panels: vegascon 2014

i like how Jensen and I are trying to take a normal picture and those other goofs are doing i don’t even know what.

the other girl is my friend Arabella.  She strode up and said, to Misha particularly, “She’s shy, I’m afraid of nothing, be creative!" 

EDIT:  Yes, he is pretending to strangle her with her own hair.

So at karaoke, Matt Cohen was snagging phones offered up by fans in order to snap selfies of himself and Kim Rhodes before handing them back. I was super excited that he grabbed mine, because dammit, I was gonna make that last 1% of battery life work for me (and also, y'know, Matt Cohen and Kim Rhodes). I had just enough time to peek at the pic he took in the corner of the cam screen and be like, “Aw, cute!” before my phone crapped out on me.

So, come the next morning, with my phone fully charged, I scroll back through the pictures I took the night before to see if I managed anything halfway decend and

it turns out

Matt did not take

one selfie.

He actually

took like twelve

while Kim Rhodes

was just like

REALLY excited to be there

or maybe really scared

we just don’t know.

I love this cast so fucking much.