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You’re Invited to the Event of the Year

You heard it here first! Coming this November 21st, it’s the event of year, the night of all nights, the fête for the ages: the First Annual Le Panem Spectaculaire. The event, a showcase of the best Panem has to offer, is a star-studded variety show the likes of which have never been seen before. According to the most recent statement put out by the Capitol Ministry of Information, “Le Panem Spectaculaire is the culmination of our entire One Panem program… a night where Panem’s brightest stars will take to the stage and celebrate what makes Panem so special.”

This promises to be an evening of exotic entertainment, lavish set pieces, and charismatic hosts featuring acts from all across the districts and the Capitol. The lineup includes Melinda Aves and her synchronised swimming candy pink birds, a choral rendition of the Panem national anthem sung by a troop of golden squirrels, a death-defying aerial act performed by citizens from 2, and so much more! Of course the utmost elite of Panem will be in attendance including President Snow, Caesar, Egeria, Peeta Mellark, and an assortment of victors.

The best part of the event—every citizen of Panem is invited! Can’t make it to the show in the Capitol? President Snow is ensuring every district citizen has a front row seat, and is having theaters constructed in every district. Tickets are selling fast, so make sure you secure your seat to the big event.

Get your tickets today for the event on November 21st, it will surely be a night to remember!

“The Reason”--an Everlark birthday present for keelaree


Person A is a single parent whose life is very busy with their full time job and their child(ren). Person B is someone they’ve known for a long time and they are very close and Person B is good at helping out with Person A’s child. One day, Person A’s child announces to Person A that Person A is in love with Person B. (Bonus: Person B is currently in another relationship. Possibly with Person C)

Happy birthday, keelaree—my darling pre-reader and friend! I hope this brings a smile to your face on your special day.

Summary: “Uncle Peeta,” Luke said through his tears, his eyes squarely on the man in front of him. “Mom is in love with you.”

After thirteen years, Peeta Mellark finally hears the truth.

Fluff and nothing but fluff.


“Let me help you with that,” Peeta said as he took the boxed cake from his date. “Once I introduce you to everyone, you’re likely to get mauled.”

Delly turned to him, her blonde curls bouncing as she did. Her blue eyes were lined with concern.

“Who exactly will be here?” she asked. Delly let out a nervous giggle. “I just want to be prepared.”

“Well, this is my friend, Katniss’ house,” he explained as they stepped onto the long porch. “I’ve known her as well as her ex-husband, Gale, since we were kids.  I’m even Godfather to their daughter, Arianna. They got divorced a little over year ago—and it’s been hard on her kids.”

“Kids?” Delly repeated in surprise.

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Fireballs and cameras

give them a good show

Children wielding weapons

deal the final blows

All that’s left is the eyes

in twisted muttations risen from the dead

Born to kill, bred to die

And they all bleed the same shade of red

Leave flowers at the gravesite

When all is said and done

This game’s been played before

Seventy-three times won

Some of the original lyrics from Arena from Panem’s best, by Whitney Milam.

Just Beautiful.


I couldn’t sleep and i was listening to the ‘Panem’s Best’ EP by The Tributes and i kept replaying this song. Then i thought, 'why not make a video about it’ so here it is.

I didn’t have many clips to work with but i think it turned out pretty good.

Hello everyone! As some of you may know, I let you all vote for what I should do as a celebration for when I reach 1k Followers. And the result was, as you can see…. TUMBLR AWARDS! So, here it is!

I present you my first solo Tumblr Awards! Yay!!! ^.^


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  • There will be 1 Winner and 1 Runner-Up for each category
  • Though I will add another Runner-Up every 50 notes
  • I will announce the Winners/Runner-Ups for each category in a single post

CATEGORIES (those with *** only happen if a minimum of 5 blogs enter)

  • The Rory Willams Award - Best URL
  • The Molly Hooper Award - Best Icon
  • The Rose Tyler Award - Best Theme
  • The Greg Lestrade Award - Best Mobile Theme
  • The Donna Noble Award - Best Updates Tab
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  • ***The 221B Award - Best Sherlock
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  • ***The Impala Award - Best Supernatural
  • ***The Hogwarts Award - Best Harry Potter
  • ***The Panem Award - Best Hunger Games
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  • ***The Beacon Hills Award - Best Teen Wolf
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  • The Martha Jones Award - Most Underrated (must have under 500 Followers. If you want to be considered for this award, please submit me a screenshot of your follower count)
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  • A follow back from me (if not already)
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And that´s it, I think. Good luck everyone! <3


soo because we two were bored and wanted to do something on tumblr, we decided to do our first tumblr awards!

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  • fandom blogs only!
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  • The ‘Primrose Everdeen’ Award- Best URL
  • The ‘Gale Hawthorne’ Award- Best Theme
  • The ‘Haymitch Abernathy’ Award- Best Posts
  • The ‘Finnick Odair’ Award- Best Sidebar
  • The ‘Capitol’ Award- Best Overall
  • The ‘Johanna Mason’ Award- Best Graphics
  • The ‘Peeta Mellark’ Award- Nicest Blogger
  • The ‘Katniss Everdeen’ Award- Best Hunger Games
  • The ‘Hogwarts’ Award- Best Harry Potter
  • The ‘Kings Landing’ Award- Best Game of Thrones
  • The 'Croatoan’ Award- Best Supernatural
  • The 'Alpha’ Award- Best Teen Wolf
  • The 'Walt Disney’ Award- Best Disney
  • The ‘Panem’ Award- Best Multifandom
  • The ‘Little Duck’ Award- Lea’s Favourite
  • The ‘Mockingjay’ Award- Chara’s Favourite
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prizes for winners:
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  • cookies and pizza

If you have any questions, feel free to message us! Happy reblogging!<3

One Day More. A LesMis!Everlark fic.

Banner was made by the awesome @akai-echo :)

My huge, and when I say huge, I mean universe-sized huge thanks to @dandelion-sunset for beta-ing this story in record time - as a foreigner writing in English, I can tell you she had TONS of work doing this. Not only was she fast at doing it, but everything was spot on and perfectly done.

I don’t forget @bandathebillie, @titania522, @tanbwrites and @madamemarquise for their support while I was writing this. Sorry I was such a pain.

This story is based on something that actually happened to me while I was singing in Les Mis. You want to know why? ask me :)

Here on AO3, or FFN

Friday, November 6th

“The chorus? Ready?” the director’s voice cut through the discussion Katniss was having with her friends. They’d been waiting for quite a while now for the barricade scene to be perfect, and Gavroche had already died three times tonight. The joy of being in Les Mis, Katniss thought. Poor Mary, having to climb the barricade over and over again.

In this version of the world-famous musical, Gavroche was a girl. Last month it had been a boy; a cute, dark haired guy named Eric. However, Nature decided it’d be fun to play with him and that it was time for his voice to break. At the last minute, a few days before the final rehearsal, Mary was brought in by her mother, the director, to fill in as Gavroche.  

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