panenka kick


Messi’s Panenka Penalty Kick 

A panenka penalty kick is where the player, instead of kicking the ball directly into the goal trajectory, gives a subtle touch underneath the ball, causing it to rise and fall within the goal thus deceiving the goalkeeper. It is a very risky technique, because the subtle touch on the ball gives it a very slow speed, thus allowing the goalkeeper to move back from where he jumped to or even just stay at the same spot and wait for the ball to come to him.

Messi’s ‘Panenka-like’ penalty kick was the best I’ve seen. Not too strong, focused, and the ball flies. Footballers like Ramos, Totti and Zidane have also taken a Panenka penalty, but Messi’s is the best of them all. It pleasantly surprised me because I wasn’t expecting the best player in the world to imitate me. I want to congratulate him. It was impressive and it shows his quality.
—  Antonín Panenka