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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny Movie Storyline
“ Michelle Yeoh reprises the role of Yu Shu Lien in the sequel to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” that will be directed by Yuen Woo-Ping. Donnie Yen is confirmed to play the male lead Silent Wolf. ”

➢ Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny Movie Detail
Release Date : 2016-02-08
Casts : Roger Yuan, Darryl Quon , Eugenia Yuan, Donnie Yen, Michelle Yeoh, Jason Scott Lee, Chris Pang, Woon Young Park, Harry Shum Jr., JuJu Chang

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny Movie Streaming (2016) HD

➣ Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny Movie Storyline
“ Michelle Yeoh reprises the role of Yu Shu Lien in the sequel to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” that will be directed by Yuen Woo-Ping. Donnie Yen is confirmed to play the male lead Silent Wolf. ”

➣ Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny Movie Detail
Release Date : 2016-02-08
Casts : Harry Shum Jr., Roger Yuan, Darryl Quon, Woon Young Park, Eugenia Yuan, Michelle Yeoh, JuJu Chang, Chris Pang, Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee
Duration : 0 minutes runtime
Rating : 3.6

Kung mag aaway kayo at magbabati rin agad sa walang katuturan na bagay, mas mabuti pang huwag na lang kayo mag-away. Sayang yung time and effort na imbis naglalambingan na lang kayong dalawa. Dapat ganyan mindset niyo. Para everyday happy.
This letter, my very dear Eliza, will not be delivered to you unless I shall first have terminated by earthly career to begin, as I humbly hope from redeeming grace and divine mercy, a happy immortality.
If it had been possible for me to have avoided the interview, my love for you and my precious children would have been alone a decisive motive. but it was not possible without sacrifices which would have rendered me unworthy of your esteem. I need not tell you of the pangs I feel from the idea of quitting you and exposing you to the anguish which I know you would feel. Nor could I dwell on the topic lest it should unman me.
The consolations of religion, my beloved, can alone support you and these you have a right to enjoy. Fly to the bosom of your God and be comforted. With my last idea, I shall cherish the sweet hope of meeting you in a better world.
Adieu best of wives and best of women. Embrace all my darling children for me.
Ever yours
—  The letter Hamilton had prepared for his wife Eliza before heading off to his fatal duel with Aaron Burr (Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow).

[10:42] To: Charlie
dude. this is so your kind of place

[10:45] From: Charlie
Yeah?  How so?  Plentiful liquor and hot chicks?

Dean watched as Jimmy slid Jo another shot, and she downed it effortlessly.

[10:47] To: Charlie
umm. pretty much exactly, yeah.

[10:48] From: Charlie
You’ll have to take me there when I come visit.

Dean smiled, a pang of affection for his annoying pseudo-sister in his belly.

[10:50] From: Charlie
So did you find Mr. Sex Hair?

[10:51] To: Charlie
actually yeah. and dude – there’s TWO of them

[10:51] From: Charlie
… How drunk are you?

[10:52] To: Charlie
im not!

[10:52] To: Charlie
ok im lying, i am a little

[10:53] To: Charlie
but srsly, they’re twins. and ofc i accosted the wrong twin abt the pic

[10:55] From: Charlie
Oh my God. Your life is a fanfic.

[10:56] From: Charlie
So… Dean-sandwich on the menu then?

[10:58] To: Charlie
oh my GOD why are we friends

[11:00] From: Charlie
Because I’m awesome.  Come on, don’t pretend it hasn’t crossed your mind.

[11:00] To: Charlie

[11:02] To: Charlie
dude, you saw him. or them. im only human

Puppy Love

Requested by @thatzestysoul:

Sentence Starter: “Were you ever going to tell me?” for Mino
A/N: I got a request from one of my favorite Winner writing blogs! The pressure was on and I hope that you enjoy this as much as I enjoy reading yours!! //heart eyes\ Since Mino said he was allergic to dogs, (but not HOW allergic he really is) I decided to go ahead and do as I saw fit lol. I want to apologize in advance too. I figured I could either go light or dark with this, and I chose the lighter version.  
Genre: Mino x Reader
Words: 896

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs are not mine and belong to their rightful owners.

“Were you ever going to tell me?”

You looked up at the swollen, red eyes of your boyfriend, and felt a sudden pang of guilt. Sure, it probably wasn’t right to try and hide the puppy in the house. Especially, since you knew he was allergic. You just never really realized how allergic he was until the last half hour.

“Yah, what are you implying?” you pouted.

