panels: vegascon 2014


Rob Benedict, Day Two

So Day Two got off to a late start, and Rich spent a lot of time doing the intro for the day, introducing Elastic Waste Band.  He looped the room for awhile, (which you can see in the bottom right pick) while one of the Creation people trailed him.  Eventually he changed directions and cornered her saying, “Now I’m following you, how’s that make you feel?”

One of the first questions Rob had (after ripping off his Tango outfit) was what he would name his fanbase.  Robheads.  Benedictines… Rich threw out MotherChuckers which the audience and the band ate up.  But Rob thought it didn’t really fit him.  Someone in the audience shouted out Chucklings, and he really liked that.  So… Chucklings.

He was asked what kind of god, he (Rob) would be.  An insecure, if it’s all right with you sort of god.

When asked which three SPN cast members he’d want with him if stranded on an island, he decided on Misha (because he can organize things), Ty (who could hunt or wrestle animals) and Rich (because he’s his best friend).

They took a moment to talk about Rob’s stroke- how it happened during a Con, when Rob lost the ability to speak during an autograph signing.  He and Rich were supposed to get drinks afterwards, and Rich came to pick him up when Rob wasn’t able to talk on the phone.  They took him to the hospital thinking it was a panic attack, and it was a stroke.  So Rich brought up FAST, the acronym for recognizing symptoms of a stroke (which aren’t like a check list, it could be any of them - Rob only had one)

F - face, if part of your face is drooping.
A - arms, if you hold your arms out and can’t hold them even.
S - Speech, losing the ability to speak clearly
T - time.  If you see any of the symptoms, get to the hospital as quickly as possible, because it could mean saving your life.

They had to cut the actual panel short to get things back on time… but there was an amusing segment where someone asked Rob and RIch to do impressions of each other.  Rob (as Rich) tried to convince Rich (as Rob) to go to breakfast, speaking quickly and moving his arms and shoulders emphatically.  Rich (as Rob) didn’t really say much, just kept trying to get a word in edgewise and giving in.

Petition to invite Osric Chau to VegasCon

Guys, can you help me reblog this please? The more people know about it, the more people will sign the petition. I’m really surprised Creation has not invited Osric to the Con yet, knowing how popular he is with fans. That’s very unfair, so let’s do something about it as the united fandom/family that we are. I’m sure our favorite prophet of the lord would be very happy about it :)

Here’s the link to sign the petition. Thanks!


Rob Benedict!

There were a lot of jokes about where Tango, the lead singer of Electric Waste (aka Rob) was.  Why he and Rob are never in the same place at the same time.

He expressed his gratitude for all the support he’s gotten from the fans during his recovery from his stroke.

A fan asked what he’d write about (since Chuck wrote the Winchester Gospel) and he said that he’d considered making a movie about strokes, but it would have to be a comedy.  When people sort of made noise while considering it, he said that maybe it’s one of those things you need to joke about more.

There were a few questions about coming back to Supernatural.  He said he’d be open to coming back and he joked it’s why he hasn’t shaved off his beard.  Another person asked how he’d come back, and he said that he’d just like Chuck to appear from nowhere after everything was resolved and answer some questions.

He said he was just as surprised as we all were when he found out Chuck was God, and that one of the crew dropped the ball.

A fan asked if he would have wanted to play Kevin, since Kevin got to decode tablets.  He said no, because he really does love Chuck.  And that’s when Osric hopped in, gave him a hug and then hopped back out.

We all had tears in our eyes when a fan asked Rob what he listened to when he was hospitalized- because she watched SPN and listened to Louden Swain when her mother was hospitalized after having a stroke.  But her mother passed away.  He got up and violated the no hug rule, and gave her a big hug.

He was asked what one of his funniest moments was, and he said that he thought that hitting Jared with the plunger was one of them.  He said he’d held back in the beginning but really went for it.

When asked what Chuck’s Heaven was like, he said there would be lots of whiskey, Mistress Magda and Becky.  He’d get to wear his robe all the time - which he realized was basically Chuck’s life.

A fan asked if it was particularly weird to do the SPN cons after being in an episode about SPN cons.  He shared that the first SPN con he did was actually right after he’d filmed that episode- so he said it felt really weird.  But that he really does enjoy it- though he laughs when he thinks about the show one.  Since it was a convention for a book, Chuck was the only guest.

Out of context quote: I want to be on girls, so I can show my bottom.  (Context in tags)

Rob said that if he could, he’d totally want to be a prophet, but that he wouldn’t want to alter what he saw.  Even if it lead to his death.  He said that he has a hard time making waves, and had Richard share a story about an email he’d written to complain about something where he managed to take it back in the same email and then realize how strange it was and still sent it anyways.

According to the script for the Croatoan 2014 script, that Chuck wasn’t a prophet (or God), but just a dude.  More specifically, he was Radar.

And then at the end of his panel, he joined Electric Waste and sang.