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What would the vets and 104th say to their kids if they asked where babies come from

Mikasa: Ask your dad
Reiner: When a man and a woman love each other they do a special hug
Bertholdt: *Panics*
Annie: You’ll find out soon enough
Eren: Uhm… I … Vagina!
Jean: Out of mommy’s tummy
Marco: *Tells the story of the stork*
Sasha: There’s a guy who sells babies
Connie: They just appear
Historia: We go harvest them at the baby cave
Armin: *Sits down and actually explains the whole thing*
Ymir: *shrugs* who knows

Levi: *just bluntly explains the whole process*
Hanji: *gets out the flipchart* Well…
Erwin: Wait till you have that in class
Nanaba: Hey! wow! Did you see that bird!!!!!!!
Mike: I’ll tell you when you’re older
Moblit: *Runs and never comes back*

Derpy, Drooly, Dirty Diaper Dragoness

*Something The Anon on FA commissioned from me. As with all things I post here here, it is very dark.

“Wuv poopies!” Emmy giggled, slobbering all down her chin. The dragoness was wearing just a thick, crinkly diaper around her waist, stained brown and lumpy in the back with her load

“Oh, looks like you made another stinky.” Sarah, a lioness, remarked

“Shut up.” Annie, another dragoness, muttered next to Sarah

“Oh it’s so big and mushy, you like your stinky bottom so much don’t you, you little dumb tard?”

“I said shut up.” Annie growled in annoyance

If she had known how much trouble the cloning experiment would cause her, she never would have agreed to it. Emmy was her clone. Her failed clone rather. Annie was the smartest person in the lab where they worked whereas Emmy was… well her well used diaper said it all.

“Oh come on, I’m just joking.” Sarah laughed. She walked over to Emmy and pulled back the waistband of her diaper “Phew! You don’t poop this much do you?”

In reality, Annie did. Dragonesses were noble animals and everything but they also could poop as much as a cow. Annie had learned that she needed to give toilets one or two courtesy flushes or else she would clog them. Thanks to Emmy, now everyone who worked with her knew just how much dragonesses pooped too.

“Let’s just change her.” Annie said. She walked over to pick up a fresh diaper for Emmy. Emmy’s diapers were thick, as in thick, medical grade, three tapes on each side diapers. They weren’t made for subtlety or even walking. They were meant so the wearer could deposit the maximum amount of poop.

“Upside daisy!” Sarah giggled, breaking the tapes on Emmy’s diaper. Below her Emmy gurgled, spitting all over her free breasts.

“No! No change!” Emmy said, moving from side to side in an attempt to keep her heavily used diaper on

“Shut up you tard.” Annie said. She rather roughly pulled back Emmy’s diaper and wiped her poopy bottom down. Then, sliding the clean diaper under Emmy, she taped it shut around her waist.

“Tanks sis! Hee hee!” Emmy drooled

Annie turned red with irritation. Emmy had taken to calling her ‘sis’ as in sister because they shared the same face. As though it wasn’t bad enough already that Annie had to see a mirror of herself shitting diapers and getting her butt wiped all the time!

“Aww, that’s cute!” Sarah said. She, like everyone else, enjoyed poking fun at Annie for her predicament.

“Okay, okay.” Annie stood up to leave and noticed Emmy squatting and straining “Oh come on…”

“P-poopies!” Emmy grunted. Her diaper pushed out, the first turd entering it. The plastic crinkled and stained brown, her diaper pulling down as Emmy made a mess in her pants. A familiar smell assaulted Annie’s nose.

Emmy turned to Annie, proud of what she had done “I made a pwesant for you sis! Poopy in my diapey!”

That night Annie flopped on her bed, utterly exhausted. It had only been about a week since the failed cloning experiment and already she was so sick and tired of that dumb clone who shared her face. Casually she slipped her fingers under her panties and rubbed. She sighed. At least she could still do this every night. Slowly she massaged, building up to a climax.

Annie moaned with pleasure. Maybe it wasn’t all bad. She clicked off her light and closed her eyes. She didn’t notice her bladder letting loose in her sheets.

A few more days passed by. It was largely uneventful, except for the fact that Emmy discovered that the contents of her diapers was not only squishy but tasty too. That had been plain humiliating for Annie, coming in and seeing herself with poop stains all over her fur, licking her brown fingers

At around the two week mark though, while she was masturbating, an image popped into Annie’s mind. It was Emmy, sitting in her diaper. Annie watched as Emmy pushed herself into her usual squatting position and grunted. Annie felt something warm and mushy push up against her butt.

“Hmm?” She asked, looking down. She was wearing just a diaper! Then, looking up, she realized that she wasn’t looking at Emmy, she was looking in a mirror!

“N-No! I notta tard!” Annie said, spitting all over herself as she did so. She stumbled and fell on her butt, continuing to mess herself as she did so. Her diaper turned dark brown, the telltale sign that she had pooped herself.

As Annie struggled, she just kept pooping. Her diaper got tighter and tighter as it filled up with her poop until it couldn’t hold any more and it began pushing out the leg holes and dropped on the floor.

“No! Gotta clean up!” Annie said and before she knew what she was doing she had grabbed the poop on the floor and pushed it into her mouth and swallowed to hide the evidence. It happened again and Annie repeated the process, over and over eating her poop as her diaper filled up and she drooled on herself.

Annie snapped back to reality in a cold sweat. Her fingers were in her panties. They were wet. At first Annie thought it was from her masturbating, but there was too much liquid.

“I peed myself!?!” She asked in panic. Her panties mushed as she moved “Oh no… please no…”

But she had, there was no denying it. She had peed and pooped herself. It wasn’t much, not near what Emmy did in her diapers, but it was still very worrysome. There weren’t any long term effects of the failed cloning process, were there? She’d need to research that the next day

“Mark?” Annie asked, walking into the lab the next day. Mark had been in charge of the failed cloning experiment.

