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Star Wars Rebels fanfic - Trepidation, part 1

Part of the Little By Little AU

(This is the next part following on chronologically from First Steps and the Plush Tooka)

Kanan was roused from his meditation by a hesitant knock on the outside of his door.  He gave himself a second to pull himself back to reality, before reaching out through the Force to check who was there.  Ezra.

He climbed to his feet and pressed the door release panel.  “Hey,” said Ezra as the door was still sliding open.  His boots shuffled uncomfortably on the floor, while the fingers of one hand drummed audibly on the wall just outside Kanan’s room, “You said training today, but you didn’t say when, or where.  And I thought, this is the only place on the whole base where we know nobody’s going to be watching, so…”

Kanan had half expected not to hear from Ezra at all today.  He had even gotten so far as to think about where he might go to hide; where the best places to look for him might be.  The last thing he had expected was for him to show up at his door.  It was a good kind of surprise though, but that was tempered by the reason for his visit.

He stepped to one side, opening up access to the room, and Ezra walked inside and allowed the door to close behind him.  “I’d have been here earlier,” he said, “but I got caught by Sabine.  She’s still trying to catalogue all the weapons, ammo and explosives on the base.  It’s impossible, because things are always being used and replaced, but she’s asked me to help count some stuff later.  I said I would.”

“That’s fine,” Kanan assured him.  If Ezra was worried he was going to be trapped there all day, he needn’t be.

Ezra took a deep breath.  “Great.  So…”

‘So’ indeed.  Kanan cleared his throat.  “Sit down,” he suggested.

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tbh I think Pearls are kind of necessary for Diamonds- their fingers are too big to use door panels to open them. 

But really think about it, everything is sized for human sized gems- since they are the most common. Larger gems are Diamonds or fusions- and fusion in homeworld is practical thing, not a love thing. So everything is designed to be used by the most common sized gems.

The Diamonds wouldn’t be able to go to room from room, or operate everything day things since they would all be to small for them to use them.

Which really just makes me think that Pearls where probably intended to be more of assistance gems, but this was skewed over time to what is more like servitude.

There is also a notable difference between how those who have a Pearl treat them, compared to those who don’t. Which is also something I fond to be interesting.

Holy Blue Agate (and some actions from Peridot early on) showed an example of how Pearls where viewed by lower ranked gems, where are Yellow and Blue Diamond did not treat their Pearls that way at all. I just think it was a noticeable difference. 

So really though, I think Pearls roles have been changed over time, because I think originally only Diamonds had Pearls (which makes sense given their size and how they designed their world to be mostly functional for the average sized gem), but became more of a status symbol to those who where not as high ranked. 

Another thing though is that Pearls walking behind is probably another misconception. Based on my Theory that Diamonds only had Pearls at first- Pearls are much smaller than Diamonds and really wouldn’t be able to keep up because Diamonds have a much bigger steps since their legs are so much larger.

So to everyone else it would look like Pearls where always walking behind their diamonds when both set gems where just walking at their own pace.

But for the most part I think Pearls are mistreated, but I think it’s mostly by other gems who do not own one, because so far we have not seen them mistreated by gems who do. But as we all know that just because it isn’t seen doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

I just think this is a bit interesting. That’s all.


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C63 AMG Black Series “The Dark Side Of Mercedes-AMG”.
The C63 AMG Black Series includes an upgraded version of the legendary M156 6.2L n/a V8 engine rated by 517hp and 620Nm of torque. A black diffuser insert from the SLS AMG GT3, chromed twin tailpipes, AMG sports suspension with AMG rear axle differential lock, three-stage ESP, two AMG sports bucket seats, black DINAMICA microfibre upholstery on the centre panels of the seats and doors, omission of the rear bench seat (single rear seats available as option), AMG performance steering wheel in nappa leather/DINAMICA microfibre, steering wheel rim featuring flattened top and bottom sections has aluminium shift paddles for manual gear changes, red seat belts and red contrasting top stitching on the steering wheel, on the seats, door centre panels, armrests on the doors, the centre console and on the shift lever gaiter, three autonomous round dials has a three-dimensional TFT colour display.
The AMG Track Package includes 255/35 R 19 front and 285/30 R 19 rear sports tyres from Dunlop, active rear-axle transmission cooling with radiator in the rear apron.
The AMG Aerodynamics package includes carbon fibre flics on front apron, carbon-fibre functionally tuned front splitter, fixed carbon-fibre rear aerofoil with an adjustable blade.
Mercedes-AMG One man, one engine Handcrafted by Michael Kübler @f1mike28 in Germany Affalterbach. Driving Performance is our Passion! Mercedes-AMG the Performance and Sports Car Brand from Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-AMG Handcrafted by Racers.

The Black Series projects from Mercedes-AMG are limited, unique and very rare. Keep your eyes open because you will see them only for a few seconds.

Too obsessed with this movie! Impulse bought this *0*

Edit: I saw someone ask where I got this poster so I thought I’d add I got it from an arts & crafts store called Michaels C:


Over break I went to New Orleans and visited, among other cool places, the Laura Plantation. One of the members of the owning family, who took a major role in running the slave-based sugar cane business of the plantation, was an amateur botanist, and the house is full of botanical plates and ceramic plants and honeybee tableclothes (a symbolic homage to Napoleon. 

