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I remembered that I forgot to post this here when I made this a month ago.

Basically, here’s who I think Peridot’s corrupted gem ‘friend’ is.

I’m thinking of making more corrupted gem theories when I get ideas.


Episode comic for “Rock Solid Friendship”. I think that deciding “jalapeno red velvet omelettes” is a good idea is even further outside the bounds of reality than Pinkie’s usual.

If you’re wondering where the box went between the second and third frames, I present two options:
a) Pinkie’s storing it in her mane
b) I forgot about it and after spending three hours animating that gif I was not going to go back and redo every panel…

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Does it take long to get the right screen caps for a quote

Totally depends on the quote and how familiar I am with the videos of the people I’m screencapping. To create one post, it’s taken anywhere between thirty minutes and six hours. Major variables include number of panels, whether or not photoediting is required, how in-depth that photoediting might be, how many times I redo the panels, whether I have to track down or verify the quote I’m using, and how cooperative youtube is feeling. 

The most memorably long time it took me to make a post was a few months after I started the blog, when I was looking for a really specific screencap of Ross that I knew I’d seen in one of the Guild Grumps videos, but I couldn’t remember which one, and I was being obsessive and refusing to use a different screencap, and basically it took me forever to find the freakin’ thing, haha.

On average, though, probably like 1-2 hours per post. XD

A.I.P.D. update

It’s been forever since I did one of these but I was working on this today.

Nearly all of my comics are done analog. I subscribe to the belief of my old photography teacher (it was a foundation class): Do as much of the work on the field before you photoshop it. Usually I tend to do some minor editing at best but every now and then I just have to completely redo a panel.

For example, this one panel had 2 officers about to enter an area and at first they looked like they were about to enter the bathroom as opposed to a deadly situation. (Edit: the panel above is the “correct” version, I dare not show the original as to not to embarrass myself.)

And so for the past hour I’ve been researching swat teams and first person shooters to try and get something plausible.

When I work in photoshop I can be as messy as I want. But for drawing in general I tend to use action lines and gesture doodle as it really helps out getting fluid poses and helping with forshortening. I never used it until a year or two ago and it has made drawing a lot easier. Not my art below, but an example of what i mean. It really helps breaking down the figure and I feel it’s better than the whole tubes and wireframe skeleton.

As for the comic. It’s coming along. But nights like this, I realize how much i’m learning on the job as well.

Remember, when in doubt use a reference.


“And you're sure you know how to get in? Without gettin’ caught? Or seen? By anyoneAT ALL?”

“Oh don’t worry, piece of cake. I do this all the time.

*Distant toilet flushing*

…We’re in.

Oh wow! They must'a stocked up last time I was here!

SAH-WEET! Mph! Turbo, you’ve GOTTA try this stuff! Actual, prepared, REAL food! I’m starved! Which is funny, considering *GULP* everywhere’s edible, but… scrounging up outside food isn’t quite cutting it, heh… It’s just garbage and stuff, you know?

Anyways, you can have a bite, if you wanna, I’m sure ‘King Can-dope’ won’t mind a little bit of it going miss-


(Part 4/5

Wow, it’s been months since I’ve updated! Also it’s 5 parts now. c: )


Panel redos from the stream!

And it’s now closed ^u^ I’m tired and probably should eat dinner, but thanks everyone who came! I shall put these into the comic shortly.

Old panels are old, like from 2013 old.


They both really like Komaeda.

idk i’d see izuru as the nicer of the two, he just doesn’t really show it too much?? like since they’re supposed to be sort of opposites, maybe izuru has regular human emotions but doesn’t show it, and hajime has all sorts of personalities but is dead inside


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And so am I, in every sense of the word.

When u come up with a fun ship that isn’t likely in canon and feel the need to justify it (plus the idea of these two accidentally becoming friends and being horrified just tickles me)

Bonus sketches n such:

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Hi there - I want to start making comics but I always have problems with layout, and just finishing them in general :( Do you have any tips? Thank you!!!

oh boy……well i’ll certainly try! i’m by no means a pro and i just kinda wing it most of the time, but here’s roughly what i do in order to make a comic:

1. open up notepad, write out a brief summary including a beginning, middle, and end. then write the dialogue. this notepad doc becomes ur handy dandy reference.

this is a snip from my notepad, when i was planning this:

i like to have an idea where the panels will go so i kinda script it that way? might not work for everyone but it helps me.

2. use autoshape in paint to plan the panels out (i redo them in sai later, this is just to understand how it’s gonna look.)

3. HELL TIME aka drawing the comic. at this point i usually have a vague idea how i’m gonna draw it. sometimes i’ll make messy paint sketches during stages 1 + 2 if i had a cool idea and don’t want to forget it.

4. keep all of it in a folder and don’t be afraid to use subfolders.

i won’t go into how i draw/lineart/colour things as i think that was just asking how i plan it, and it’s by no means a professional process. i change stuff all the times, my notes can be sloppy af, i might ask a kind follower to beta read for me because i’ve looked at it so much i’m numb to errors etc. the most important thing is to actually enjoy doing it though. for as much as a bitch on about the comic drawing process, i wouldn’t be doing it if i didn’t like it.

that’s about it from me i guess. hope you find a system that works for you and have fun!