Imagine if your sexual/romantic orientation(s) and gender identity gave you superpowers

Women-Super strength
Men-Eyes can zoom in on stuff like cameras
Agenderfolk-Freeze time for up to an experienced event of one minute, with five minute cooldown(time freezing is really powerful!!! Think of everything u could do!!!)
Demigenderfolk-Telepathic links(maybe use to make group chats? That would be fun maybe?)
Other Nonbinaryfolk I forgot off the top of my head/don’t know about/are indescribably not male or female or anything related to any of that-Lock eyes with someone and u can use their powers, or maybe flight or something else cool idk there are so many things

Homosexual/romantic people-Summoning
Heterosexual/romantic people-Super speed
Bisexual/romantic people-Elemental bending
Asexuality spectrum-Various powers of illusion such as changing the colors of lights and being invisible and stuff
Pansexual/romantic people-Can enter the mindscape and walk through people’s thoughts, creating magical worlds for them to escape to when they’re down or learning their darkest secrets

Like wouldn’t that be awesome I wish that was a thing


I couldn’t sleep the other night so this happened……..

Also realised I forgot Demi an equally REAL and VALID sexuality/gender. I probably forgot many others so please add and correct me. Stay PC everyone!

And people wonder why I tend to keep my sexuality to myself...

Today, a friend of mine told me that I can’t be pansexual, because being pansexual doesn’t exist. He also claimed being pangendered, or gender ambiguous, doesn’t exist either, because we are all physically male or female, despite what we think. I was actually quite offended, and the fact it was coming from a friend made it worse. I don’t judge anyone based on their gender, because by being a set gender, there are boundaries in place that you can’t get past, like the sexists, and the inequalities at work. Why don’t we all become pangendered? That way, we’re all equal.
And when it comes to sexuality, being pansexual is also more accepting, because we’re showing we can love anyone and everyone, no matter what bits they have, whether they’re male, female, trans, or pangendered. Because, at least in my opinions, love should transcend all gender boundaries.

But seriously, the fact this came from a friend whom I’ve known for 12 years actually hurts me, because I’ve never judged him on his sexual preference, or on what gender he considers himself to be. It’s actually quite shocking, really, that I have friends who are so unaccepting to people who are different.

I’m now tempted to not go into school because of this, because it hurts so much, and part of me wants to hurt my friend for saying such a thing to me.

-explains why I want to curl up in someone’s arms and cry myself to sleep-

So here I am...

So here I am…

As the title of the blog suggests, I am an author, and I identify as Pangendered.  Now some might wonder why I have chosen to lump those two things together in order to blog about it.  Well, in my writings I have attempted to bring a range of sexual orientations and gender identities to the forefront and have a wide range of adventurers falling in love, going on quests and just generally doing things that people can read about.  I keep being told that people want something ‘fresh’ and 'new’ and that the inclusion of non-binaries and LGBT issues is wanted, but I’m sadly not seeing it as much as others claimed I would.  I’m not seeing the warm welcome that I had hoped, and it’s more of a 'meh’ attitude or just plain indifference.  The invisibility is still there and while I believe things might be heading in the right direction, sometimes I just get discouraged and sad, like everyone else.

So here is where author meets gender and sexual identity.  I am pansexual in addition to pangendered. 

In the past I had identified as 'bi-sexual’ and I understand the arguments between the two terms.  I prefer pan because I just like to encompass things.  Not just because of non-binaries, but because sometimes there are 'romantic’ relationships that just don’t quite fit in with anything else.  There are people I can love and can love me back that will never reach beyond a hug or a cuddle, or maybe we choose not to touch much at all.  However, there is a romanticism there that lies somewhere else.  It’s a bond beyond friendship but it’s still there and I’ll love them for it.  There are also individuals who do not identify as one or the other, or do both, or may be one today and another tomorrow and I might adore them too.  It’s just who I am. 

I’ve known that since I was very young, though probably did not fully understand it until I was in my twenties.  Sadly, even though I am now in my thirties, I am rarely 'out.'  Even to people who are close to me.  I have had bad experiences with it, though I will not bore you.  They are just like those that others have.  If you tell someone that you are attracted to more than one gender, they inform you that you are 'just confused.'  You are told you need to 'pick one’ or someone says 'well at least you are attracted to the opposite sex, so go with that and get married like normal people.'  It was hurtful, shaming, and thus I have always kept my sexual identity stuffed down, shut close to my heart, and reserved for well…special people, I suppose.

