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Imagine Brendon talking about Panic’s new album and how you, his girlfriend, were the inspiration for it.

“Well, yes it’s called ‘Death of a Bachelor’ and- and it represents the ending of an era. I mean not just for the group but mostly us as people and- and especially me”

“Really? Meaning?”

“Oh well-” he laughed awkwardly “-it was pretty inspired by my- by my girlfriend, (Y/n) as you all know, and it kinda represents how the times of me getting drunk off my ass and partying till very early morning are over- Or sort of. I still do get drunk but I know know I will have her there ready to take care of me”

“Oh how sweet!”

“Yeah. It is kinda like the death of a bachelor because those times are over for me and now there is a new life, I hope, coming a-and, you know, even if it is not official yet I am hoping - to put it in term of music - to ‘put a ring on it’ soon!” he laughed and cheers were heard.

“Wow are you trying to say something to her Brendon?”

“Through TV, I don’t know. But now I am kinda hoping she’s not watching cause she won’t stop teasing me about it later!”

realizing that you’ve been on tumblr instead of doing the thing your mom told you to do

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