• Angie teaches Peggy about the joy of SOCK SLIDING so they steal socks from Howard’s supply and then slide all over the house, falling into each other and laughing helplessly
  • Peggy invites Angie’s entire family over for Fourth of July. Her brothers run wild and her sisters delight in Peggy (and they totally know that look in Angel’s eyes, alora, sis, you got it bad.)
    • When the fireworks sound, Angie finds Peggy alone with a few tears in her eyes, Angie knows it’s Steve’s birthday, and just settles a brandy next to her and stays quiet.
  • Helping each other with makeup and clothes in the morning. “Pegs, how does this lip color look?” “Are you sure this skirt fits properly, Angie?”
  • Staying up late, curling together in each others bed, and waking up in the same position.
  • Angie trying to make cookies one day and just burning them all to dust and when Peggy gets home she laughs so hard she can’t breathe and then they make more but eat half the dough raw.
  • Angie becomes really, really proficient in first aid, including stitching up wounds and Mother Mary, if her Mama knew that’s what her sewing lessons would come to.
  • Angie getting her big break and taking Peggy as her date to all the galas. So they come home at four in the morning, leaning on each other and so very drunk and giggling.
  • Angie and Peggy shoving back the furniture, turning up the radio and swinging each other around for hours.

peggy/angie: talk (1x03)

that's the spirit

“You look practically dead on your heels, phone company working you like a mad dog?”

Peggy refrained from jumping at the voice, a quick glance around her shoulder assuring her that it was only Angie at her door, her hair still pinned up from her waitressing job but she had changed out of her uniform in to her bed clothes.

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put on the show

“Practicing lines again I see.” Peggy ran a hand through her hair as she took her hat off, stepping in to her room that was occupied by Angie as it had been for the past few weeks every time she returned home.

“I just need to get this part right.” Angie bit her lip, looking down at the paper she held in her hand. “It isn’t every day a gal gets to play Betty up on stage, I just want to do her right and then get the fame and fortune I deserve.”

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