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Imagine Savatar Killing You Instead of Iris

Warnings: death, stabbing, sadness

This was not requested


Team Flash had been working on ways to save Iris from Savatar for what felt like years. And nothing seemed to be changing the time line the way everyone wanted it to.

You came along a few weeks before the whole thing with Savatar began, and the team took an instant liking to you. Barry became like a brother to you, Caitlyn a sister and Cisco just wouldn’t stop flirting with you. So when your meta human powers were revealed, everyone thought that you had come into their lives at the exact time that they needed you.

Barry has his speed and Cisco can Vibe, whatever that is, but you, you don’t need to touch an object or person to see the future. Being a telepath has some upsides. The gift of sight, was a bit more of a curse.

You could see the future, but only in short time spans, and once you look at a moment you can’t see before and after the event.

Barry wasn’t going to ask you to look and see if their efforts were paying off. Only if you offered. Which you did, but you didn’t think as to what you would be seeing.


“God this is so weird,” you mumble knowing the team can hear you.

“What is?” Cisco asked.

“Seeing you guys here, but hearing you guys there.”

“What do you see (Y/N)?” Barry asked.

I see you talking to Savatar. Wait he just ran off. You’re looking around, I think for Iris or Cisco. Wait he’s back.“

"Does he have Iris?”

Should you tell him that Savatar is now holding you? He didn’t ask if he had anyone, just if he had Iris.

“No. He doesn’t.”

And you snapped out of the future.

Maybe you were wrong to not tell them that Savatar kills you instead, but they had been working so hard on saving Iris you couldn’t ask them to do anymore. That’s final, you’re not going to tell the team that you are going to die.


When the day came for Barry to face Savatar you were ready. You had left them all note saying why you didn’t tell them what you saw. That you were thankful for your time with them and that you care for them a lot, you even left one for Harry.

You were swept out of the lab and now are being held against Savatar’s armor, Barry was in front of you in his Flash suit, eyes wide.

“(Y/N)?” Barry asked with worry evident in his voice.

“I’m sorry.”

“You think you can change the time line, that you can save them all. I may not take Iris from you, but I will take one of them. She will do.” Savatar said and pressed his arm against your neck tighter than it was before. It was getting hard to breathe.

And then it wasn’t. Because Savatar dropped you.

Barry and Wally started chasing him around the city, while you were left on the ground. It was then you saw the blood staining the street. Your blood. Savatar didn’t kill you, but he managed to stab you pretty well. If you didn’t get back to STAR labs soon you were going to die from blood loss.

You pulled out your phone and pressed the panic button Cisco put on it.

A few moments later Cisco, HR, and Caitlyn stepped through a portal and carried you into the lab. By that time, you were unconscious.


A few days later everyone had found their letters, but you were still asleep. Cisco wasn’t leaving the med bay, Caitlyn wouldn’t stop checking your vitals every five minutes, Barry couldn’t sleep, Iris blamed herself, and Joe felt like he lost one of his kids, and Julian was just panicking.

Barry was out stopping a petty thief when you began to flat line.

“Bar, get back here! (Y/N) is flat lining!” Cisco yelled into the com unit.

Caitlyn was trying to stabilize you while Julian began CPR. Barry rushed into the room and froze.

He felt like his little sister was dying in front of him.

And then your heart picked up again. It was slow, but it was there, and everyone let out a breath.

You heart only beat for three minutes before you passed. But it was enough for you to get in all their minds and tell them that everything was going to be okay. That you would be fine, and maybe they will meet another you on another earth.

When you passed Julian was holding Caitlyn back as she tried to stabilize you again. Barry crumpled to the ground and cried, Iris and Joe were hugging and Cisco stood frozen, emotionless as he tried to process what just happened.

You were gone.

Imagine - Cisco finding other you like him

You and Cisco had been friends since you came to work at S.T.A.R Labs about a year after him. But what he didn’t know was that you had a huge crush on him since the day you met him, it was so obvious and everyone teased you about it when he wasn’t around. 

One day when you guys were in the recovery room organizing random tools and hints that were left out from Barry’s latest meta-human encounter Caitlin asked, “so when are you gonna tell him?” Caitlin asked with a knowing look. “Tell who what?” So said too quickly to be believable. “Tell Cisco that you like him. I’ve seen the way you two interact, it’s not just best friends. You blush when he calls you ‘cutie’ or anytime he even bumps into you. It’s so obvious, I don’t know how he doesn’t see it,” she went on, “by the way I think he likes you too,” and with that she walked out of the room, heading to the Cortex.

 While going around the building looking for you, Cisco saw you and Caitlin through the glass walls and decided to test out his new super-hearing device. After he had heard enough and knew how you felt, he quickly walked away, lost in his thoughts. 

Later, while sitting at a computer in the Cortex, Cisco walked in grinning. “What’s got you so happy?” You asked. “You’re into me,” he stated blatantly. “What? No, I’m not! Eww!” Was all you could say, startled by his revelation. “It’s ok, I like you too. I’ll pick you up at 7?” He asked, now more confident from your reaction. “Umm, yeah ok,” you said before he turned and walked out of your view, silently freaking out in his head. You were actually going on a date with Cisco, your best friend.

 Thanks Caitlin.

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Broken Secrets - Barry Allen x Reader

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Requested by bon-travail98   -  Barry x reader where he has to choose between saving the reader’s life or Iris’ and he chooses Iris at the last minute. Have it be something like the meta has them separated and there’s a bomb but they’re to far apart for even Barry to get to them both. oh and maybe have the reader live but not know why because she knows she’s not a meta, and she finds out it’s because she’s pregnant with Barry’s kid(s) and somehow their speed force is temporarily hers and her body acted on some instinct and ran her out of harms way. But she’s so upset with Barry that she keeps the fact that she’s alive a secret and eventually runs into someone… is this too much?? (At this time Barry’s the only speedster)

An unknown figure appeared on the screen, shadowed from view. “You have a choice, Mr. Allen.” Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin stared at the screen with wide eyes. “Which one do you love more?” Suddenly, two pictures of you and Iris appeared side by side on the screen. Both of you were tried up to a chair with a bomb strapped on the back. 

“Where is this coming from?” Barry demanded, his eyes wide with panic. Cisco started typing rapidly on the computer.

“I don’t know. It just took over the system.” Cisco spun around to try a different computer. “I can’t access the system.” 

“I can’t get in either,” Caitlin added, frowning at her own computer. 

“You have five minutes, Mr. Allen, before the bombs explode,” the figure sneered as a map appeared on the screen. Two red dots appeared on the map. One was in Mexico while the other was in Canada. “One or the other, Mr. Allen. You cannot save both.” With that, the figure disappeared from the screen leaving only the map.