“I’m implying that you probably wouldn’t have told me until I looked like this!”

Mino motioned towards his face and you had to admit, he looked like shit. It wasn’t just his eyes that were swollen, but his cheeks were chubbier than usual. Small patches of red glaring skin were forming on his forearms that matched the heated expression in his eyes.

He was not happy with you, but at this point you completely understood why. The culprit in question came barreling into your ankle. A tiny bark sounding from below you as Mino let out a slight scream and backpedaled away from the both of you.

The puppy scratched at your ankle until you bent down to pick him up.

“Don’t pick it up!” Mino whined.

You cradled the puppy into the crevice of your arm as you cuddled your face up against its fluffy fur.

“How could I ignore such a cutie?!”

It was a rhetorical question. You both knew it. But that didn’t stop Mino from responding.

“Because your cutie of a boyfriend, who you should be taking care of, is slowly turning into a puffy marshmallow.”

You laughed as your fingers caressed the soft fur, and watched in amusement as Mino cringed when the puppy’s tongue licked across your hand.

“I will take care of my boyfriend, once he tells me I can keep Bear.”

His eyebrows shot up as your words filtered through his ears. The alarm on his face making a giggle bubble up from your throat.

“Bear? You already named it?”

“Of course! Look at him, Mino-sshi! He looks just like a cute little teddy bear!”

While you cooed down loving words at the puppy, you watched from your peripherals as Mino ran an agitated hand through his hair.

“Jagi, why couldn’t you have picked a cat or a rabbit or anything else?”

“Because you already have a cat and this little guy was all alone and needed a home.”

“We can find him a better home.”

Your mouth dropped open at his words as you hugged Bear closer to your chest. Trying to cover his ears as if the puppy itself, could be offended by Mino’s words.

“How can you say that?”

“Because my eyes have almost swollen shut since I’ve been home. Please, Y/N.”

He was giving you, “the look.” His bottom lip pressed out in a pout; eyelashes fluttering as he tried to make himself cute. Normally, that look would work on you, but in his current state it was more humorous than adorable. You let out a sigh as you walked over to place bear inside his puppy pen you bought before walking back to stand close to Mino.

“We’ve got some Benadryl here you can take. It should help with the swelling and puffiness around your eyes. I can run down to the store to get some cream for the rash.”

“Thanks, jagi. But I’m begging you, find another home for him?”

Mino turned on his heel to head to the bedroom leaving you to sulk in the living room. Bear gave out a tiny yelp, teeth and paws digging into the wire mesh of his cage. You bent down on your knees to let him out, and immediately he licked your hand for you to pet him.

“Maybe he just needs some time,” you spoke hopefully to him.

You planned on taking care of Mino and seeing if when he felt better you could persuade him. You could always cook him his favorite fatty meal, but when you heard the chorus line of swears words ascend from the bedroom, you knew that hope was out of the question.

“Yah! There’s dog hair all over the bedspread!”

Picking up Bear, you scrambled towards the door, picking up your purse and jacket as you went.

“I’m gonna run to the store to get you that lotion,” you yelled, your voice carrying through the apartment.

Maybe while you were out you could try to come up with a Plan C on a way to talk Mino into keeping the puppy. You knew deep down you should find him a new home, but damn it, he was just too cute to not fight for. Even if it did turn your boyfriend into a grumpy marshmallow of sass.

sobrang badtrip ako buong araw. to think na special day ‘namin’ ngayon the fvck. pwera dyan, sobrang nangitim talaga ako. nagkaroon ako ng sugat sa palad ng dahil sa power pull. tapos kung ano ano pang gulo yung nangyari. pero siguro 7am pa lang, sobrang bwisit na ko. sabi ko pa sa sarili ko, ‘hindi maganda flow ng araw na ‘to sigurado’ at bvllshit, nangyari nga. sobrang utas ako sa lahat ng tao. parang kahit sino nalang masasapak ko na hahaha idaan sa boxing. lol pero nangitim ako talaga lol tapos diba badtrip talaga ako buong araw, dumagdag dito sa bahay shit naman diba ge happy 15th

Anyone else?

Okay, so the gay-chest pang… When I look at/think about certain people (birgitte Hjort sørensen/ my nursing school professor) I get this weird feeling like someone put a balloon in my chest and blew it up all the way, while simultaneously tickling said balloon with a feather… Please PLEASE someone tell me they get this to?

Paano mo malalaman?

