Beebo’s scope July 7, 2015
  • talks about music video-it’s a puzzle inside the sinner’s head
  • Bogart being adorable and resting his head on the counter while sitting on Brendon’s lap
  • Bogart wears a Thunder jacket so he’s calmer
  • talks about how he got photoshopped on that magazine cover so much that it doesn’t even look like him and how he didn’t have final say/approval
  • “Sarah. I am fucking Madonna.”
  • mentions how half the chat is ‘why didn’t you’ questions – “i don’t know, why don’t you do a lot of things” –people then started asking other questions and he answered
  • nikita, the girl in the vid whom he’s known since middle/high school, is supposed to look like a ‘medieval temptress’
  • can we just have a moment for Sarah’s adorableness? she shows him (+ us) cute/funny pictures and just giggles aw 
  • he gave himself haircuts starting sophomore year in high school with 2 mirrors and scissors in the shower
  • “I should make a shirt saying “families hate me” because you guys always talk about how your families hate me but you love me. sinners love me and families hate me.” (paraphrased but yenno, he officially addresses us as sinners)
  • calls Ed Sheeran “Sheersy”
  • sings and plays the piano and sounds like an angel

Some loser: *something stupid about politics or groceries*
What I’m thinking: Why did Brendon post an announcement about the Hallelujah music video on the anniversary of the split? I mean obviously he doesn’t care about the split. He probably didn’t know it was the date either. But at least the Hallelujah music video was cute. Brendon looked so good in that red suit. Ryan looked good in the red rose vest too… Ugh but who cares the band is split up. Who cares right? The concept for the Hallelujah music video was cute. Brendon was running around and- huh, it’s weird Brendon was the only one in the video. I mean Kenny’s not an official member and Dallon doesn’t like being on camera, but it still would’ve been nice to see them. But that’s fine. I guess I just miss the music videos where all the members were in it. But good for Brendon for keeping the band going. And who cares about the split, right? Hahahahaha not me. All that matters is the Hallelujah music video was good and it was really cute :)
What I say: Yeah totally

High School vs. College
  • High school:*doesn't matter what day of the week it is*
  • College:Alright! Got all my stuff for Wednesday *gets to class* OHMYGODITSTUESDAY.
  • High school:*turns in homework next day*
  • College:*turns in homework two weeks from the assigned date*
  • High school:*complains to friends at school about life*
  • College:*avoid all eye contact possible*
  • High school:*teacher* MLA is life. MLA is love. MLA is forever.
  • College:*professor* what is mLA!?
  • High school:May I please be excused to go to the lavatory located twenty feet from this classroom as my bladder seems to be full?
  • College:*leaves, doesn't come back till next week*
  • High school:*feels like jail*
  • College:*feels like the matrix*
  • High school:*present power point on government branches with all the presidents, and everything has dates and essays*
  • College:*presents power point about Pokemon with gifs and theme music*
  • High school:*Addresses teacher by last name*
  • College:*OHMYGOD WHAT IS THEIR NAME?!? It's been like 3 weeks?!*
  • High school:*is mean girls*

When I’m sitting in my confessional, basically, I’m playing two different characters,” frontman Brendon Urie told Mashable. “I’m playing the sinner, and I’m playing the priest. As the priest, I’m trying to convince myself that it’s all okay, that I’ll absolve you of your sins and try to comfort you, and the sinner just isn’t having it. In the sinner’s mind, there’s this puzzle going on — I’m chasing this girl through this story that I’ve woven for myself and I can’t seem to break the puzzle. I’m trying to defeat it in order to have some kind of catharsis.”

  • *watching the hallelujah video*
  • bden:white dad dances haRD
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:my smol son what are you doing my bean child what is tHIS

i got excited about the hallelujah music video and this happened as a result of my musician reflexes

(excuse my fuck ups and the mess on my head)

You Have A Panic Attack - Zayn Imagine

Anon: Can I request an imagine with Zayn please ??? Where we’re out on a date somewhere and the fans spot us and pretty soon there’s like a huge swarm resulting in me having a panic attack and he has to try to keep me calm? Thank you so much

“Babe?” his sweet voice asked, causing you to look up into those unexplainably gorgeous brown eyes, with that tiny brown dot on the rim of the iris.

“Hmmm?” you asked and he sweetly smiled at you before sliding his hand across the table, lacing it in yours with a blush rising on your cheeks.

“I’m so glad we’re out together, just the two of us, alone” he whispered calmly and you smiled shyly at him, resulting in a giggle as he leaned forwards and pecked your cheek.

“I’m glad we’re out together too” you whispered, the blush now on his cheeks as opposed to yours.

“So, what say, after this we go for a nice stroll in the park?” he asked, tightening his grip on your hand and you bit your lip, pretending to think about it when in reality the two of you knew our answer was going to be a yes anyways.

“Uhh… sure why not” you replied in a casual tone, your heart juxtaposing and doing summersaults at the thought of the two of you hand in hand, alone, under a tree… your lips millimetres away from each other-


You blinked a few times and found his hand inches away from your face, waving at you as you snapped out of the wonderful day dream.

“Uhhh… s-sorry, uhh yeah sure why not!” you stuttered out and he giggled before paying the bill and taking you hand in his, leading you out of the restaurant and towards the park in the most gentlemen like manner possible.


You managed around two minutes of peaceful silence in the park and sat down on a bench, hand in hand as he faced you and caressed your cheek, his eyes drifting from your beautiful orbs to your lips, a small smile on his face as he leaned in, your actions copying him as your eyes fluttered shut and just as your lips were about to connect…

“OH MY GOD IS THAT ZAYN MALIK?” a girl screamed out, the two of you tearing apart from each other as a crowd of girls ran towards the two of you from all sides, as if moths to a flame.

Oh god please no.

They all surrounded him and began screaming and giggling and shoving each other out of the way, the crowd getting bigger and bigger as your panic levels increased, your heart beating faster, rapidly in your chest, sweat pouring out of your skin as you struggled to breath.

Zayn instantly noticed this and told everyone to step back, rather kindly, as his nature Is but no one seemed to listen as their screams got louder and he sighed before picking you up and running towards where the car was parked.

He placed you in the passenger seat and got in the car and sped down the road towards his house as he carefully picked you up bridal style in his arms and walked you over to his bed, your breaths getting shorter as you asked for an ice pack.

He ran downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed an ice pack, sprinting back upstairs and placing it on your forehead, breathing heavily as he peppered your face with kisses and stroked your stomach to calm you down.

“I am so so sorry baby” he whispered and your eyes widened and you sat up, cupping his face. “No Zayn! Why are you sorry! None of this is your fault” you whispered out and pecked his cheek, causing a cute little smile to form on his lips.

“No, it’s just that we can’t even have a normal date because of me and it’s not fair on you because I k-“

You cut him off by pressing your lips to his in a soft kiss as he instantly responded back with a tender touch, pulling away minutes after.

“Any time at all with you is worth anything and everything in the world” you whispered and he smiled at you, caressing your cheek softly as he pulled the blankets over you and got in, kicking his shoes off as he wrapped his arms around you, cuddling you until you fell into a deep sleep, his eyes scanning your peaceful face with a smile.


(A/N: I am so so so so so sooooo sorry this took so long nonny! But here it is! I am extremely sorry, I don’t know how panic attacks are but I tried my best babe xxx)