panic at the desu

So this is going to be kind of long. For a starter; A-desu = Weeb, Hono = My best friend.. Excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes too. WARNING this story talks about PDA and covers sexual things that happened as well as slurs and self harm.

Lets start in seventh grade, A-desu is a year younger than me and they are socially awkward. Every time I saw A-desu they were alone, I should have sensed something was up by that but I was too nice of a person to let them be sad and alone. That was the biggest mistake of my life. A-desu and I became friends and we bonded over mutual interests in anime and art, but A-desu started making me really uncomfortable within that year.

They would show me hardcore yaoi porn drawings that they had on their ipod (legend of zelda, furries, and Hetalia) despite me asking them to stop showing me this. At lunch every day A-desu would read yaoi fanfiction, fangirl over it, draw inappropriate things. 

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