Sa love dapat marunong ka sumugal. Kasi ganun naman talaga pagdating sa pag-ibig. Hindi mo alam kung ano ang magiging flow ng kwento nyong dalawa. Ang dapat mo lang gawin ay ihanda ang sarili mo sa lahat ng bagay. Pero paano kung ayaw mong magtake ng risk? Nasa harap mo na ang true love mo pero hinayaan mong lumayo. Kasi natakot ka? Oo, lahat naman tayo natatakot. Lahat tayo ayaw masaktan. May kanya kanya tayong dahilan kung bakit nagmamahal tayo ng may alinlangan. Di naman masamang tanungin ang sarili ng maraming beses kung handa ka na ba talaga. Pero kahit ilang ulit mo pang itanong yan sa sarili mo, kung hindi mo din naman itatry, hindi pa rin yan masasagot kung takot ka. Dahil kung totoo ang nararamdaman mong love, alam mo na dapat ang sagot. Kapag alam mo na ang sagot, take the risk. Sabi nga nila, paano mo malalaman kung hindi mo susubukan? Kung nasaktan ka, at least natuto ka. You learn from your mistakes and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Kung ayaw mong subukan, habang buhay mo nalang bang tatanungin ang sarili mo ng “Paano kaya kung sinubukan ko?” Walang nakakaalam ng future. Walang nakakaalam kung masasaktan ka ba o kung may happy ending. Kasi sa totoo lang, babalik pa din tayo sa tanong na “Handa ka na bang sumugal?” Dyan kasi magsisimula ang lahat. Wag mo na hintayin na dumating pa yung time na sasabihin mo sa sarili mo na “Sana sinubukan ko” REGRETS o TAKE THE RISK? Ikaw na ang bahala.

May mga nasalubong ako kanina sa school na namimili ng bulaklak mukhang binibilihan ata nila sarili nila halos babae kasi mga bumibili. Pipila sana ako para bilihan ko sarili ko kaso parang mauubasan na ata ako sa sobrang dami namin na single haha naisip ko lang din kanina, pang-ilan kaya ako na walang ka-date ngayong valentines, madami-dami kami siguro pero sanay na ako since birth naman na hindi ko cinecelebrate yung valentines na yan haha hutaina nagiging bitter na ata ako. Haha

Arranged- Chapter 3


Aaaaand chapter 3. I’m exited that I’m able to upload daily, it’s really nice instead of making you guys wait forever since it seems I’ve been keeping this fic on the down low for weeks. This one is the best one out of the three, but the next chapter is my favorite so far.

-chapter 3: a business deal-

Adrien’s gaze seemed to lock on her after his father made the proposal to him. He could tell she was nervous, so much so she was hiding her face. He felt a pang in his chest. “F-father I….. I don’t know” he attempted to break his gaze, but he could only do so for a second, as her small frame was almost shaking from being so nervous, embarrassed, and the feeling of guilt ran through his veins.

“Well I’m eventually going to need an answer, two I don’t knows isn’t a very good business deal.” He said softly, moving his book to the side, looking at both of them, back and forth from the two. He could feel the way Adrien was looking at her, and he knew his son couldn’t say no. His look of… Endearment. He could read his son like an open book in the moment, as Adrien stared at the girl. He was thinking about being married to the small one. He even almost smiled.

“I-I can’t just have you ask me this and give you a yes or a no right away, dad. We’re not just a prince and a princess you can auction off! What if she doesn’t even want to marry me? She has so much potential in this world.” He wasn’t against the idea. Not at all. Sure the two of them didn’t talk THAT much, but he wasn’t getting married anytime soon, he knew he wasn’t even going to DATE anyone soon, and he knew his old romance with ladybug was long gone. Maybe… They could give it a try.

Tears were evidentially streaming down Marinette’s cheeks, all the feelings were overwhelming her and she couldn’t believe she was crying in front of her boss and ex-crush, it was so stupid, she felt so stupid. “Hey” she felt Adrien’s precense grow closer to her, and the warmth of his hand on her back made her sigh. He was always perfect. Always knew what to do.

“I never said I didn’t want to marry you, Marinette.” His hand gently rubbed up and down her back, his other reaching slowly for her arm to slowly, gently take it away from her face. When she looked up at him, a reassuring smile grew on his face, as he wiped a few tears away. “Don’t think you’re not good enough or something. You’re brilliant.” He could feel his dad grinning. It almost sickened him a little, he knew his father was trying to help the business but. Really? This was the way to go about it?

