Panem October Week Challenge: day 1 What’s your name and family backround?

My name is Kat Evermore and my family and i live in District 10. I  had an older brother but he was killed a few years back in the hunger games. so its only me, my father and mother. My father is a butcher my mother in breeder in the District 10.see you think i would be like my mother and be a breeder but no, i’m a butcher. i work with my father and help him cut up all the dead animals ( im lucky that i dont have to kill them) After my brothers death i desided to work with him, i guess i really didnt have much of a choice. My mother hated the idea but got use to it. every so often my mother will take me to the fields to see the baby cattle, one thing that always make me smile and lets me think there is some good in this world. My Fathers family has always been in District 10 but my mothers after the rebellion moved here from District 12.My father and mother never talk about that around me i found out about it the day my brother was sent to the hunger games.  I miss him everyday but know if im ever put in the games i would fight and win for him. 

I’m proud of what i do, and because of my job i know how to use a knife very well, and with my father always training me getting me ready for the games.He hates the capital and he does not want to ever lose his last child.      

Panem October Week Challenge

To get things started, we would like to get to know your character over the week! In order to do this, we have given you a challenge for each day.

Day 1: What’s your name and family backround?

Day 2: Do you have any special people in your life?

Day 3: What’s the best thing you like about your District? The worst?

Day 4: Does your character have anyone special to them?

Day 5: Does your character have any enemies?

Day 6: How does your character feel about the Hunger Games?

Day 7: Does your character have any hobbies or interests?