“Yeah? Look I’m sorry about what happened, I already told you-”

“It’s not that. I’m thinking about myself. Is there any way that the experiment could have, well, backfired?”

The dog scratched his head “I don’t think so, any damage should have been only on Emmy. And, well there’s a lot of damage there.”

“I know. But, can I see the notes again anyway?”

Mark handed her a clipboard. Annie flipped through. She noticed quite a few math mistakes. This stupid dog was in charge of the experiment? No wonder it had failed!

She did a quick calculation in her head and nodded. It made sense now, when she masturbated she was overloading her brain, which was causing it to decay. Damn, she had already probably lost a good 20 or so IQ points! She would have loved to smash Mark’s face in right then and there but she wasn’t about to let him know she had a problem.

“Thanks.” She said, handing him back the clipboard and walking away

Annie was required to spend about an hour or two a day with Emmy. Despite Annie trying to make it very clear that she didn’t like her, Emmy obviously liked her the best. She loved seeing her 'sis’ and would let out one of her stupid retard 'hurrr!’ screams every time she saw her

“Poopy sis! I made a poopy!” Emmy said when Annie entered the room, proudly displaying her well used diaper

“Yeah, yeah.” Annie said, standing as far as she could away from the retard. Emmy waddled over, her stinky sack squelching in between her legs with each step

“Sis made poopy too!” Emmy said

“No I didn’t.” Annie muttered

“Uh-huh! You went cum-cum and then you went poopy!” Emmy giggled. She spit drool all over Annie’s stunned face

“Wait, how do you know about that?”

“Sis needs to make another cum-cum!” Emmy said and before Annie knew what was happening, Emmy had stuck her drool-soaked fingers into Annie’s panties

“N-no! Stop!” Annie sputtered. She felt a surge of pleasure and moaned, too relaxed to really fight back. Vaguely she realized that since Emmy shared her body, Emmy would know exactly how to turn her on

“Time for poops!” Emmy said, holding up a fresh diaper. She pulled down Annie’s pants, continuing to pleasure her all the while and taped the thick, crinkly thing between her legs, three tapes on each side.

“I feel… poopy…” Annie said, lying back on the ground. Emmy sat on top of her, straddling her with her poopy diaper rubbing around Annie’s crotch.

“Sis likes poopies!” Emmy giggled. Drool dripped onto Annie’s face “Sis likes poopies becawse sis is a big dumb-dumb poopy tard!”

Annie pushed. It was just as warm and mushy as she had imagined. Hot, fresh, stinky poop filling her diaper and pee spreading warmth across her crotch. She smiled dumbly, drool running down her chin, and came in her diaper.

“I made poopy.” Annie giggled “I tardy stupid.”

“Mmm, sis makes best poopies!” Emmy said, nuzzling into Annie’s brown, crinkly, warm, diaper butt

Annie came to with her cheek resting on the floor, a puddle of drool around her head. She was staring at Emmy, who had a brown lump in her paws and was licking at it happily.

“Sis’s poopies taste so good!” Emmy giggled. Annie’s heart stopped as she felt her bottom. Squishy. She was lying there in a massively full diaper.

In a panic, Annie jumped up and looked at the clock. She still had ten minutes before someone else took over for her. But she had drool all over herself! And her diaper, ugh, she’d pooped as much as Emmy usually did! She hurried over to the changing supplies to get herself cleaned up.

“Remembaw to finish making poopies sis!” Emmy called. Annie automatically bent her knees and obeyed, pushing yet more poop into her diaper. Then, taking her diaper off as best she could, she dropped it in the diaper pail and wiped herself down.

“I-I need to get out of here.” Annie gasped, pulling her uniform on, still trying to comprehend the situation

“Poopy on floor sis!” Emmy said, pointing to next to the changing station where some of Annie’s poop had fallen out of her diaper while she was taking it off. Annie took it and put it in her mouth. Her eyes widened. Poop tasted good! This was like a chocolate fudge treat!

“I gots more poopy for you in my diapey!” Emmy offered. Eagerly Annie went over to get her present. That was when the door opened and Sarah walked in.

“Shift’s over.” She said to Annie who hurried to collect her composure

“Yeah, heh, thank goodness.” Annie said, forcing a smile


Annie bought diapers on her way home. She didn’t know why, she just needed them. Using the potty seemed, well honestly kind of hard. She had checked out her math, she could still do that just fine, but using the potty? You needed to lift up the seat AND pull your pants down AND clean up afterward. How was anyone supposed to figure out how to do that?

“I’m just wearing diapers for convenience.” Annie said to herself, crinkling while she walked. The diaper pushed her legs apart slightly, forcing her to waddle. She flopped down in bed. She automatically began to slip her fingers into her diaper but stopped.

“I can’t cum.” She told herself “Cumming decays my brain. I can’t do that.”

She thought about it for a moment “But my sister told me I was a big stupid tard, so how can it be that bad?”

She pushed her fingers into her diaper and rubbed. It didn’t take much, Annie was just getting hornier and hornier with each passing day. Where she used to just be able to make one cum a day, now she could make three or four and still barely be satisfied.

Annie found herself standing in the middle of a party. Heavily diapered adult furs like herself ran around. They were all female, Annie noticed, while at the edges of the room there were the males. Annie recognized some of them. Sarah was playing happily in just a thick diaper while Mark was standing in a corner, watching smugly.

Annie suddenly realized something. She had forgotten to bring presents for the party! It was way too late now though, what could she make? Her eyes widened as she had an idea. She could make poopy presents in her diapey! Everyone she knew loved poopies! She squatted and pushed hard. Hot steamy mush filled the seat of her diaper. Annie grinned. She was such a smart girl!

Annie came to while she was squatting on her bed. She glanced at her diaper between her legs. It was brown and sagging between her legs.

“Oopsie.” She giggled. Just then Annie’s stomach rumbled. She looked at the time and groaned. She had forgotten to make herself dinner! But she came up with an easy solution. She could have poopy for dinner!

