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a concept: joyce adopts eleven and hopper pretty much does too since he’s at the byers’ house 24/7. of course, being around them all the time, el continuously sees them smoking. and even though she doesn’t really understand the concept, she knows that it isn’t natural/healthy and she doesn’t want either of them to get sick so every time she sees one or both of them with a cigarette she makes it fly out of their hands


Back in 2012 when I was first getting into hs fandom, those big lyricstucks were starting to get super popular and I tried to make one too, for erifef. I never finished it, but I still really like some of the panels, so I thought i should at least upload for completion. 


OK 👏 SO 👏 HEAR 👏 ME 👏 OUT 👏 HERE 👏

(spoilers up to Chapter 25 ish)

At first, I thought it was a weird title for a series. 
“Fruit can be unripe yeah…but expressions??” was what I thought.

But then, re-reading all the chapters (with a biased JaeSeo lens on) made me wonder if the title is referring to Jun Seo’s expressions and how they’re developing over time as he interacts with Jae Won? The most times expressions are referred to in this series it’s with reference to Jun Seo.

Collage 1: 
First time we meet Jun Seo (JS) in Chapter 1, he’s frowning. In later chapters, Jae Won (JW) is asking him why he’s like this.

Collage 2: 
We see this adorable scene between JS and his sister when she discovers him smiling and laughing for the first time in a while - because of JW. (Also we get one of my favorite panels where JS is imitating JW’s stupid expressions)

Collage 3:
I think the text in this collage speaks for itself? They’ve both had a rough past and they’re now both supporting each other through it. They can’t really confide in anyone else about their problems.

Collage 4:
Throughout the series we see a variety of new expressions on JS as he interacts with JW. We see him playfully teasing, and we also see him with fond expressions. Look at him, he’s managed to open up to someone else even though he was afraid to before because his past made him have trust issues. (I just want him to have a happy ending)

Bonus Image!
So maybe I’m reading into this too deep because I’m biased towards this ship, but remember at the sports festival when JW really wanted to see his crush Karam in an animal kigurumi? He didn’t get to see him in one, but he DID get to see JS in one. The caption under this image was “his wish became true elsewhere” - could this also refer to how things won’t work out with Karam like he wanted, but they will work out with JS??? 🤔

Also, I’m wondering if Karam just serves as a way for JS and JW’s relationship to develop. I mean, JW would never have gotten to know JS if it wasn’t for him worrying about having a crush on Karam and posting about it online. Now the two have developed a relationship where they can depend on the other. So maybe it’s gonna be like Hirunaka no Ryuusei (spoilers for that!) where the second guy wins?


So I may have seen this post floating around on my dash and accidentally planned 25 pages of comic 

gonna upload them in 4-page increments, since i’ll be uploading them on twitter too and twitter has a 4 picture post limit 

(also, read from right to left! Except for the the third panel of ‘Art Imitates Life’ and the last panel on ‘The Feelings of a Senpai’, where I fucked up and accidentally made it read left to right)


A panel redraw to celebrate a certain someone’s return in this week’s episode. Welcome back, Neo Kakyoin!


J2 Panel - Jared imitating Dean & Jensen imitating Sam


Alex Kingston + Karen Gillan (Rhode Island Comic Con - November 8, 2015) - Doctor Who Panel - Part 3 (Part 1 / Part 2)


jensen at burcon, abt life changes & dogs?

jensen’s reactions are priceless & his dog imitations are hilarious,  compensate for the blablahblah


NOW OPEN! AKIRA:  The art of Sushi and Teppanyaki 

Probably one of the classiest Japanese restaurant I’ve been to. There were chairs specially designed by renowned furniture designer and interior designer Kevin Cobonpue. The interiors were filled with wooden panels stacked together to imitate woods or trees in the forest, leaves were also attached into a string as if the wind is blowing them. Your eyes would indeed be filled with wonderful stuff. Sit down on a red yoda chair  near the bar or relax on the llounges and at their Kawayan Too Chairs or even in front of the teppanyaki table. Every corner of the restaurant shares a different experience.

We had the Mix Sushi plate. It was meticulously prepared and a feast for the senses. It was delicious, you’ll even think a Japanese chef had prepared it for you. Only problem I had with it is that it was too big to put in my mouth. Shows how generous they are by the serving.

Then, the rolls. Each set looks perfectly articulated on the plate that you wouldn’t dare eat those yummy balls of rice and fish.The authenticity of real Japanese flavors were eminent on every bite I had.

Then on we went to the teppanyaki table. A very skilled young Teppanyaki chef had showcased his skills in the teppanyaki table by demonstrating a small show while he prepares our food. I was amazed when he cracked the egg with his spatula, throwing the egg in the air then catching it in just in time for it to land in the middle of the spatula. Amazing!.

As the night progressed, we ought to have some drinks and Akira serves the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted. I was so in love with their Mojito and their smooth smooth sake! Yamazaki Friday and Hakushu Saturday are also themes for their weekend nights where a DJ would play awesome music to dance and groove with. 

Being new in the Corporate World and being a fresh graduate, I’m kinda lost as to where I would hang out in the Business District. Everyone seems so busy and rushing around to get to their offices or to get home. But I fiound comfort on those Kawayan Too Chairs and the rythimic Japanese music Akira plays. This is definitely an after-work venue.

For inquiries and reservations you may call (+63) 917-706-7328 or email Miguel S. De La Rosa, Marketing Director at

AKIRA:  The art of Sushi and Teppanyaki 

Alphaland Makati Place (Just at the back of The Columns)

Malugay St.corner Ayala Avenue Extension, Makati City

Contact No.  (+63) 917-706-7328 

Look for:  Miguel S. De La Rosa