panel shirt

Here are True Facts about the Stand Users: 

Stand Users have a very peculiar mating ritual. The challenger approaches their intended partner, proclaiming their desire to fight them to death. after both survive that ordeal the true romancing will begin

Safety First

Continuing from last week, I’m again trying something a bit different with the layout of the panels.

Also, Omega Mode shirts (and such) are now available. Hooray!

You can find them by clicking here or through ‘T-shirts and such’ in the navigation bar at the top of the webpage.

I hope you guys like them. I mean, you don’t have to buy one if you don’t want to, they’re just there if you do. Maybe I’ll add more designs one day.

Well, as long as you’re getting work done…

So was anyone else really offput/entertained by the thought from The Consequence where Ruben apparently legitimately went in to work for Mobius looking like this? No? I couldn’t get it off my mind and went on a total tear rant to Linds about it the other day. Once she replied with that first panel zinger (no shirt, no shoes, no science), I knew I had to draw it. Also if you can’t read the first panel dialogue, it’s along the lines of this