Toddling to the kitchen, Annie got out her fine china. This was a special meal after all! Then, taking a serving spoon, Annie pulled back her diaper and spooned some of the contents into a bowl. She grinned. Yum! She walked to the table and put the bowl down and stuck her entire face in. She was such a smart girl!

Annie was licking the bowl clean when she had another bowel movement in her diaper. She smiled happily. Her diapey was getting kind of full, but she really didn’t want to change herself. She loved her poopy butt! Her diaper could stay just like it was.

Annie fell asleep that night with her very squishy diaper wrapped around her waist. She giggled and drooled in her sleep.

Annie threw the diaper away in disgust the next morning but it had become clear to her that she was going to be fighting a battle. Diapers were no longer an option for her, she knew that her retard self could come out at any time, and retard Annie wasn’t potty trained. She had to wear some of the most ridiculous poofy dresses to work to hide the massive crinkling thing around her waist.

Emmy of course wasn’t fooled “Good sis, you’s weawing diapeys now!” She drooled happily when Annie entered that day.

“I’m not falling for this again.” Annie said, steeling herself for Emmy’s approach. Emmy toddled over and Annie pushed her back.

“No.” Annie said sternly. Emmy just giggled and when Annie tried pushing her again, Emmy grabbed and began wrestling with her

Annie quickly realized that because they had the same body, Emmy was just as strong as she was. Annie put up a good fight but it was only a matter of time before Emmy found a weak point and knocked her onto her back. Before Annie could get up, Emmy had sat her butt on Annie’s face.

“I’s gonna make pwesents for you!” Emmy giggled. Annie knew what that meant. Emmy had a clean diaper on now, but now for long.

Emmy blasted Annie in the face with her first smelly fart “I wuv you sis, I gonna do lots and lots of poopies for you!” She said, slipping her fingers into Annie’s diaper

“No! Notta tard! I no wanna be poopy!” Annie said, struggling as best she could. Emmy’s diaper ballooned and covered her face. Annie winced. The poopy had smelled really bad at first, but now she was starting to like it!

“Silly dwagoness, you’s a big, smelly tard!” Emmy laughed, farting and pooping in her sister’s face and derping her down to a little drooling stupid. She rubbed Annie some more. Still Annie resisted.

“No, no poopies!” Annie said. Emmy rolled her eyes and reached into her own diaper and scooped out some poop. She took a taste herself before shoving it into Annie’s maw.

“There you poopy!” Emmy giggled. Annie choaked and sputtered but she was forced to taste the poop. It was like warm, moist chocolate cake. When she looked at Emmy again her eyes were glazed and unfocused. She was grinning dumbly.

“Poopy! Poopy! Wuv poopy! Huuurrr!” She said, snuggling into Emmy’s diaper. She was a big, stupid tard and she loved poopy! She loved poopy so, so much!

Emmy got off of her and gave Annie a chance to sit on her face and make a poopy. She was thrilled to find that Annie made the biggest, smelliest, messiest poop of her life. She stuck her maw into Annie’s warm, crinkly plastic while Annie lay forwards and did the same to her.

Annie toddled out of that session with Emmy dazed and confused. She was smiling like an idiot though, she had never had so much fun in her life! It only took her about five minutes to mess the clean diaper she had put on herself.

“Great.” She muttered, secretly enjoying it, while she walked to the bathroom to give herself a change. They were single person restrooms. Mark was hanging against the wall nearby.

“Hey.” Annie muttered

“Hey. So, what’s with the outfit?” Mark asked “You going to a victorian england convention after work?”

“I just thought it looked nice.” Annie snapped, though even she had to admit she looked rather odd in the long, puffy skirt. It was the only thing she had that could hide her massive diaper though.

“Or, you might be trying to hide a diaper.” Mark said

Annie’s heart stopped “Don’t be silly.” She said

“I can smell you know. I think a little tardy girl belongs with her sister making big poopies in her diaper…”

“You’re joking.”

“You also have poop on your cheek.” Mark smirked “Appropriate for a stupid like you.”

“It’s your fault I’m like this!” Annie said “You messed up the calculations!”

Mark responded by taking one step forwards and yanking the dress over Annie’s head. Annie squeaked and covered herself as best she could, but she knew the onlookers could see her diaper with a big brown stain on the seat.

“My, my, looks like a stupid needs her diaper changed.” Mark said

“Nodda stupid…” Annie said, feeling herself revert as she said it. She hated it, but she also loved it, being out of her stupid clothes and toddling around in just her diaper.

“Let’s go now.”

Annie found herself being marched down the hall in just her diaper. Mark wasn’t shy about correcting the people around that it wasn’t actually Emmy that he was leading, it was Annie. All the while Annie whimpered and tried to correct people.

“No, pwease, I nodda stupid. It was jus an accidewnt! I no tardy. I… I need to poopy…”

The last comment came as her stomach grumbled. Annie automatically put her fingers into her diaper. It didn’t matter that everyone was watching, she was not about to miss a chance to masturbate while she pooped.

“Eww, is she?”

“That’s Annie?”

“She’s such a shameless retard!”

Annie could barely understand the words the people around her were using. She stopped and slowly lowered herself into a squatting position, her fingers still in her diaper. She pushed.

Pooping was easy for her now. More warm, mush filled the seat of her diaper as it crinkled and turned brown. People around her fanned the air and took a few steps back out of range of her stink cloud. Mark smiled down and let her do her buisness in her diaper and finger herself while she was at it. She came, feeling yet more of her precious brain go bye-bye forever.

When she was done, Annie stood up, her messy diaper drooping behind her, and let Mark lead her back to where Emmy was, her eyes vacant, drool dripping onto her bouncing, naked breasts.


Annie’s diaper squished and squelched between her legs as Mark led her back to the room where Emmy was. She felt drool run down her chin, her cheeks bright red with shame and embarassment. She didn’t want to be a retard! But even as she thought it her bowels contracted, releasing another smelly load into the seat of her diaper.