“I have another idea, a more… Plausible idea. At least in the mind of the media.” Marinette looked up from her crying, her cheeks still flushed and red hot as he scribbled things down on a piece of paper. Both of them seemed on the edge of their seats, Adrien’s hand still gently on her arm, unintentionally rubbing it to continue to comfort his friend. Marinette’s thoughts were still running at a mile a minute, her head was heavy and drowsy from all the things going on, the warm hand on her arm and the soft patter of rain that had started on the window being the only things to comfort her.

“Maybe if I give you two time to decide. Let’s say…… 8 months to a year, so you two can get to know one another. If you don’t want to get married by the end of it, we drop it.” It was silent, as the two looked at one another, waiting for the other to answer before them. Neither of them wanted to say the wrong thing, as the designer started to impatiently tap his pen on the glass table, the two of them not even breaking eye contact, as they exchanged eyebrow raises, and then warm, warm smiles and nods.

“I… I think we can do that…” His hand slowly slid down her arm to meet her hand, their fingers slowly winding together, him reassuringly squeezing it and leaning into her, just so slightly. They exchanged glances again, her nodding, a little more sure of herself. “We can do that. There will have to be pr, dates and photoshoots I’m guessing?” He looked at Marinette, who already seemed engrossed with it. She wasn’t a model, she wasn’t a celebrity. Sure she could dream, but she didn’t have the training Adrien did.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, I got you.” As his father circled things, he called Nathalie in and handed her the papers, telling her to make changes in his sons schedule already.

“You two are together, as of tomorrow. You’ll be seen together at a cafe, we need to pick out your outfits and we’ll hire paps to see you, make sure you both look happy.” He stood up, taking a deep breath in. Most of his agenda was very much behind due to his elongated meeting with the assistant and his son, but he didn’t really mind. This was a much better pay off in the end. “Miss Marinette, your designs will be shown at the Paris fashion week in 3 months. I’ll give you the details in an email.” And with that he left, leaving the 23 year old and the 24 year old in the cold room, her taking a few deep breaths in.

“A lot to take in, it is for me too.” He slowly stood, helping her stand as well, she was wearing heels and seemed very out of it. “Why don’t you take them off? I’ll hold them.” He smiled warmly at her, something about the way she was warmed his heart. Or was that just because now they were supposedly dating? Either way he took the shoes, walking hand in hand with her down the stairs and into another wing, naturally leading her to his room. “You can sketch in there, or nap, if you want”

“N-no I….. I want to. To talk I guess” she laughed, sniffling again and wiping under her cheeks. She was so weak for crying. Wasn’t this supposed to be a good thing? The boy she had been in love with since day one was going to be her husband. But… Did he want to be?

“We can do that too. Talking is… Talking is good.”

Love Me Now (The Captain Swan Mixtape) Part 10/?

Part 10 in a series of one shots inspired by various songs. AU Where Emma and Killian are coworkers at a bar, and though he’s always flirtatious, Emma can’t trust him because he’s always flirting with any good looking girl in the place. Yet she’s still attracted to him. One night, after last call, she puts this song on to listen to while she’s cleaning up the empty tables. She sings along to “Love Me Now” by Madi Diaz, and Killian watches from the side of the bar. When she’s done he asks her if it meant anything. It did. 

Chapter Rated T.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

“Are you gonna be okay if I head out early?” Ruby’s question left Emma with a small pang in her stomach but she nodded.

“Sure, it’s not too much clean up tonight. Go home, see Graham.” Ruby gave a small smile but looked past Emma’s shoulder. Emma didn’t need to follow her gaze to know what had caught her attention – Killian, their coworker and the biggest flirt on the eastern seaboard, was no doubt chatting it up with some hot girl who was still here til last call in the hopes of his taking her home. And knowing him, he would be all too happy to oblige.

“Seriously, Ruby, don’t worry about it.”

“He’s an idiot, Emma.” The comment was true, but surprising to Emma.

“He’s putting himself through law school full time and working here nights. I wouldn’t say he’s an idiot.”

