okay but have we ever actually appreciated how amazing and special brendon is?

here is this straight man who isn’t afraid of admitting he’s experimented multiple times with men, who isn’t afraid of saying he finds men attractive, who doesn’t give a fuck or even think twice about wearing heels or doing traditionally feminine things, who cried after gay marriage was legalized, who is comfortable with his sexuality and likes breaking gender norms and that is such an important thing

hate brendon or love him this is such a rare thing and it can really mean a lot for people who don’t fit gender norms or are struggling with accepting themselves, he gives no fucks and we need more people like that



“You’ve got two black eyes from loving too hard”

Sometimes I like to think that the reason Ryan did the black eye makeup when Brendon had a black eye was because he loved him so much. Brendon was extremely embarrassed to go back on stage at Leeds with his black eye knowing that people would notice it and laugh. Ryan shook his head and grabbed Brendon’s hand telling him that he loved him and he’d never let him go through anything alone. Ryan did his makeup as 2 black eyes, taking the attention away from Brendon, if only for this one time. And as they walked out on stage Ryan wrapped an arm around Brendon’s shoulder letting him know he wasn’t alone. Years down the road, after everything was said and done, Brendon sat at his desk thinking up lyrics for the new album. He went to scratch his head and hit himself in the eye. Swearing under his breath, memories flooded his head and he put his pen back to the paper with a sad smile.