But the most interesting and unique thing for me were these plant art panels on the interior doors. They’re interestingly stylized, with the stencil, and then the way they convey so much botanical detail (the buds on the sugar cane), but still feel transformed into an artistic pattern–especially that magnolia. Something in the same vein as the Secret of Kells art I featured ages ago. And each door shows the same plant in three developmental stages.

From the top: 

Sugarcane (It’s a bit obvious I suppose but I love that they included the plant that made their fortune on just one of these doors)

Star magnolia (also present on the modern-day property)



I think it's time I said this out loud.

A couple months back, around November or so, a man tried to force himself into my apartment. I was home alone, but I confronted him not knowing his intentions. I thought maybe he needed something; he didn’t seem much older than me so I assumed he lived in the complex and wasn’t there to cause harm.

I should not have opened the back door.

The second he started yelling at me, he shoved his foot past the door to keep it wedged it open. He taunted at the fact I was home by myself and I knew I needed to get that door closed and run. So I did.

After shoving him out and locking all the doors and windows, I snuck out the front. All the while he was banging vigorously on my back door. He could have easily broken the glass paneling on the door and I didn’t even care. I was in full fledged panic and I was leaving. That’s all there was to it.

I’ve never shaken so badly in my entire life. And I cried for an hour straight.

Since then; my devil of a roommate continues to leave the doors unlocked. This makes me uncomfortable and she taunts me with it telling me “if you’re uncomfortable with a door being unlocked, maybe you should go live back at home”. She doesn’t know I don’t have a definitive place to stay back home. And her logic makes no sense, but it bothers me anyway.

I used to love spending time alone. I would curl up and read or take naps and clean. Heck, there’s been two short occasions where I lived in a space all by myself and I loved it. But now; I’m constantly checking to see if the doors are locked and always tensing up at sounds outside. It’s been months and this still gets to me.

It makes me feel terrible because my boyfriend is not a guy who is fond of excessive clingy behavior. And I don’t like being that person either. But I’ve turned into that without even realizing it. He’s been incredibly understanding and supportive, but he’s an introvert and occasionally shuts down when my roommates are out and I’m constantly trying to make conversation so I don’t feel alone. It’s something I finally caught onto this week and I’ll try to be better about. Everyone needs their space.

It makes me sad. Because something truly terrible could have happened if that man decided to use a little more force. I was lucky that he never got the chance to physically enter my apartment; who knows what could have happened. But just that experience in its most minimum form is effecting me.

Such worse things happen to girls every day and I can’t imagine how awful they must feel. They are stronger than me; I’m not sure I’d know how to cope if something worse had happened.

Sorry this was long. I just want to be better and comfortable.

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“Did you really think I wouldn’t figure it out?!”

Of all the greetings that Lyra expected, that was the last one on her mind, turning from before the broad window and the expanse of Coruscant’s nightlife spread below them, and taking in the vision of the figure leaning in the doorway, addressing the shocking demand to her.

Crossing the space between them in a hasty stride, Lyra looked past him into the corridor, before pressing the door panel to isolate them in the room. Silence reigned for a long moment, the only sound the whirr of the chronometer on the wall behind them.

“Orson,” Lyra began lowly, looking up at him with round eyes. “We can’t be sure. No one can, not until…” She swallowed, gaze drifting to the square of floor between their feet. “Galen mustn’t ever be given reason to question it. No matter what, he must think it’s his. It almost certainly is, except -” Her eyes withered shut. “You should go.”

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I saw Boko No Pico at a con b/c the panelist for a yaoi panel didn't show up so the con runners let a group of cis het bro dudes "fill in" & they put that on & mocked it the whole time as a way to make fun of the yaoi fans who came to the panel. They also didn't watch the door (18+ panels are supposed to be closed door, ID checked) & a little kid walked in with their mom. The con threatened to ban all m/m content after that. It left a bad taste in my mouth. (1/2)

I think Boku No Pico is one of those things that’s just on the extreme side for being graphic shota. I don’t like shota con, personally, I find it really unpleasant, but I wouldn’t take away anyone else’s right to like it. I think with that one there’s an issue with it being used as an example of what anyone who likes yaoi or any underage ship must like or how perverted “fangirls” are for liking that. Like if someone took the most extreme porn and extrapolated all straight men like it (2/2)

oh my god, i would have beat their asses.

luckily at the cons i go to, word of people doing shady shit like that spreads fast and it’s the con goers that act before faculty get there. (my state doesn’t put up with such bullshit, thankfully.)

i don’t like shota or loli but only because it’s not my thing. if i knew someone was watching it, i don’t care. i’ll sit in the other room or something. (i do have a friend who owns a lot of shota, but he enjoys it for the artistic depiction - he doesn’t get aroused, he just likes the animation quality, and is very picky about his anime’s quality.)

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I will post more on this when I trim them out but we installed all of these doors dead on a laser level line so that the trim will be perfect when installed. This is a very old building and the floor slopes about three quarters of an inch from one side to the other. We are using quartersawn oak for the casing but budget called for using slightly more economical red oak veneered six panel doors.

I will get a few more detailed pictures but you can see the pre-existing antique oak molding goes right through our new drywall. Instead of using drywall we tightly scribd MDF quarter inch panels to snuggly fit around the old trim.

My phone crashed on Christmas so I lost years of pictures but I will try to get back to posting soon.