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1. “but if you loved me, why’d you leave me?”

i left because i had no choice, because you were rotting under my hands, because i would die for you in a heartbeat but i will not be what kills you, because i never should have kissed you, because we drown each other with our words, because-

2. “i loved you”

i loved you too. i loved you more than i can say, i loved you like summer and swimming and strawberry smiles and too big hoodies, i loved you like stars until we broke, but then i loved you like the way i love snow and hunger pangs, like i love razor blades, like the way i love the things that kill me, and i swear, i would have stayed but-

3. “i can’t handle this”

shh, my love, i know, i’m sorry, my tongue is too sharp when i’m tired, and you are too cold when you’re sad, and this is turning ugly, turning bitter, you bought me cough drops and ice cream when i was sick but you used suicide like a weapon to get what you want, i wrote you love poems but tore you down for fun, felt loving you in my teeth, and i’m sorry it has to be this way but-

4. “we shouldn’t talk anymore”

you’re right, of course. i know the thought of me festers in your veins, i know i couldn’t be what you deserved, i know we went toxic, i know, i know, but-

5. “fuck you"

well, fuck you too, darling. i was not the only sinner here, not the only bitter tongue, not even the first to throw a punch. it took you a week from the first time i admitted i would kiss you before you said you would kill yourself if i left you, turned loving you into something i had to do because i couldn’t let you die, planted the seed of rot, don’t act like you forgot, let’s not pretend you were only the victim, let’s not pretend i don’t have reasons to say-

6. “goodbye”

good luck, i’ll miss you.

—  a short list of things he said (and i should’ve) - (g.c.r.)

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s06e15 “Do Not Disturb”
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Recapping Season 6, Episode 15 of Pretty Little Liars. Aria is saddened to learn that her mom is taking her awful dad back, so she fully engages her Girl Detective mode and tries to expense it. Hanna is lying to Jordan, planting hard drives, feeling Haleb pangs and getting fired by her awful boss. Emily is making some time with Ali and failing at medical stuffs again. And Spencer is getting distracted by Caleb sex, being routed to phony meetings by her rogue Apple Watch calendar, and teaming up with Aria to infiltrate Sara Harvey’s Radley hotel room lair.

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Napakasaya ko kasi ngayon alam ko na kung sino ka talaga. Ngayon alam ko na yung totoo mong pag uugali. Maraming maraming salamat sayo. Ang galing, ngayon ko lang kasi naramdaman to, yung kumukulo yung dugo ko pero kalmado pa rin.

Kung ano man yung gusto mong sabihin, okay lang.
Kung ano man yung gusto mong isipin, okay lang.
Kahit ano pa ang itawag mo sa akin, okay lang.
Okay lang. Seryoso.

Sana maging masaya ka sa pagtawag sakin ng kung anu-anong nicknames. Naenjoy ko sobra.

Pero gusto kong malaman mo na hindi ako ganung tao. Hindi ako malandi. Wala akong nilalandi. And I have tons of reasons why I don’t. Ikaw kung yun na yung naka-program sa utak mo, na lahat ng nakakausap ko eh lalandiin ko, okay lang. Utak mo yan eh.

Gusto ko nga rin palang malaman mong sinira mo yung respeto ko sayo. Wala akong sinabing masama o kung ano pang mga tawag (na sinabi mo sakin) against you. That’s because I respected you that much. Kahit na ganoon yung nangyari satin hindi nawala yung respeto ko sayo, well not until today.

Nasa iyo na kung ano yung gusto mong paniwalaan. Wala na akong pakialam. I am currently enraged by your acts but I just smile, I just don’t give a damn anymore.

Congrats. Enjoy. 😊

02. 11-12.16

Nandito na naman ako sa sitwasyon na kung saan hindi ko na naman maintindihan ang sarili ko. Nilalamon na naman ako ng mga bagay na pumapasok sa isip ko. Hindi ko sila mapigilan. 

Kahapon, hindi ako pumasok. Parang ang bigat ng pakiramdam ko at gusto ko lang humilata sa kama maghapon. Huwag mong isipin na tinatamad ako kasi hindi. Iba. Hindi ako nagpapalusot. Daig ko pa ‘yung pakiramdam ng broken hearted. Naglinis ako ng kwarto. Nagligpit ng mga damit na nakakalat. Okay, malinis na. Naligo naman ako. Baka sakaling gumaan ang pakiramdam ko. 

Pagkatapos maligo pumunta akong supermarket para bumili ng makakain. Puro chichirya lang naman ang binili ko. Nakaubos ng 350 pesos. Ayos, pwede na ko magkasakit sa bato. Dumaan naman ako sa bilihan ng mga pirated na dvd. Sorry, wala kasi talaga akong magawa at kailangan kong malibang ang sarili ko. Nakonsensya ako. Bawi ako next time kapag may pang-sine na. Umuwi.

Nilapag ang mga pinamiling pagkain at isinalang ang dvd na 13 in 1. Pinili kong panoorin 'yung nakakatawa. Baka sakaling mag-good vibes ako. Natapos ang palabas. Nag-play naman ng isa pang nakakatawa raw na pelikula. Nabagot. Pero tinapos pa rin ang pinapanood habang ngumunguya ng pringles na cheddar cheese ang flavor. 

