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E-vay what makes you take so long to draw a HHNF of chapter is the background, lineart, the lines? if you want I can help in something .I adore youO(≧∇≦)O

HHNF takes a lot longer for me because it’s an action comic and not a comedy, like most of my stuff. With comedies, the important parts are the punchline and the reaction. I don’t need to change the framing or positions if I don’t want to, because that’s not the point of the medium. If you notice a lot of Sunday comics won’t change their framing either because the joke is in what they’re saying and reacting to it.

If I draw too many different angles or poses it takes away from the joke. This is really easy for me to whip out because, even though a lot of the time I do completely redraw each panel, all of my focus goes on the expressions. I can keep the background the same, I know the sizing and the placement of the characters already, and it’s just a matter of reaction.

With an action/drama, it’s all about what’s happening and the movement that’s going on. It’s action/reaction. That means every panel has to be specifically planned and shaped to fit the mood and motion of what’s happening, and I have to decide where the characters will be so that it translates best to the severity of the situation.

If a set of panels are next to each other and are very similar, it has to be a very conscious decision and, unlike comedic panels, it’s normally to help show you the pace of a scene/movement, or it’s to help stress something very significant that’s happening.

I know maybe this all sounds like one long excuse, but working on HHNF is legitimately a different experience for me. It involves a different way of thinking and manipulating the ideas I have in my head. I have to work at it a completely different way than I would with Boom!Baby or FPS or any of my other series.

(and thank you!)

Nebula Weekend in Chicago!

Next month, Chicago is hosting the 50th Annual Nebula Awards and Nebula Weekend! A few years ago, I had no idea about the rich resources and networking opportunities afforded by something like the Nebulas. I really wish I had known, and so I’m passing this along to writer friends in the Chicagoland area (and those looking for an excuse to visit Chicago…Come!)

The Nebula Weekend is an amazing opportunity, and it rotates cities. This year (the 50th Anniversary!) and next, Chicago will hosting the weekend. (Chicago in June is so lovely–finally warm and sunny, but not yet sweltering. The lake breezes are perfection, and we have such lush, green spaces.)

The panels offered are targeted at authors. There will be a self-publishing workshop on Wednesday, and experts are participating throughout the weekend to discuss things like the future of cities, intellectual property law, and selling your work to Hollywood.

On Friday evening, the Mass Autographing session is FREE to the public, with more than 50 authors expected to participate, including Cixin Liu, Larry Niven, Greg Bear, Tobias Buckell, Jody Lynn Nye, Connie Willis, Aliette de Bodard, Daryl Gregory, Mary Robinette Kowal, Ken Liu, Fran Wilde, Alyssa Wong, Usman Tanveer Malik, Sam J. Miller, and so many others!

There’s also the Awards Banquet and Ceremony on Saturday evening with toastmaster Nick Offerman, best known for his role of Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation!

Incredible writers and editors who are brilliant and inspiring and delightful are coming in from all over the world. So because I adore many of them, and I adore many of you…you should meet!

Do let me know if you’re coming because I will be there all weekend.

Register to attend here!


a comic about my personal internal struggles and how i overcome the negativity. it’s really hard to remember that what goes on inside our own heads isn’t reality.

also I’m trying to get over my fears in drawing- so what if I’m not the best? so what if I have a different style than other people?!?! That’s the point right!!!!

Im tired of not liking myself. I’m tired of being scared to draw. so I’m going to keep going because I DO matter and people DO care about me.

So I have been asked to sum up the Q&A with Darren and I’ll gladly do it but some things are a blur so don’t expect me to write the exact questions or answers! Not because I don’t want to but because I don’t want to report false things and put words in their mouths! I’ll sum up what Darren said in a few points (for now at least)

1)Darren joked about not having any problem with Dianna saying to him she’s expecting her child (this was a joke following Mark talking about Quik storyline from s1

2)Darren showed the Hedwig promo photoshoot to Mark and the translator saying that she looks really good. Mark played along and pretended to be attracted to Hedwig/Darren and put a arm behind him. Darren joked and said “probably there are cameras behind me and you’re all gonna see it, it always happens”. Sorry there wasn’t any camera.

3)”Do you know or can you tell us when the photoshoot is gonna come out?” [my Q]
He said he doesn’t know, it’s not his work. To quote him “I’m just in heels not on the computer. I’m not the right person to ask”. He said he assumes he’s gonna be out soon since he starts in a month.

4)He said he liked the wedding episode. It was “bound” to happen. He said he and Chris were very glad it wasn’t all about them and that it wasn’t a cliché, a stereothype of “the big gay wedding”. It was beautiful but not over the top.

5)He would have liked to sing more “American classic” music.

6)He said one of the funniest things was the vaporape scene. He loves Tina. He said it was weird having his chest hair trimmed and that it was fun because he only had to pretend to be asleep but he couldn’t because feeling her hands all over his body was making him laugh.

7)He and Mark used to make up random dirty songs. One of them is called “there is nothing better then” and it’s probably about sex (they didn’t say but there were innuendos)

8)They know the response to Glee is huge. The cons, the ITunes charts, the shows. They feel our love.

