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Ganondorf and Fi have some small talk on the beach.

I’ve been experimenting with using screentone for the environment. I screentoned the sky too but I thought that was too much screentone so I decided to get rid of it. It looks like there’s a moire effect (for Ganondorf) on my screen but then again my screen is pretty damn HD. If you see any, sorry about that.

If anyone’s curious, here’s a look at how I do online fabric swatching!

1. Open a color-accurate reference for the character in a photo editing program. Try to avoid screenshots where the setting is strangely lit, i.e. a night scene. If a character modeling sheet is available, that’s your best option!

2. Using the Eyedropper tool (or an equivalent), pull out the colors for each part of the costume and use the Brush tool to record them. In this example, I’m trying to figure out fabrics for the pink elements of Ginko’s outfit, so I’ve pulled out the colors for her tie, her bra/bow, and her skirt and top paneling. Make sure you’re pulling the “true” color of the clothing and not an area that is in shadow or highlighted.

3. Copy and paste fabric images/swatches next to your color references until you find one that comes as close as possible. If you’re torn between two swatches, use the eye dropper to determine which swatch is closest to the color family/hue in your reference. For instance, I was having trouble deciding between two different hot pinks for the third color; I checked them with the eye dropper, and the one you see in this final swatch card had a cooler tone, while the other was warmer and therefore didn’t match my reference as closely as I first thought!

PLEASE NOTE: Obviously, colors on your monitor will differ from real life, so be sure to still order actual swatches before dropping money on all the yardage you need. This method is meant to help you narrow down possible options, as just glancing back and forth between references and fabric stock images can be tricky! (Especially after staring at a computer screen for hours!) Something that may look accurate to your eyes may not match at all due to influence from surrounding colors, so comparing colors individually like this can help you find that perfect fabric! Hooray for technology!

A few coloured sketches from the book 1 of “Nausicaa from the valley of the wind”.

The first two are personnal interpretations, the two big ones are reproductions of scenes from the book, because it was just perfection and Nausicaa is really badass.

I wasn’t expecting it but I learnt a few things by copying these panels, I definitely should do more and I hope I could find time to do the same with the other books.


@valeriane : Il n’apprécierait pas DU TOUT le salopiaud… X);

@chitsuu : Que du bonheur à dessiner. ;v;

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How long have you been drawing??

I draw since I could hold a pencil (influence from my mom), but usually it was always kids doodles, nothing really serious.

I would say that I REALLY started drawing when I was 17, when I started drawing digital art and decided to try creating my own art. At that time I realized that no matter how much I copied manga panels from my fave artists, it never improved me.

I had to really learn everything that I missed during those last 3 years. So in short, I’ve been drawing for 3 years! ;u;


Check out this guys! This guy reviewed the comic. You should go watch it. He’s got like… production value and stuff. It’s a mostly positive review with some very insightful criticisms. And I would not only like to thank him for reviewing us, but for the person on his patreon who requested it. ouo

To dress a few points made though…

*Yes, I did do a lot of copy pasted panels at the start. I’d like to think I’ve come a long way since then.

*I know that (on the surface at least) there doesn’t appear to be a lot of evidence in-game for the Papyrus x Mettaton pairing, buuuut there is at least a lot of evidence for Papyrus being a really big Mettaton fan.

*Yeah, Maverick basically IS Trunks. =u=

I shut this guy down at a panel at Otakon

copy and pasted from Facebook because I’m really tired

Ok so this is what happened at the panel:

The panel was on Japanese history, specifically the Meiji period (Victorian Japan) and the panelist was a really nice, fun lady who wrote a murder mystery book and heavily studies the Meiji period. Throughout the panel there was this fat nerdy middle aged (20-something?) beard dude who kept interrupting the panel and adding things like manga/anime recommendations and correcting her or whatever. It was really annoying and at one point a guy near me turned around and told him to shut up but either he ignored him or didn’t hear him. I wanted to call him out but he wasn’t doing anything really bad. Until the end.

She showed a trailer for her book (she had barely mentioned the book for the whole panel) and after that was questions. The guy raised his hand and said something like “So how much of this panel was advertising for your book and how much of it was actually history because blah blah blah historically incorrect blah blah blah” and started going off and basically was being really disrespectful. Everyone was super uncomfortable and was like “ohh time to leave” but I had just HAD IT.

I stood up and said “Excuse me sir, could you do us all a favor and shut the hell up?” He was like “No.” with a perfectly straight face and I started telling him off about how the panelist was really nice, how she was doing a great job and he was an asshole and had to stop. That caused everyone to start shouting out that the panel was great and she did an awesome job, and that started a round of applause from everyone. The guy just straight up got up and left.

So yeah, I guess I kinda shut him down.


More scribblies, this probably takes place in Travis’ apt, Kurai’s not quite sure of his Arch standing, but trusts him enough to become okay with physical contact.  Our world is very rigid and confined compared to his, so Travis is invaluable to him in learning about our society and as a surgeon, about his own health.  This personal contact is mentally stabilizing as well as comforting to Kurai once he becomes attached to Travis. He’s mortal, which is a fact of life for Travis but alien to Kurai, who is able, if allowed, to live far beyond his years. He helps him understand and accept his own recently attained chronic mortality after some time of observing how things live and die outside his own world.  Kurai’s likely lectured at on several occasions for dismissing Travis’ words (conveniently disappearing on days Travis wants to monitor him for example.)  As Kurai’s health declines despite constant care Travis becomes rather domineering, especially during verbal confrontations (he’s never been physical, but certainly could if need be.)  This does not startle or set up boundaries between them, but instead Kurai eventually heeds to Travis’ persistence.  These qualms are outward and lack much emotional attachment in the beginning of their relationship, but quickly molds into platonic intimacy.  Kurai is more physical than Travis, who has to get accustomed to the odd nudging/head rubs/nose under chin behavior that Kurai displays (and he sometimes does this in public places…and asked not to do it again.)  Some of this ‘Arch’ behavior even rubs off on Travis after a while.  At this point, Kurai assumes that he can reveal himself fully and tell his own story..and that includes introducing Travis to his world.