Matapos manood, nag-internet na lang. Tingin-tingin sa newsfeed. Ang bagal ng net. Nabadtrip. Pinili na lang patayin ang laptop. Pinikit ang mga mata. Nakiusap sa antok na dumalay dahil ayokong mapuno na naman ng mga halimaw ang isipan ko. Buti tumalab. Nakatulog.

Ngayong araw, nagising sa normal na oras na pagising. 10 a.m. Wala pa rin gana katulad kahapon. Buti alas-tres pa ang pasok ko. Peysbuk. Twitter. Bagal pa rin ng net. Walang gana pa rin kumain. 

Umuhi at naghilamos. Balik ulit sa kama. Nagsalang ulit ng panonoorin. Pinili ang pelikulang tungkol sa pag-ibig. Baka sakaling kiligin ako at mabago ang mood. Natapos na ang palabas, ganoon pa rin ako. Alas-tres na. Absent na ako sa unang klase. 

Nagsalang ulit ng pelikula, nakakatakot naman para maiba. Natapos ulit ang pinanood. Pahinga muna ang mata. Walang nagbago sa pakiramdam. Mabigat pa rin. Parang gusto maiyak kahit wala namang nakakaiyak. Marami na namang pumapasok sa isip. 

Ayoko na. Tama na. Gusto kong lumayo sa lahat. Ayokong ma-stress. Hayaan niyo muna ako pwede ba. Naisipang magpost sa blog. Pinag-iisipan kung papasok pa sa ibang klase mamaya. Malas, may exam nga pala. Bawal hindi pumasok.

Ayoko na ng ganitong pakiramdam. Parang may mali kahit wala naman. Galit ako sa mga tao. Madali akong mainis. Ayoko mag-isip. Tigilan niyo ko. Wag niyo kong kausapin. Pucha. Gusto ko lang muna mag-isa.

Putangina, ang gulo-gulo ko….

I needed a good heartache. Oxymoron.

From 5pm to 7:30pm, nasa PUP CoC ako. May dala pa akong konting goya dark chocolates. Tatlo to be exact.

Si Jap lang nakasama ko for the whole time.

Nasa klase na kase si Zaira.

At 7:30pm, sabi ko kay Jap, uuwi na ako.

Habang palakad ako palabas.

Naisip kong pumunta sa lugar kung nasaan yung taong pinag-usapan namin ni Jap.

Lahat ng sinabi ni Jap ay negative thoughts. Kaya napaiyak niya ako non. Hahahaha. Thanks btw.

Nagkaroon ako ng matinding emosyon para gawin ang mga bagay na hindi ko kayang gawin. Ang makipag-usap. Ang makipaglinawan. Hindi ko kayang umuwi nang marami pang iniisip. Baka magpakamatay ako. Promise. Kaya ko ginagawa ang bagay nang biglaan. Bugso.

Gusto kong malaman kung anong halaga ko. Kung meron nga bang halaga. Kung hindi niya hahayaang mawala.

7:30 to 8pm naglakad ako papunta sa dorm ni Chan. Iniisip ko mga sasabihin ko. Magiging reaksyon nila. Kung ano ring sasabihin nila/niya.

Iniisip ko nga na sasabihin nilang “ma-effort si Ako.”

Hinahanda ko yung pag-iisip ko. Kung paano ako makikipag-usap.

At eksakto, paalis na pala sila.

at nakapag-usap muna kami.

Tawa lang siya nang tawa e.

Na-late nga sila nang sobra sa pupuntahan nila dahil sakin. Sorry.

Pero wala talagang mangyayaring “usap” kung wala sina Chano at Zaira don. Kaya salamat din.

Yung napag-usapan nga lang namin, kung gaano kalabo. Kung paanong hindi niya alam. Kung bakit ewan.

Ang hinihiling ko lang, magsabi ka kung hindi mo kaya.

Makitext ka kung anong sasabihin mo.

Magreply ka na “TEKA, BUSY AKO.”

Yung simpleng warning lang na hindi ako ang priority mo.

Sana sinabihan mo agad ako.

Skrepentuten. Nag-expect nanaman ako ng kahit maliit na pagpapahalaga. Ipinagkait mo pa.

Chano, Zaira, Irwin - di ako galit. Haha. Dahil wala akong karapatan. Yun nalang. Napaka-supportive niyo naman e. Hart hart.

Angelica - … . . I’m waiting … . . mas maraming hart