep. And, of course, on the days when you’d have attacks, she’d be advocating for you to sleep as soon as you could – sometimes you didn’t doubt that she’d lock you in your room if she could.


May, being the attentive motherly type, would be the first to notice when you began having an attack, and she’d be the first to notice when you walked into a room after excusing yourself with your hair slightly misplaced. She’d see the tired eyes and the sluggish movements, and she’d quietly take you out of the room and sit you down somewhere quiet. She’d sometimes ask if you wanted to talk about it, but often she just stayed silent, occasionally rubbing circles on your arm as you took time to process what had happened.


Coulson had a knack for handling all different kinds of people – it was why he was in the field he was in. So, when it came to a perfectly ordinary person having a common kind of anxiety induced attack, you’d think he’d be pretty comfortable. Nope. He would get that look in his eyes, the one that he got when he wasn’t sure what to do, and he’d eventually settle for taking you into his office and letting you sit wherever you wanted to sit in order to calm down and get some energy back. He would wait the entire time, not leaving the room at all unless you requested it, and when you were calmer, he would ask about it, and you were often more than willing to tell. He was just that kind of person.


Stiles Stilinski

“I know it’s hard (Y/N). I need you to breathe.” Stiles say’s cupping the sides of your face as you become frantic. “Slowly breathe in and out. I’m here, I’m right here.” Stiles continues to talk to you until the attack passes. 

“Thank you.” You whisper.

“I know how it feels.” He states pulling you close as you both hold each other quietly. 

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Imagine being afraid of thunderstorms so when one occurs Fitz is always there to comfort you

Requested by Anon | Gif not mine | Fic submitted by thekaitj

You don’t like thunderstorms when you’re on the ground. You most certainly don’t like them when you’re up in a plane! You sit on the floor of your bunk, leaning against the bed, with your comforter pulled over your shoulders. You flinch at every crack of thunder and even scream when someone knocks on the door.

“It’s just me, Y/N.” It’s Fitz. “Let me in.”

“It’s open.” You reply quietly.

He shuffles in with his own comforter and a laptop. “You won’t get electrocuted if you’re touching the sides of the plane. Come sit on the bed.” He makes himself comfortable on the bed, leaning against the wall.

“I know.” You blush slightly and sit next to him, hesitating slightly before finally leaning back against the wall. Once you are comfortable (at least as comfortable as you are going to get), Fitz leans over and puts his arm around you and rests his head against yours. His presence always has a calming effect. “What’s the laptop for?” You mumble.

“I found a funny video of a penguin getting slapped by another penguin. I thought it would make you smile.” He explains as he opens the laptop and pulls up the video. “You ready?”


He hits play on the four second video. You giggle as the second penguin falls into the water, and hit replay a few more times. One particularly loud crash of thunder sends you into hiding under the blankets.

“It’s alright Y/N. He shifts so he is hugging you. “I won’t let it hurt you.” Fitz rubs your back and holds you close. “You’re safe with me.” He repeats until you stop shaking.