Barry stared at the screen before glancing Cisco and Caitlin. “See if you can hack those bombs and slow them down.” He studied the screen, tortured as he glanced between you and Iris. He made a snap decision. “I’ll go after Iris first, so focus on stopping the bomb on (Y/N).”

“Wait, Barry,” Caitlin shouted, but Barry was already gone. 

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Your boy has had a week.  I mean, c’mon, multiverse!  It all started out with H.R. getting into trouble (I knew that guy was bad news), which then led to this whole fiasco with Gypsy. I can’t say I’m a stranger to being threatened by mysterious women (looking at you, Peek-a-Boo and Golden Glider!), but something about Gypsy was cosmic… beyond any connection or vibe I’ve gotten with any other girl. I was loving that special tingle you get when you find something real, but it all got ruined when Gypsy decided to return to Earth-19.

But in the wake of it all, I saved H.R.  Cisco Ramon- gentleman, hero, and all around badass once again.  H.R. was super gracious about it seeing that I did lay my life on the line for him (who ever thought I’d do that? Safe to say I wouldn’t do that for any other Wells’!).  He insisted on treating me to a steak dinner as a thank you.  I mean, I usually want to argue about everything when it comes to H.R. but I cannot argue a free filet.  No need to twist my arm!

Somehow, H.R. snagged us a reservation at Simon’s Steakhouse – I’ve been trying to get in there for ages! I wonder how he did it… I’m sure it involved him flirting with a hostess in some way, that cheeky devil.  I’ve never stepped foot in a restaurant as fancy as Simon’s.  Most Ramon family celebrations are spent at home with wine by the dozen and plenty of Mama Ramon’s home-cooked lasagna.

I threw on my finest suit (check me out, James Bond) and had H.R. threw on his Randolf face to keep things in check. We spent the night like kings – chowing down on t-bone, guzzling some Merlot, and topping it off with a double order of chocolate soufflé. It was the dream, man. Ain’t if funny how nice a person can be once you risk your life to save ‘em? Barry totally doesn’t utilize that enough. Maybe I’ll mention it to him to consider next time one of us has to use our panic buttons!

Hi there :) could you please write a fanfiction about: Alex getting bitten/scratched by some alien during DEO assignment but she thinks of it as nothing and after work goes home to see Maggie (pizza night). But in the morning she feels really bad and her temperature is rising so Maggie calls Kara. When Kara gets there Maggie is in the shower holding (barely consious) Alex, trying to lower her temperature. Kara decides to get Alex to Barrys Earth (with that thing she got from Cisco) but Maggie wont leave her side so she comes too…? :)

^^ prompt above from @benedoodlecumberpoodlestudyblr

She shrugs it off and she brings home pizza and she smiles as Maggie fawns over the scrape on her wrapped arm, as Maggie presses soft kisses all around her bandage, as she dotes on her girl even as Alex insists, insists, that she’s fine, that it’s just a scratch, that it was no big deal, really.

But she secretly loves the attention Maggie is giving her, the big deal Maggie is making; how strong, how heroic, Maggie is making her feel.

Maggie knows. She lays it on extra thick, because Alex has spent enough time neglecting herself – enough time being neglected – enough time in the shadow of other heroes, of other injuries, to have hers attended to, to have hers honored.

But in the morning?

In the morning, they both realize that she wasn’t fawning over just a scratch.

Because in the morning, Alex is burning up and Alex is dry heaving and Alex’s temperature is rising by the minute.

Maggie calls Kara with the phone balanced on her shoulder as she half drags, half carries Alex into the shower, stripping her drenched clothes to run her body under cool water, to try, to try, to lower her temperature. To try to keep her somewhat stable until Kara can get her medics that will know what the hell alien poisons are.

The DEO’s med bay was trashed in the attack the night before, so for a moment, Kara panics. But only for a moment.

“Cisco,” she calls into the communicator he gave her. “I need you. Now.”

Maggie knows better by now than to be shocked when a swirling blue vortex appears behind her in Alex’s bathroom.

“Flash,” Alex giggles vaguely as her head lolls loosely onto Maggie’s shoulder. “Bastard took Kara. Dangerous. Without me. Need words with him.”

“Shh, that’s right, Ally,” Maggie whispers, looking askance into the vortex as Kara lands in the bathroom door, ignoring the vortex all together as she rushes toward the shower.

“What the hell happened?” she asks Maggie, grabbing a towel to wrap her sister in, switching off the water as she kneels over her. “It’s okay Alex. I’m here, I’m here. I’ve got you.”

“Kara,” Alex babbles. “Flash vortex.”

“That’s right, Alex. Star Labs is going to help you.” She glances at Maggie. “It’s gotta be an infection from that scratch last night.”

Maggie nods, and her eyes are wide as she watches her girlfriend slip in and out of consciousness. She barely notices when two men appear in the bathroom behind them, breathing slightly heavily, the one with the strange goggle-glasses with his hand on his chest and a vague grin on his face.

“Only took one try this time! My man, we’re getting better at this!” He holds up his hand for the man in red to hit, but the Flash leaves him hanging as he goes to kneel next to Kara.

“This isn’t how I wanted to see you again. Or how I wanted to meet your sister.”

“Thanks for coming, Barry.” Kara gives him a sideways hug as he looks down at Alex’s drenched body.

“Hey, secret identity,” the other man murmurs, but Kara waves him off.

“Maggie’s family, Cisco.”

Maggie glances up at him – at Cisco – and grimaces a greeting, too numb with fear to fully register the impact of Kara’s words.

“Looks like an infection, obviously, but metas aren’t exactly like aliens, so I don’t… Come on,” Barry tells Kara. “We have to get her back through the vortex. Caitlin’ll come up with something, Kara. I promise.”

Kara nods grimly and picks up Alex’s limp body in her arms like she weighs nothing. Barry gingerly positions the towel more completely around Alex’s body while somehow averting his eyes from her nakedness at the same time, and Maggie immediately decides she likes this Flash character.

She rises to follow Kara into the vortex, and they all look at her and hesitate.

“It’s a parallel earth, Maggie. It’s not… the more people we take over, the bigger the risk of – ”

“Look, I know you don’t know me, and I know you have this big superhero system on your earth, and I know you have super speed and you have some vibing shit, but I swear it doesn’t matter what superpowers you both have. She’s my girlfriend and I am not leaving her side.”

Barry stares for a moment and then nods grimly, once, while a broad smile grows on Cisco’s face. “Dude, she gay?” he asks Kara. “Nice work!” He grins down at Alex’s unconscious form, and sobers immediately. “I guess I’ll… congratulate her when she comes to.”