Now my gender identity was much more confusing and took longer to understand.  I always had an understanding that I was gender fluid.  Even other people could vocalize that I could act one way on a given day and then another the next.  I might feel like putting on a pretty dress one day, or a smart business suit another.  There are certain days that my genitals might feel stifling or 'wrong’ but I never quite reached full-blown dysphoria, at least not in my mind.

There are days that I feel like something is 'missing’ or days that I want to stuff everything tightly together, but I’m always 'me.' 

Unfortunately, being yourself isn’t always good enough for others.  I was teased heavily in school and developed an eating disorder when I was quite young.  I recovered well, but the scars remain.

You compartmentalize things like that.  Society forces you to act a certain way, especially when you go to work.  When I was in college I could be a boyish one day and girlish the next, but that was stripped of me when I went to work.  Ironically enough, I became a therapist and worked closely with trauma victims and recovering drug addicts.  I was good at what I did, but there were definitely days that I was not comfortable.

I eventually had to quit for health reasons.

I can tell you, I always looked forward to con season.  I know cosplay might seem silly to some people, but I look forward to it so much.  I get to dress however I feel with no fear of being shamed.  I can deck out like a confident woman, or I can be a gorgeous man snapping my suspenders.  No one bats an eye.  It’s such a liberating feeling.  It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing and no one asks about what’s in my pants.  And for just a little while, I’m not thinking about it either.

But I never really thought about what it meant, until I was researching a book idea.  My best friend is asexual and I intend to write a story about an individual who is asexual being in a relationship with someone who is not.  While researching the book I was reading up on gender fluidity and while reading about pangendered people it hit me like a ton of bricks.

This is me.  This is me and always has been.  This is the me that I didn’t even know I was searching for…

So here I am…

The pansexual, pangendered author hoping to write about atypical romances.

What's Pangender?


Pangender (and/or Omnigender) is a non-binary gender experience which refers to a wide multiplicity of genders that can (or not) tend to the infinite (meaning that this experience can go beyond the current knowledge of genders). This experience can be either simultaneously or over time.

Being pangender does not require that one knows everything about all the established genders nowadays; being pangender goes beyond the known genders.

Pangender can express gender fluidity or not; for example, a pangender person can manifest a genderflux, flowing from pangender to agender.

Panflux is a gender identity consisting of pangender + genderflux.

Pangender = binary genders (100% female and 100% male) + known genders + unknown genders.

The greek prefix “pan” refers to “everything” or “all”, therefore, pangender could mean “all genders”, however the genders of pangender people are limited to their own life experience. Pangenders only identify with genders of their own culture. Pangenders DO NOT try to identify with ethnic genders outside their own culture (and ALL of them by the way), because that’s impossible (one would have to spend their life in ALL cultures). Attempting to identify with ethnic genders outside one’s culture is colonialist/appropriative; people who do that and call themselves pangender should NOT be considered as an example of pangender.  This applies to ALL other non-binary identities: one cannot identify with gender(s) outside their own culture.



Pangênero (e/ou Onigênero) é uma identidade de gênero não-bináriade pessoas trans. É uma experiência de gênero que se refere a uma enorme multiplicidade de gêneros que pode (ou não) tender ao infinito (ou seja, pode ir além do conhecimento atual sobre gêneros). Essa vivência de gênero pode ser simultânea ou ao longo do tempo.

Pangeneridade pode se expressar com uma fluidez de gênero ou não; por exemplo, uma pessoa pangênera pode manifestar genderflux, variando entre pangênero e agênero. Para ser pangênere, não é necessário conhecer tudo sobre todos os gêneros atualmente estabelecidos; ser pangênere é sentir que seu gênero vai além dos limites do conhecimento atual sobre gêneros.

Pangênero = gêneros binários (feminino e masculino) + gêneros conhecidos/estudados/nomeados + gêneros desconhecidos/não-estudados/não-nomeados.

