rushtalk: what to wear with a panhel tee...

Q: I’ll be rushing in the fall as an incoming freshman and my school has t-shirts for the first 4 days of recruitment. It says to wear shorts and skirts with relaxed shoes. Any ideas?

A: More campuses are switching to the PNM tee shirt “uniform” idea for several rounds of recruitment. They see it as neutralizing the pressure for fancy rush fashions. Your school will provide the shirt, so all you need to buy are the bottoms and your shoes. You can also wear simple, classic jewelry that would look appropriate with a casual outfit. xoxo ;)

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  • Shorts & Skirts: Your shorts should be classic cut and cover your backside. Solid white, khaki, and pastel shades are good ideas. Denim is ok if it does not have holes and shreds. Skirts should look right with a crewneck tee shirt, which is a challenge. A straight golf or tennis skirt style looks appropriate with a panhel tee. White, khaki, seersucker, denim and lighter colors look right in hot weather. With a baggy top, keep your shorts or skirt more streamline on the bottom. 
  • Just say NO to: Skin tight cycling shorts, boxer shorts, pj shorts, gathered waist skirts (with a full-cut tee shirt). drawstring shorts, beach coverup skirts, torn denim, black shorts (if they don’t flatter your skin tone), baggy long shorts, hot pants with cheeks showing, colors & prints that clash with your tee shirt.
  • Shoes: Wear nice leather sandals in whatever style you prefer. Simple flats and wedges are also ok. If you wear wedges, don’t wear a really tall design. Please DO NOT wear flip flops, tennis shoes with holes in them, running shoes, slippers, plastic shoes that make your feet sweat & slide, high heels, pumps, moccasins, boots, any shoe that rubs and creates blisters. 
  • Jewelry with a Panhel Tee: Stick to classic, simple necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Don’t wear all of your favorite pieces at one time. Avoid multiple rings. Think “less is more” when it comes to jewelry with a casual recruitment outfit. 

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