Imagine Brendon talking about Panic’s new album and how you, his girlfriend, were the inspiration for it.

“Well, yes it’s called ‘Death of a Bachelor’ and- and it represents the ending of an era. I mean not just for the group but mostly us as people and- and especially me”

“Really? Meaning?”

“Oh well-” he laughed awkwardly “-it was pretty inspired by my- by my girlfriend, (Y/n) as you all know, and it kinda represents how the times of me getting drunk off my ass and partying till very early morning are over- Or sort of. I still do get drunk but I know know I will have her there ready to take care of me”

“Oh how sweet!”

“Yeah. It is kinda like the death of a bachelor because those times are over for me and now there is a new life, I hope, coming a-and, you know, even if it is not official yet I am hoping - to put it in term of music - to ‘put a ring on it’ soon!” he laughed and cheers were heard.

“Wow are you trying to say something to her Brendon?”

“Through TV, I don’t know. But now I am kinda hoping she’s not watching cause she won’t stop teasing me about it later!”

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