panel walls

>gets famous
>makes millions
>is respected in my field
>sets aside extraordinary amounts of money
>won’t answer any questions concerning my plans for it
>privately assembles a group of prestigious animators from all across the world
>invites them to a business meeting on my 5 million dollar yacht
>sits down to a world class meal by a famed sushi chef, surrounded by my new team
>“I realize you don’t know why I’ve assembled you here, but it’s really quite simple.”
>The paneled wall behind me lowers to reveal a flatscreen television.
>With the click of a button, an image of Alpha Dave and Rose appears behind me.
>“Are you aware of who these characters are?” I ask. “If not, I’ve provided the necessary materials in the folder before you.”
>The animators look through the folder. It’s just the 5 canon pictures of Alpha Dave and Rose.
>When they glance back up I look all of them deep in the eyes.
>Click another button.
>“I Want It All,” as performed by Sharpay and Ryan from High School Musical 3, begins to echo across the boardroom.
>No one moves.
>“You’re beginning to realize why you’re here, then,” I start, slowly.
>“I’ve secured the rights to this song from Disney by no small measure.”
>I narrow my eyes.
>“Your task: to animate the rise and fall of Alpha Universe Dave Strider and Rose Lalonde, and subsequently the Alpha Universe as a whole, to the beat of it.”
>“To a song from High School Musical 3?” a foolish, mocking animator asks. He will soon be thrown to the sharks.
>“Yes,” I say. “To ‘I Want It All’ from High School Musical 3.”

Here’s a thing. A thought. Has anyone ever seen a picture of Gondulphus Graves?

I don’t mean us. We won’t have seen pictures of any of the MACUSA founders, not really. I mean the witches and wizards, the ones that live in the magical world, the ones that work with Graves and pass him in the corridors and share that awkward silence when he happens to get in the same lift. Them. Have they ever seen a picture of Gondulphus Graves? Have they ever seen a photograph of Percival Graves?

The answer is yes, to the first, because there is one hidden away on some wood panelled wall among the other dour and scowling founders. The answer is no, to the second, because Graves is a lot more cautious with his face now that everything is recorded in photographs. But perhaps then the more pressing question is:

Does anyone think about the fact that Gondulphus Graves and his many generations removed grandson look the same? The hair is different, the clothes have moved with the times, but nothing else has changed.

Now. Let’s do away with Grindelwald, because for this story, I don’t want him here. Let’s take Credence and change his nature, slightly, because there are obscurials and there are vampires and really, there’s nothing to stop me swapping things over. Mary Lou Barebone decries demons and witches and unholy ghosts, and the blood-drinking undead are pretty high on her list, no matter if they were born that way or not. No matter how hard they try to keep the fangs at bay, bury it and bury it and walk the hallowed halls of the church with the skin burning over their bones -

Sometimes, Credence can’t bury it any more. He slips up one too many times and leaves one too many drained and bloodless corpses, and Graves finds him. But that’s ok. There’s no Grindelwald in this story, just a Graves who is teaching Credence control. After all, Graves has centuries of it to spare.

And into this, let’s throw Newt. Newt who sees Credence and recognises him, Newt who tries to help. Newt whose creatures are cowering from the old magic threading through the town, Newt who struggles to reassure his thunderbird that he’s fine, that Credence is no danger to him –

Graves melts out of the shadows and his teeth, when he smiles, are a hair too sharp. His eyes, when he fixes them on Newt, glitter the darkest shade of red.

“Credence,” he purrs in a voice like velvet wine. “You made a friend.”

Newt stills. His heart beats fast but he tries to quell it, lore and legend both warning him how far out his depth he’s swum. He holds his case close and gathers his magic to apparate.

“Can we keep him?” Credence asks, deceptively light and innocent. Newt shouldn’t have interfered in vampire business, he knows this now, but he’d thought Credence needed help. He was only trying to help.

Graves’ hand reaches out, sliding up the side of Newt’s neck and raking sharp claws over the base of his skull. He tugs on Newt’s hair, tipping his head back and up, and lifts his other hand to run a finger up the front of Newt’s throat.

“Yes,” he says, and Newt’s magic crumbles out of his control. Graves smiles, hungry and slow, and curls his icy grip around Newt’s pulse. “I think we can manage that.”


I have a pretty random assortment of wallpapers and one wooden panelled wall for your downloading pleasure! The reclaimed wood wall panel takes its texture from a floor by @13pumpkin31. The last picture shows it on the wall, I didn’t have just the image of the wall itself anymore as I actually made this months ago but never packaged it!

The other four are just some random wallpapers I made today! Wallpapers are all $3 and the wood panels are I believe $5.


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Binary stars

A big set of walls this time! I made these last night, because I really needed some realistic (graffiti) walls. You will get 112 walls in total. I made brick walls, paneled and tiled. I combined different textures and images from the internet and created new graffiti walls. The plain walls can be combined with the graffiti walls. Hope you like them. :)

You can download the brick, paneled and tiled walls separately. 

If you encounter any problems, always feel free to contact me!

Download brick walls (SimFileShare)

Download paneled walls (SimFileShare)

Download tiled walls (SimFileShare)