“Phew, Miss Tardy went poopy again didn’t she?” Mark smirked

“Nodda tard!” Annie said, trying her absolute hardest to maintain her dignity. How had she been reduced to this? Dragons were noble animals, smart and strong and everything! They weren’t supposed to be diaper filling stupids!

“Sure you aren’t.” Mark rolled his eyes and pushed her into the room with Emmy. Emmy grinned from ear to ear, thrilled to see her sister again so soon.

“Sis go poopy!” Emmy commented happily. She squatted and raised her tail “I’s gonna go poopy too!”

She closed her eyes and grunted and strained. There was a muffled fart and Emmy’s diaper dropped. She grinned in relief, her padding turning brown and yellow, despite being such a thick medical diaper.

“Stop! Dis nod wight!” Annie said again to Mark. Mark smiled mischeviously.

“Oh it’s very right. Right according to my real calculations.” He said “You didn’t think I really made all those mistakes did you?”

Annie froze. What was he talking about? The cloning experiment had gone wrong but it was an accident, right? She didn’t have time to ask before Mark unzipped his fly.

“I know how to test if you’re a tardy stupid or not.” He said, letting his cock flop out “Retards like sucking cocks and cum. If you’re a retard, you’re going to crawl over in that poopy diapey of yours right now and give me a good suck-suck.”

“I… I no… um…” Annie tried to remain defiant but the sight of Mark’s dick was making her feel so horny. She slipped her fingers into her diaper.

“That’s right you dumb-dumb. Now come over here.”

Annie slobbered in anticipation and waddled over, her full diaper still swinging between her legs. She got down on her knees and closed her lips around Mark’s shaft.

“There’s a good girl.” Mark praised, petting her on the head. Annie grunted, his cock still in her mouth, and her diaper pushed out a little more “Oh making poopies while you’re giving me a suck-suck? Such a naughty girl.”

“Mmph…” Annie said, feeling Mark’s penis become hard and erect in her mouth. She pulled her lips back and began to lick all around. She didn’t know why but the prospect of a salty, milky treat in her mouth was just too enticing to resist. She had to have it! It was even more appealing than poopy to her, and that was saying something!

“Oh!” Mark gasped as Annie really got going “Who knew a smarty like you made such a good cock sucking retard? Yes! Oh good girl, keep doing that! I’m going to give you a nice tasty treat for your good work here!”

Mark was almost embarassed himself by how quickly Annie got him to cum but she definitely knew what she was doing. He squirted white cum all over her maw and face, forcing her to lick it off herself. He snickered at the sight of her sitting back in her poopy diaper, playfully trying to get every last drop. Maybe some furs would say that it was cruel to turn perfectly smart girls into retards but seeing her like this… she was happy. Much happier than she had ever been. Mark petted her head and Annie giggled happily.

“What’s going on in here?”

Mark turned to see Sarah standing at the doorway. Inwardly he kicked himself for not locking it.

“We’re just having a little fun.” He said “No need to make a big deal out of it.”

“You… You…” Sarah trailed off. She shook her head “I’m telling Director Simmons.”

Mark felt a sigh of relief but he didn’t let himself show it “No please don’t do that.”

“You can try to explain yourself if you like.” Sarah said, turning and marching off. Mark grinned and looked at Annie and Emmy.

“Do you two stupids want another sister?”

“Yay! Poopy sis!” Emmy giggled. Annie smiled and farted in her diaper.

“That’s what I thought.”

Sarah walked quickly towards the director’s office, not believing what she had just seen. She was going to tell and destroy Mark, that bastard. She stopped at the directors office and pounded on the door. There was no response.

“Director Simmons?” Sarah called. Still no response. She put her ear to the door. She could hear faint gurgling coming from inside.

“I’m coming in!” She called, turning the handle and peeking her head in.

Director Simmons was a vixen and fairly young too. She was sitting at her desk, facing Sarah. She was staring intently at her computer.

“Director I know you’re very busy but I have something to tell you.” Sarah said, walking in and shutting the door behind her

“Mmm…” Director Simmons said, not taking her eyes off the screen. Sarah took a step forward and gasped for breath.

“What’s that smell?” She asked, fanning the air in a vain attempt to get rid of it. It was like Emmy’s diaper pail, except a thousand times worse!

“Poopy.” Director Simmons grinned. Sarah saw foamy spit around her mouth.

“Um, Director Simmons?”

Sarah walked forwards. Director Simmons made no acknowledgement of her. Sarah walked around the desk and clapped a hand over her mouth. The director wasn’t sitting on a chair, she was sitting in a diaper! But it was massive, and full to the brim with poop. So full that the waistband was stretched out back and the poop was overflowing out the back and onto the carpet. Poop was pushing out the leg holes, all down Director Simmons’s thighs. It was full enough that Director Simmons could sit in it and still be at about chair height though.

Director Simmons finally turned to Sarah. Up close Sarah could really see her face, just how glazed over her eyes were and just how much drool there was all over her outfit. She still had a nice shirt on her upper half, despite having just her huge diaper on her lower half. It occured to Sarah that it had been set up that so long as someone just peeked in on Director Simmons, it would be hard to tell something was up.

“No change! I poopy queen!” Director Simmons slobbered

“I…” Sarah stuttered. She looked at Director Simmons’s computer. A swirling hypnotic spiral spun around and around “Director Simmons you can’t wear diapers!”

“No! I poopy tard queen! No change!” Director Simmons bounced in her diaper

“Now, now, she’s been working on that diaper for almost two weeks.” A voice said “You wouldn’t take that away from her now would you?”

Sarah whipped around to see Mark standing at the doorway. The dog was holding a medical diaper in his paw.

“You did this!?! You did all of this!?! Annie too!?!” Sarah demanded

Mark shrugged “Well, me and a couple others. I mean, Simmons was always full of shit anyways, always bossing everyone around like she knew how to do their job better than they did. Not a lot of girls around here that aren’t complete bitches, that wouldn’t benefit from losing some IQ and crapping a lot of diapers.”