Pangênero faz parte do espectro múltiplo.

O prefixo Grego “pan” é referente a “tudo” ou “todos”, logo, pangênero pode significar “todos os gêneros”, entretanto, os gêneros de uma pessoa pangênera se limitam à sua própria vivência. Isso significa que pangêneres não tentam se identificar com gêneros étnicos não-pertencentes à sua cultura (e ainda por cima TODOS); isso seria impossível (pois seria necessário passar a vida em todas as culturas ao mesmo tempo). Tentar se identificar com gêneros étnicos de culturas da qual não se pertence é uma atitude colonialista / apropriadora; pessoas que fazem isso e se dizem pangêneras NÃO devem ser consideradas como exemplo de pangeneridade. Isso se aplica a todos os gêneros não-binários: uma pessoa não pode se identificar com gênero(s) fora de sua própria cultura, pois isso é apropriador. Por exemplo, se você não faz parte das culturas indígenas norte-americanas, você não pode se identificar dentro de two-spirit.

Panflux é um gênero que indica alguém pangênere que expressa genderflux também (panflux = pangênero + genderflux). Uma pessoa panflux pode variar do pangênero até o agênero conforme o passar do tempo (por exemplo, num dia é agênere, noutro dia é bigênere e no próximo dia é poligênere…) ou pode ter múltiplos gêneros E nenhum gênero simultaneamente, de forma a ter um espectro inteiro de gêneros em um único gênero. Ser panflux é ter infinitos gêneros, inclusive gêneros sem nome, e ao mesmo tempo não ter gênero algum. Assim como pessoas pangêneras, pessoas panflux não tentam se apropriar de gêneros étnicos fora de sua cultura.

My Characters and How They Identify

So far I have three books out and they all take place in the same world with the same huge cast of characters…

Cyrus aka Syllis aka Shorty - 400+ year old vampire cis male and bi-sexual that prefers men.  He appreciates and respects women, but feels awkward around them when it comes to romantic relationships.  His main love interest is Lorenz Meissner one of the few ‘humans’ within the stories.

Dr. Lorenz Viktor Meissner - Born around 1906, Lorenz always identified as gay.  This caused a lot of problems for him, especially considering that he is German and grew up during WWII.

Le Von Funar - Another old vampire cis male.  He is pansexual with no preference for men or women.  Le Von has a rather twisted past and tends to be attracted to people who complicate his life or can in some way 'punish’ him.  He is submissive and masochistic.

Hawk - The nerdy lab assistant and half-demon doesn’t really worry much about his sexuality.  Sex and romance were never on the top of his 'to-do’ list, but if he considered himself anything, it would probably be pansexual.  He is very much attracted to what is inside a person, not what is on the outside.

Kira - The adorable Asian phoenix also probably considered pansexual.  Though romantic relationships have not been on top of his list much either, more like staying alive and dodging demon attacks.

Sylest Eclypse - Though a bit player for now, she will have her own book eventually.  Sylest is a male to female transexual, bi-sexual with a preference for men.

Horach aka Father Time - A warlock born deaf in the time of Ancient Egyptians, this adorable little asexual began a complicated loving relationship with Marcel.  Horach is completely asexual but that does not mean he does not love.  In fact, Horach loves everyone.  He is in a relationship with Marcel, but it is not based in carnal pleasures and the 'attraction’ between them is based on a mutual spiritual respect and caring.  This relationship is also 'open’ to certain people over the ages.

Marcel aka Markus - Due to his race is pangendered along with his two siblings.  In the books he appears mostly as a young man, but can also appear as a woman.  It depends on what’s going on for the siblings.  Marcel’s sexuality is pansexual, with a preference for 'strong’ spirited individuals.

Eli aka E aka E-E - Due to his race is pangendered along with his two siblings.  E is also a cross-dresser, and enjoys either wearing women’s clothing when appearing like a man, or men’s clothing when appearing as a woman.  E’s gender fluidity is vital to his identity and he makes it a point to be man, woman, both, all and together at all times.  E is also pansexual with a strong attraction to aquatic and serpentine races.