Kara rolls her eyes and Maggie grins faintly at Cisco’s enthusiasm for queerness, at his persistent belief, his obvious faith in this Caitlin person to save Alex, the way his eyes grow somber and focused and intense as he turns back to reopen the vortex.

“Nothing bad’s gonna happen to your girlfriend, Maggie. We’re not gonna allow it.”

He reaches back for her hand and squeezes slightly before he opens the vortex, and Maggie gulps her appreciation, because her throat is too constricted to allow for any more words.

“Kara,” a beautiful white girl rushes forward when they step through the vortex. “Lay her right here.”

Kara obeys and the woman – “Caitlin Snow. Best doctor on this or any earth. She’ll fix your girl. I promise,” Cisco leans in and whispers to Maggie – slips into mode immediately, with an intensity of focus Maggie has seen in Alex so many times, both in the field and in the bedroom.

“Do we know anything about the species that gave her the wound?” Caitlin is streaming through questions with Kara, with Maggie, as she checks Alex’s vitals, as she drapes a medical gown over her body, as she makes notes to herself and exchanges significant glances with a concerned-looking Barry.

Kara and Maggie are fielding answers as best they can when two more people burst into the lab, one in a yellow suit that almost matches Barry’s and one in a pair of jeans that would have Maggie gulping under other circumstances.

The woman with the jeans falls into Barry’s arms after pulling Kara into a long hug. “Are you alright? I know what it’s like to watch a sibling in danger,” she says, shoving the boy who ran in with her gently.

“I trust Caitlin,” Kara says softly, but her eyes are wide and her eyes are terrified.

“Iris West, and my brother, Wally. Kid Flash,” the woman holds her hand out to Maggie. “You’re Alex’s girlfriend.”

Barry, Wally, and Cisco all turn to stare at Iris, and even Caitlin glances up with an arched eyebrow.

Iris shrugs. “Journalist. Also, I know a little something about watching your unconscious superhero partner get prodded and poked on a medical table: I know that look.”

She nods her head toward Barry, but her warm eyes don’t leave Maggie’s.

“Maggie Sawyer, NCPD,” Maggie recites automatically, and Kara reaches out and squeezes the hand that Iris doesn’t have.

Iris offers Maggie a small smile. “My dad’s a cop, too. He’d approve of you for someone as amazing as we’ve heard Kara’s sister is.”

Maggie gulps and her hand clenches Iris’s harder without meaning to. “Caitlin’s the best. Alex is gonna be okay.”

“Alex is gonna kill Barry for letting Kara go fight an army of aliens without her alien-fighting sister,” a ragged, exhausted voice croaks from the medical table.

“Alex!” Maggie and Kara both exclaim, and Caitlin smiles as she steps back from the table to allow Alex’s family to surround her.

“Babe, I’m here,” and “Alex, I’ve got you,” accompany “Damn, Caitlin, alien infections stand no chance against you!” and “It was simple, really, and important that Maggie got Alex’s temperature down as fast as she did” and “Told you Caitlin’s the bomb” and “Please no bomb references, not after last week” and “Should I leave before she comes to fully? Because I really think she might make good on her threats to kill me for bringing Kara over here without her” and “Run Barry, run.”

And Star Labs had never been quite so full of superheroes, or quite so full of relief, or quite so full of love across earths.

dating barry allen would include...

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  • you met him via a rescue 
  • he rescued you from a burning building and while it sounds cliche it was love at first sight
  • he kept “saving” you days after
  • like everytime you’d almost fall or trip suddenly he’d appear as the flash and save you
  • eventually you convinced him to tell you who he was 
  • your first real date was awkward but you found that you two had a lot in common
  • barry thought your job was really cool 
  • he loved that you worked with animals and was always showing up to take you to lunch
  • super cute dates but sometimes he’d have to flash away to save the day
  • barry was always apologizing for this but you let him know you understood and that you loved that he was always trying to save people
  • “It’s why i fell in love with you Barry”
  • “you’re in love with me (y/n)?”
  • “uh…yeah I….I’m pretty sure I do.”
  • *smiling* “I love you too (y/n).”
  • He introduced you to the west family early on
  • you got along with everyone and hit it off with iris
  • she was always taking you out and telling you embarrassing stories about barry
  • she became kinda like a sister
  • joe took to you as well and promised that if barry ever hurt you he’d be sorry 
  • barry loved that you and the west fam got along, he loved you so much and was glad that he could invite you over for movie nights and game nights
  • you met team flash after you were almost kidnapped and used for bait
  • barry wanted to break up because he though he was putting you in too much danger
  • but you told him that you knew what you’d signed up for when you said yes to being his girlfriend 
  • barry asked cisco to make you a panic button just in case
  • cisco and you hit it off because you both had a similar sense of humor
  • it took cait awhile to get used to you, not because she didn’t like you or thought you weren’t good enough for barry but because she was going through her own stuff and didn’t want to put any baggage on you
  • but when you and iris invited her out on a girl’s night you all had a lot of fun and she was a lot friendlier after that
  • barry wouldn’t get jealous often, he knew how you felt about him and was secure in that
  • sex was another thing all together and the first few times ended in laughs and it resulted in a lot of inside jokes with each other 
  • dating barry allen was not easy but you loved him and the way he made you feel when he kissed you so it was all worth it

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E-2!B.A Imagine #1:

[Y/n], a villain from Earth-1, follows Barry, Cisco, and Harrison to Earth-2. There, she meets Bartholomew

“She’s here,” Harrison warned, backing the two men into the chamber. He loaded and cocked his gun; Cisco’s face immediately turned to one of panic.

Various sounds of objects moving, crashing, and breaking from above the lab were heard.

“Oh god, she’s actually here!” Cisco whispered, trying to get closer to the wall.

Bartholomew, still completely confused, looked fearfully at the two men. “Wh-who’s here? Are we going to die?”

Cisco stared at the door as he spoke, “Seductress; she’s from my Earth-”

As if summoned, there was suddenly a banging outside the chamber.

Bartholomew whimpered; Cisco began praying under his breath; Harrison ordered the two to shut up.

“Boys…,” Said a sing song voice, “why don’t you open up? Hm? Come out and play!”

Cisco closed his eyes, Barry looking back and forth at the door and Harrison’s gun.

There was suddenly complete silence from the other side of the door. Barry breathed a sigh of relief.

Harrison, however, kept his gun raised.

Cisco stared at the door, “Is she go- oH MY GOD!”

The wall shattered, spraying the three men with fragments of glass and other materials.

Harrison fired his gun rapidly, keeping his eye on the woman that now stood before them.


Barry stared, jaw slacked, at… his wife? “Honey?! What are you doing?”

[Y/n] smirked as she moved her gaze from Harrison and his gun to study Barry’s surprised expression. “Hello, hello, hello… Aren’t you handsome?”

Cisco and Harrison moved in front of Barry protectively, shielding him from the seductress.

“Barry, don’t look her in the eyes!” Harrison ordered, but when he glanced back he could see Barry was already entranced.

“[Y/n],” Barry moaned, his voice becoming slurred. A hand reached out from between Cisco and Harrison to grab her.

“Yes, Barry?” [Y/n] cooed, reaching out to grab his hand.

“No!” Cisco shoved Barry’s hand back roughly and stood now shoulder to shoulder with Harrison. “Get away from us!”

[Y/n] pouted, her face expressing anger as she looked at the two men before quickly flitting to an innocent one, “Barry, do you want me to leave?”

Barry shook his head frantically, green dilated eyes widening in panic, “N-n-no! Don’t leave! Please!”

[Y/n] looked at Cisco with a faux smile, “I can’t leave the poor guy… You know that… He’ll go crazy…”

Cisco and Harrison looked at each other for only a millisecond and then…

[Y/n] hummed as she stepped over the bodies, sliding her sword back into its sheath.

Barry’s gaze came into focus for several seconds. “Are they dead?!” He garbled.

“Of course not, baby. Now, do you want to come with me?” [Y/n] held out a hand.

Barry looked at her in awe, jumping over his friends and completely disregarding them once more as he reached for her hand.

[Y/n] looked back before leaving. She smiled at the passed out men. “Don’t worry… I’ll take good care of him… promise.”

A/n: Thoughts?

if cynthia’s powers are really like cisco’s then she can probably vibe on him whenever she wants since they’re connected and imagine her vibing cisco in danger and she panics and runs off to save him despite the fact that she knows she’ll get in trouble for it because she’s not on a job just imagine that i want it so badly

Clumsy - Cisco Ramon x Reader

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 Fandom: The Flash

 Pairing: Cisco x Reader

 Warnings: Fumbling, cussing

 Caitlin, Barry, and I are looking into more information on F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M for the Professor, while in STAR Labs. Looking down at the Ipad in my hands, I don’t even register the door to the Lab opening, nor a figure walking in, until a voice pipes up. “Hey guys, what’re you up to?” My head snaps up as the Ipad falls from my hands with a clatter, and the jerking from my head causes my whole body to fumble, causing me to fall off my seat with groan of pain.

 “Alix, you okay?” My brother calls from across the room as I slowly sit up, giving a thumbs up as Caitlin giggles, and Cisco is almost instantly by my side.

 “Alix?” My eyes widen at his voice, and as he reaches out to touch my elbow I jump to my feet, stumbling back into a cart of instruments, the tools fall off as I go feet over head over the silver cart, letting out a miserable groan. “Alix!” Cisco races over I struggle to sit up, my face burning with heat, and Cisco kneels beside me, holding out his hand.

 “I’m fine. No worse than usual.” I mutter, but take his hand anyway, causing him to smile as he pulls me to my feet.

 “Anything I need to bandage?” Caitlin offers with a mischievous glimmer behind her eyes.

 “No.” I respond as Cisco says “Nothing I can’t handle.” causing my face to become engulfed in flames once again. “I’m fine, Cis.”

 “You have a cut on your forehead, from where it connected with the ground.” He argues, leading me over to the medical wing of the labs, where he has me sit on the bed, while he digs around in the First Aid kit, before producing a bandaid from the cut above my eye.

 “I swear you guys only keep me around cause I’m Barry’s sister, and my water abilities.” I mutter as he steps away.

 “No, that’s not it. We keep you around because you’re hilarious to watch.” Cisco answers playfully, a smile on his handsome face, though his words strike a cord of hurt in my chest, which I only let become visible once he’s walked out of the room.

 Reaching above my head, I unscrew the light bulb from the chief of police’s office, dropping the burnt out bulb into the trashcan below my feet, the stepladder wobbles for a second as I start to screw in the new bulb. The door opens to my left, though I don’t notice at first. “Hey, Alix?” I turn at the sound of Cisco calling my name, stumbling as the stepladder wobbles, and Cisco drops whatever is in his hands as I go falling, reacting just in time to catch me, my face burning as he carefully sets me on my feet. “You okay?”

 “Y-Yeah. Fine.” i shake my head, tucking a lock of brown hair behind my ear. “What did you need?” Recognition lights up his eyes as he steps back over to the door, picking up what I now realize is a Sketchpad, my sketchpad, and walks over to me.

 “Did you draw this?” I tilt my head as he shoves the picture of Vibe’s outfit ideas under my nose.

 “O-Oh, yes, I wanted to surprise you, but I was brainstorming suit ideas for you.” I manage to stammer out, and he smiles as he looks over the outfits, before reaching out to grab my hand, placing a kiss to my knuckles, causing my face to start to burn once more.

 “You’re the best.” He says, moving to leave the room, my heart thrumming as I bite the inside of my cheek, and climb up the stepladder to finish screwing in the light bulb.

 Shuffling down to the cortex, my heart rapidly beating as I sit down, mind racing over the details of the latest in a long line of problems. Harrison Wells is back, but he’s from another Earth, and his daughter has been captured by a villain called Zoom. The man, who tried to killed Cisco, then myself, according to one of Cisco’s vibes, then man who then truly tried to kill me and resulting in the death of Eddie, the man who’s face haunts my nightmares, just wandering freely around the halls of STAR labs. “Alix,” My heart jolts in my chest, and my head snaps over to see Harrison Wells standing in the doorway of the Cortex, sipping on some coffee. “you look well.”

 “W-What do you want?” I ask, causing him to frown, shaking his head.

 “Your brother and boyfriend-”

 “Cisco isn’t my boyfriend.” I snap, causing him to look surprised.

 “Alright, your brother, and Cisco were telling me about this Eobard Thawne, that pretended to be this world’s Harrison Wells.” He slowly steps forward, squatting before me. “You know that I’m not him.”

 “Yeah, well it’s your face that haunts me every fucking night.” I snarl, causing him to look taken aback.

 “True. But, I’ve never tried to kill you. When Reverb was decimating others, even when you were dating, you sacrificed yourself to protect someone I care about.” Harrison states, causing me to look away, biting my lip.

 “You can tell me all about this other me, and how she was a noble person, or whatever, but I’m the only me that I know, so I don’t care what you think, but I’m not trusting you.” I retort sharply, causing him to sigh, standing to walk away. “I just don’t trust your face, because it killed the one I loved, once already.” I whisper once he’s out of earshot.

 “Hey, Alix!” I jump at the sound of my name, shifting right off the stool with my coffee in my hand, causing it to cover my brand new white blouse, causing me to huff as Cisco winces, crossing over to my side to help me sit up. “Sorry, sorry.” He apologizes as stumble to my feet, my arm in his hand as he helps me up, and I look down at my blouse, letting out a sigh.

 “Dammit, this was brand new.” I growl, causing him to frown, shuffling out of his hoodie, before he hands it to me. “Wha-?”

 “Just take it. It’s not as nice as a new shirt, but it’ll cover the stain long enough for you to get home, and change. I’ll replace the coffee for you.” He picks up my cup from the floor, and shakes his head, walking over to the counter to toss the cup away. I watch as he flirts with the female barista, with dark blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, and ample breasts practically sticking out of her shirt, causing an uncomfortable churning to fill my stomach as I shrug on his jacket, zipping it up as I start towards the door, inhaling his scent deeply. Allspice, something smokey, and a hint of sugarcane with something purely Cisco. “Hey!” I jump, turning around with a stumble, Cisco’s hand shoots out, snatching my wrist up as he catches me from falling, my hands landing on his chest as he maneuvered the coffee cups as he hand pulled me up. I blink in surprise as he smiles at me.

 “S-Sorry.” I stumble back as he chuckles, handing me my coffee, my usual order of a chocolate macchiato, and I sip the steaming beverage, looking over at Cisco who beside me as we walk in comfortable silence down the sidewalk towards Star labs.

 “Finally!” Caitlin greets, walking up to hook arms with me. “Where’d you go, Cisco?”

 “Jitters, I wanted a coffee.” Cisco answer, causing the red head to shake her head.

 “You already have a coffee at your desk.”

 “It was cold.”

 “Where we’re you?” Caitlin asks, looking over at me, eyes sparkling as she notices the jacket I’m wearing.

 “I was at Jitters, doing some last minute work. Same as every day.”

 “Ah.”Caitlin nods, tugging me towards the Cortex, leaving Cisco, Barry, Jesse, and Harry behind.

 Glaring into the glass in my hand, the murky alcohol simply stares back at me with inky brown eyes, and not the answer to my question. “Hey, Alix.” Caitlin greets as she slings her arm around my shoulders.

 “Hey! How’s my favorite girl?” Cisco greets, throwing his arm around me as well, his face falls as I throw back the rest of my drink, reaching over the bar to grab a bottle, and pour another glass of whatever, throwing that back as well. “Hey hey hey,” Cisco stops me from pouring another drink as Caitlin saunters off, and his lifts my face by the chin, with two fingers. “what’s wrong?”

 “Nothing.” I retort sharply, going to look away, when he grabs my chin now.

 “Hey, come on. You’re my favorite girl, yeah?” He smiles at me. “I know when something is wrong.”

 “I-” I bite my bottom lip, which is attempting to quiver as tears well in my eyes, suddenly he’s hugging me as I clench a fist in his shirt, sniffling as he tries to sooth me.

 “It’s alright. Tell me what’s wrong.” He asks softly.

 “I don’t know what to do.” I whimper, causing his face to fall as he rests his forehead against my own.

 “Breathe, and tell old Cisco what’s wrong.”

 “I’m in love, with someone who doesn’t love me back!” I howl out, burying my face his chest once more, he stiffens, before his arms come up, and wrap around me in a warm, gentle, loving hug. “He’s so perfect and understanding, and sweet, and I’m just… me.”

 “It’s alright. I promise, it’s alright. Tell me who it is, and I will give him the talking to of his life. How dare he make my favorite girl cry, and feel like she’s less than perfect. I swear I’ll vibe him into next year.” His threats make me laugh tearfully. “Any guy would be lucky to have your love, sweetheart. Nobody would refuse you.”

 “You would.” I murmur, and he stiffens, causing me to realize that he heard me, causing me to panic, pulling back in a flail, tumbling from my seat, I squawk as Cisco catches me in his arms, pulling me to my feet with his arm around my waist.

 “You think I would reject you? I was going crazy, thinking you couldn’t possibly love me!” He says as he rests his hand on my cheek, wiping away an stray tear, causing me to blink, reaching up to trace over where his searing touch was, I look into his eyes.

 “We’ve made fools of ourselves, dancing around each other, haven’t we?” I ask softly, causing him to beam at me.

 “I think so.” I blush as he looks at me. “Hey, guess what.” He leans down, capturing my lips in a warm, firm, loving kiss, before pulling away as I gape at him like a fish. “I love you.”

 “I- you- and-” I stammer, causing him to smile, laughing at me as he bends down, stealing another kiss.


Cisco Ramon x reader

Ok guys, I wrote this a while back and rediscovered it recently. Please don’t judge to harshly, I hope you enjoy!

Summary: Cisco and Y/N go on a “date”

Pairings: Cisco x reader

Characters: Cisco, Iris, Caitlyn, Barry, Reader.

Cisco Ramon. The only man to simultaneously annoy, and interest Y/N at the same time. She had her fair share of terrible dates. Enough to make her wary of dating again. She wasn’t even sure if this was a date. Cisco had invited Y/N out to dinner at Big Belly Burger, but he’d also invited Barry, Caitlyn, and Iris. It definitely wasn’t a date. Y/N groaned and try to burrow deeper into the couch. She was trying to delay getting ready for dinner. Unluckily for her, she wasn’t thinking straight earlier and had invited Caitlyn and Iris to carpool with her. They both also decided to just get ready at her place and have a little bit of girl time. While both Caitlyn and Y/N worked at S.T.A.R labs, both were very busy and didn’t get much chance to talk. And Iris worked at the newspaper so they got to see her even less. In the middle of trying to see if the couch could eat her alive the doorbell rang.

She groaned again and pushed herself out of the couch and into a standing position. She trudged over to the door, trying to look as pitiful as possible. She wanted to avoid this mess like the plague. She opened the door and was greeted by her friends’ smiling faces. The two looked her up and down, “Y/N? Are you sure that’s what you want to wear?” Caitlyn asked motioning to the sweatpants and t-shirt that she had done her chores in. Iris shook her head and pushed Y/N into the apartment. “No way are you going to try to impress Cisco in that.” She pushed Y/N in the direction of the bathroom, “Take a shower Y/N! It’ll help your mood!” The two girls locked eyes and Caitlyn sucked in a deep breath. “Guess it’s good we came early then?”

Little did Y/N know that across town, Cisco was having his own panic about the date. “Barry I messed up! I meant to just ask Y/N on a date, and I did, but then I asked you and the others to come with. She probably doesn’t even think is a date! I messed up big time Bar!” He was pacing back and forth and was running his hands through his hair over and over again.. “Hey, calm down, it will be fine. It might not be a date, date, but you’re still gonna hang out with her. That’s a plus right?” Barry tried to calm down Cisco and it seemed to momentarily work, but then, “What if I make a fool of myself? She’ll never want to go on a date with me for real!” Barry rolled his eyes, “Ok Cisco, fix your hair and get dressed. Just be yourself and I’m sure it’ll be fine. I mean, she deals with you daily already.” Cisco groaned but started getting ready in spite of his worry.

Y/N had showered, dressed, and fixed her hair in less than half an hour. It helped that the group was just going to the popular fast food place instead of some fancy restaurant. Y/N had thrown on her favorite pair of jeans and a pair a black converse. She paired it with a t-Shirt that said “Sarcastic comment loading…” with a loading bar beneath the words. Y/N pulled her hair up and walked into the living room where Caitlyn and Iris sat drinking coffee and laughing. The had both worn casual outfits as well. “Can we go yet?” Y/N asked Iris, she was the one of their group that was in charge of scheduling. “Yup! Actually we should have left five minutes ago but someone,” Iris looked pointedly at Y/N to tease her, “had to fix her hair five times before it was deemed acceptable.” Y/N sighed “I’m sorry! Ok! Let’s get going!”

By the time the girls had gotten to Big Belly Burger the boys had already sat down and ordered food. Barry stood and hugged each girl before they sat down in the booth. Y/N was first into her side of the booth and was sat right across from Cisco. She inwardly groaned, knowing that at some point that night she was going to have to talk to him. She wanted to avoid that for as long as possible. It would just be plain awkward. She had drifted off into thought when suddenly a hand waved in front of Y/N’s face. “Hello! Is anyone home? Where’s the sarcastic commentary?” Cisco teased. Y/N straightened up, “Sorry I’m just a bit tired. I did quite a bit of paperwork for Wells today. Then I went home and did a few chores. I didn’t realize that today would be so busy.” Cisco’s teasing smile fell, “You know if you were tired you could have taken a rain check.” Cisco said and Y/N’s eyes widened, “No! I wouldn’t do that! Even if I was dead tired I’d want to see you,” she paused for half a second then added, “guys! Yeah all you guys is what I meant.” She laughed nervously. Cisco leaned back in the booth still nervous thinking about trying to man up and ask Y/N on a real date. Everyone new that the two had feelings for each other, except the other. Barry and Caitlyn were started to get tired of it at work and Iris was tired of Barry complaining about them all the time. The three locked eyes and nodded.

“My head hurts, I think maybe I should get home.” Caitlyn complained. Barry faked a look of concern. “I can take you home,” he offered, Iris nodded “I should go with you guys. I have an article to write.” Y/N moved to grab her purse, “I could take you back to your car Iris.” All three of the friends making excuse simultaneously yelled “NO!”  Iris cleared her throat and hooked her arm with Barry’s “Bar and I already talked it over and he’s taking me home. You should stay here and hang with Cisco.” “…ok?” Y/N responded. She felt like she was being set up but at this point she could think of no excuse to get her out of talking to her crush.

After the other three left she turned to Cisco, “That was interesting!” She said with a smile. Honestly Cisco was usually the easiest person for Y/N to talk to, it was just the hope that this would be a date that got in the way of her words. Cisco nodded in agreement “Listen. Y/N, tonight wasn’t supposed to happen like this.” A look of confusion passed over Y/N’s face “What do you mean?” She asked. Cisco sighed and tried to muster up some courage. “I’ve wanted to ask you out for a really long time, and when I asked you to come to this tonight it was supposed to be a date. But then I chickened out. I was scared that you would cancel and that you didn’t like me. So I invited our friends to come as well.” He confessed sheepishly. Y/N smiled and her eyes lit up, “You could have just told me that you wanted a date Cisco! I really like you too and would love to go on a date with you!” The two laughed. “So can we start this over?” Cisco asked hopefully, “I’ll do ya one better Cisco. You, me, Jitters, tomorrow morning, your treat.” Y/N said with a smirk on her face. “I don’t think I agreed to paying.” Cisco said teasingly, “But I would definitely love to have coffee with you tomorrow.”

The two smiled at each other and enjoyed the rest of the evening talking and laughing. Both happy that they finally had a date with the other.

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Panic Attack

Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: Cisco Ramon x Reader (platonic or couple, up to you)

Summary: Can I request a Cisco imagine where the reader has a panic attack and he calms them down? (Anon request)

Takes place during the alien invasion crossover. Reader is a meta with ability to grow and manipulate plants.

Originally posted by briarsrosie

            The teams were still planning and trying to figure out the next step when you slipped outside. It probably wasn’t the best idea to be out alone when you were in the middle of an invasion, but you couldn’t stand around any longer. The small bubble resting in your chest since this whole thing started had grown into a small anvil pressing into your lungs. No amount of planning and talking had settled the trembling hands or made the fake smiles genuine. Finally, you excused yourself for some air.

           There was an alcove off to the side of the building made up of pallets and crates. It was surrounded by weeds and a climbing ivy that was readying for its winter’s sleep. The minute you plopped down, the ivy wrapped grew and reached toward you, wrapping a small vine over your shoulder. Other weeds and vines struggled to grow out of their season and touch you, as if feeling your overwhelming emotions and wanting to comfort you.

           “I’m alright,” your smile was dangerously wobbly. “Go back into your sleep.” Most of the plants hesitated before reluctantly listening. While they wanted desperately to comfort you, it was getting closer to first hard frost. If they wanted to grow again in spring, then they needed to be pulling back into their roots for sleep. The only plant that refused was the ivy. Instead of pulling back, it sent out small tendrils, wrapping itself around you in a featherlight hug. You weren’t alright, it told you through your plant power. It would stay until you were.

           Carefully pulling your knees to your chest, you rested your head on your knees, remembering why you had stepped out. The alien invasion scared you. This was way above anything you had gone up against since joining Team Flash. You were a plant meta that worked in a florist’s shop. The entire invasion had thrown you out of your depth. It was only now that you allowed yourself to sink into the panic, despair, and frustration of your anxiety attack.

           “(Y/N)?” You jumped at the soft, familiar voice, unaware that anyone was looking for you. You thought no one noticed you leaving. But there was Cisco, slowly kneeling in front of you. He was inspecting the small ivy that had stretched and wrapped your arms, legs, shoulders, torso in comforting embrace. It was even blooming some sort of flower, its scent calming your emotions. “I saw you come out here but when you didn’t come back, I came looking.” His voice was gentle and steady, though you could hear the worry.

           “I needed air,” you whispered, surprised at the roughness in your voice. It was only now you realized you had been crying. The thought spurred another round of tears, the reason for it too close and too raw. “I don’t think I can do this, Cisco.”

           “Do what?” he asked, alarmed. “(Y/N), you can talk to me.”

           “This hero thing. I don’t think I can do it. I don’t think I can be a hero.”

           “What are you talking about?”

           “I’m a plant meta, Cisco. I work with plants, I have a greenhouse on top of my roof, I work in a freaking florist’s shop for crying out loud! I’m not a fighter, Cisco! I nearly froze when I went up against that meta last week and I allowed Kara and the others to become evil! I’m not made for stopping next week’s bad guy or the next world-ending event! I just…I don’t think I can do this!” At some point, you had begun hyperventilating as the tears choked and clogged at your throat.

           “Hey, hey, hey,” Cisco murmured gently, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close. You gripped his jacket, hands shaking as you tried to breathe. Pressing his forehead against yours, he took an exaggerated breath. “Breathe with me, (Y/N),” he coached. “Come on, breathe.” It was hard at first, tears and raw emotion threatening to pull you back into the panic attack still spiraling at your center, but eventually you started following his slow breathing. “Slow breaths, there you go.”

           When you pulled away, he pulled his jacket off himself and wrapped it around your shoulders. You hadn’t realized how late it was and now the temperature had dropped several degrees. Winter would be coming early, some of the plants commented as they huddled back into themselves. Only the ivy was still being mulish, keeping itself wrapped around you. After placing his jacket around you, he wrapped his arms around you again in a hug. “I’m not a fighter, Cisco,” you repeated, calmer but still emotional.

           “You don’t have to be, (Y/N). We have enough fighters. But we only have one of you. You’re the only person I know who can make even the weakest plant flourish. You’re the only I know who will actually argue with an unruly bush, convince a rose to not prick you with its thorns, and console a shy bud into bloom.” He pulled back, meeting your teary eyes with his and wiped the fresh tears away with his thumbs. “Who was the one who kept King Shark from attacking us last year? You used the seaweed and the other underwater plants to capture him. You saved Jesse when she went up against Top. You saved me after Dante died. If it hadn’t been for you, I would have lost my damn mind. You don’t have to be a fighter, but you are a hero, in your own way. You’re my hero.”

           You gasped, tears streaming down your face again as he spoke. He had a few tears falling as well. You were his best friend; his heart was breaking seeing you so vulnerable. You reached up this time and hugged him tightly. “I’m scared, Cisco.” Despite him calming your panic attack, there was still the lingering fear that was weighing on you. You felt him kiss the side of your head and nod.

           “I’m scared too. This invasion is way above our pay grade. Honestly, I don’t think superheroes are supposed to deal with alien invasions until well after the big team-up has been established.” You giggled at his geek reference. “But we’ve got a lot of good people in our corner. We’ll stop this invasion together.” After a few more moments, he felt you start to shiver from the cool air. At the same time, you both heard Caitlyn and Harry calling for you.

           “Come on, let’s head back inside. The team might’ve come up with something.” Thanking the little ivy and urging it to go back to sleep, you let Cisco help you up. “Is it going to be okay?” He had noticed the ivy had fully shaken off its pre-hibernation sleep and fully blossomed in trying to console you. If it didn’t get back to sleep soon, the frost would end up killing it.

           “I saw a container I could probably put it in for now. The soil doesn’t have a lot of good food and the weeds are choking it out,” you replied, stroking the plant. “I’ll ask Caitlyn if she could pick up some soil during the next food run.” Cisco nodded as you turned towards him.

           Walking back to the warehouse, arms wrapped around each other, you thought about what Cisco had told you. You were still terrified about the invasion and what would happen next, but you weren’t alone either. You had your friends and your team facing it down beside you. Most importantly, you had Cisco. Whatever happened, he would be there.

           Without thinking, you kissed his cheek. Blushing, he raised his eyebrow at you. “Thank you, Cisco,” you whispered. “You’re my hero too.”

“Anxiety Attack.” A Cisco Ramon imagine

Your chest felt tight as your vision blurred. You felt like you couldn’t breathe as you looked around the, for once, empty lab. You sank to the floor as tears escaped your eyes. You rocked back and fourth as sobs wracked your body. 

It was as if all the blood in your body ran cold as yo realized how much was to be done within short periods of time. Life was escaping and you were losing control and here you were. Having a panic attack on the floor of S.T.A.R. Labs. Meanwhile Cisco had sensed something was going wrong the moment he came into the building. 

He crossed through the threshold to see you on the ground. Almost ripping the bag off his body he threw it away from him as he slid onto the floor next to you.

“(Y/n)-Hey princess. C’mon talk to me baby doll what’s going on?!” He asked as you shook in front him. Cisco had only seen you have mild panic attacks but knew this one was the worst one yet. Cisco didn’t want to make it worse by bringing you into his arms till you were a little more stable. 

You heaved in front of him. Your vision was blurred from the tears but you knew Cisco was in front of you. You blubbered to him as he nodded. He couldn’t understand a word you were saying but knew you needed to get something off your chest. 

“Deep breathes baby girl…breathe with me okay? One…two……..two.” Cisco had you calmed to a normal breathing level before bringing you into his arms. 

“I’m here baby…I’m here…” He whispered as he kissed your head. He wasn’t letting go. 

In A Flash || Pt. 2 [B. Allen]

Summary: After the fight with Saber Tip, you and Barry have a little heart-to-heart. This is literally only fluff enjoy

Also L/N means ‘Last Name’

Honestly, it wasn’t your fault.

Max should have told them not to wake you up, even if you were unconscious. You’d been through a lot and seen a lot while being the Black Killer. You were a light sleeper and could react on instinct before a first thought. Max found out the hard was multiple times, so really, he should have warned the others.

Flash had shaken you back to consciousness, and before you could react, you swung around and slammed your fist into his face.

“Barry!” A pale red-head yelped, rushing over. She put her hands on his shoulders, leaning over the hero who was hunched over, holding his nose.

“Oh my god,” you gasped, swinging your legs over the sides of the bed you were on to get up, “Flash, I’m so sorry!” Your feet hit the ground and your legs gave out. Max was quick enough to hold you up. The Scarlet Speedster took the tissues in a Mexican-looking man’s hand and dabbed his nose. He looked over with a chuckle and oh my god, he didn’t have on his mask.

Flash sniffed, wiping his nose as he smiled at you. “Don’t worry about it,” he reassured you, “I heal fast.” That didn’t make you feel any better, but you were relieved that he wasn’t mad at you. You gently shrugged off your friend when you could stand on your own, smiling small at the Flash.

Oh god, was he gorgeous. His chestnut-colored hair was up in a small quiff, exposing his glimmering green eyes. His skin looked smooth and soft, and his jawline was sharp.

“Let me introduce myself,” the man clad in red leather spoke, holding out his hand for you to shake, “My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.”

The red-head facepalmed.