“You won’t get away with this!” Sarah growled “I’m going to call the cops on you right now!”

“Oh? And tell me Sarah…” Mark took three steps and crossed the room “Who’s going to believe a little retarded lioness who can’t go five minutes without soiling her diapers?”

There was a split second pause and then Mark and Sarah were wrestling. Sarah fought well, but Mark was just stronger. With one hard push he shoved her head down, straight into Director Simmons’s diaper.

“Mmm! Mmm!” Sarah said, flailing her arms as Mark held her head down. It only took a couple breaths of the putrid stink before she went limp.

“There we go.” Mark sighed, pulling her pants and then her panties down “Oh nice butt you’ve got here, perfect for making poopies in your diapeys.”

He taped the medical diaper on her. Just in time too, he hadn’t even finished putting the tapes on before Sarah soaked her pants.

“Feel that? Nice and warm isn’t it?” Mark said, squishing her crotch “That’s called pee-pee. Can you say pee-pee you stupid tard?”

Sarah slowly pulled her head out of Director Simmons’s diaper. The lioness had poop coating her cheeks and whiskers. Her eyes were vacant and she had drool running down her chin.

“P-pee-pee?” She tried

“Very good!” Mark praised. He noticed Sarah’s tail flagging “Oh, and what you’re doing now is called poopy.”

“Poopy?” Sarah asked, unaware of her body squatting. Hot, stinky mess filled her diaper, mushing against her fur. Her eyes widened in surprise and she twisted her body to look behind her, confused at what was happening “Poopy?”

“Yes, poopy.” Mark said “And you’re making lots and lots in your diaper.”

“Poopy in my diapey?” Sarah repeated. She grunted and pushed another large, stinky load into her crinkly undergarments. She let herself sit on the floor and gasped. The poopy felt really good to mush! She looked being a poopy diapey butt! She looked up at Mark and grinned happily.

“Aww, such a cute drooly, happy derp.” Mark smiled “Isn’t this so much better than being a stuck-up adult?”

He turned to Director Simmons and surveyed the damage in her diaper “Well… I think it’s safe to say that you’ve tested that diaper as much as you can, director.”

“No! No change!” Director Simmons repeated

“Please, a poopy tard like you will be in a droopy diaper two minutes after I change you.” He said. He opened a drawer of her desk which was stuffed full of medical diapers “Upsie daisy director!”

Director Simmons’s diaper change took ten minutes and entire box of wipes but Mark managed to do it in the end. He wiped sweat off his brow.

“You know, you might think it’s bad to turn women into derps.” He said to Sarah while she slobbered on her paw “But believe me, changing your diapers more than makes up for it in karma points.”

He patted Director Simmons on the head “I’ll be back for you later. For now, we need to take care of you.” He said, taking Sarah by the arm.

He walked Sarah down the hall, her taking big, toddling steps. He knew it was all attracting a little more attention than he would have liked, what with him parading two derps around in the same day, but it was less than two hours before it didn’t matter anymore. He took Sarah to James, a wolf and another one of his coworkers.

“Hey James?” He asked

“Hmm? Wait, Sarah!?!” James’s eyes popped at seeing the once bossy lioness in a heavily soiled diaper and drooling all over herself

“There was a bit of an accident.” Mark said

“Oh, um, sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah. Listen, Sarah needs a, well, daddy.”

“A daddy?”

“I’ve already got both Emmy and Annie to take care of. Believe me, those dragonesses can do a number in their diapers between the two of them. So I was wondering if you could take care of Sarah.”

“I… I can’t!” James said “I don’t know how.”

“Oh it’s easy. You change her diaper and give her snuggles and pets and occasionally feed her. She can live for a while on poopy though.”

“Wait, what? I… ahh!”

Sarah had toddled over to James and was trying to climb into the chair with him.

“I think she likes you.” Mark smiled

“No, Sarah, you’re an adult!” James said, trying to push the lioness off while she sat on his lab with her squishy diaper.

Sarah just smiled. Her daddy could be so silly sometimes! But she still loved him. Maybe he just needed a little suck-suck. She kind of wanted a little suck-suck too…

“Sarah what’s that smell? Did you just poop? I- now what are you doing?”

Sarah climbed off the chair and turned around so she was facing her daddy. She pawed down his pants. James’s eyes widened as he realized what she was doing.

“Sarah, I… ohh Sarah that’s perfect!” James’s resistance faded as Sarah began to lick. Without any stupid adult thoughts getting in the way, she had gotten really good at giving blow jobs like Annie. Her slobbery lips knew exactly where to kiss.

“Have fun.” Mark smiled, walking away

Mark checked up on his girls again on his way back towards the other side of the lab. Both of them had heavily used their diapers, so he gave them some quick diaper changes. He noticed that Annie’s was noticibly less full.

“Where’d you’re poopy go?” He asked. Annie pointed at her mouth.


Mark snorted “Not a tard huh? You’re an even bigger poop eater than any of the other stupids!”

“Wuv poopy! Poopy taste wike chocowate cake wif frostin’ an’ fudge!”

Annie got up from her diaper change and squatted. Emmy followed her lead. Mark rolled his eyes. No point in changing his girls now. He watched their diapers get big, blotchy brown stains in the back as they drooped low. Annie took one look at Emmy’s diaper and dove, muzzling into her sister’s fresh, messy behind, licking and slobbering on the diaper.

“Have fun you poopybutt retards.” Mark said, leaving them to play in their new diapers

He found a mare running towards him in just a medical grade diaper as he got closer to his destination. He caught her by the arm.

“Whoa there missy, what’s going on?” He asked, feigning ignorance

The mare pointed in a panic “Dey is tuwning evewyone into poo-poo diapey tards! I needs to go potty weally bad!”

“If you need to go potty, why don’t you just use your diaper?” Mark suggested “That’s why a tard like you is wearing one isn’t it?”