Jeremiah aka Miah aka Mia - Has actually not made more than a quiet appearance, but considering I’ve mentioned the two other siblings it bears going into the third.  He is pangendered along with his two siblings and pansexual.  Miah has a preference for other gender fluid individuals and androgyny.

Vine - Hawk’s crazy demon father is asexual.  To anyone’s knowledge he has only had sex the one time in order to produce his son.  It was done intentionally and further encounters were not necessary.  However, it is a little known fact that Vine cared very much for Hawk’s mother.

Amy - Vine’s younger brother the demon.  Amy is not particularly sexual.  He is an Avarice demon and therefore focuses on material gains and gaining power, gaining anything really.  To Amy, sex is a weapon for gaining what he wants.  He has no particular 'preference’ and his attraction is not to a person but rather what sleeping with them can give him.

Astaroth - Like the legends of old, Astaroth is a demon that is both male and female and in love with only the self.  Astaroth sleeps with her/himself and has children with her/himself.  I suppose could be called autosexual not entirely certain.  At any rate, Astaroth appears as a woman in the text, but the identity and preference are complicated at best.  Astaroth is bi-gendered, as there is definitely two, but Astaroth only has eyes for her/himself.

Info on the books can be found below, along with a link to a blog with free journal entries from the perspective of Lorenz.



About this blog


Pangendering is a blog whose main focus is the Pangender gender identity, although there may have also material about other genders of trans / genderqueer / nonbinary people.

The idea of this blog is to gather informations and personal experiences about pangender and talk about them.

If more pangender people want to join the blog to become a member, all they need to do is ask.

The blog will be written in both english and portuguese languages to make it available for more readers.

Discrimination towards any groups will NOT be tolerated.

Just to introduce myself: my name is Cari Rez. I’m a biologist from Brazil who is a transgender nonbinary person whose gender is pangender with a little bit of genderflux (fluctuating from pangender to the agender spectrum, so I’m panflux). My pronouns are: they/their/them/themselves. I’m also an intersex individual.



Pangendering é um blog cujo foco principal é a identidade de gênero chamada Pangênero, embora possa conter material sobre outros gêneros trans / genderqueer / não-binários.

A idéia deste blog é coletar informações e relatos de experiências pessoais sobre pangênero e conversar sobre eles.

Se mais pessoas pangêneras desejarem se juntar ao blog para participarem deste, basta fazer uma requisição.

O blog será escrito em ambas as línguas inglesa e portuguesa para que o blog seja acessível para mais pessoas.

Discriminação contra quaisquer grupos NÃO será tolerada.

Para me introduzir: meu nome é Cari Rez. Eu sou biólogue do Brasil e sou transgênero não-binário de gênero pangênero com um pouco de genderflux (flutuando entre pangênero e o espectro do agênero, então sou panflux). Minha forma de tratamento é preferencialmente no neutro e, em segundo lugar, no masculino. Meus pronomes: elu, el, ele. Também sou intersexo.

I feel guilty for feeling sad that I can’t have a girlfriend. I have my wonderful boyfriend, he takes wonderful care of me, and he makes me happy. But honestly, I want a girl in my life. I like guys, but I’ve always been happier with girls/women. I can be me without feeling like I’m messing with their masculinity. I can be forward and masculine, but still be feminine. I miss the way it feels to sleep next to a girl, to hold her and feel like I’m the one protecting her, to wake up with her head on my chest, or any of those things. I miss the way I felt when I was dating a girl…

I love my boyfriend and I plan on being with him forever, but I’m honestly a bit polyamorous in my love life, and we’ve talked about this, but if I’m dating a girl, I shouldn’t have to only see her when I’m around him, or only do things with her if he gets to see or hear every detail. I want something I can’t have I guess…

Quoiromantic Sigil

Second in trans-warlock‘s series of romantic orientation sigils from Trans Magic Workshop

Add to spells, charms, etc to bond yourself  to your magic and reaffirm your identify

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anonymous asked:

no one outside of Twitter and tumblr calls themselves "agender" or "polygender" or "pangender" or "genderfluid" etc, sweaty :/

actually nonbinary people have always been around, theyve just been afraid to open up to people or explain their feelings because they have ugly transphobes like you knocking them down and surrounding them sweaty(: