panel 2013

  • David: You know, Gillian was..was kind enough and.. and I I..I`ve never said this..
  • Gillian: *OH GODD*
  • David: But..but I was aware.. that, you know, when..when I was directing that she really, you know..
  • Gillian: *???????*
  • David: ..I know she was tired and there were times when we would be more prepared or less, let`s say than other times *chuckles*.
  • Gillian: *!!!!!!*
  • David: And she..she really, you know she really was there, you know, and you can see it in that scene she is really just doing this wonderful work for me, you know and I..I really thought like it was for... you know, for me.
  • Gillian: *I CAN`T*
  • David: It was just really, I..I was.. I recognized it..
  • Gillian: *F$%#@CKK*
  • David: ..and I don`t think I`ve ever told you
  • David: ..but..ah..but yeah..
  • Gillian: *GULP*
  • Me: *________DEAD*
New Avengers (2013) #18 vs. Avengers (2013) #29
Jonathan Hickman • Valerio Schiti / Leinil Yu

Tony: “An idea gets stuck in my head – a bug crawls in my ear – and it infects my thinking. It doesn’t stop until it’s consumed my entire mind.”

Steve: “Because I have this idea that’s been running through my mind. It’s overwhelming – all-consuming – and I can’t shut it off.”


San Diego Comic Con Panel 2013
I can remember going out and I can remember, I think me and Elizabeth went out together and I think he called our names and we didn’t, weren’t sure where to go out. So I think there was a big gap between him calling us and everyone was like ‘What’s happening?’ and then we came out eventually. I was so nervous that I think I forgot. Iain De Caestecker

Misha’s acid story

“I went to a thing, called Burning Man. It’s this huge festival that happens out in the desert. And I went with my dad and my brother.

Right when I got there, some friends of friends showed up and they were like Hey, how are you guys doing? and they were like Hey, do you want some of this? and I was like Ah, what is that? and he would grip a bit, put it in my mouth and they were like That’s liquid acid.

And I did take acid once, when I was in high school and had a very rough time with it. I was not prepared. And it was like Ahhh, it’s too late! 

You already put it in my mouth and then you told me what it was. That’s not fair! So, somebody has just given me acid and I’m like I’m gonna be ok, I’m gonna make it, I’m gonna be ok. But he gave me, apparently, a lot of acid and I was not ok. I really didn‘t like it, I didn’t wanna be on acid.

Luckily, my dad was there. I used to sleep in my dad’s guitar case and he used to sing to me, all the time. I just crawled into my sleeping bag

and I was just holding onto reality by a very, very thin thread. And the only thing, that was like keeping me thinking that I was not gonna lose my mind, was my dad singing to me, outside my tent. So, he got to sit outside my tent, this was like 7/8 years ago, maybe 10 years ago, not too long ago, I was an adult in my late twenties and I’m like Dad, you gotta keep singing. It’s the only thing that’s keeping me here, right now.

and he was like 

singing to me for hours and hours and hours.

But I learned a lesson about Burning Man and things that people put in your mouth, when you get there: If you ever go, be careful.“