The mare shook her head “No! I no tardy! I no need diapey! I… I…” She looked at herself and grunted. Her knees bent and her tail swished. Mark watched. He loved this part, the part where the girl discovered just how fun going potty in a diaper was. The mare’s diaper pushed out and dropped, filling up with her first of many poops. The mare looked at Mark again, now smiling happily.

“I made poopy!” She said proudly

“Yes you did.” Mark agreed, walking around and feeling the seat of her diaper “So warm and mushy, do you like having warm and mushy pants?”

“Yes! Wuv poopy pants!” The mare agreed. Mark took her and led her back to the lab.

Dozens and dozens of former scientists and lab workers were toddling or crawling around in stinky diapers. Most of them had accepted their fate, resigning themselves to a life of drooling and diapers as retards, but there were a few here and there that were still fighting. Mark dropped the mare off just inside the door and watched as even those few girls lost the battle too, turning into little more than poopy diaper stupids.

“We’re almost done here.” A turtle near Mark said “Think everyone else will like them?”

“Of course.” Mark said, squishing the nearest diaper butt “I mean come on, is this not the cutest bottom you’ve ever seen?”

“True.” The turtle said “We do have one problem though, we’re almost out of the serum.”

“Hmm? Did they really put up that much of a fight?”

“We had to give some two or three doses.” The turtle said, holding up a needle “It was ingenious to pretend that Director Simmons had called them here for a vaccine test, but the retard serum didn’t work as well as we’d hoped.”

“Hmm.” Mark muttered

“So what now? Do we chalk it up to another accident? There are still maybe three or four dozen girls we didn’t get yet.”

“No need.” Mark said “I think there’s another way we can derp the rest of them.”

He turned back to the mare “Do you want to help us make you some more sisters?”

“Yes! Wuv diapey poopy sistaws!” The mare giggled

The rest of the building was soon overrun by the giggling, drooling retard girls, their poopy diapers swinging and squishing between their legs as they waddled. Most of the few remaining girls with their brain still intact found themselves being pulled down and drooled on, diaper butts squished in their face, and before they knew it they were squatting and pooping their new diapers too.

The male furs, while spared from needing diapers themselves, all had at least one girl, her diaper mushing between her legs, run up to them and pull their pants down and start sucking. Any protests were quickly silenced by how good it felt. A couple lucky furs found that they had multiple diaper girls snuggling and cuddling with them.

As all that was happening, Mark went back to Annie. The poor dragoness had came even more while he was gone. He smiled. She had been a failed test subject, making her lose IQ by making her cum had made her too retarded too quickly, and she was still dropping.

“Well, if you’re going to go all the way, I may as well be a good daddy and help.” Mark shrugged, getting down in front of her and rubbing the front of her diaper with her “To think you used to be our top scientist. Such a noble dragoness, so strong, so smart, practically a goddess really. Now look at you, pooping your diaper over and over again like a big, giant retard. What was it you used to say about retards? They’re so dumb and gross, something like that? Well now you are one. So say bye-bye to all your IQ Annie, you’re going straight to tardyland.”

Annie giggled. She pushed out another poopy and came. Poopy and cum-cum. Poopy and cum-cum. With every poopy she made another cum-cum in her diaper. She had so little IQ left to lose too. Slowly her head flopped down against the soft carpet, drool and slobber running out of her mouth and formind a puddle around her head. She pooped and came again, no longer able to even say simple words like poopy. She could still gurgle a little though, blowing spit bubbles and making the spit at the edges of her mouth all foamy.

“Sis pooped?” Emmy asked

“Yes, your sister is completely pooped.” Mark said, petting Emmy’s head “To think that now you’re the smart one and she’s the dumb poopy baby… kind of funny isn’t it?”

Emmy closed her eyes and grunted. Her pure white diaper stained brown. Mark grinned. Another poopy. He would expect nothing less from his little stinker.

“I made a poopy like a good tard, daddy!” Emmy said happily “I needs you to change me!”

“I know.” Mark said.  He looked down at Annie, her eyes completely vacant, unable to even understand that he was there “You need a change too, Annie the poopy diaper retard?”

Annie gurgled.  A muffled fart came from her diaper.

Mark smiled. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


the only heaven i’ve been sent to is when i’m alone with you; a fanmix for John Mitchell & Annie Sawyer from “Being Human UK”

—> listen <—

i. demons • imagine dragons | ii. devil’s backbone • the civil war | iii. more than friends • gabrielle aplin | iv. run • daughter | v. take me to church • hozier | vi. smother • daughter | vii. skinny love • birdy | viii. nicotine • panic! at the disco | ix. black • kari kimmel | x. mercenary • panic! at the disco | 

Let Go

Fandom: Attack on Titan

Pairing: Mikasa/Annie

Note: My first femslash fic and it took me nearly a year to write.

Annie’s new to wanting things for herself so she figures why not go for the most selfish wish possible? If anyone could love a monster it’s a fellow monster.
Annie falls in love. And like anytime Annie falls, it doesn’t end well.[On Ao3]

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Where to find my drabbles

x fluff 

Finnick and Annie’s first moments in D13

Finnick doesn’t die and reunites with Annie

Finnick and Annie making up after a fight

Finnick is still alive and Annie finds out about her pregnancy

Finnick tells Katniss how he and Annie fell in love 

Finnick comes home to Annie after a tough client

Annie’s very first interview after her games

Finnick proposes to Annie at D13

Finnick and Annie’s first night at D13

Finnick and Annie’s reunion

Annie tells what happened in the Capitol during the Quell

After a terrible nightmare, Finnick runs to Annie 

Finnick and Annie go dancing in the rain

Finnick and Annie dancing in their wedding

Odesta wedding from Finnick’s point of view

Odesta fight slowly turns into a make-out session

Finnick proposes to Annie

Annie is worried she’ll be a bad mother, Finnick reassures her

Odesta first moments alone in D13

Odesta very first kiss after Annie’s games

Annie comes back from the Capitol hijacked as well, but Finnick is able to pull her out of it