You chuckled, shaking his hand. “I’m Y/N L/N,” you introduced, “and I’m named after dark death.” Barry let out a chuckle, grinning. “Y/N, this is Cisco Ramon and Dr. Caitlin Snow. They’re on team Flash.” Barry motioned towards his friends, who waved. You waved back. “Well, this is Max Adler, he’s my tech and my partner.” You patted Max’s head. He shoved your hand off him, but smiled small.

“You know,” Caitlin suddenly spoke up, “Cisco and I still need to run tests on, what did you call him, Saber Tip? I’m sure Max could help. Why don’t you guys go to Jitters and get some coffees? You two deserve a break for a bit.”

Barry shot daggers at her with his eyes, while you just furrowed your eyebrows. “What’s Jitters?” You questioned. Barry turned to you. “CC Jitters is a little café coffee shop place,” he explained, “My sister, Iris, works there. She always gives us discounts.” You nodded slowly. “Well, lead the way, I guess?” You asked, chuckling lightly. Barry nodded and grabbed ahold of you. “Hold on.” He smirked, before speeding out.

Barry,” you exclaimed when he set you on your feet, “You’re still in your Flash suit!” He looked down. “Oh. Wait, hold on.” He replied. He sped away, and in seconds, was back wearing normal clothes.

You shook your head, “You’re weird.”

Barry just chuckled. “Do you even care about getting caught?” You asked him as the two of you walked into Jitters. “Of course I do,” the brunet replied, opening the door for you, “but it’s difficult to see my facr when I run. Besides, it’s not like Green Arrow where half the city wants him behind bars. Everyone here thinks the Flash is a hero.”

You smiled kindly at him. “Of course they do, you are one,” you hummed, seeing Barry smile down at you, “Though, I think I can relate more to Green Arrow’s predicament than I can yours. You’re no longet a vigilante. Not a real one, anyways. Everyone adores you.”

Barry went to speak, but a dark skinned girl bounded over, causing him to shut his mouth. “Hey, Bear,” she greeted, “What brings you here?” Barry grinned at the girl. “Hey Iris. Caitlin ordered me and my new friend, here, to grab some coffees. Think you can get us the S.T.A.R. Labs usual? Plus one.” The girl – Iris – typed in the order, then added the discount.

“Four mochas coming right up,” she beamed, then turned to you, “Do you want anything, Barry’s friend?” You smiled politely at her, “Just a water, please.” Iris nodded and whisked away to get the drinks. Barry turned to you.

“Just water?” He questioned. You shrugged. “I can drink up to five bottles of water a day,” you replied nonchalantly, “I had to drink so much of it to keep hydrated when I first became the Black Killer that I just got used to it.” Barry looked at you in surprise. Iris came back with four cups of coffee and a water bottle held in a carrier.

Barry paid and you took the cardboard drink holder. As you walked to the door, you heard Iris mutter to Barry, “Why didn’t you tell me you had a new, hot friend? Barry, you idiot. Make a move!” You also heard Barry whisper back harshly, “I’ve only known her for a day, Iris. Calm down.”

You snorted quietly and shook your head, kicking the door open with your foot. Barry was by your side in an instant. “I could have helped you…” He mumbled, and you didn’t reply. The walk back to S.T.A.R Labs was like a small game of twenty questions.

You’d just set the drinks down when Caitlin came running in. “We’ve got a meta attacking the square,” she rushed out, “He doesn’t look too dangerous, but he’s causing a massive panic.” Max and Cisco came running in after her. “Yeah, what she said.” Max remarked.

You turned to Barry, not knowing what a 'meta’ was, but by the look on the hero’s face, you assumed it was a bad guy. He looked down at you, “Want to help me with the problem? You kinda owe me for saving you before.”

Funny, he almost sounded as if he were avoiding a rejection…

You slipped on your mask and grinned at him, “Lead the way, rosebud.”

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Heck Yeah–>Welcome to Harrisco Fest!(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧2017

This is a super chill fest designed to be fun, generate content for Harrisco (E-2 Harry/Cisco) shippers to enjoy, grow the community, and flourish our ship! A low-pressure experience, you pick from a large prompt list - provided by Harrisco fam and I - that will offer a little inspiration or simply a starting point; a boost to get that mind and muse vibing. ;) Harrisco Fest runs a month long to give everyone a chance to participate around work schedules, school, gen. life, and to allow for individual creative pace! ❀

  • ★ August 1st-31st, pick from the large prompt list below the cut. You can write a drabble (100 words) or ficlet (under 1000 words), create an edit/drawing/gifset/vid, play with whatever art mediums you wish! Post between Aug 1-Aug 31. I will reblog your work throughout the month and tag/collect it under HarriscoFest2017! (I do request that fic have at least a moderate proofread/beta.) 
  • Please make sure to @heckyeahharrisco within your post. This will ensure I have quick notice of your pieces. ;D We don’t want to miss out & I’d love to reblog what you’re giving the Harrisco community! Plus, this way you can still have your first five tags the way you want them. If you wish, you can also use #HarriscoFest2017 in your tags. 
  • More on prompts: You can use any of the prompts, as many times as you like, and for as many fics/art pieces as you’re craving! Feel free to combine them as well. 
  • You can post your prompt responses separately and/or bunched together. Keep in mind that you have thirty-one days, so you could take advantage of both options however you like. 
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  • Oh and, pssst, if you go over drabble/ficlet word limits… it’s actually fine. I’ll still reblog. I absolutely understand that happening and the word count “constraints”, drabbles and ficlets, are to lower stress and pressure. Here’s more of the cure in case you’re more worried about going over. *snort* Harrisco Fest is here to provide you easy excuses to write and create ;)

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Thank you for your support of Harrisco and this fest and for giving our cozy but ever burgeoning community treasured new treats and extra mana.

Heck Yeah, Here’s Your Harrisco Prompt List

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You’re Pretty Good

Request: Could you write a Cisco fic where the reader thinks they’re alone in S.T.A.R. Labs and is singing and dancing around while she works and Cisco finds her and can’t stop telling Barry how cute she looks? Thanks so much.

Cisco Ramon x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: ~1400

A/N: I fucking love writing cute, awkward Cisco. He’s just so god damn sweet and dorky and gahh!! <3


Finally, the lab was empty. Cisco and Barry had just left an hour ago for the night, and you were here, finishing up some paperwork and meta-human business in the Cortex. You lived for these moments, when you were alone.

You pulled out your phone and connected it to the computer. Sorting through your music you picked your current favorite song and routed it through the speakers. The melody began and your lips began moving to the lyrics.

It was the only time you could really get to listen to your music. With your Stick-up-the-ass neighbors, your headphones would cause a noise complaint.

Singing you began to bob your head as you slid over to the other end of the desk, grabbing this and that to clean up and file some papers. Your voice picked up as you began to sing along.

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