9)He prefers This Time to Rise

10) “if you want to talk about your writing process” it depends. Writing for musicals (starkid) is easier because you know the story, the character, their background, their accent, their vocal extension. The same is for This Time. He knew Rachel story and the fact that the show itself was ending and Lea’s range (three octaves) helped him “I made her do two octaves and a half”. Writing pop music is harder because “nobody knows how to write a numer one hit”. When you listen to a song on radio and say that it sucks it doesn’t metter, it’s on the radio and you have it stuck in your head so it’s a good pop song.

11) He confirmed he put the album on standby because he’s “focusing on his acting career”. He was too busy with Glee and now with other projects, first of all Broadway, and he wants to take his time. He doesn’t like working with deadlines and “standards”, he wants to do it in his own way with his own ideas. No compromise. That’s why he’s waiting till he will be ready to dedicate time to this project.

12)Darren wants to be a songwriter. He didn’t say it directly but during the concert he told us to please buy This Time to place it in a good position on charts. This will let him continue to write song “for other people”.

13)If he could choose a singer to write songs for it would be Naya Rivera. She’s one of Darren’s favorite famale singers. “And since Adele and Katy Perry are out of my reach”.

14)He’s glad he doesn’t have to wear the hair gel anymore but he really didn’t mind it because it helped him to always “be in character”. He was lucky because he doesn’t like to be himself when he’s acting and, while some actors had to basically play themselves on the show, he had to be a completely different guy. He his like this “beard, jeans, curls” so putting gels and shaving everyday really helped him.

15)He confirmed the heads-up game was not in the script. Himself and Chris decided to do it to show the tension between the two of them and David. Then he said it was weird because they have spent more time in that elevator than Kurt and Blaine. It took them three days to shoot those scenes.

16)He’s favorite song by Mark is “Sweet Caroline” while for Mark, his favorite song by Darren, is “Teenage Dream”

17) About who makes more jokes and funny stuff on set. Mark said Darren is the one who jokes the most off camera while they both said that Chord “is always an idiot” off and on camera. A lot of Chord’s off camera jokes became Sam’s jokes on the show.

Not going to the official Sherlock convention this weekend? Stay home in your pajamas and come to the totally unofficial, totally free, totally online Unlocked con with us!

Unlocked Panel Schedule

We’ll host real-time text chat discussions on all of these topics. Follow the links for more info and to find out when the panels you’re interested in will be happening in your time zone.

Rizla (Who Am I?)
Remember the guessing game from The Sign of Three stag night? Come and play!

What the Fandom?
Where did all those weird Sherlock fandom memes come from, anyway?

How Do You Theory?
We can be detectives, too.

Theory Lightning Talks
Share your favorite Sherlock theory in 221 words or less.

All Aboard the Dinghy: Keeping Rarepairs Afloat in the Fandom
This panel is dedicated to spreading positivity about, the perks of, and the works of shipping rarepairs.

Data, Data, Data (About Fandom)!
A discussion of Sherlockian fandom stats, surveys, and other data about fans and fanworks.

A Sherlock for Every Universe
Writing fic in alternative universes lets us explore the Sherlock characters in a variety of weird and fun settings, but how hard is it to keep the characters “in character” when they are the only constant in our brave new worlds, and why do we find this all so fascinating?

The Importance of Humor in the Fandom
Why sometimes laughing it off is the best approach.

Sherlock and Autism
Discussing the likely possibility that BBC Sherlock is on the autism spectrum, and how this impacts himself and others.

Non-Canonical Character Lovefest
Just because Arthur Conan Doyle didn’t create them doesn’t mean they’re not amazing.

Writing London: The UK for Non-UK Fic Writers
DIY Britpicking for Sherlock fanfic authors.

The Empty Hearse Book Club
Bookish Sherlockians, unite.

Always a Self Portrait: Healing Through Fic Reading and Writing
All about how we purge our pain through fic.

Just Transport: Sherlock Along the Asexuality Continuum
Examining the portrayal of Sherlock Holmes along the Asexuality Continuum in BBC Sherlock, ACD canon, and more.

Don’t see a panel on one of your favorite subjects or at a time that works for you? Don’t worry! Space will be set aside for you to host your own “pop-up” panel if you’d like.

The weekend’s activities will also include a Con Suite chat room (opening Thursday), fanwork challenge, and bring-your-own-episodes watchalong marathon of all of Sherlock three times through. There will always be something going on 24 hours a day, and you can participate in as much or as little of the con as you choose. See you there!

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All her life, she’s fought to be free, with the fierce passion and tempered steel strength of an eagle. She chose her road long ago, and she’s never regretted it, never looked back. But every choice has its price, and she knows what every eagle knows from birth— to fly free, you must fly alone.

From Marvel Team-Up #85, by Chris Claremont and Sal Buscema.

SUPER SISTER” by JasonAngelone

RegularJOE (Director) comment: “Excellent! Well done, JasonAngelone! You really breathed life and emotion into MattConley’s script. Making comics is such a great way for us to tell stories together. (And not to get ahead of ourselves, but this could totally be animated into a great tiny film.)”


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