Annie and Finnick finally reunite after her games

Odesta on the beach with their baby boy

Annie’s first words after her games

Finnick proposing to Annie

Finnick doesn’t mentor Annie in her games, and this is their reunion after she comes home

Finnick comforts Annie after she has a panic attack 

x angst

Annie’s reaction to Finnick’s poem during his interview

Finnick’s last moments and thoughts

Finnick dealing with Annie’s suicide

Finnick asks Mags to volunteer for Annie for the Quell

After getting out of her games, Annie breaks

The rebels receive a video of Annie being tortured, and Finnick breaks

Annie goes to Mags’ grave to tell her she’s pregnant

Annie is forced into prostitution instead of Finnick

Finnick’s thoughts during Annie’s games

Annie finds out the truth about Finnick’s visits to the Capitol

Instead Peeta, Annie does the interview where she warns D13 about the bombers.

Annie’s death on the arena - Finnick’s POV 

Annie goes to the Quarter Quell with Finnick and dies

A year after her games Annie becomes pregnant but miscarries

x sort of humor 

Annie is pregnant and Finnick won’t stop talking about it

Johanna teasing Annie about her sex life

Annie and Finnick were never reaped and met at the market

Finnick and Annie’s daughter going on her first date

Finnick tries to teach Annie to use his trident

Finnick introduces Annie to Johanna for the first time

Finnick and Annie go to the ice rink, and while Annie is a talented skater, Finnick isn’t

Finnick takes their son for a walk and loses him

Finnick is a really bad at keeping secrets from Annie, and he tries to plan something fore her birthday without her noticing

x odesta backstory

Finnick and Annie are together, he gets jealous of one of Annie’s male friends in District 4

Finnick and Annie come across a strange find during cleaning Mags’ attic

Finnick having a nightmare and Annie soothing him

Finnick and Annie at home with their baby

Annie admits how they raped her in the Capitol

Finnick and Annie’s first kiss

People around town start to notice how much time Finnick and Annie spend together

Finnick and Annie learn about an ancient celebration called Halloween

Finnick and Annie have known each other since little kids. He dies in his games and a few years later she dies in hers and they meet in the afterlife

While mentoring Annie, Finnick realises he has feelings for her

In panic, Finnick and Annie try to elope before the Quell

Annie has difficulty speaking at the districts during her Victory Tour

Annie begs Finnick to stand up to Snow

Annie is about to give birth to her and Finnick’s baby

Finnick begs president Coin to save Annie from the Capitol

Annie comes back from her games and begs Finnick to let her stay with him because she can’t stand her big and empty house

Finnick and Annie are on the victory tour and President Snow warns them not to show any signs of affection in public

A random drabble about Finnick and Annie’s life

Finnick wants Annie, but fears he doesn’t deserve her

x AU

Grey’s Anatomy + Odesta

AU: Finnick and Annie passing secret notes in class

AU: Finnick was the one to get kidnapped and is reunited with Annie in D13

x other

Clary having a nightmare about the battle and Jace comforting her

Instead Merder being the girl and guy to hook up at Joe’s, it’s Japril

Ian being protective over Wanda


I thought I’d start out the new year right with my first Follow Forever (●´∀`●)

I don’t follow very many people, however I tried to get everyone I’ve interacted with or admire as a blogger. Sorry if I missed anyone, I’m sure I did… ;д;

anonymous asked:

could you do everlark, "didn't you see what i did?"

Anon…You’ve probably aged 84 years waiting for me to answer this. Tumblr says it’s from March, but I’ve been in a funk off and on and inspiration has been fickle for a bit. So I hope you’re still around because the Peeta still from MJ2 today provided that last kick I needed to actually come up with something for this.

I dig my nails into my scalp. What’s left of them at least, since the doctors in Thirteen have been fastidious about keeping them short. All the way down to the beds. Can’t give a monster like me any sort of weapon. Not even a built in one like fingernails. Although it seems they forgot a few things. Legs and feet. Arms. Strength.

Peeta’s strong. He can throw a hundred pound sack of flour over his head.

Liar. Mutt.

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Laurensscribbles Writing Master Post


Dear Annie

Finnick and Annie Meet

In the Future

The Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars, and Divergent (Not only Odesta)

