💕 sister-to-sister product review: ABD GREEKIES! 💕

sorority sugar Ultra Premier Tier Apparel Sponsor ADAM BLOCK DESIGN recently introduced the cutest, sweetest sorority plush toys called GREEKIES!! And I was lucky enough to receive three of them to review for all of my blog followers. I’m so excited to tell you about the most adorable sorority plush ever!


I’m sure you are familiar with my Ultra Premier Tier Apparel Sponsor ABD. But in case you’re new to my blog, let me share some information about this amazing greek fashion company….. Adam Block Design is all about originality, creativity and customization. They specialize in greek apparel and accessories for every occasion. Quality products, great customer service, creative design, superior printing and fast shipping are all part of the ABD experience! The company specializes in group orders with a 24 piece minimum.

In addition to their chapter group designs, ABD also has an active Crowdfunded BlockBuy Shop and a retail shop for individual shirt sales called Remy & Olive. They have ALL of your sorority needs covered from start to finish.  


Greekies are chapter plush toys based on the mascots and symbols of 10 NPC sororities. Currently the chapters available are the ones pictured above ~ ADPi, ASA, ChiO. Tri Delta, DG, DZ, GPhi, KAT, PiPhi, and ZTA. Each Greekie is packaged in protective plastic and has a hang tag with the mascot’s name and what they like. For example, the GPhi moon that I received says her name is “Helen. Helen loves shining her light on pink carnations.” The tag on the PiPhi arrow says, “Emma. Emma loves angels and wine carnations.” Such a nice way to personalize the plush and give it extra personality. 

My first impression was that the Greekies are larger than I thought. They look smaller in photos. But they are actually about 6′7″ in length. (They’re not itty bitty.) Instead, they are just the right size for adding to a new member tote bag, or big/little reveal basket. Inside, they’re filled with a of mixture of foam and tiny beads. The fabric on the outside depends on the mascot. The DG anchor was a furry fabric, the moon was soft & smooth and the arrow was not furry at all, but still made of a soft fabric. The chapter’s greek letters are embroidered on each symbol, along with embroidered eyes, mouth and other decorations. The faces on each Greekie give them added character. 

The manufacturing quality is excellent. They are well constructed and should last a long time. Greekies are not cheap throwaway trinkets, but more like special Beanie Babies that you would collect and cherish. If you love your mascot/symbol ~ you will love your signature Greekie. 


I think Greekies are marvelous for sorority sisters of all ages. A young future legacy, current sisters and even older alums would all love them. I have not seen anything else like Greekies on the market. They are well made and totally charming. Add them to a gift basket or bag for the perfect present. And you can give them for SO MANY occasions ~ 

💕 Give a GREEKIE for:

  • Bid day
  • Sisterhood retreat prizes
  • Academic encouragment awards
  • Big/little week & reveal
  • Big appreciation
  • Chapter awards
  • Use for sisterhood shares
  • Alum thank you gift
  • Advisor appreciation 
  • Initiation gift
  • E-board officer appreciation 
  • Visiting dignitary gift
  • Finals encouragement
  • Sister of the week/month recognition
  • Senior send-off
  • Birthday gift
  • Transfer student welcome
  • Holiday gift exchange
  • Recruitment table display 
  • Sports teams & greek competition awards
  • Fundraising goal award
  • Anytime! 


Right now, Greekies are currently available for PREORDER only. Please email ABD at orders@adamblockdesign.com to get more information and to place your sorority order. Recently they were also listed on the BlockBuy site for Crowdfunded purchases and they will be re-listed as soon as they are restocked! If you’re in individual buyer, keep your eye on the BlockBuy site. 










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gobydana asked:

So I am the only one in my family to be Greek and I love it. My mom was in a sorority for a year then dropped because she didn't like it. She has finally come around and supports me with my decision to go Greek because of how happy my sorority makes me. My sister is another issue. All she does is put down Greeks. She even does it in front of my sorority sisters. She says all her activities are way better and makes me seem like a bad person cause I am Greek. How do I deal with this?

Sibling rivalry will happen no matter what. If you weren’t in a sorority, it would probably be something else. Your sister is competitive, a little jealous and very insecure. She puts your choices down, so she can feel better about herself. It’s sad and annoying. 

I suggest you meet her criticisms with a calm, peaceful smile. If she doesn’t get a reaction out of you, her taunts will have less effect. Kill her with kindness. Don’t argue. Just let her know you are very happy with your personal lifestyle. Be happy for her activities and ask her to be accepting of yours. To each her own. One of my favorite sayings is, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Which acknowledges her opinion about greek life, but doesn’t give into her bashing. Yes, you are disappointed she’s so critical, but you are not going to let it effect your sorority satisfaction. You hear her words, yet they will not change you! 

Another approach you can try is to say something like, “I’ve heard your opinion many times, and you are free to think that way, but I would appreciate it if you would stop being so insensitive in front of my friends.” No one has a right to ruin your social time with your girlfriends. Somehow you need to convince your bio sister that you “get the message” but her repeated cheap shots have to STOP. How long can she go on about it? The problem is not that she has a different lifestyle, it’s that she can’t stop trashing yours. After validating her opinion, firmly request that she keep it to herself. Assure her that you are not going to disaffiliate, so there’s no point in continuing the trash talking. 

Also, it would be a good idea to stop mixing your sorority sisters with your bio sister. They are oil and water. Not all friends and family need to be together. Some social separation in your life would really help the situation. Time to strike out on your own. Find your own path and travel it with joy. Some breathing room between your family and friends would be a great idea! xoxo ;)

“If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges.” ~ Pat Riley