panic at the disco tattoo


I thought he was just confused…but no, Pete was literally getting a fucking tattoo done while all of this was going on. This just blows my mind.

  • Oblivious Tattoo Artist: hi so you want to get something written by Ryan Ross tattooed right?
  • Me: yep *hands over a scrap of paper*
  • Tattoo Artist: 'hey moon'? Ok we can- oh my god wtf-
  • Me: *is handing over a stack of freshly printed sheets. Scribbled notes are falling from my pockets. There are songs from panic!, the young veins and his solo projects. I take a step forward and a bunch of papers slides from my coat. It seems I've printed all his tweets. The card peeking out from my collar says 'reinvent love'. The chit stuffed in my socks reads 'envy, malice, attention'. The papers tucked under my arm look suspiciously like an entire volume of throam. I take a step forward and a dozen papers fly out. They are his live journal entries.*
  • Tattoo Artist: *screams and then faints*