Father’s Day

Blogger Annie

Deja Vu 

Letter to Finnick

Annie’s Baby

65th Hunger Games

Annie Sells Her Body

Annie is Afraid for Her Games

Finnick Returns to Annie After the War

Annie Blames Katniss for Mags’s Death 

Annie Thinks Finnick is Cheating on Her

Finnck and Annie Fight Over Something Stupid

Annie Tries to Flirt with Finnick

Finnick Starts to Hallucinate

Annie’s First Games as a Mentor

Finnick Has a Flashback at Annie’s Reaping

Annie Has a Panic Attack

Annie Comes Out of Her Games Unstable

Annie Reacts to Mags’s Death

Annie and Finnick’s First Time

Finnick Proposes to Annie

Snow Sells Annie and Finnick Catches Her with a Client

Annie tries to Commit Suicide

Annie Hasn’t Gone in the Water Since Her Games

Finnick and Mags Make a Birthday Party for Annie

High School AU- Finnick Asks Annie to Prom

High School AU- Finnick Asks Annie to Prom Part II

Annie tries to Help Finnick Get Over His Ex

A Teacher Reflects On Odesta

Annie Realizes She Loves Finnick

Finnick Through the Years

Annie Through the Years

Talking Before Finnick’s Games

Odesta Truth or Dare

Odesta As Teachers

High School AU- They Are Partnered Up for a Project

Finnick Writes in Annie’s Yearbook

Plutarch Goes Back to Get Annie

Finnick and Annie Are the Last Two Victors in the Quarter Quell

Katniss Asks Finnick What He Loves Most About Annie 

Odesta College AU- Finnick and Annie Meet

Odesta College AU- Annie Gets Embarrassed

Tying the Knot

Finnick and Annie Work at Disney World

Finnick and Annie Try to Hide Their Baby Before the Quarter Quell

Finnick Comes back After the War after Annie Thought He Was Dead

Annie is Pregnant with Their Second Child

Annie Blames Katniss for Finnick’s Death

Annie and Finnick Dance Together 

Finnick Introduces Annie to Katniss

Annie and Finnick are married and Annie begins to fall in love with Peeta

President Snow Wants Them to Have a Fake Relationship

College AU Odesta and Gadge

Finnick Tries to Pull Annie Out of Her Shell

Annie’s Final Moments in Her Games

Finnick Helps Annie Overcome Her Fear of Water


Christmas Sweaters

First and Last Words

Click here for Odesta text messages

Click Here for Odesta Blog Posts (A longer fan fic I started but never finished. Maybe I’ll start it up again one day).


They Meet at Night

White Shirt

Anything But Normal

College AU Odesta and Gadge

Other The Hunger Games:

Careers in the 75th Hunger Games

Cato and Johanna


Kristoff and Elsa Get Drunk

Kristanna’s Secret

Kristanna Bakes Cookies

Red Band Society:

Kara Finds Out Hunter Got His New Liver

Leo Gets To Emma’s House

Dash and His Disease


The Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars, and Divergent (Not Only Divergent)

Fourtris’s Son Refuses to Wear Tobias’s Jacket

Ten Inch Hero:

AU where Priestly is furry22

Not Fan Fiction:

The Longest Minute

More Than a Trip to the Grocery Store

Love Story

Headcanon that Annie has a really sweet singing voice. She sometimes sings softly to help Bertholdt get to sleep, or to calm Reiner from the worst of his episodes.

One day, while Mikasa and Eren were out doing a bit of extra training (Mikasa was, rather, giving Eren some pointers), Armin decided to take a nap in the barracks. But he had a nightmare and woke up sobbing, with neither of his friends anywhere to be found (to his increased panic).

Annie happened to be the only one nearby; she heard him and, after verifying that there was no one around, crawled into his bunk with him and caddied his head in her lap; she stroked his hair and sang to him until he calmed down and fell back asleep.

Since Annie was gone by the time he woke up, Armin wondered if it was a dream. But a few furtive glances exchanged at diner told him that something definitely had happened. He thanked her later, and she shrugged it off, telling him to forget it. He’s never forgotten it.

… So, some nights, Armin will creep down to the underground cavern under the Survey Corps HQ. He shuffles his feet; sometimes he talks, about what’s going on in the world, with him and the rest of the 104th. Sometimes he’ll curl up and sleep, because he’s too exhausted to do anything else.

… But some nights, he’ll apologize that his voice isn’t as sweet as hers.

And then he’ll sing softly to the girl in the crystal.

A drop in the ocean
A change in the weather
I was prayin’ that you and me might end up together

Do you ever have that feeling in you stomach as you watch a person next to you? You realize, that one person is the reason you’re still here. The reason you haven’t slipped over the line. The reason why you remember who you are. Finnick Odair knew that feeling well, and he got it again as he watched the brown-haired girl next to her. Her skinny fingers were tying knots into a fishing net she was making for Finnick, and next to her Finnick was lying on the sand, watching her and the sky. It had been nearly five years since Finnick Odair had been crowned as the Victor of the 65. Annual Hunger Games, and the reaping of the 70. Games would happen in a week. Even though the years had passed, the nightmares didn’t. Finnick still woke up screaming in panic, and only Annie could calm him down - that’s why she practically lived with him at the Victor’s Village.

Finnick turned his head again to see Annie. The sun was going down, and it reflected from the surface of the sea, and that’s when Finnick got an idea. “Let’s go swimming”, he said vigorously and smiled widely to Annie, who looked at him like he was a lunatic. “What? No!” She protested and raised her eyebrow when Finnick got on his feet. “Finn, what are you doin-” And just like that, she was up in the air. Finnick threw her on his shoulder, keeping a tight grip on her legs. “Finn, no! NO!” But it was too late. Finnick threw her in the water and laughed as he dived in the warm but salty wate by himself.

They swam there, clothes on, laughing the whole time. They lived their lost childhood all over again, until they got exhausted. And when they did, they went back to the sand and just sitted there in the dusk. Annie was shivering when the chilly wind passed them, and saying nothing Finnick ripped his button-down shirt off and put it on Annie’s shoulders. He touched ligthly her cheek with his fingers, but after doing it his fingers stayed there, and he hesitated. Then he placed his other hand in her neck and slowly pressed his lips on hers. Annie responded to the kiss even though she was surprised as hell. “I’ve wanted to do that for years”, Finnick gasped, his lips only a few millimeters away from hers. “I’m glad that you did”, Annie whispered back, smiling lightly.

That beautiful little moment would’ve been their little secret if there weren’t have been that curious Capitol public servant who saw it all.

A week later they were at the square: Finnick, as the mentor, was at the stage and Annie was at the crowd with the other 16-year-olds. The ambience was tense, and Anne saw Finnick staring at her. They stared at each other during the over-joyful Capitol presenter’s unnecessary long speech. And finally, Annie heard two words she was afraid of: Ladie’s first. Finnick hold his breath as the woman picked up an random paper from the glass ball and walked back to the michrophone. She opened the paper, cleared her throat and pronounced the name clearly. Annie Cresta. Finnick, at the stage, looked furious. He was furious. He felt furious. This had nothing - nothing! - to do with the odds. President Snow knew, of course he did. And now, he was going to get Annie killed because of Finnick.

But if one thing was sure, it was that Finnick wouldn’t let it happen. He would get Annie sponsors. He would keep her alive. And that, that was a promise he made for himself.

It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert
But im holding you closer than most, cause you are my heaven

// sorry this one sucked pretty badly, but I’m really tired, it’s like 12pm in here